• Published 3rd Dec 2017
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Time in the Night - The Real Darkness

All since that day I got it, Chronoblade, my life got difficult. But here, at the end of my journey, I couldn't be anymore happier.

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I heard a scream in a nearby alley from the rooftop I was upon. I quickly started to run and jump over four buildings in the massive urban I try to guard.. I peeked over the edge of the last and saw it again...another mugging, but this time it included a pistol. I jumped down three stories and landed behind the criminal. He whipped around to face me with a hollow cylinder in my face.

'Why didn't I use the fire escape or eat something...'

He had no idea who I was thanks to the hood that covered my face in shadows, only my deep blue eyes could be seen. I wore black slacks with my favorite black hoodie and held my blade that I was blessed with by its sheath in my left hand. I always liked to wear black.

"Who the HELL are you?!" The dark-skinned man demanded to know.

"You needn't know anything, but to call me Silent Time..." I pronounced my alias in a whisper, interrupting his sentence even if he continued to finish it out. His voice changed to fear before reverting back to mischief and hate.

"Well, you're dead now, we've all had enough of you interrupting our fun time.." He said and pulled the trigger. I reached fast and drew my katana swiftly.

I wasn't able to charge much energy into the blade, but I still cut the open air between us. Everything slowed down by an exponential rate.


I maneuvered around the bullet before deflecting it and proceeding to cut him in two across his stomach. I quickly sheathed the katana and time returned to normal as his body plopped in two pieces on the concrete ground. I was breathing at a normal rate, but much more deeply, taking in oxygen greedily. I was light-headed, a sign of being mentally drained. I turned to the female victim who was in a coat with skinny jeans and a normal pair of white low top shoes.

"Tell none about me...Only say that Silent Time is guarding the streets." I stated.

"T-thanks for saving me." She responded and ran from me to her home, most likely.

I quickly climbed the building in front of me, this time deciding to use the fire escapes and window sills.

My name is Daniel and I'm the night guardian of some New York streets. I have dirty blonde hair and almost always have black clothing over my skin. Chronoblade, my katana, came to me as a blessing, from what, I don't know and I probably will never know, but that doesn't bother me, all that matters is the here and now. I always run into repeating scenes that the police can't seem to stop or aren't doing their job well enough. The mugging, robberies, car thefts, and other things. Most criminals fear me when they hear my name. I rarely get hurt in my moonlight job, but today...was a little different.

I ran over the rooftops looking for at least one more problem before I retired to my apartment. My watch read that is was one hour after midnight with a remainder of four. I was about to turn back when I saw another scene, one that was exciting.

People always said I was quick to defend and had a high sense of justice, they were always right.

This scene was a car theft that was being done in a group. These bozo bandits were attacking one business man in a sedan. I quickly jumped down using fire escapes and bricks to slow my fall. Slowly walking towards them and out into the empty street, they slowly noticed my presence one by one.

'Knives, knives, and more knives...wait, is that a machete? Well, found their leader'

"Looks like you won't be the only one to be gutted, old man." One with a meat cleaver said. The man looked to be in his late thirties, I swear their IQ drops every week.

"You won't be able to kill me." I said in a low tone.

"What in the hell makes you think that, boy?" The leader asked. He was high off adrenaline, any idiot could tell that.

"Silent Time..." I whispered. Their faces looked to turn to fear before excitement.


"Now we can butcher you and rid you of the streets." One of the lackies said, holding a bread knife in his right hand with a electronic knife in his left. H turned the knife on as I walked towards them.

'That confirmed it, they are bonafide idiots.'

My grip on Chronoblade tightened as they got in attack stances and readied themselves.

That man was still there...

"Run! I'll take care of them!" I yelled to him and he bolted while the bandits had their backs to him.

"Now we will kill you!" Their machete idiot promised. His five lackies ran to me and attacked savagely.

I moved back fast, charging power into chronoblade. I managed to move out of the way of each slice, stab, swipe, and chop. The didn't feel like stopping anytime soon though. When I sensed I had enough energy I drew Chronoblade and time almost completely stopped. I chose a bad time to do so as one managed to cut my upper left arm. I ignored the pain the best that I could.

I swung horizontally on the one that hit me then turned into a vertical slice as I agily moved around him and bore into another and kept the katan moving, still in one swipe. I brought it down upon another's neck before pulling the blade the opposite direction, stabbing the fourth upward in the chest. I pulled out of his now lifeless body and cut diagonally up to the left of the final one, cutting him in two. I sheathed, they all fell, dead, unconscious, or in too much pain to fight.

Headache...headache...I was very mentally drained.

"What the hell did you do?!" The leader was in fear of his own life.

"Killed them...silently." I executed a perfect punchline. I was breathing deep and somewhat fast now.

"You won't get me so easily." The leader regained composure after the slaughtering of his posse.

He charged and I blocked with the sheath that still held Chronoblade in it.

'Damn, that really hurts...'

I drew my sword in this position and pushed him back up against the car with my sheath. Now I know the feeling of conquer the roman army had sometimes.

He diagonally, cutting my chest a little, but well enough to cause some pain. When he brought the machete down vertically, to finish me off, I spun around, making his machete hit the asphalt with some sparks. I quickly cut him on his right forearm, making my way in front of him again. I cut his stomach horizontally then his shoulder diagonally before piercing his stomach as he leaned on the car with his back, my blade was dripping blood over the car seat.

"Now I see..." He oddly said, choking on blood. He raised his machete to try and make me join him on his way to the afterlife.

I twisted chronoblade in him and pulled out, turning the blade in a false horizontal slice then spun around and decapitated him. The blade of Chronoblade, skimmed the roof of the car as he fell in a bloody mess.

I was completely covered in their blood as I heard police sirens heading this way. I sheathed Chronoblade.

"That...was...much harder than...I antica-pated..." I breathed out in pain and exhaustion. I closed the car door after I moved the leader out of the way.

I started climbing up the fire escapes, slowly, but I got atop the building. I looked down at the site of the crime and saw all the blood, bodies, and weapons fade away with blue light and deep blue sparkles. My injuries, though, stayed, maring my body.

A portal of the same colors mixed together appeared. It started to suck me in like some super vacuum. I grabbed an air conditioner unit tightly.

'No, I can't leave. I must stay and guard the night.'

The air conditioner ripped up from the roof and the portal sucked me in, the last thing I saw were the words, 'Air Master'.

The minute I entered with the air conditioner the portal closed and I popped out, falling a short distance and landing on soft grass and metal of the unit I was still gripping tight. I was in some forest.

I looked behind me and saw a blue figure with something glowing atop its head. Anemia was starting to kick in as I finally noticed my blood soaked my clothes. I started to feel even more exhausted.

'This is it...at least I'm satisfied with the life I have lived...I had a good run.' I thought my final thought before letting death take me. I heard one final sentence before my inevitable death.

"Now time to get him back..." A semi-deep feminine voice said before I died.

Author's Note:

Now that was fun to write...I think this right here, is a masterpiece. But who listens to little old me, everyone listens to the readers.

Hope you enjoyed and comment on this. I promise there will be more to come.