A Debt to Pay

by DarkJester

First published

Rarity makes Rainbow Dash pay for ditching her in the desert... via rape.

Starring Filthy Rich as the antagonist!

Chapter 1

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Rarity galloped down the street with purpose. Though it was a beautiful, perfect day in ponyville, she had no time to stop and enjoy it. Many ponies greeted her as she ran past, but she could only offer them fleeting acknowledgement as she hurried to her destination.

When she arrived, she was out of breath and collapsed on her haunches to recover. Drawing air back into her lungs gradually brought her strength back, and once she was capable, she stood back up and stared up at the sky.

Only there was no sky above her, just the green, leafy branches of a tree, and the familiar rainbow mane of a certain Pegasus pony who was, as Rarity expected, wasting the day away with an afternoon nap.

Rarity summoned her innate magic into her horn and focused her spell, causing the tree to quake. It only took a few firm rustles to knock Rainbow Dash from her branch; which startled her awake and to splay to wings wide to catch herself before she plummeted to the ground below.

Rainbow Dash looked around in a panic, expecting to see some sort of earthquake taking place, but when her eyes caught sight of her unicorn friend and her wide smile, she frowned. “What’s the big idea, Rarity!?”

Rarity’s voice betrayed no urgency. “Good afternoon, Rainbow! Would you be a dear and come back with my boutique with me? I could really use your help with something!”

“Oh no!” Rainbow spoke firmly. “I’m not going to let you put another dress on me again! I looked so… girly last time! You can forget about it!” She crossed her forelegs across her chest in defiance.

Rarity shook her head. “Oh no dear, it’s nothing like that, I promise!”

Rainbow Dash continued on as if she had never heard her, “And besides, I have to catch up on my ‘Z’s!” She flopped herself back on her treebranch and prepared to fall back to sleep.

Rarity’s smile waned. “I really need you Rainbow Dash! Please?”




“Please please please please pleeeeeease?”

“I said no!!!” Rainbow Dash yelled and covered her ears with her hooves.

“Please please please please please please please please please please please please…” Rarity inhaled. “Please please please please please please please…”

Rainbow Dash twisted and turned, trying to push Rarity’s incessant begging from her mind, but no amount of mental discipline or sound dampening could keep her whiny tone from grating against her brain. Eventually, she threw her hooves up and screamed, “ALL RIGHT!!! I’ll help you! Just please.stop.BEGGING!

Rarity’s smile returned. “Oh thank you Rainbow Dash! But don’t come looking like that, you’re a mess! Clean yourself up and meet me at my boutique as soon as you are able!” She requested before galloping back down the road towards her home.

Rainbow Dash watched her leave with consternation. Even after all that, she still insisted more from her? With a deep, aggravated sigh, she took to the air and hurried off towards her home to, as Rarity would put it, “freshen up”.


When Rainbow Dash arrived at Rarity’s boutique, the only difference in her appearance was a brushed mane and a smooth coat. She had decided that if her unicorn friend wanted something more out of her, she would just have to go without or do it herself. Folding her wings at her sides, she stepped up to the door and knocked on it.

It only took two knocks for the door to open, causing Rainbow Dash to hit air on the third strike. Rarity immediately poked her head out and smiled at her expected visitor. “Thank you for coming Rainbow Dash! Please come in!” She held the door open for her.

Blinking with surprise at how quick she was to answer her door, she stepped inside.

Rarity closed the door behind her and then stood next to her friend. “I appreciate you coming Rainbow.”

The cyan Pegasus just walked away from her, saying coldly, “Yeah, whatever.” She glanced around the boutique. She had been here enough times to know the layout, and it all looked the same to her: Mariquins lined up along the walls to show off Rarity’s dress designs, old and new, fabric as colorful as her rainbow mane draped across the work table, and mirrors were positioned at every possible angle so as to catch any imperfections in Rarity’s designs. It was so…. boring. Impatiently, Rainbow Dash asked, “So why do you need me here anyways?”

“Oh, well I just couldn’t wait to show you something very special! Please, follow me into the back room!” Rarity exclaimed excitedly as she hurried towards the back of the boutique.

Rainbow Dash followed reluctantly, as she was expecting some sort of stupid outfit Rarity would demand she wore, despite her promises to the contrary.

When they got to the back room, Rainbow Dash was surprised to find absolutely nothing. The room was almost completely bare save for a few piles of folded material stacked in the corner. Thoroughly confused, Rainbow Dash asked, “There’s nothing h-“ Her words were cut off suddenly as a damp cloth magically wrapped itself around her muzzle. She tried to pry it off, but Rarity’s magic was too strong, and she quickly began to feel faint.

Rainbow Dash collapsed in an unconscious heap on the floor, and Rarity pulled the chloroformed cloth away from her friend’s mouth. “Sorry about this Rainbow Dash,” she spoke as she lifted Rainbow Dash effortlessly into the air. “But you owe me this one.” She then walked out of the storage room with her limp friend in tow.


Rainbow Dash awoke with a start. She remembered exactly what happened, and she was furious. She tried to stand up, but quickly discovered that she could move neither her legs nor her wings. She could feel them, so she knew they were there, but something was restraining them. She looked back, and the first thing she noticed was her butt was sticking high in the air. Worse still, the leather strap that held her wings (never a good sign) also pulled her tail aside, leaving her unpleasantly-exposed, as an errant breeze further emphasized. With rapidly-rising worry, her eyes began to drift towards her legs. Four leathery cuffs adorned the pegasus’ legs, the ones on her hindlegs linked to D-rings embedded in the floor, spreading them wide enough that she had little space to bend her knees. Between her ankles, the cuffs on her forelegs were interlinked both to each-other and the insides of her hindlegs, leaving her chest resting awkwardly on the floor beneath her. She tried to pull herself free, but all it did was make the chains jingle. It was just as uncomfortable as it was unbreakable.

By now, her heart was beating rapidly in her chest as worry became primal terror, causing her to sweat. She frantically glanced around at her surroundings. The first thing that caught her eye was a bed; Rarity’s bed, in fact. At least she knew where she was. “Rarity? Are you there?” She called out desperately.

Getting no response, she tried again. “Rarity! If you’re there, please help me!”

She heard the sound of hooves clopping up wooden steps and held her breath. She suddenly realized that if that wasn’t Rarity, then she just alerted whoever her captor was that she was now conscious. That could very well end up as a dire mistake on her part: She could have been using that time to try and escape!

The door to the bedroom opened, and Rainbow Dash could not have been more relieved when she saw Rarity step through. She let herself breath again, but as her worry began to disperse, rage quickly took its place. “What’s the big idea tying me up like this!? Are you looking to get a black eye?”

To Rainbow’s surprise, Rarity smiled at her. “I see you’re finally awake, Rainbow Dash. Just in time too. My special guest had just arrived.”

Rainbow Dash glared at her. “Excuse me?”

Rarity calmly trotted up to her tied up friend as she spoke, “Rainbow Dash, do you remember when you left me in the desert? I sure do. It took me days to get back to Ponyville! And by doing so, I lost perhaps one of my most valuable clients because they didn’t get the dresses they had ordered. I was both financially and emotionally devastated, and the only way for me to save my boutique was to call in a favor from our resident millionaire: Filthy Rich. It was a good thing we were such close friends, or it might never have happened. However, he had one stipulation, and while at first I was appalled, I came to realize that you owe me big for what you cost me, so I eventually agreed to his terms.”

Rainbow Dash swallowed hard, not liking the sound of this at all. “Uh, Rarity, I’m sorry about that. I shouldn’t have left you and Pinkie Pie behind. It was wrong of me.”

Rarity’s voice turned sharp, almost angry. “It was very wrong of you!” Then just as quickly, her voice calmed. “But I forgive you, Rainbow Dash. It’s what friends do, after all.”

Rainbow Dash felt herself relax a little. “Then, will you untie me?”

Rarity shook her head. “No.”

The Pegasus felt her anger seethe inside her once more. What kind of game was Rarity playing!? “But you just said you forgave me!”

“I do forgive you. But,” Rarity’s tone turned grave, “The contract has already been signed, I cannot back out now.”

“Buck your contract!” Rainbow Dash neighed, trying in vain to free herself from her restraints. “Friends don’t do this to other friends!”

“Friends also don’t leave their friends behind in the desert!” Rarity retorted.

Rainbow Dash felt like she had just been kicked in the gut. Rarity had a point. Still, she felt like this was going too far.

“Rarity, please, I…” Her words caught in her throat as she noticed the gleaming red ballgag now held aloft by Rarity’s magic. Eyes widening, Rainbow Dash declared, “C’mon Rarity! This isn’t funny!”

“Sorry Rainbow Dash, but you have this coming,” Rarity responded as she tried to push the ballgag into her captive’s mouth.

Rainbow Dash couldn’t disagree more, but she was unable to argue otherwise as she knew opening her muzzle would give Rarity the opportunity she needed. Instead, she held her mouth firmly closed and pushed her head away at every attempt Rarity made at gagging her.

With a sigh, Rarity reached out and plugged Rainbow’s nostrils closed with a hoof.

Rainbow Dash’s eyes went wide in panic. She tried to hold her breath for as long as she could, but she could not fight the inevitable, and was eventually forced to open her mouth to take in much-needed oxygen. It was at that same moment that Rarity shoved the ballgag into her mouth and quickly latched off behind her head.

Rainbow Dash had a few choice words for Rarity, but unfortunately (or rather fortunately from Rarity’s perspective), the gag reduced her vulgarities to unintelligible mumblings.

“There,” Rarity said, the magical glow of her horn finally fading. “Now you’re ready for my esteemed guest. By the way Rainbow, he likes it when you squirm, so please don’t refrain from doing so.” With that, Rarity turned away from her bound pegasus friend and headed down the stairs.

Rainbow Dash screamed at her as she left, but it was of no use. Cries for help weren’t going to save her, and her legs, wings, and even her tail had been reduced to ornamental functions. The only part of her she had any control over was her head and ears, but she never learned how to undo latches with either. There was nothing she could do but wait and ponder about what horrifying things Filthy Rich was going to do to her.


It took a surprisingly (or perhaps not so surprising at all) short time for Filthy Rich to enter the room. She looked at him, at his smug smile, his finely combed mane, his extravagant collar and tie, and the black, dangling appendage between his legs. This sicko was ready to bang her before they even met!

“So, you must be Rainbow Dash. It is a pleasure to meet you,” He spoke formally, trotting slowly up to her.

Rainbow Dash glared fiercely at him as she mumbled out something incoherent.

“Rarity assured me that you already know the details of our contract, so I won’t waste time going over it again,” He calmly explained as he removed his collar and tie and carefully draped them across the sheets of Rarity’s bed. “Let’s get on with it, shall me?” He asked, moving behind his victim.

Rainbow Dash could only hold her defiant expression for so long before terror began to overwhelm her. Soon enough her glare became a pleading, pitiful look as she tried hopelessly to distance herself from him.

Once the brown pony was directly behind her, he leaned in and delicately lapped across Rainbow’s exposed slit, causing her to shudder uncontrollably. He chuckled. “As I thought, you liked being touched there.”

Yeah, by MARES! Not greasy, disgusting males like you! Rainbow Dash mentally berated. She felt his tongue lap over her folds for a second time, and she closed her eyes to try and focus all her energy into retaining control of her bucking hips. She did not want to give him the pleasure of making her squirm.

But it was a losing battle, as once his tongue dipped inside her vagina she could no longer control the growing heat inside her loins. She began to moan through her gag as her butt twitched in the air seductively; her legs going taut in their restraints.

A few more licks were applied to her slickened folds before he finally pulled away. “There, nice and lubricated. Now we can proceed to the fucking.”

Rainbow’s drooping eyes shot wide open upon hearing his words. She knew this was coming, yet she was still terrified. She didn’t even like colts, and even if she did, she never wanted her first time to be like this!

However, due to Rarity’s high-quality restraints and thorough preparation, Rainbow was incapable of fighting off his advances. She felt his forehooves on her hips before the bulk of his weight came down on her back, pressing the top half of her body flat against the ground. She muttered out another protest before the male’s hooves gripped her shoulders and his hot breath began to waft over her right ear ridge, causing it to twitch.

She screamed in protest, trying in vain to buck him off her backside. Then, she felt him enter her, which shattered her terror-induced thoughts as she yelped in pain from her hymen being torn asunder. Little droplets of blood began to trickle around her rapist’s cock and fall away to the tiled floor below.

“My my, a virgin. This is a rare treat!” Filthy Rich jovially declared.

Rainbow Dash shuddered deeply, whimpering as her virginity was brutally taken from her. The pain faded quickly, but the emotional toil wound would last a lifetime.

He wasted no time thrusting into her, and she could feel every inch of his thick cock as it slid along her vaginal walls. As much as it disgusted her, she also felt a surge of warmth build up inside her, and that horrified her more than anything. Was she actually getting aroused by this!?

Soon enough, her body forcefully began to rock in rhythm with his, which inadvertedly caused the short chains of her restraints to go taut, giving no hint of weakness. The position she was in was so uncomfortable, and the unorthodox way he had mounted her was not helping matters. She wanted desperately to be able to use her own legs as leverage, instead of having the entire stallion’s weight bearing down on her. She cursed Rarity for not having the know-how to do her bondage better. Then again, she thought, perhaps Rarity held a deeper resentment for her than she thought, and this was all a part of her diabolical plan to make her suffer unduly.

His pace increased gradually, which further strained Rainbow’s bonds and put even more pressure on her back. She did not hesitate to voice her objections, what little good it did. A smug grin spread across Filthy Rich’s face in response, although Rainbow couldn’t see it. “You’re not fooling me Rainbow Dash. Your voice may be saying ‘no’ but your body is saying ‘yes’.”

Rainbow Dash couldn’t help but blush. How could he tell!? She tried so hard to hide it, but it seemed that her body had betrayed her. Looking back, she could see a small puddle of her fluids beginning to collect on the floor between her legs. She couldn’t believe how much she was leaking! Disgusted at herself, she turned away and closed her eyes. She tried to envision something else, something to alleviate her arousal, but every firm thrust from Filthy’s pulsating cock pierced through her thoughts and caused her to shiver with delight.

Time passed in a blur. Despite there being a clock mounted on the wall next to her, it seemed to rush- or trickle by, glacial at one moment, torrential the next. Constantly Rainbow would be brought to the brink of orgasm, and that when Filthy Rich would slow down his thrusts, keeping her from her peak. It was agonizing, and she began to wonder how he was able to keep such a tight rein on her pleasure.

As if reading her thoughts, Filthy spoke, “I’ve done this enough times to know all the tell-tale signs of a mare about to come. Although I’ll admit, the ones I take against their will usually don’t come at all. You’re quite the naughty pegasus, aren’t you?”

Rainbow Dash shook her head in firm disapproval, yet she couldn’t shake the feeling that maybe he was right. What kind of mare gets off to being raped? It was wrong, and she hated herself for it.

After what felt like hours of grueling torture at the hooves of this relentless male (which was in fact only half an hour according to the clock), she finally heard him say, “This has been fun, but I think its time we finished up here.” With that, he shifted his weight - which put even more pressure on Rainbow’s aching back - before finally giving it his all. She screamed past her drool-caked ballgag as an intense heat began to flare within her loins. It took only moments for her to orgasm, and with it came an electric surge of pleasure that caused her entire body to jolt and spasm. Her wings strained against their restraints, willing to unfold, as her legs twitched in their bonds, aching to buck. Instead, her hips flailed wildly, thrusting her rump against the male’s throbbing length and squeezing it tightly between her thighs.

When she recovered, she was in tears and physically exhausted, yet the male was still bucking wildly into her. She had expected him to come as well, but it seems his resilience far outlasted her own. She cursed her own shortcomings. While she might’ve been athletic, when it came to sex, she wasn’t as physically capable of outlasting an experienced lover. It was her only flaw, despite that practically all of her lovers enjoyed how easily they could make her climax.

This weakness of hers was exposed once again when, despite her soreness, she managed to orgasm for a second time. It was even more intense than the last, and she couldn’t help but scream in rapture as she reached that all-encompassing euphoria of cloud-nine. When it left her, she was even more exhausted than before, and she feared she would even be capable of another before passing out.

Thankfully, she didn’t have to worry for long, for after a few more intense thrusts, Filthy Rich released a deep-bellied moan of his own as he came hard inside her. She could feel his pulsating length as it vibrated along her vaginal walls while she was filled with his hot, sticky seed. It made her shudder in disgust, and she wished now more than ever that she could remove herself from him. It just felt so wrong. Yet, there was nothing she could do, and when it was finally over with, it dawned on her that she had just been thoroughly and completely raped. She couldn’t keep herself from crying.

The male pulled out of her, his semen soaking the floor as his length plopped free, and he let out a relieved sigh. “Thank you for that, Rainbow Dash. You were truly a fine specimen of the female form. I don’t usually find many mares with such a finely-toned body such as yours. Not to mention your cute ass!” He praised just as he smacked her hard against her rump with a hoof.

Rainbow Dash squealed in pain, involuntarily thrashing her rump in the air to the further enjoyment of the chuckling stallion.

He then stepped in front of her, and he could see her gorgeous, purple eyes staring up at him past her tear-laden eyelids, making him smile. Rubbing his chin, he proceeded to study her, before he turned and walked over to the door. Opening it, he shouted down the stairway, “Rarity, can you be a doll and come up here for a moment?”

Rarity’s voice carried all the way up the stairway. “Of course. I will be right there!”

The brown-coated stallion turned back to Rainbow Dash, smiling provocatively. She hadn’t a clue what he was thinking, only that she didn’t like the look he was giving her at all.

Rarity appeared next to him a short time later, and she could only give Rainbow’s miserable form a momentary glance before she was forced to turn away; her attention now on her esteemed guest. “What can I help you with, Mr. Rich?”

“Do you happen to have any ring-gags? I’d rather not take any chances with this one.”

Rarity pondered for a moment. “As a matter of fact I do.” She trotted over to her dresser, pulled open the second drawer from the bottom with her magic and shuffled through her unmentionables until she found the item in question. “A-ha!” She expressed, holding up a metal ring-gag with leather straps. She turned to face Mr. Rich, showing it off to him. “Will this suffice?”

Filthy examined it for a moment and then nodded his head. “Yes, that will do quite nicely, do you mind?”

“Of course not. Anything for you, my cherished associate.”

Rarity’s magic extended around Rainbow’s ballgag, and with a mere thought, the straps came loose, allowing her to pull it free.

The cyan pegasus coughed, grateful to be rid of it. As the other gag floated towards her, she quickly spoke her thoughts while she still had the chance, “Rarity, please stop this! Doesn’t my friendship mean more to you than pleasing this... friend of yours?”

Rarity was caught off-guard by her words. She glanced at the stallion, then back at Rainbow Dash, and resolutely declared, “Of course it does. Your friendship means more to me than anything. But this isn’t about our friendship; this is about business, and the debt you owe. If you are petty enough to break up our friendship because of this, well I can’t stop you. Just know that you have no one to blame but yourself.”

Rainbow Dash was shocked by her words, as they were not at all what she was expecting to hear. However, before she could formulate a retort, the ring-gag slipped fluidly into her mouth, causing her tongue to dangle out from the ring-shaped orifice.

Latching it off, Rarity then turned to address her coltfriend, “There. Anything else I can do for you, Mr. Rich?”

Filthy Rich shook his head, his face beaming. “No. Thank you for your help, miss Rarity.”

The gorgeous unicorn nodded her head, causing her silky strands of curled hair to bob across her mane. “You are most welcome. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get this cleaned off,” She said, floating the ballgag before her. As she stepped past the entrance to her bedroom, she stopped suddenly, turned, and addressed her pegasus friend, “Oh, and Rainbow Dash?”

Rainbow Dash glanced at her, her face mixed with rage and despair.

“Please keep in mind that you are a guest in my home, so I expect you to behave like a proper mare. That being said, a lady always swallows.” With that, she turned away and headed down the stairs.

Filthy Rich began to laugh heartily. Once he calmed down, he smirked at his captive. “You heard the lady, so I expect you to cooperate.”

Rainbow Dash didn’t really understand what she was implying. At least, not until she noticed how uncomfortably close Filthy Rich’s limp cock was getting to her muzzle. She realized his intentions just moments before he slid his dark shaft into her ring-gag and settled it comfortably into her screaming muzzle. It tasted rancid, likely due to the fact that it was still slick with his seed, along with some of her own fluids. Her eyes were wide and pleading, but all she could see now was her assailants fuzzy crotch, hindlegs, and his flexing tail. The smell was almost as bad as the taste.

Filthy Rich, his hooves on Rainbow’s back just above the wingtips, proceeded to thrust into her mouth; the base of his shaft brushing along Rainbow’s tongue despite her efforts to keep it away. He moaned, enjoying the sensation, and felt his length quickly expand inside the poor mare’s mouth, clogging it as well as causing it to push against the back of her throat a little, making her gag. He mercifully pulled back, but only enough to stop the choking. Then, he relaxed as he instructed Rainbow Dash on what to do next, “Now be a doll and use that tongue to stroke along the base for me, will you?”

Although he felt her tongue began to lash against it, it wasn’t due to his commands, but rather in her attempts at a retort. Unfortunately, it also wasn’t nearly as satisfying. With a sigh, he explained, “Look, you can either do as I say, or I can just sit here and wait. I’m not in any rush to be anywhere. You however, I know are quite uncomfortable, and I’m sure you want to be rid of me as soon as you possibly can. Well, there’s only one way for that to happen, and that is to cooperate. My balls are now in your court.”

Rainbow Dash stopped thrashing both tongue and body to ponder his words. As disgusting as his proposal was, the alternative was to suffer for goddess-knows how long with a despicable, unyielding taste in her mouth, all-the-while her limbs would continue to ache more and more. If sucking him off was the only path to freedom, then squirming and complaining about it was pointless. After willing her body to relax, she let out a resigned sigh as she closed her eyes and tried to think of something else as she placed her tongue against the base of his shaft and proceeded to caress it.

This caused him to moan and let loose a shudder that also reverberated across his member. Pleased that his maretoy was cooperating, he praised, “Good girl, Rainbow Dash... keep it up, and you’ll be guzzling my sperm in no time!”

The idea couldn’t disgust Rainbow Dash more. Just licking his shaft was awful enough, even to the point that it was making her stomach churn. How anypony could possibly enjoy this was beyond her comprehension.

Although she was no expert, she was apparently doing her job well enough, as Filthy Rich couldn’t keep himself from bucking into her muzzle on occasion. Unfortunately, this also caused her to choke on his shaft as it pushed just a bit too far against her uvula. Tears trickled from her eyes as she coughed out around his length. She hoped he would give her a bit more leeway, but she knew better than to expect any sort of leniency from him. Just from their first encounter she knew he was the type of stallion that got what he wanted, which he proved when fucked her so mercilessly.

It was after the third buck that the first vestiges of his seed leaked from his tip, drooling onto her tongue and sending her stomach reeling in disgust. If this is what cum tasted like, then she was certain that there would be no way she would be able to keep any of it down once the floodgates opened. She whimpered out her despair.

“Oh relax Rainbow Dash, it’s not as bad as you think!” He assured her, chuckling heartily at her distress. It did little to alleviate her worry.

Although she had plenty of experience using her tongue in a sexual manner, she had never done it quite like this before, and it constantly strained; forcing her to stop every so often in order to alleviate some of the tension. Thankfully, her rapist didn’t egg her on during these brief respites.

As with most things she tried for the first time, she eventually managed to ease into a rhythm, something that seemed to really please Filthy Rich. At the same time, the taste was also getting more manageable, which she was grateful for. The occasional spurts of cum, however, continued to make her cringe.

“I must say, Rainbow, I wasn’t expecting you to do this well on your first try. You’re a natural at this!” He praised.

Rainbow Dash would have gritted her teeth if she could; despite his soft, fleshy cock lodged between her jaw, as she was not happy to hear that. She had always been a mare lover, so having a ‘talent’ with pleasing the opposite sex was, in her opinion, a complete waste. Convinced that he was saying that just to taunt her, she retorted with an angry growl.

Filthy ignored it as he continued, “In fact, you’re so good that I simply cannot hold back any longer. If you don’t mind, I’m going to take over from here!” With that, he repositioned his forehooves, reared back, and pulled his length to the very edge of the ring-gag. Then, he thrust back in sharply. He repeated this process again and again until he fell into a comfortable rhythm, humping Rainbow Dash’s muzzle for all it was worth.

She sputtered uncontrollably as his cock repeatedly jabbed into the back of her throat. This was worse than what she was doing before, as at least then she could work at her own, manageable pace. Now, she once again was at his mercy as the greedy stallion took advantage of just how helpless she truly was.

He came just a short time later, which was evident by the veins she could feel pulsating along his shaft and the torrent of hot, sticky seed that flooded her mouth. Her tear-stained eyes went wide as a foul taste far exceeding anything she had experienced before overwhelmed her taste buds and made her want to vomit. She tried to spit it out, but his cock filled out the ring-gag almost completely, preventing all but a few thin strands of his seed to trickle out. She whimpered miserably as it dawned on her that she truly would have no choice but to drink this filthy colt’s disgusting seed.

Filthy’s orgasm died after only a few, albeit fierce, thrusts; yet there was more than enough semen to fill most of her mouth. With a deep sigh, the stallion’s body went slack, yet he kept his cock planted deep inside her mouth, despite that his member was already beginning to soften. “You remember what Rarity said, do you not? ‘A proper lady swallows’, so do as you’re told and swallow it all!”

Rainbow Dash gave one last, desperate tug on her bonds, but they remained as resolute as ever. She was completely trapped, with no direction for the cum to go but down. With one, firm gulp, she swallowed most of what was in her mouth, making her shudder with intensity as the disgusting goo glided smoothly down her throat. She was grateful, at least, that most of the taste went with it. She only hoped she would be able to keep it down.

Satisfied, Filthy finally pulled his limp cock free from her mouth - a few rogue tendrils of semen clinging to its head, forming thinning bridges between it and her lips until they finally snapped.

The moment her mouth was free, Rainbow spat out what was left, which wasn’t much. She gave Filthy Rich a short, hateful glance before she couldn’t bear to look at him anymore and turned away from him completely.

Filthy Rich, wearing a satisfied expression, moved over to the bed and collected his tie and collar, which he reattached to his now sweat-mingled neck. Then, he trotted over to the door, where he stopped and turned around to address the bound pegasus, “It was a real pleasure, Rainbow Dash. I hope we can do this again sometime.”

Rainbow Dash mumbled out something that sounded vaguely similar to, “Fat chance!” just as he closed the door behind him. She sighed deeply, glancing the the clock. It was nearing the evening now, which meant that she had spent most of the afternoon tied up like this. She knew that once she was free she would need a good day or two to fight off the soreness in her stiff joints, and a few months beyond that to recover from this rather traumatic experience. However, before any of that was the selected vulgarities she planned to use to tell off Rarity once she was free. She had no reservations about giving her a piece of her mind.

Rarity did not return for at least fifteen minutes, and when she did, it was with a bottle of chloroform and a cloth. She apparently wasn’t going to give Rainbow Dash the chance to say anything at all.

The bottle of chloroform was poured onto the rag, and Rarity’s last words were, “The contract is complete, my business is saved, and your debt is paid. Let’s not let this happen again, alright?” Before she lowered it towards Rainbow’s muzzle. Despite her prisoner’s attempts to avoid it, the chloroformed rag eventually made contact, and Rarity watched as her (former?) friend’s eyes quickly rolled into the back of her head before passing out.

Removing the cloth, Rarity worked on freeing the sore and abused from her bondage. She worked quickly, however, as she wanted to get Rainbow Dash home before she woke up. She would, after all, much prefer not to be chased through the streets of Ponyville by an enraged Rainbow Dash.


Rarity and Filthy Rich walked side-by-side along the path towards ponyville after having dumped Rainbow Dash in the grass directly below her cloud home. Turning to her coltfriend, she said, “I appreciate you helping me with Rainbow Dash. You really didn’t have to go through all that trouble.”

Filthy Rich gave her a curt nod and replied, “It was no trouble at all miss Rarity.”

“And such a generous donation!” Rarity declared; her mouth agape as she glanced over the two bags stuffed to the brim with coins. “This will definitely allow me to get my business back on its hooves again! I really can’t thank you enough, Mr. Rich!”

The stallion just smiled at her and said, “Please, you needn’t be so formal with me Rarity. You, most of all ponies, get to call me filthy.”