Time in the Night

by The Real Darkness

First published

All since that day I got it, Chronoblade, my life got difficult. But here, at the end of my journey, I couldn't be anymore happier.

Daniel, the name I was given. Everyone gets a name at birth, but does anyone like me be blessed with a time controlling katana?

I was hoping to have a normal life and live freely in the city of New York, but a crash through my window said no to that idea. I saw something heading straight from the moon to my window before it crashed, so I prepared. I wasn't prepared for the fact that it was a katana with the name 'Chronoblade' inscribed on its blade.

Funny...I always lived and wanted to keep living the fast life, but now, I'm the one who's slowing it down.

A/N: Cheesy, warrior fic. That's a warning or blessing.


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I heard a scream in a nearby alley from the rooftop I was upon. I quickly started to run and jump over four buildings in the massive urban I try to guard.. I peeked over the edge of the last and saw it again...another mugging, but this time it included a pistol. I jumped down three stories and landed behind the criminal. He whipped around to face me with a hollow cylinder in my face.

'Why didn't I use the fire escape or eat something...'

He had no idea who I was thanks to the hood that covered my face in shadows, only my deep blue eyes could be seen. I wore black slacks with my favorite black hoodie and held my blade that I was blessed with by its sheath in my left hand. I always liked to wear black.

"Who the HELL are you?!" The dark-skinned man demanded to know.

"You needn't know anything, but to call me Silent Time..." I pronounced my alias in a whisper, interrupting his sentence even if he continued to finish it out. His voice changed to fear before reverting back to mischief and hate.

"Well, you're dead now, we've all had enough of you interrupting our fun time.." He said and pulled the trigger. I reached fast and drew my katana swiftly.

I wasn't able to charge much energy into the blade, but I still cut the open air between us. Everything slowed down by an exponential rate.


I maneuvered around the bullet before deflecting it and proceeding to cut him in two across his stomach. I quickly sheathed the katana and time returned to normal as his body plopped in two pieces on the concrete ground. I was breathing at a normal rate, but much more deeply, taking in oxygen greedily. I was light-headed, a sign of being mentally drained. I turned to the female victim who was in a coat with skinny jeans and a normal pair of white low top shoes.

"Tell none about me...Only say that Silent Time is guarding the streets." I stated.

"T-thanks for saving me." She responded and ran from me to her home, most likely.

I quickly climbed the building in front of me, this time deciding to use the fire escapes and window sills.

My name is Daniel and I'm the night guardian of some New York streets. I have dirty blonde hair and almost always have black clothing over my skin. Chronoblade, my katana, came to me as a blessing, from what, I don't know and I probably will never know, but that doesn't bother me, all that matters is the here and now. I always run into repeating scenes that the police can't seem to stop or aren't doing their job well enough. The mugging, robberies, car thefts, and other things. Most criminals fear me when they hear my name. I rarely get hurt in my moonlight job, but today...was a little different.

I ran over the rooftops looking for at least one more problem before I retired to my apartment. My watch read that is was one hour after midnight with a remainder of four. I was about to turn back when I saw another scene, one that was exciting.

People always said I was quick to defend and had a high sense of justice, they were always right.

This scene was a car theft that was being done in a group. These bozo bandits were attacking one business man in a sedan. I quickly jumped down using fire escapes and bricks to slow my fall. Slowly walking towards them and out into the empty street, they slowly noticed my presence one by one.

'Knives, knives, and more knives...wait, is that a machete? Well, found their leader'

"Looks like you won't be the only one to be gutted, old man." One with a meat cleaver said. The man looked to be in his late thirties, I swear their IQ drops every week.

"You won't be able to kill me." I said in a low tone.

"What in the hell makes you think that, boy?" The leader asked. He was high off adrenaline, any idiot could tell that.

"Silent Time..." I whispered. Their faces looked to turn to fear before excitement.


"Now we can butcher you and rid you of the streets." One of the lackies said, holding a bread knife in his right hand with a electronic knife in his left. H turned the knife on as I walked towards them.

'That confirmed it, they are bonafide idiots.'

My grip on Chronoblade tightened as they got in attack stances and readied themselves.

That man was still there...

"Run! I'll take care of them!" I yelled to him and he bolted while the bandits had their backs to him.

"Now we will kill you!" Their machete idiot promised. His five lackies ran to me and attacked savagely.

I moved back fast, charging power into chronoblade. I managed to move out of the way of each slice, stab, swipe, and chop. The didn't feel like stopping anytime soon though. When I sensed I had enough energy I drew Chronoblade and time almost completely stopped. I chose a bad time to do so as one managed to cut my upper left arm. I ignored the pain the best that I could.

I swung horizontally on the one that hit me then turned into a vertical slice as I agily moved around him and bore into another and kept the katan moving, still in one swipe. I brought it down upon another's neck before pulling the blade the opposite direction, stabbing the fourth upward in the chest. I pulled out of his now lifeless body and cut diagonally up to the left of the final one, cutting him in two. I sheathed, they all fell, dead, unconscious, or in too much pain to fight.

Headache...headache...I was very mentally drained.

"What the hell did you do?!" The leader was in fear of his own life.

"Killed them...silently." I executed a perfect punchline. I was breathing deep and somewhat fast now.

"You won't get me so easily." The leader regained composure after the slaughtering of his posse.

He charged and I blocked with the sheath that still held Chronoblade in it.

'Damn, that really hurts...'

I drew my sword in this position and pushed him back up against the car with my sheath. Now I know the feeling of conquer the roman army had sometimes.

He diagonally, cutting my chest a little, but well enough to cause some pain. When he brought the machete down vertically, to finish me off, I spun around, making his machete hit the asphalt with some sparks. I quickly cut him on his right forearm, making my way in front of him again. I cut his stomach horizontally then his shoulder diagonally before piercing his stomach as he leaned on the car with his back, my blade was dripping blood over the car seat.

"Now I see..." He oddly said, choking on blood. He raised his machete to try and make me join him on his way to the afterlife.

I twisted chronoblade in him and pulled out, turning the blade in a false horizontal slice then spun around and decapitated him. The blade of Chronoblade, skimmed the roof of the car as he fell in a bloody mess.

I was completely covered in their blood as I heard police sirens heading this way. I sheathed Chronoblade.

"That...was...much harder than...I antica-pated..." I breathed out in pain and exhaustion. I closed the car door after I moved the leader out of the way.

I started climbing up the fire escapes, slowly, but I got atop the building. I looked down at the site of the crime and saw all the blood, bodies, and weapons fade away with blue light and deep blue sparkles. My injuries, though, stayed, maring my body.

A portal of the same colors mixed together appeared. It started to suck me in like some super vacuum. I grabbed an air conditioner unit tightly.

'No, I can't leave. I must stay and guard the night.'

The air conditioner ripped up from the roof and the portal sucked me in, the last thing I saw were the words, 'Air Master'.

The minute I entered with the air conditioner the portal closed and I popped out, falling a short distance and landing on soft grass and metal of the unit I was still gripping tight. I was in some forest.

I looked behind me and saw a blue figure with something glowing atop its head. Anemia was starting to kick in as I finally noticed my blood soaked my clothes. I started to feel even more exhausted.

'This is it...at least I'm satisfied with the life I have lived...I had a good run.' I thought my final thought before letting death take me. I heard one final sentence before my inevitable death.

"Now time to get him back..." A semi-deep feminine voice said before I died.

Chapter 1: Farther From Home than Ever

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I awoke with a jump and shot out of a white bed made of simple steel bars. I observed my surroundings and assumed from the beeping heart monitor and other medical equipment that I was in a hospital. I was frantically searching for Chronoblade as I heard someone outside. I heard the clopping of hooves from the door.

'Horses, in a hospital? That's very weird.'

"So...he's in here?" I heard a soft feminine voice.

"Yes, sister. I think he can help us, I've been secretly working with him."

The doors opened and I saw two horses? Unicorns? Pegasi? Unipegacorns? The one on the left was a deep blue with odd cyan eyes and long horn. Its mane was flowing without wind and sparkled like stars. It wore some expensive looking silver adornments, including a crown. The one on the right was white, wearing matching adornments except gold. Its mane also sparkled, but was a mixture of green, pink, and blue streaks. The horn on its head was also longer, the eyes a magenta pink.

More importantly, Chonoblade was on the back of the blue one. I instantly ran and jumped for my weapon, securing it in my grip. I began to charge up my katana.

"Wait! We aren't your enemies!" The blue one spoke.

My blood ran cold and my heart stopped. I couldn't focus on putting my mind into my dearest friend anymore. A mythical creature just spoke to me.

'I have to be dead now.'

"W-what?" I regained my composure and slowly put more and more into Chronoblade.

"Just hear me out, Daniel," the blue one asked for me to hear her words again.

"How? How do you know my name?" I gripped the handle tighter.

"Because I've been watching you. You're a hard worker, but you have a great quality. An impeccable sense of justice. I gifted you Chronoblade, an artifact from the times of an ancient race in our world," she slowly approached and I spread my legs, ready to take a swipe at her.

"Luna, be careful..." the white and larger one commented.

"Don't worry, dear sister. I trust him."

Now I knew it was okay to let my guard down some, but only some. I relaxed and stood up properly. I held Chronoblade by its sheath tightly in my left hand. I would still defend myself if necessary.

"So, you gave me Chronoblade?" I asked and the blue one called Luna walked closer.

"I did. I know it isn't right to mess with somepony's life like that, but I was curious and I saw all the good you could do in your world," that jogged my memory.

When I was being sucked in through some portal, I had fought off a part of the city's gang and got a deep cut in my left arm. My blood was being sucked into the portal fast as I resisted and anemia was sapping my strength. I looked at my arm and saw it was all bandaged up tightly.

"Oh, so I have you to thank for patching me up?" I asked.

"You almost died from losing so much blood," she answered.

I knew when someone was an honest person or well, horse.

I walked closer to her myself and looked her right in the eyes as I extended my hand and she took a moment before she put out her hoof, I looked at it for a moment before I took it and shook it. I looked back to her face.

"I'm Daniel. You have my thanks and I owe you one," I smiled at her.

"You may call me Luna. And she is my sister, Celestia. We actually do have a favor to ask of you, but we should show you around first," she retracted her hoof.

"Before we can do that though, tell me about yourself. Luna has kept you a secret for quite a while," the white one, Celestia smiled down at me.

They both began to move down the hall and I caught up with them and stepped in the space between them that was left for me.

"Well, I'm from Earth, a different world. We're a very technologically and money driven place. I'm a human and generally, most humans are out to build a life, to make their name known somehow. I worked two jobs and did my night excursions, so I didn't get much sleep. I worked as a construction worker and a barista at a coffee shop, two very fitting jobs together. Late at night, I ran and jumped around the city to interrupt the work of shadowy groups and gangs. I was like some kind of superhero I guess. I lived in a tiny apartment. Annnnnd that's it except for all the finer details. What about here?" I asked back.

"Luna and I rule over Equestria, which is our world here. We're in Canterlot, the capital of Equestria. Everypony is well, a pony here. We have three pony races; unicorns who can control magic, earth ponies who excel at strength and agriculture, and pegasi who can fly. Then there are alicorns like my sister and I, we embody all three of the traits. You are kind of an alien here, so I think Luna will be accompanying you everywhere you go," Celestia finished her explanation.

"Well, this will definitely be a lot to swallow. I'll try to be on my best behavior then," I looked ahead and saw some of the ponies they talked about. Both of them were earth ponies I assumed.

They didn't have horns or wings, so I could point them out from that distinction. They both had white and grey plumes coming out from golden helmets, which accented their unmoving eyes. Both of their eyes were a light blue and their coats were white. They had plated armor along their backs and haunches, tails of the same color as their plumes came out of the armor. they both bowed to the princesses as they walked by.

"I do need to get back to holding court, Luna. I trust you will show him around?" Celestia asked as she stopped in her tracks to head down a different hall.

"I will, do not worry," Luna smiled down at me.

"I will see you both tonight then," Celestia said and continued her slow movement down the branching hall.

Luna began to lead me through the castle and down some stairs. She eventually came out to the front doors of the castle and that suspicion was confirmed when she opened the doors somehow with her magic. I figured out that magic was used whenever their horns lit up. I saw the entire city stretched out below me and a mountain side on my left with a waterfall coming down it. The city looked like it was from some old knight saves the princess fairytale. Their were towers capped with purple and yellow striped or checkered caps. The caps then went to a point that was topped with a shiny golden sphere. The walls of every building was an immaculate white and ponies walked about everywhere outside. They were chatting or strolling around or eating at iron tables outside, all of them looked like they dressed upper class in my world, fitting for the capital.

"I do want to see your combat prowess soon and there is a safer place we can do that. Hop on my back, Daniel," she spread her wings. Her wings had flawless feathers and I felt them out impulse, soft, very soft and silky. The size of her wings were much larger than I thought they were from their folded position.

I regained my senses and carefully sat on her back.

"I advise you hold onto something," she crouched, waiting on me. I wrapped my arms around her neck and leaned forward.

She got a little bit of a galloping start before she took off and flapped her wings hard to carry us high into the air. I looked down and the ponies below were definitely staring back up at us, but there was something that worried me more.

'This is a lot higher than 30 feet.'

I was in the dead zone of height. If I fell, that was it. I gripped Luna's neck tighter. I barely knew them, but I knew I could trust her and Celestia. They didn't attack em when I was defensive and Luna most definitely saved me even if she was the original cause for all of this chaos in my life.

"Do not worry, my friend. I won't let you fall," Luna commented as she sped up, going down the side of the mountain that the city sat on, she then balanced out over woods.

"Where are we going?" I asked, watching all the tree tops fly by at high speeds.

"We are going to the doors of Tartarus, a place where we banish the worst of ponies and demons before recorded history were sent," she answered, slowly turning left to a patchy area of trees. and large rocks.

"You said somewhere safe," I began to worry. I could handle ruffians and some trained fighters, but demons seemed over my head.

"By safe, I meant safe for our ponies and you wouldn't cause a big disturbance," she replied and then sighed, "sorry I have to hide you like this."

"I understand that, I would definitely keep you a huge secret if you were on Earth, but I am a bit peeved about the demon part," I commented.

Luna landed outside a cave and on instinct, I peered in. I saw the corpse of a three headed dog that was massive and barely fit in the cave. It was bleeding profusely and no longer moving or breathing. It was some kind of pitbull breed.

"So I guess that is Cereberus and those," I pointed to the dead dog and then to the odd creatures that varied, "are demons?" I whispered out.

"Indeed, you are correct. I don't think they'll be oblivious to our presence forever," Luna whispered back.

I gripped Chronoblade tightly and drew it out of its sheath. I swung it a few time in quick and brisk motions, I still had my muscle memory of coming back to defend after a strike or two, so I was still somewhat battle ready.

The demons varied in sizes, tiny to large but not as large as Cereberus. They were sometimes ponylike which was odd, considering they were demons, but I did see weirder among them. Some stood on two legs and looked like humans, other on four, six, eight. Some with more arms than I had time to count, others with snake features, reptilian. they were like chimeras and all of them were a tone of grey, red, orange, or pitch black. Some had fire burning on them, or manipulating it themselves. There were roughly six of them that I could see in the cave, there might be more in the shadows.

"Just slay some and then we will be out of here quickly," Luna instructed.

"I'll do my best."

I began a slow walk that turned into a silent sprint. None of the demons noticed me yet and I decided I would strike down the ones that looked like they were tougher first. I was soon upon them and I brought my blade down upon the neck of a large, eight armed and four legged demon. I could see up close now, their muscles were huge, their bodies were well toned and fire was burning in the pupil of their eyes. I quickly backstepped back out of the cave as all of them turned their eyes to me.

It was a wave of candles, less than twenty. I looked behind me quickly and I saw Luna was gone.

'What the fuck did I get myself into?'

They all charged out of the cave at different paces, eager to rip me apart for taking down their comrade. They seemed to be somewhat organized and intelligent, but behaved like beasts. I breathed in and breathed out heavily.

"Come get some," I taunted.

The first one was about to bare down upon me with two claws from above, larger than me. I duckedand mvoe to my right, cutting him deep in the stomach. I followed with my swipe and reversed it, impaling the blade into the stomach of another. I summoned more of my strength and pushed into the demon, twisting my katana as I went. He soon tripped and fell over its four legs. I vaulted over him using my blade and placed myself further away.

'Only one, two, four, eight, fourteen more to go.'

I noticed something wet on my back and felt behind me, feeling liquid. I brought my hand to my front and saw red. One had gotten me while I was a bit reckless. The one I had stabbed in its gut stood back up.


They began their approach again, clustered closer together. I didn't think I had any other option left.

"Luna, if you are here, I might need help after this!" I yelled out and sheathed Chronoblade.

I crouched. I focused on putting my concentration on Chronoblade and drew it when they were but a few steps away. Time did slow significantly.

I ran towards the first one and slashed across it's neck, chopping the head off. I stepped on its back, the demon being ponylike and continued my onslaught, going for slashes that would strictly kill them. I chopped limbs off that would later force them to bleed out, taking many arms off in few slashes of just one demon. I finished with a vertical strike on the last one, cutting it in half. I walked away from the group that was slowly falling apart and sheathed Chronoblade.

Time returned to normal and blood gushed everywhere, limbs fell off and I heard shrieks from the demons as they fell down. I breathed out before the headache hit me. I kept time slowed for a lot longer than normal and I did feel drained, but the pain is what concerned me. I slowly fell to one knee. I no longer clutched my head because it never did help with the pain, only time did ironically. The headache turned into a migraine and I began grunting.

"Daniel? Are you alright?" Luna galloped to me from behind a rock and lowered her head to look at my face.

"I'll be fine, let's just get out of here," I said and clenched my fists tight as I stood.

"Then hop on, we'll get back to Canterlot quickly," Luna lowered her body and spread her wings.

I heard the hisses of more demons come from the cave. I turned my head and saw the flames of their eyes dance in a much larger number now. I quickly mounted Luna and held on to her tightly. My head was throbbing, but adrenaline definitely kept it from hurting as much as it usually does.

Luna took off into the sky and began to do circle sin the air while flapping her wings hard to gain air. She was higher than Canterlot Castle before she dove and began to speed up toward the castle.

"Daniel, you did well back there," Luna looked back to me and smiled, craning her neck awkwardly.

"I didn't want to rely on the power of Chronoblade," I answered. The migraine was starting to come in full force now since I was out of battle.

"Please, use it as much as you wish or can. I gifted it to you because you were the first human with such a pure heart I found in your world. Chronoblade is many millenia old and no pony had the proper appendage to hold it or wield it and their magic couldn't hold it. The sword prevented that," Luna turned back around and focuses on Canterlot in the distance.

"So, what happened back there with your hell?" I asked, there was certainly some reason why she brought me here.

"If you mean Tartarus, nopony knows. We are speculating that something broke out or something broke them out. It is why I did lure you out with those criminals back in your world so I could get you here," she looked back for just a moment, "Sorry about that."

"Well, that does provide a valid explanation. And I have no problem helping someone out, it's my third and most important job. What do we need to do to stop those demons?"

"Daniel, are you...injured?" Luna asked.

I peered over her neck and saw the blood from my arm had started to seep into her fine blue coat.

"It's just a claw mark, nothing big," I commented, "sorry for getting your coat messed up."

"My coat is barely the cause for my concern," she sped up after saying that and we soon reached Canterlot in no time. She landed on a high balcony of a tower and lead me in.

"Just lay down on my bed over there and I'll get a doctor up here soon," Luna informed.

She bounded out of the doors in a gallop.

"Princess Luna!" I heard deep male voices shout from outside.

"Princess? That's an odd title for a ruler, and they were an oligarchy," I whispered to myself and dismissed those thoughts quickly.

I took a seat in one of the three chairs that surrounded a fire place in the deep blue, astral themed room. The marble floor below me was of a full moon. I gently set Chronoblade down on the table.

An ancient race here that used this. It definitely sounds like humans. The Japanese were the first to create the katana and it would require a lot of dexterity, intelligence, and thumbs to use it. So humans were likely here. But magic can't affect it whatsoever. So humans and some kind of magical creature race must have...

"It couldn't have been them," I spoke aloud and the door opebned quickly again and a doctor moved slowly up tomy in a white cotton coat.

"My boy, I've never seen anything quite like you. When I first worked on you, I was amazed to see your body had so many more complex things in it than us, but your genome is only a little smaller," he stared at my wound, "quite nasty but not too life threatening if we attend to it now. Could you take off your jacket, sir?" He was certainly kind and less worrying than Luna.

He took out some kind of cream from his bag that hung from his side as I removed my jacket and revealed my skinny, but somewhat toned muscles.

"Not to mention you are in impeccable shape, but you could eat more. What do you eat?" He was very very curious. He wiped away the blood on the wound using a towel that had a red glow, the same that was on his horn.

"Meats, vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy. My race usually eats anything that tastes good and is edible unless times are really tough," I answered. He had a way of settling me down and relaxing me more. Blood was still slowly seeping from my wound and staining Luna's blue velvet-like chair. He slathered the cream over my wound and fetched thick bandages from his bag next.

"An omnivore then. Your teeth did suggest it. And those, on your...paw? What digits are they?" He questioned. I suppose curiosity is only natural to his profession.

"Fingers on my hand and they let me do numerous things," I said and hissed once he started to bind the bandages around my arm tightly. It was slightly painful, more than just letting the blood out.

"Is that so? I'd like to see you function and move in the ways I've heard from Luna," He undid the bandages on my right arm and there was a long sliver of scar tissue from the blade that was brought down upon it from back in my world.

"Is he going to fare well, Doctor Venous?" Luna asked and walked up to me, staring down with worry at my arm. The bandages were definitely soaking up the blood.

"Hahaha, you worry too much. He's hearty for his kind, he'll live. You just make sure he doesn't see combat for a while," the doctor made his way out and closed the doors behind him, "oh my god! A new race!" He shouted from outside the doors.

"I'm sorry I got you injured, Daniel," Luna nudged her face? Nose? Muzzle against my arm lightly.

"Don't be so hard on-." I was interrupte dby a bright yellow light in the room and Celestia stood there.

"Luna, we have a problem. Appleloosa has fallen by the demons, nopony has been recorded as making it out alive. I've sent those six there to help out, they aren't good fighters. Is Daniel ready to go?" she looked at me, she caught herself staring at my defined abs and arms, small, but toned.

"The doctor said he needed to avoid combat," Luna replied and looked away from my wound and back at her sister.

I put my hoodie back and lifted my face mask up and my hood over my head. I gripped Chronoblade.

"I am ready anytime. Take met here," I answered, "I can speak for myself."

"I understand that Luna said you have a passion for helping other ponies, but you must rest if you got injured," Celestia argued.

"Instead of taking more precious long moments of the maybe alive ponies, stop arguing and just send me so I won't have to find out where it is my own way," I said sternly and eyed Celestia.

She sat silent, searching my face for some kind of self-doubt.

"Please reconsider. We need you well to battle whomever released the demons," Luna argued.

"Sister, it's no use. His mind has decided. I will send him," Celestia sighed out and looked to charge her horn a bright yellow with a glowing white light at the tip.

"No! Wait!" Luna cried and ran for her sister.

I vanished in yellow light and appeared on the outskirts of some small Western town.

"Hello?" I called out into the empty air. I saw some wooden buildings on fire and pony corpses laying in the road.

I heard a loud roar and a giant three headed red scaled snake slithered over to me, it crushed the buildings some as it went over. Other 'lesser' demons made their way from the inside of homes, businesses, and things that once were to the outside.

"Oh, ponyfeathers! That's what we're dealing with!?" I heard an odd feminine voice from above me and I saw a chariot land behind me.

I made sure my face was covered except for my eyes and I spread my legs as the demons began their rampage to me. They definitely looked more like chimeras than demons. I drew Chronoblade out from it's sheath, catching a glimpse of its engraved blade.

"Wait! He's with us, Rainbow!" I heard wings suddenly start to flap hard and a pegasus bumped into my side when I partially turned around.

"I suppose you are 'those six.' Try not to get hurt or killed, I don't think this is a suitable place for you guys," I spoke just like I did when I went by my night name.

"And who do you think you are?" I heard the cyan pegasus with a rainbow themed mane and tail try to intimidate me.

I ran to the side and climbed up a building quickly, some demons following me and some still going after this pegasus.

I jumped back down and landed on the face of a demon and slashed another nearby one across its chest. I ran to the pegasus and cut demons down as the small horde made their way to the five other ponies behind it, blood was spewing and limbs were again falling. I smelled the iron in the air and tasted it on my tongue. My senses were heightened, the Adrenaline was here. I made my way back to the pegasus and pushed her out of the way of one of the demons large spiked tail. I land on my front and narrowly avoid it myself. I swiped the two front legs of the beast off and stabbed Chronoblade directly into it's skull, pulling out quickly. I slimmed the numbers roughly by half.

"My name is Silent Time. I am sent by Luna and Celestia," I answered back to the pegasus loudly enough so that the others heard.

The large three headed snake was behind the horde and was moving fast to gain on me, shoving its 'comrades' out of its way.

"I've never...seen so much...blood before," she commented.

"The fight is not a place for those weak of heart. I sheathed Chronoblade and put some energy into it before drawing again. Time slowed by about half and I sprinted to the horde again.

I began to take my kill shots again, enjoying them a bit more than what I should be. Demon after demon fell, blood gushing slowly from the time moving at a different rate. I looked behind me and saw I cut most of them down myself. I ran faster and sunk the tip of my katana into the head of a smaller demon and vaulted off its shoulders. I sheathed Chronoblade and the snake looked up at me at a faster rate when time resumed, making my landing on its very nose seem victorious in my first interaction with the beast. We stood for quite a while in silence.

"What is he?" I heard one of the ponies question in the distance.

"Does that matter? He's practically saving us by hisself," I heard a very country voice next.

"You're definitely a big one. You should all just go back to Tartarus and spare your own lives," I looked down and saw that my entire body could fit into its eye socket. This was a very good way to see just how big it was, standing on its nose.

It slipped its tongue out once. Twice.

The scaled demon sent its other heads my way in a pincer attack.

I slid down its face and onto its back. I stabbed Chronoblade into it and began to pull hard down in a cut, slicing it's scales lightly before it shook its tail and threw me off. I landed on my wounded arm and rolled a little. It's scales were thick and my blade might be impeccably sharp, but it couldn't stand against that as well as it does to the other demons.

"Fucking shit!" I yelled out in pain.

The snake sent one of its heads to swallow me in one bite. If it got me in its mouth once, that was it, game over. I stood and ran fueled by my own fear. It definitely wasn't as fast as normal snakes due to its size. I barely escaped and two demons stood in my path out and back towards the ponies that were now my audience. I sheathed Chronoblade and drew it quickly again, slowing time just a third now. I sliced up the human like furred demon on the left, cutting into some of its face and turned my momentum horizontal and cut the demon on the right in half as it was about to bare its claws down on me. I took off into a sprint and sheathed Chronoblade. More red was on my clothes.

I breathed heavily, getting tired. My battles never lasted this long, only my running to trouble did, I would need some kind of training to better suit myself for events like this here.

"Hold on! I'm almost there!" I heard Luna's voice from the sky and I looked up just to see her swooping in.

The snake demon stopped hissing at me and saw Luna as an easier treat. I saw a look of regret and fear in her face. I began to put power into Chronoblade and pulled it out of its sheath just before it was about to launch after Luna. I stopped time again.

'I don't have much time, this is very dangerous for me to do a second time.'

I began climbing the buildings and using the broken board to make it back onto the snake's face again. I repeatedly stabbed Chronoblade into the spaces between its scales before I slid down again, but this time, I jumped and landed on its right eye, slashing my katana across it violently. No blood had yet to pour. I jumped off it's head and stabbed downwards into the body again, hanging before ripping my trusty friend free and landing.

I sheathed Chronoblade and felt an instant migraine and mental drain. I slowly began to walk away as blood flew into the sky above me and the roars of an injured demon. The snake quickly took off and fled after its maiming. I walked slowly and saw four demons left, the six ponies fighting them with some odd kind of magic and their own hooves. I landed on my left knee hard, thinking about walking was a chore.

Luna landed in front of me and I was lifted by some odd grip and put onto her back. I understood what she wanted and I wrapped my arms around her neck loosely, pressing my body to hers for added security. She took off as gently as she could. I took one more look at the battlefield behind me and saw the ponies outdid the demons well enough and blood was everywhere over the ground, a massacre of ponies and demons alike in the town. I closed my throbbing eyes, tired of looking at the world.

"Luna...you shouldn't have come, I did fine," I smiled a bit, my head hurting to just have basic emotion.

"You needed me."

I wasn't answering anymore.

Chapter 2: Violent Equestria

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I awoke and didn't move for a moment. When I opened my eyes, I found myself in a large room in what is most likely Canterlot. I slowly sat upon and looked about more, it was some kind of large, circular guest room. An oak dresser, a large closet, a bed fit for nobles, and more luxurious furnishings were around.

I saw Luna sitting in a chair next to me, asleep. Celestia was standing next to her and some smaller alicorn, of a lavender theme and a magenta streak in her mane.

"She needs to stop worrying so much about me," I whispered to the awake Celestia.

"It is nice to see you are well, but you did push yourself during your last battle. You do have high praise, Equestria has already been told of your arrival with what you have done for us. You have my personal thanks for protecting some of my dearest friends and saving the two survivors of Apple Loosa," Celestia informed.

"I've never had to use Chronoblade like that to win. I need more discipline, more training. Please see that Luna doesn't come looking for me," I stood out of bed and searched the room, finding my weapon laying on a trunk at the foot of the bed. I picked it up and unsheathed it, finding no blood on the blade and the markings to be glowing white softly at my touch.

It's like the blade knew I was holding it. I sheathed it again at its visible response to stimulus.

"Silent Time, as you wish to be called now, I know Luna can be overbearing, but this is Luna's first time defending Equestria on her own terms. She really wants this to go well. Before you go, at least let the ponies you saved thank you," Celestia nudged the smaller purple alicorn to me and it trotted quietly before nuzzling its head into my chest.

"Thank you so much. Me, Applejack, none of us six have never seen real battle like that and you protected us. We owe you our lives. We all just froze up when we saw them actually trying to murder you," she expressed her gratitude. I patted her head.

"Anytime, it's my job to protect others," I never fought or helped to hear the words of thanks, but it was a nice bonus to the job. I fought because it was the right thing to do.

The doors of the room opened and a pony with a yellow coat and an orange mane entered, wearing a cowboy hat. Another behind him followed in with a brown coat and a black shaggy mane.

"Sir, um, Silent Time, thank you for saving us, we owe you a lot," the yellow coated spoke up and made his way to me.

"It's my job, I try to never fail the citizens," I patted his head.

"If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask us," the other followed.

"Please, you are not in my debt. I was just doing my given duty," I finished and turned to Celestia. I never did speak with those I saved often.

"I will see you later, Celestia. I'm off to get better control over my respiration," I walked outside of the room and found stairs going spiraling down around the short tower.

I breathed in before breathing out and starting to hurry down them. I pulled up my face mask and my hood over me. When I reached the bottom, I entered the castle again and sprinted right past some of the guards who then shouted at me about being careful. I jumped out through one of the many no glass windows I saw that showed the front gates of the castle. I quickly climbed the golden entryway that obviously wasn't suited to keep me out. I swung myself over and rolled when I hit the ground.

"What is that?!" A mare screamed and pointed at me.

"Miss, that is our new hero. Luna informed us to inform you if any of you have questions. You are not to bother him unless he talks to you first," one of the guards at the gate spoke for me.

"The name is Silent Time," I spoke my one sentence and continued my sprint, climbing the window sills of a donut shop. I jumped onto the sturdy sign afterwards and heaved myself up, getting onto the roof. I continued my sprint, having a simple goal in mind.

Reach the entrance to the city, which just so happened to be a train station across a river, an obvious security issue.

I jumped from roof to roof, sometimes having to climb higher or go around taller structure in the way of my forgotten linear path. Ponies 'ooed' and 'awed' at me, some just ran away screaming for help. I began to hear the sounds of combat as I neared what seemed to be the central plaza. I looked in the distance and saw some guards fighting demons that flew, rather large, but they spat lava clumps down at them, melting the floor. There were two of them, both red, both furry, and both had a single eye placed in their stomach that was surrounded by circular horns for some sort of protection.

I picked up my pace and slid into the plaza.

"Guards, retreat. I can handle this," I informed and got ready to draw chronoblade, putting my energy into it again.

"I don't know who you think you are, but me and my men aren't running!" A guard dressed in more armor than the others spoke up, a shield strapped to his left hoof as he fought on his hind legs with a spear in his other hand.

"Fine," I released Chronoblade and slipped a spear from out of one of the four guards hands, throwing it at the other demon that was focused on the other two guards. The metal spear flew threw one of its wings and landed solidly. The demon collapsed to the ground, unable to fly and the other guards quickly vanquished it with multiple stabbings of their spears.

"What did I just say?!" The captain screeched at me before he looked and dropped his jaw.

"Silent Time, I told you I can handle this. It's more my job than yours," I charged Chronoblade quickly as I saw the lava come out of the other's mouth. I released it when it came close to hitting the armed guard fighting it poorly.

I went over and stood on the shield of the guard that was bracing for the hot earth. I jump high and swirled the lava onto Chronoblade, directing it away with the slower physics and its higher viscosity. I continued my leap and snuck my blade in between it's horns. I landed on a rooftop with it and removed my blade from it, swinging the blood off before sheathing it and watching time return to normal. My head buzzed with a slight pain.

"How did he move so fast?" the spearless one asked.

I took off back towards the castle, the Princesses might want to hear about this. Ponies were definitely chatting about me now since I could pick up parts of the flying black creature or the monkey jumping.

I arrived and raced back up the stairs of the same tower I had left. I chose to enter in the same odd way I left, though the window. I breathed out, trying to get a better control of my breath before I opened the door and found Celestia and Luna standing in the room together. The others had cleared out.

"Daniel, just who I was looking for. I do hope my dear sister told you this is your room," she began and trotted to me.

"I haven't had the time. He took off the moment he woke up," Celestia defended herself.

"Well, I do now. Celestia, Luna, you need to post some more archers at your walls and around the city. Demons were seen fighting some guards with only spears. Spears are no good against wings," I stated, rewrapping my finger around Chronoblade's sheath.

"Did you engage them?" Luna asked.

"I had to, they could have faltered and died at any moment. Your guards are proud, but they need to be creative in their combat sometimes," I said.

"I'm glad that you helped, but you need to have-," I cut off Luna.

"Did you forget how much I slept? I barely slept in my world because of all the responsibilities I took on. I will live the way I see fit," I firmed backed my words in a stern voice, "I don't know how serious you ponies take threats but an entire town except two was wiped out not even twenty four hours ago and this is not how you react. You should be mobilizing your forces to contain the threat, not letting these demons grow!" I turned to walk away out of the room.

"Daniel, there was a time Equestria used to be as violent as you can be," Luna began and I turned around to face her.

"Luna! We're not like that anymore, don't suggest that!" Celestia trotted over.

"But those statues, they are of pure heart and they know combat like that. We need them. Daniel, there are six heroes that went down in old tribes history. They were gifted artifacts like yours and we can't restore them, but we have sensed life from them. Go find them and bring them back. They can help us," Luna informed.

"There. Now that's doing something!" I shouted, "tell me where I should start."

"I suppose you really mean to do this. Daniel, we'll research them for you, but for now there is one that is on an island to the east. Be careful, the island has high heat and volcanic activity despite its size," Celestia said.

"I will need a map," I said and Luna lit her horn, a small map appearing in front of me.

"That should suffice," she said and I picked the map up, studying it for the island and major landmarks to know my direction. It was like reading a normal street map of the city, but without the blocks and roads. When I finished, I rolled it up and put it into my hoodie on the inside.

"I depart now," I said and bounded down the stairs of the room and out of the window I used. I started to jog over the roofs of the buildings again and used it as my own personal highway to the walls of Canterlot.

I saw the plains below the mountain and the forest that lead out far out, next to a small town of sorts. And further on there was a beach that had some, but not a lot of water between it and the island that appeared as a blotch. I was able to pick out houses that were specks in the distance on the beach.

"Damn, that's a long way to go," I said aloud while I began to descend the wall, sliding down and gripping the stuck out stones with my fingers and feet to slow my descent and make sure I stayed to the wall.

You can do it. Go, Daniel, this is your destiny

My head felt light and I soon lost my balance a third of the way down the wall and I landed on my back hard. I had a wheezing fit trying to recover and get air back in my lungs.

"What was that?" I asked aloud while I clambered to my feet and looked out at the plains again and then down at the zigzag walking path below me.

I quickly began to jog down it, marks in the path giving signs of carriages going through. It was going to be quite a journey there.

Chapter 3: Fire in the Ocean

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I had chosen to walk the entire way there, that was a big mistake and I found myself walking along a train track head towards a town called Baltimare. Idiot. I had been walking for quite a while and just made it to the splitting in the railroad that lead two different ways. A train began to come up behind me and I moved off the track, expecting it to zoom past. It instead slowed to a stop and a brown coat pony with a white man and combed mustache hopped off and put his hoof out at me. I drew my face mask up over my nose again.

"Silent Time, I presume?" He asked. I took his hoof and shook it.

"You are correct," he shook my hand in return.

"I am Steam Wheels, come aboard, we are headed for Baltimare and we'll arrive in thirty minutes," he said and went back onto the train. I followed, I was not going to walk the rest of the way if I knew I didn't have to. He pointed out to the seats and I took one in the middle. The seats were some sort of open couch with windows separating booths.

"Silent Time, thank you for doing what you did in Appleloosa, that was my home town and though my brothers and sisters aren't with us anymore, I thank you for what you did in their name," he nodded and headed further up the train.

"Just my...job..."

I would never get used to how grateful these ponies could be, humans back on Earth could be thankful, but a lot of them just ran from me in fear of their own lives. Even when my name grew and I was the talk of the city, they still ran. It was nice getting thanked, but it was slightly overbearing.

I looked around and saw the many ponies on board the train, all of them smiled and nodded or waved to me. It seemed news traveled fast here and they already accepted me.

I stayed silent as my new name implies until the train stopped at Baltimare and the conductor, Steam Wheels, approached me as I was about to exit.

"Silent Time, I wish you luck in your quest. Please rid us of all these demons," he took his hat off and nodded at me.

"Do you know where this small volcanic island is?" I asked.

"You mean the Rock of Calm Ire? That's along the south beaches of Baltimare," he informed me.

"Thanks," I rushed off the train and began a sprint past the city, reaching the beaches in what seemed to be a few minutes. Ponies quickly cleared the way for me as I went. I sprint right, making a fast dash past all the beach goers and jumping over smaller obstacles in the way.

These demons couldn't stay here long, they needed to be evicted. After a while, I slowed, breathing a bit heavy.


My head was light again and I looked to my left on impulse and saw a huge beacon of flame in the ocean, many ponies were gathered on the beach, staring at it. I walked over.

"Is that the Rock of Calm Ire?" I asked aloud and all of them stared up at my tall form.

"Yes, sir, it is. It's never been on fire like this before," an older fisherman came up to me and informed.

"May I borrow your boat?" I questioned.

"I was just about to head of there myself, you're welcome to come with," I nodded to his suggestion and within moments, we were rowing out to the island that was less than a mile away.

"Thank you, you need not stay if it's too dangerous for you," I said.

"I've never seen something quite like you, mister, but pony or not I won't abandon a thinking creature on that rock," he said.

"Really, I've probably seen worse. You can leave when you drop me off," I insisted on his safety.

"You're insane, you know that. Just what are you?" He asked.

"I'm surprised you haven't heard of me. I am a human, my name is Silent Time," I answered, trying to be a bit friendly.

"Oh, so you're the guy that told the demons in Appleloosa to bugger off. You did good, my boy," he said and stopped the boat on the sandy shore of the burnt island. I quickly stood up, seeing the entire rock aflame everywhere.

Walk and you will be safe

I noted Chronoblade shined when I heard the voice in my head again. I thought Luna might be talking to me. I marched forward into the fire.

"Hey! You'll get burnt! Get back here!" The fisher shouted.

I kept moving without a word and the flames yielded, dying out in all over the island. That's where I saw a human, a human statue. I peered up at the statue of a cyclops goat staring up at the human while he held its leg. He was above him and it looked like a scene from a play, he was just about to make contact with its skull. Fire burnt nearby, never going out despite having no fuel. The rock statue of the human had its hands open.

Touch me to him

Now I caught on, Chronoblade was talking to me. I obeyed the advice of my closest friend and unsheathed him, I placed the tip of Chronoblade and I felt myself whisked somewhere else.


I looked at the unicorn in front of me, it had a white coat, but it was in a cloak so no other features were visible. I had my sight set on it while my legs were bent and my front was placed forward, ready to counter any attack. I haven't trusted anyone except the girl I lived with here. These unicorns, same as the pegasi, seemed to be competent. I twirled my small sword that I took from an overrun camp just a few weeks ago.

"Just take it and go," it spoke up and a pair of metal gloves with studs and small needles on them was tossed between us from his saddlebag. A pair of iron boots followed, a spike on the heel of them and studs all over it except for where a foot would be. The back of it had a large bump right above the heel, at the achilles.

"How can I trust you?" I asked aloud and twirled my sword again, gripping it tight. This wasn't Chronoblade, and I didn't sound like me.

"You can't, but these were made for you. Go fulfill your destiny," it finished and set the gloves on the ground softly. It then turned around and ran out of the woods and away.

I strapped my sword back to my side and walked to the gloves. I picked them up and found they were warm. I soon put them on, abandoning my caution. Fire danced between my fingers and around my hands, but it felt right. It felt good, soothing. It didn't hurt me. I did the same with the boots and flames then danced around my body in the air, it never hurt. I think I was seeing through this human's eyes.

It lies over the sea on a close island, go

I didn't question the voice in my head, I could feel the winds of change coming. I began a jog out of the woods and to the beach, taking on a few minutes to reach it. I quickly spotted the island in the distance and an abandoned boat on the shore of the beach. I would definitely take this simple boat with its two oars to reach that place. I shoved it off into the ocean and hopped in, I was very eager to reach that island now, something worth my time had to be there. Arnah could wait a little longer for me to return.

The row there was peaceful, like a calm before a storm and as I approached the island, I heard the cries of many goats. I reached shore and pulled the boat on to the sand some before I walked into the mainland of the island, palm trees scattered about and grasses high, but thin.

I saw some kind of humanoid goat thing in front of me when it walked out from behind a huge shrub. It was taller than me, lanky, had goat horn and hooves but human hands. It wore a loincloth and some gold jewelry. It had a single large eye.

"Hey, guys! We got another vis-," I cut him off when he turned back to yell further into the island. I sent my right hand with the gauntlet over it into his face and his fur singed and blood dripped from his nose. I was probably going to have incoming.

"You little shit!" He yelled and went to punch. I had practiced hand to hand combat with Arnah for exercise and fun, also to survive better out here.

I ducked and came around in a circle, jabbing him hard in his stomach. I knocked the breath out of him and kept my fist at his stomach, watching the fire spread to his fur.

Take them all down

I heard the voice in my head again and saw more in the distance. They were sprinting here. I spun my body around and flipped, grabbing his leg to support myself in the beginning of my motion. I kicked the back of his head with the lower part of my shin. I continued through the flip and landed safely on my feet while he was sent to the ground, most likely dead and unmoving.

"Sorry, Arnah," I whispered and clenched my fists, "but now I know what to do!" I cried out and began to run a the large number of them. I felt a thought enter my own head about making a vow to rid the world of these creatures.


I regained my own vision and looked at him again.

I reached up and put Chronoblade's tip to his side again. I felt a strong connection and his the exact boots and gauntlets I saw from the vision formed on his hands and feet in fire, the rock crumbled away and I saw this man. He fell from the air and started to cough before taking in a deep breath and standing. He immediately took a defensive stance against me, throwing his fists up. His shaggy brown hair waved in this motion.

You can trust him, he is no foe

I sheathed Chronoblade in a show of good will.

"Who are you?" He asked coldly.

"I go by Silent Time, but you may call me Daniel. I was sent to come get you," I said.

"I thank you from saving me from my statue form and though I owe you, I must get back to my friend," he said and let down his fists.

"I'm sorry, but that woman is most likely dead."

"What?!" He enraged before calming back down slowly, "tell me, what happened."

"We humans, I saw that we used to live here before, but that was a very long time ago. I was the first to appear from a different world. What is your name?" I asked.

"Lauden, I am Lauden. I thank you for informing me. Why were you sent here?" He nodded.

"Come, I will explain on the way," I started back towards the fisher.

"Very well," he followed.

"The rulers of this land, peaceful land, have sent me to find you and other heroes from when the land wasn't this pacified to stand up against demons. I need-," I was cut off.

"Say no more, I will assist. I promised myself I would make this world a world free from terrors like that and you have awoken me. Might I ask what that weapon is you're carrying around. I have never seen such an elegant blade," I saw the fisher in the boat look at me with shocked eyes.

"This is my katana, Chronoblade. Gifted to me by one of the rulers here, Luna. I saw that your gauntlets and boots give you the power to manipulate fire. I can bend time to my will with this," I said and hopped in the boat, Lauden sitting next to me.

Without a word, the fisher pushed us off shore with the oars and started to row back.

"That is quite powerful, significantly more than my Firesting. What are these other heroes you talked about?"

"I do not know, the princesses said they would have more places for me to go by the time I returned," I looked around the sky, finding the sun slowly drooping behind the horizon.

"Whatever they are, I can help you find them. It'd be nice to see humans after I spent so long without them, even if I preferred staying away in the days of old," he stated.

"It's nice that you trust me, it is heartening to see another here. I hope the other heroes are just like you. You seem to be just like me," I noted and I felt the boat being shored on the beach, ponies staring at us. Little light was left in the day.

"That would explain why you were able to sway me to come so easily, I must say Silent Time, you're quite an interesting man," I hopped out of the boat with him and gave a nod to the still silent fisher.

"Follow me, Lauden. We'll be headed back to the princesses now," I said, ready to sprint.

"Silent Time!" I heard a pony shout and stayed for just a little longer, "there have been multiple sightings of demons in the surrounding areas of towns, the trains aren't running," I sighed at the news. That meant the potential of combat on the way back.

"We can't waste time then. This world is having an epidemic," Lauden spoke my own thoughts.

I started to jog and heard Lauden keeping up behind me, I sprinted back into the town and used the path I took to get to the train station to lead me back. There wasn't time to stop and chat as we weaved through the diminishing crowds of ponies. I noticed there were a lot more guards in the town when there were virtually none. We reached the station and started to walk, taking a break. A guard stopped me, wearing golden armor instead of the iron that the guards around here were wearing.

"Silent Time, I have been sent by the princesses to warn you that demons have been seen roaming around in the wilds and to recommend traveling during the day," he nodded.

"We don't have time for that, do we, Daniel?" Lauden asked behind me.

"Of course not. I thank you for your warning," I walked past, steeping don onto the railroad tracks and moving to walk beside it on the concrete that dropped off to silent grass. I kept walking silently, Lauden using the same method of travel behind me.

We crept as quiet as we could, moving even slower to silence our noise further whenever the we heard sounds from the woods to the left and right of us.

I put my arm up as a bar and stopped moving, causing Lauden to also stop. I noted a demon in front of us, watching four flame eyes waft towards us. This one seemed to have less eyesight than me, but I did have good vision in darkness.

"I'll handle him," I focused on Chronoblade and drew it, slowing time down to a third of normal time. I didn't have to put in as much effort just like before. I zoomed close to him and sent my blade across his neck, cutting it in two.

I sheathed Chronoblade and the now dead demon slumped to the ground. I slowly carried it down to avoid any more noise. My blade produced some when it cut into the reptilian-like horse bodied creature. I laid the corpse down and wave Lauden on to catch back up with me as we continued. I began to hear hissing all around us and saw more fire eyes of the demons coming out of the woods. It seemed they heard me regardless.

"Lauden! Run!" I shouted and began a sprint in hopes of escaping them. I heard Lauden's iron boots pounding behind me.

I lost some of my excellent night vision, unable to see things in the distance in the almost pitch black night. An orange light lit up behind me. I peeked back and saw fire in surrounding both of Lauden's hands to create a good enough light we could see where we were going. It was now a run all the way back to Canterlot.

I saw a huge horde of growing demons behind us and I knew we would die if we tried to slay all of them, only more would show up from the noises created. Perhaps we should have waited for the night to pass. We reached the bend after a while of running, it seemed the demons weren't giving up and some flying ones even joined, soaring over head of us.

"Lauden, can you do anything about them?" I asked.

"Yea, I don't know if it'll work," he said and I saw large fireballs go over us from him, burning the wings of the demons with bird and bat wings. They are still all just random combinations in odd chimeras and despite the suggestion of their firey eyes, they still burn from flame.

"Good, that'll solve that problem at least," I charged Chronoblade up as fast as I could and I gripped Lauden's arm, "I've never done this, so brace yourself and prepare to sprint again," I warned and flipped Chronoblade up into the air, drawing it and sliding the sheath into my belt loop once time completely halted.

"What in the..."

"Good, it does work while I hold to you, come let us run as quick as we can," I took off sprinting, the demons behind us staying perfectly still.

We made progress very quickly, coming to the bend of the railroads and far enough to where I could see the mountain trail to Canterlot. I had sheathed Chronoblade here and time returned to normal, Lauden looked around while I crouched to one knee, trying to cope uselessly with the pounding in my skull.

"Daniel, that was truly impressive," he commented first, "are you okay?"

"Just a side effect from using it like that, though I am getting better."

"Where do we go from here?"

I stood up and stumbled forward, trying to ignore the hammers in my head. I went right through the woods where the railroad would have lead to the cave. I knew fighting in there would be problematic for both of us, especially given my current state. I continued going through the woods, seeing no demons at all during our short trek through. I arrived at the carriage carved path and began to walk up it.

"We are close, try not to appear too intimidating," my head pains had dimmed, but they were still there. I would definitely need to use my katana like this more often.


It was sunrise when the guards opened the gates for Lauden and me.

I opened the front doors of the castle after the guards let us in and one of them escorted us to the throne room, where there were a line of ponies waiting to see the princesses. They likely had news of demons. The guard skipped us past the line and we caught the ire of the ponies in the frowns and grimaces we saw. Celestia and Luna were both there, seeing ponies before they excused themselves. Celestia and Luna both approached, though Luna galloped and hugged me tight, seeing me sway a little from my hardening head. I pulled my face mask off.

"Daniel! It's so good to see you safe and sound!" She squeezed me tighter and I lightly patted her back.

"Could I be let go of now?"

"Of course, of course. Sorry, it had just been so long since I've seen you," she smiled big.

"Who is this?" Celestia asked while the guards began to clear the throne room.

"I am Lauden, a pleasure to meet you both," he answered.

"Is he?" Celestia began.

"I believe so. His gauntlets and boots possess an amazing power," the moment I finished my sentence, Lauden lit his gloves and boots with flame.

"I was told I am one of the heroes from the past. This place is very peaceful and developed except for the demons," he said, I'm glad that my efforts against those goat cyclops weren't futile."

"Wait, you slayed the entirety of the cyclops save for one?" Luna questioned.

"I did."

"That, that is a very incredible feat, Lauden."

"Thank you, might I know your names?"

"It seems we forgot our manners. I am Celestia and this is my sister,"


"Have you two found where the other heroes are?" I asked.

"We know of four more now, we're hoping they are the last," Celestia announced and I pulled the map of Equestria out of my hoodie.

"One is at the base of the west Smokey Mountain," Luna teleported a quill with an ink well and circled the mountain on the map, "another is past the San Palamino Desert on the penisula," she circled the small land that jutted out into the South Luna Ocean.

"That sounds like it'll be difficult to reach," Lauden commented.

"It's something we must do," I answered back.

"The third is in a cave somewhere in the Badlands," Celestia took over and circled the entire Badlands, "neither of us could pinpoint where, so just check the large rock structures for caves. And we hope you'll go for the fourth, we remembered something from our fillyhood and in the gorge just before our old castle is where he is. Please go get Elden," Celestia requested.

"We will," I said and rolled the map up, walking back out of the throne room."

"Lauden, I request you stay here and help with managing the demon attacks. We need someone ready to respond to large groups of them," Celestia said and he stopped in his tracks.

"You have a point. I'll help defend this land the best I can," I looked back and saw him nod.

"Daniel, you should rest before you leave," Luna trotted forward to me some.

"I'll rest when the demons are all gone," I opened the doors and took off down the halls, putting my face mask back on.

Chapter 4: Shattered Earth

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"Daniel!" I heard Luna call behind me, but I kept running out of the castle to the front gates.

They're rulers here, but they don't seem to care as much as their people as I do. They should be caring more about them than I do. Equestria might be more similar to Earth than I thought.

I reached the front gates and bashed them open, running down to a cafe nearby the castle and climbing the stone architecture to the roofs, taking off to the small town known as Ponyville first. It was quiet except for the gasps and aweing of the ponies at my fast traveling.

"Daniel!" I heard Luna's voice behind me and I barely moved my head to peek at her through the corner of my eye.

I looked forward again and zipped around a chimney before jumping to a giant roof that had a globe-like window on it. I glanced inside to find a giant library. I continued going and I heard Luna flap her wings behind me.

"You're very good at this, Daniel. But you need to rest or at least eat something," she argued again.

"I'll rest when," I jumped to a set of smaller buildings again, "these demons are gone. I don't let the people down," I continued.

"You can't help them when you aren't at your full potential!" Luna argued with me again.

"Just let me do this, don't you want to see this Elden?" I asked, trying to sting her.

She went silent and I heard her wings get further and further away. I felt a little guilty, but that was washed away when I saw a blue light flash in front of me and she stood their with a scowl. I gripped her head and jumped over her to the street, running out and jumping down the cliffs of the carriage road. I heard wings above me while I made progress. I was breathing hard from my constant run and my legs were somewhat sore, but I wouldn't stop now. It felt like they were stabbed with each fall I took until I reached the bottom.

I pounded my foot to sprint and faltered with my right leg, going onto my left knee. I was gasping for air.

"See, Daniel. Let's go back to the castle," Luna tried to sway me.

"No, I just-," I heard a loud roar and saw trees breaking in the small woods ahead that separated Ponyville from Canterlot along with the plains.

"Daniel, we need to go now," she said and landed next to me, brushing me with her head.

"I said no," I answered again. I drew Chronoblade and stood to my feet.

It's big

I was informed of my enemy before it arrived. I saw a giant orange-red snake head blast out of the trees, seeing two more follow. It was the same snake demon I chased away in Appleloosa.

Will me to my powers and I will do so, you need no longer to focus so intently

That's a help. Equestria has changed Chronoblade just by being here. Maybe it's changed me a little, maybe I've become harsher.

I saw the snake lunge at us, specifically Luna. I figure it has a vendetta against me. I pushed Luna out of the way roughly, causing her to stumble enough out of the way while I was sent onto my back.


I stood again, swinging Chronoblade slowly a few times before I charged at the thing.

"That's it," I whispered when it reared to strike at me with an open mouth, "come get some," it zipped at me and I sent a thought to control Chronoblade like it was a muscle.

And without prompt, it slowed time down by about three-fourths. I chuckled a bit and jumped onto its bottom lip. I stabbed Chronoblade down into the bottom of its jaw. I felt it give once and then twice to my blade, signaling it went all the way through. I pulled my katana up and cut both its fangs off with a twirl. I sliced the tongue that withdrew somewhat, splicing it further in two pieces. I cut up its mouth a little more before I fell backwards and landed on my feet, feeling them sting again.

I let time return to normal and felt somewhat light-headed but not that bad. The snake roared in agony, rearing back before it looked at me again, blood pouring from its mouth.

"That's what I thought!" It slithered off in silence back towards the woods. Back towards...



"Will you lis-," I cut off Luna when she approached me.

"Now is definitely not the time!" I yelled and willed Chronoblade to slow time slightly, "Ponyville needs me! Ponyville needs Lauden too!"

I ran after the snake, following the cleared path of its slithering. This was very bad, if it got to Ponyville, the town could become like Appleloosa. It didn't even have natural defenses other than the Everfree Forest being so thickly portrayed on the map with warning signs.

I had to get there. I willed time slower, shaving the world around me to four-fifths of its normal speed.

"Daniel! Daniel!" I heard Luna yell slowly behind me. I was losing her quickly and I started to see the tip of this snake. I sprinted to try and reach it, ignoring the pain in my legs.

I never failed the people when I was there and I wouldn't now. We made it out of the woods and into the plains. It was a straight walk to Ponyville now, I could see it in the distance.

I caught up after a few moments and I sliced the tip off, the scales weaker there than on the rest of its body. I heard it roar and it began to coil. around to face me. I seized my chance and slash as fast as I could at its body before it moved out of my reach when I returned time to normal, flesh spilled out from the multiple cuts I laid on the inside of it. I heard it hissing loudly.

"You're not taking that town, too!" I shouted and stared right up at it. I saw the head with the eye that was obviously infected now. It was swollen, bright yellow centered and red around, and it ached to be treated.

I heard footsteps behind me, "Daniel, I'm here."

I peeked and saw Lauden who already had fire swirling around his limbs.

"Good, your punches and kicks could do some damage to those scales."

Trust him to keep it busy, you can't defeat it like that

Chronoblade spoke to me. I ignored it, I could kill this thing. It would be hard, but very worth it.

"On me!" I yelled and ran forward to its coils. Lauden was quick to be behind me.

The snake demon charged with all three of its heads at me. I grabbed Lauden and slowed time just enough so he could get some punches in to the coils before I attempted to slash at the now bruised skin of the snake, no results. I only scratched the surface of them. I whipped my head behind me when I heard Lauden.

"HaaaaaAAHHH!" He crescendo-ed his yell and slammed his heel into the left head's nose. I reverted time to normal and the snake roared in pain as it thrashed into some of the trees and the ground.

"Lauden, you got this?" I asked.

"Yea! Reinforcements should help us subdue the beast somewhat," he yelled over the roaring. The snake refocused on him.

"I'll be back with Elden, Chronoblade knows something," I took off, running and I heard Luna flapping her wings above me again.

"Firesting does as well, be fast!" He called and I heard a smashing sound behind me.

"Daniel, grab my hooves," Luna said after I sheathed Chronoblade.

"Why? I'm not just gonna let you take me back to Canterlot," I continued running and felt the stinging pain return to my legs after the adrenaline wore off from the snake. I peeked back and saw Luna flying above and a little behind me. Lauden was somehow able to jump higher than I could, smacking the snake about, but not putting effort in to really harm it.

"Because I'm going to help you. I see you only listen to your only morals first," Luna said.

"Because protecting others, living up to your reputation, and upholding justice are most important in the world. Don't try to trick me, Luna," I held up my hands to trust her after I put Chronoblade into my belt and I felt her furry hooves hit my hands. I gripped them and felt myself being lifted off the ground.

I eventually stopped the running motions in my legs and I hung while she picked up speed. We were approaching Ponyville quickly. I began to climb up on of her hooves.


"I'm just securing myself, keep going," I said and threw my front over her back and heaved myself up to sit on her properly.

I felt Luna really begin to fly fast and we entered Ponyville, buildings flying by. The ponies were all staring at us, the blue and black blur we probably looked like. I didn't think a princess would be so adept at physical activities, but this world was very different from my own. I don't think assumptions worked here half the time. It wasn't long before we hit the Forest and Luna flew upwards and we glided over the forest.

I stared down and even in the mid-morning sun, the forest was very dark, I couldn't see the grass most of the times from the thick canopy. When I could, it was just blackness from the lack of light. I looked around, the forest was large, very large. I saw the crumbling castle ahead and my eyes followed the path and I saw the huge gorge that looked almost endless if not for the torches that lit stairs down it. It looked like it surrounded the castle.

"Daniel, do you want to know what happened here?" Luna offered to tell me the tale.

"No, if Elden is anything like Lauden, then I'll see it first hand through his eyes," I felt Luna shudder at her words.

"Well, good luck. From what the generals back then told us, he sacrificed himself for us and the soldiers."

"I think I like him already," I smiled.

Heroes. IS that what we really are? What is a hero? Do they save the entire world? A group of people? I suppose if they protect something then they are a hero. Then we are heroes, but I don;t like having that name. It carries too much weight.

Luna flew down into the gorge and landed right under the bridge. I hopped off, my legs no longer in pain from the flight here.

That way

Chronoblade pulsed on my side in white light. I withdrew it fro my belt, holding the sheath loosely while I walked down the chasm. It was dark away from the torches, but I kept walking with Luna behind me. I peeked back at her when a blue light lit up our surroundings, a glowing ball sat on top of her horn.


"Of course, Daniel."

I stopped when I saw a rock hand poking out of the rock wall of the gorge. I assumed this had to be Elden. I touched his hand with my right index finger, feeling something stir in him. He was alive.

Touch me to him again

I obeyed Chronoblade's words and unsheathed him, tapping the tip to him.

My vision went white for a bit and I froze, I couldn't move my body. When the blinding white cleared, I knew I wasn't in the gorge anymore.


I was one of the last humans. We were a dying race. Even if we've prevailed for millennia according to our tomes, it didn't matter. Few of us lived and there was little or no chance of meeting others. There would be no more propagating the species, we were too spread apart to do that, and we didn't know where each other were.

Those thoughts filled my mind, and I knew they weren't mine. They had to be Elden's.

Not like that mattered to me. All that mattered was that I served these two adolescent princesses in front of me. I watched them play in the field in front of me, cute and happy. They were very kind for taking me in. That's what the world had become. Cute and happy ever since the past of my species had fought to rid Equestria of evils. But I'd never share that with the ones named Celestia and Luna. It would probably make them cry for me and maybe even let me free of their service so I could do what my species nobly did.

Celestia, a pink and green maned alabaster alicorn. Luna, a midnight blue-coated, sea-maned alicorn. My place was by them, vigilant.

"Whoa! Look at that!" I heard Luna yell aloud and pointed her hoof at the sky.

Some metal object was flying over in an arc, headed right for me. I casually stepped out of the way and watched as it hit the stone I was at a few seconds ago.

It was a sword, a simple straight sword with a brown leather wrapped handle and a pommel of metal that looked like a dog had chewed on wood. I reached my hand out to it and grabbed the handle. It was very rough despite its smooth appearance. I pulled the blade free, noting that it turned to a bronze color at the tip, gradually shading to a more and more brown-like color.

This must have been the weapon Elden used like Lauden did.

That way, they're coming

My head felt like I had just been thrown around and disoriented. I inspected my armor and saw all the metal plates to be right where they should be. I looked down to my left and saw my own sword still there.

That way

I looked to my right and past the woods, seeing an army approach. The minotaur army, and they were coming right through the forest quickly. It wouldn't be long before they started their battle cries and sprinting. That would catch us off guard. The sounds of hooves were very loud.

"Elden!" I heard Celestia scream and both of them ran to me, hugging my legs tight with their hooves.

"I think I understand, you want me to do my job now more than ever," I whispered and looked down to the sword before I looked to the two lights of my life.

They will be safe, they'll carry Equestria into an age of more peace. That's a noble cause to risk life and limb for.

"Girls, go get the guards and the general. Tell them the minotaurs are here," I gripped the new sword tighter.

"B-b-but," Luna began to argue with tears in her eyes.

"Go!" I yelled and both of them ran through the front doors of the castle.

I ran right to the minotaurs and it was only about a minute before I heard them yell and start to charge at me. I could see their horns and their muscles now, big, intimidating. I swore and oath and no amount of fear in my body would match the power that promise put in my legs. They had to be scattered in the forest, we couldn't fight them there.

"Ahhhh!" I yelled and raised my blade high, ready to clash with them. Lives would be lost in this fight. I would be among them most likely.

I hope those two survive.

I soon found it only to be a small group of five of them. We had time to ready our defenses if we could survive this and I could do these in alone, I had the physiology to match them unlike the ponies, I wouldn't be towered over.

They soon clustered up once they reached the field and I felt my head lifting off my shoulders again.

Smash my tip into the ground

I quickly obeyed. I was coming to trust this blade. The ground in front of me gave way from where the tip connected and a huge sinkhole formed in the earth as it violently shook. The minotaurs were swallowed by it when the ground gave way under their hooves.

"W-what?" I stared at my feat and heard the minotaurs scream as they fell down the huge hole.

I didn't have time to ask questions when I heard a war horn behind me and saw the whole army of Luna and Celestia in front of the castle, charging to meet the main minotaur force. A deceptive manuever using the trees to make them seem a lot larger and take my attention. They did their research and knew I was their ace.

I ran over, taking the front of the line. I was farther out than the soldiers behind me, who knew my rank was equal t that of the generals and trusted my orders just as much. I was just about to lead the clash.

Elden's war experience should be helpful in our fights.

The fight will be over, hilt me into the ground

I obeyed this new friend of mine and plunged my new sword into the ground, sinking it past rock and dirt until the hilt touched the grass.

The entire ground rumbled and the guards behind me lost their footing, as did the minotaurs before me. I saw a huge crack form in the ground and split open, swallowing the entire minotaur force and me. I heard a loud rumble again and the slamming of rocks, watching the crag below me close up before I fell deeper into it along with the minotaurs.

I felt tired, sleepy even. The rocks and dirt falling on me didn't hurt while I was forced to close my eyes. I reached my hand out futilely for help, towards the light.


I looked up back at the hand sticking out from the rock wall, Chronoblade was no longer pressed to him.

"Daniel? Are you okay? You went quiet and wouldn't respond to me," Luna spoke up.

"I saw Elden's final moments before he was sealed up here," I smiled, "he cares a lot about you and Celestia."

To give your life for a greater cause, I could only hope I die like that. A hero, that's what I still wanted to be even after my childhood days. I didn't shoot laser beams from my eyes and I couldn't fly, but I could still be a hero.

I shook the childish memory from my head.

"It'll be nice to see him again," Luna smiled, her eyes a little watery.

I pressed Chronoblade to the palm of the hand, the tip touching it lightly. The rocks fell off his skin, a deep tan color, and he began to move again. The sword I saw in the vision formed from nothing in his hand. The cliff wall gave way and he pulled himself out. His blonde hair was filled with rocks and his iron plate armor wasn't rusty at all. His armor covered his arms, elbows, legs, knees, chest, back, and everywhere that wasn't his neck, hands, or feet. His hands were gloved with leather and boots covered his feet. He began gasping.

"W-what happened?" he asked, coughing after while he leaned over his knees. He didn't open his eyes yet.

"Who are you two?" he questioned, his grip tightened around his sword when he saw my blade unsheathed. I sheathed it in show of good faith. His head was moving between us.

"I am Daniel, but I am known as Silent Time here," I introduced myself, pulling my cloth face mask back up over my mouth and nose.

"Elden, do you remember who I am?" Luna asked and Elden peered very closely at her, looking her up and down.

He set his sword blade in his other hand near the hilt. He leaned forward and hugged Luna tightly. I soon saw both of them leaking tears quietly.

"I'm so glad you survived!" Elden declared.

"After the guards told us you sacrificed yourself to stop the battle before it started, we were torn apart."

"Little one, you have grown so much, you're definitely not the filly I remember. Where is your sister?" He asked.

I stretched, preparing for more battle.

"Elden, we must go to help a friend of ours. Equestria is facing dark days and that's why you were dragged up from your slumber, same as him. Afterwards, we can see Celestia in Canterlot," I informed.

"Well, let's go!" He declared and let go of Luna.

"I suppose there will be time for catching up later, Lauden does need us," Luna noted and spread her wings.

"Elden, climb up," he followed Luna's words and sat upon him. I put Chronoblade back into my belt while Luna lifted off the ground with her wings. Her horn lit up brightly for one moment, "Daniel, my hooves."

I grabbed on to them and felt she also kept a really good grip on my hands.

She hovered out of the gorge and quickly began a fast flight back to Ponyville.

"So, what are we helping Lauden with?" Elden asked.

"A large three-headed snake demon. Demons have come out of Tartarus since someone broke it open. I hope this is the only one of its kind. Its scales are impenetrable," I informed.

"And I was hoping Equestria would be peaceful."

"It used to be, that's why I called Daniel here and then he set out to find you and others that could help. We ahven't seen real combat in a very long time," Luna said as we entered Ponyville, zooming through again.

Luna had to be a very strong alicorn to carry us both like this. I saw the demon in question thrashing about while it looked like Lauden was fighting it still. A good fighter.

"Luna, drop me on top of him," I said while we approached. Luna began to lift up and I let go of one of her hooves, unsheathing Chronoblade.

We were right above one of its heads and I slowed time here and dropped, lining m blade up with an eye. This was the head with the other infected eye that I left it. I sunk my blade deep into it and pulled out, sliding back down its neck like I did at Appleloosa. I resumed time at its normal speed when I landed and the snake thrashed in pain again, blood spewing from its eye. I saw one of the other heads still had blood dripping from its mouth. I ran back and grouped up with Lauden, who was breathing heavy.

"You're late," he heaved.

"I'm here, let's finish him," I swung the blood off Chronoblade and Elden jogged to us.

"Good, you found him," Lauden noted.

"Equestria is going to need a lot more than just us to win this," Elden commented, "Daniel, how were you that fast on your feet?"

"I saw your sword gives you power to control the earth. Lauden's allows him to manipulate fire. I can bend time," I said while the snake recoiled and towered over us, one of the heads looking a little off from our position. That was the one I had blinded.

"I have a plan," Elden said when one of the heads leaned to us.

I grabbed Lauden and slowed time, watching it come in at us slowly. I slashed it its lips and stopped when I saw Lauden hook the snake right in the side of its jaw. I resumed time and some blood spurted onto us while its head whipped from the punch.

"Let's do it," Lauden said, "we haven't been able to defeat this thing effectively."

"Keep it still!" He yelled when two of the head came in for an attack.

I swung Chronoblade's sheath out for Lauden to grab and I touched Elden, stopping time completely.

"You have all the time you need," I held my head from the headache I was slowly building.

"Impressive, Daniel," Elden said and slashed his blade at the ground.

The ground below the snake imploded and rumbled. Lauden and I had to stabilize ourselves against the movement. A giant hole was left there.

"Lauden, hit that snake in there," his words came off a bit blurred together in my ears. My head was ringing a little.

I watched Lauden run over and climb up the snake, going on top of its heads and punching, kicking down on them while he stood on the one with the bleeding mouth. He took his time getting down, being careful not to fall in the hole. He took longer than I had wanted.

"Fucking shit, hurry up!" I yelled in pain.

Chronoblade was a powerful weapon, but demanded a lot from its user.

"Daniel, set the time back to normal. Lauden, burn the snake in the pit when it lands there," he said and I quickly stopped using my katana's divine power.

The snake roared and was sent into the giant pit quickly. Lauden held out his hands and a large trail of fire burned from them and into the crater. Elden touched his sword to the ground and closed the pit. The snake would roast with the burning trees in the hole.

I fell onto my side, unable to hold myself up against my migraine.

"You okay, Daniel?" I heard Lauden fade out while he breathed heavy himself.

My vision slowly faded out after my hearing was filled with my ringing head. I saw Luna peer over me before I felt myself go unconscious.

Daniel, you have done well