Pony Shifter

by Rainbowpegasus

First published

Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Until it isn't.

There were two things everypony knew about Autumn Flare before she even came to live in Ponyville. The first being that her parents were dead, and the second being that Autumn had killed them.

When she comes to Ponyville, Autumn Flare takes a special interest to a certain pony named Rainbow Dash. Before any pony knows it, Autumn is speaking like Rainbow, acting like Rainbow, even dyed her hair to look the same as hers.

But then Rainbow is mysteriously injured. She spends weeks in the hospital. Twilight can't get a word out of Rainbow or Autumn, but Twilight isn't do sure about the 'car crash' theory. What if it's true? What if Autumn flare really is a killer...?


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There were two things everyone knew about Autumn flare before she came to ponyville. The first was she had no parents-they were dead. And the second was they were dead because Autumn had killed them.

When the rumours began spreading over ponyville, people got quite steamed up over it, saying it was horrible and that she couldn't live in their peaceful little town and with the "non murderous types". But the truth was, they were all terrified.

Not everyone felt like that, though. Personally, me, Rainbow and Pinkie couldn't wait to meet her. As I said to my friends (alot), who wouldn't want to meet someone who sounded halfway interesting? Of course, Dash didn't feel intimidated at all. I really wasn't surprised by that. And as for Pinkie, she just wanted a new friend, which is also not very surprising. I can't even count the times that she's said that being nice to a pony will always bring out the best in them, and that you should always look on the bright side of them. This is the main reason I love Pinkie Pie- she always looks on the bright side, and her smiles are always contagious.

We all decided to meet in the centre of town, hoping to see Autumn walk by. The sun was shining above our hometown, and the bluebirds were singing as beautifully as ever. Somehow, even the Everfree Forest looked cheerful. A absolutely perfect day for me to have one of my consistent, annoying headaches, that made my eyesight go fuzzy and my breathing go heavy. Rainbow caught my expression, and smirked.

"Another brainiac headache?" She asked, a cocky grin plastered onto her face.

"It feels different this time, almost static", I explained, shivering slightly at the thought.

"Well, it's not surprising, you being an egghead and all". Rainbow laughed. I rolled my eyes. I knew however much I hated it, I would never be able to stop Rainbow from calling me an egghead every so often.

" I know that horrible head-achey feeling. I sometimes get it from too much candy, or not enough! ", Pinkie giggled, bouncing up and down crazily and hitting the occasional pony passing by. Suddenly, she appeared.

Autumn had eyes like the leaves in spring. She had a leathery black mane that continuously fell onto her face. She took careful, ginger steps, as if she was afraid she might scare everypony. Her Emerald green coat glistened in the heat of the blazing sun. Her wings were tucked tightly into her chest, and she was bending over so much that I thought she might snap in two. Her eyes were like two fiery Rubies, blazing into your back like a pair of powerful lazers. When she walked past me, I could feel an electrifying jerk going down my back. She looked at nothing but the ground, as if she didn't want to be noticed. And, trust me, it worked. Apart from me, Rainbow and Pinkie, everypony had their heads turned away, as if Autumn Flare had an invisibility barrier that only us three could see through. I could have sworn that she glanced over at Rainbow for a second before she dissapeared down the streets of Ponyville, and that made me feel very uneasy.

"Well, that was interesting alright", I sighed heavily.

"Whatcha think of your new friend now, pinks?" Rainbow asked, smirking.

"Mysterious... And super duper scary!" Pinkie announced, hiding her face in her hoofs. We all sighed simultaneously and decided to say our goodbyes.

Later that day, I decided to do a little research, maybe find out a little about this Autumn pony. I still didn't quite understand why everypony looked right through her, but to me she was the centre of attention. After what seemed like hours and hours of searching, a found an old, battered book on my very top bookshelf, which had a sentence or two about Autumn:

Autumn Flare is known for the rumours of her mothers death. To many she is also known as a pony shifter. Someone who slowly but surely imitates and becomes close to people, and wait until they're weak enough to get a mental desise (E.G anorexia) or get brutally murdered. No one knows why she does it or how she gets away with it, but look out for this pony. She is a danger to all.

I shook my head in amazement. It couldn't be true, could it? Could Autumn be a danger to ponyville? Could I be in danger, as well as my friends, and the rest of the town? No, it's impossible. Nopony could ever do such a thing. Even those with the coldest hearts. But something told me that I shouldn't mess with this particular pony, and that I had to stay as far away from her as possible. Autumn Flare was far more than dangerous.

I met up with Rainbow Dash later that evening, and explained what I had read. She listened intently, and told me that I had absolutely nothing to fret. It was easy for Rainbow Dash to ignore, but the horrible thought was stuck in my head. And then it hit me. The way that Autumn had glanced up at Rainbow and decided she would be the one. Her pray. Dash could fall right into her trap. Into a deep abyss of horror that she wouldn't be able to leave.

Me and Dash said our goodbyes and I watched as she began her descent back up to Cloudsdale, flying deep into the gloomy skies. A rainbow trail frantically chasing after her tail. Without warning, RD skidded to a halt in mid air and ran a single sky blue hoof through her rainbow mane. I rolled my eyes and laughed. But what creeped me out that evening was the fact that Autumn stopped in mid air after her, ran a hoof through her mane and continued flying. A perfect mirror image.