When The Tables Turn

by Songswirl

First published

Before Nightmare Moon came to be, Scaremare Sun took her place. Celestia was Scaremare Sun. Celestia was tired of her royal subjects avoiding the sun because of its burns. She worked restlessly converting that anger into her new shell: Scaremare Sun.

Young Princess Luna noticed her sister's sadness that her royal subjects thought the sun shone to brightly, and that they spent their days in their homes. One dissapointing day, Luna discovered that Celestia was missing, then realised what happened. Celestia became Scaremare Sun. Teaming up with her young yet powerful neice, Princess Cadence, they worked together to bring Scaremare Sun to remember who she was. Throughout this extrordinary journey, these two fillys ask themselfs the simple question: How much can a little filly really do? Sorry to all who have been reading it, I'm cancelling it. If some ponies out there really, really, really, like it, I might bring it back, but otherwise this fanfic just wasn't how I thought it would be.

Where'd She Go?

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Luna looked up at her elder sister, Celestia. "Tia? You OK?" Luna asked softly. The sun was high in the sky, yet not a single pony was on the streets. Each one of them were sticking their faces into their fans. Celestia didn't reply to Luna's question. "Tia, I know you're upset because the ponies haven't gotten used to such heat. It's the first summer, let them adjust!" Luna said eagerly. Celestia still didn't reply, she continued to gaze upon the sun. She was obviously deep in thought. "Tia? Tiaaaaa?" Luna chanted into Celestia's ear, shaking her elder sister's back gently.

"What? Oh, sorry." Celestia finally said. "Luna, why don't the subjects like my day anymore?" Celestia asked gently.

"Tia... They love your day. They just don't like so much heat yet!" Luna replied softly.

Celestia frowned. "Sure. It's just the heat." She whispered to herself, coldly.

"Tia, I know I don't even have my cutiemark yet, but trust me. Soon enough our subjects will enjoy the day once again." Celestia scoffed.

"Yeah, and by then, clouds will move on their own. It's not happening, Luna!" Shocked on Celestia's behavior, Luna started walking away.

"Luna, it's about time you learned how to raise the moon." Celestia said slowly. Luna paused her motion. Her mind was processing this, as if to try and figure out if it was just a fantasy or something real. Luna turned around, and her smile sparkled in the sunshine.

"I... Can raise the moon?" She asked with disbelieve.

"Luna, for all I know, your special talent must be raising the moon. I think it's time you did it." Celestia said, clearly. "I'm getting tired of doing it myself..." Luna heard the last bit, but she didn't care, she couldn't wait to raise the moon, maybe even earn her cutiemark! "Meet me on that tall hill, where the statue of the sun and the moon is, around 9:00 PM." Celestia said blankly. She was still upset.

"Okie dokie!" replied Luna, cheerfully.

"Luna, princesses don't say "Okie dokie". Ya hear?" Huffed Celestia.

"Gee, Tia. You're a bit upset." Luna pointed out. "Just... Just go to your room and play around." Celestia studdered.

"Yes sir!" Luna grinned.

"I'm a ma'am Luna. Stop fooling around!" Celestia raised her voice. Luna was confused.

"Tia NEVER raises her voice!" Luna thought. She went into her room, and found a huge surprise.

Rolled up right in front of her was something. A mix between purple, pink, and yellow. suddenly, it popped up. It was another filly! It was just another filly, just about her size. Luna thought she was a unicorn that snuck in, but then she noticed her wings. "Wah, huh, er- Who are you?" Luna finally managed to speak.

"I'm Cadence." this strange new filly said softly. "I can't find my mommy. One day, strange ponies invaded our part of Equestria. I found my mommy asleep after the ponies left. Daddy was asleep to! Then a nurse named Redheart came. She explained how Mommy and Daddy couldn't wake up. And that a part of them was in a place called "Heaven". I don't know where that is, but I whispered into Mommy and Daddy's ears that when I grew up, I would visit them in Heaven. Nurse Redheart laughed a bit, but cried. I don't know why." Cadence explained. Luna listened closely as Cadence gushed out all her traumatizing memories. Luna smiled a bit.

"I'm Princess Luna. By the looks of it, you're a princess too!" Cadence nodded. "Wait a sec... I think you're my aunt!Unless you're my sister!" Cadence said. "I'd say that you're more of a cousin, but I don't care. Aunt stuff doesn't matter to me. I want to be your friend!" Luna grinned. Cadence blushed.

"I... I actually never had a friend before." Cadence said, softly.

"Now you do! I really like your cutiemark!" Luna smiled. Cadence grinned.

"So what's your special talent?" asked Luna.

"I can spread love with my horn." Cadence said proudly.

"Tia says I'm going to get my cutiemark tonight, when I raise the moon." Luna said with the same tone as Cadence.

"Can I come? I want to see my new best friend earn her cutiemark!" She begged.

"Alright!" Luna said. Luna looked at her clock. It ticked 8:56 PM. "Time really flew! Follow me, I'll show you where I'll do it!" Luna said eagerly. The two princesses flew side by side all the way to the mountain top.

When Luna and Cadence got there, Celestia wasn't there. "How could she ditch me??" Luna wailed.

"Luna. You can do this without Celestia! All you have to do is point your horn at the moon, hold it up, and fly up with it. How hard can that be?" Cadence asked.

"Alright. If it's that easy." Luna replied, unsure. So that's what she did. She held the moon up with her magic, and flew upward. Higher and higher the moon rose, untill it was at it's perfect position. Luna grunted, then her wings snapped shut. "EEEEEEEEEAAAAAA!!!!" Luna screached.

"LUNA!" Cadence screamed. She swooped into action and flew towards Luna, and caught her at the last second. Luna had tears in her eyes, smiling.

"You- You saved me!" Luna smiled.

"Don't mention it." Smiled Cadence.

"Wooaah! Look at your cutiemark!" Cadence said. Luna turned her head.

"It's super AWESOME!" Luna cheered. "I'm going to show Tia, and tell her I raised the moon on my own!" Luna grinned.

"I'm coming with you!" Cadence followed along.

As they trotted over to Celestia's room, an eerie brightness covered the hallway. It's particularly creepy when light is eerie. As they pushed the door open, they saw a blinding light. once the light faded, Celestia was GONE! "Where'd she go?" both fillys asked.

An Eerie Sunshine

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Luna inspected the room again and again. "This can't be happening, this can't be HAPPENING!" she paniced. She stopped. "Pinch me." said Luna softly. She was looking out the window in Celestia's bedroom. The sun was rising slowly, and it covered the moon. "Well I'll be an alicorn's aunt." Luna muttered softly.

"You ARE an alicorn's aunt! Neice? Hello?" Cadence said impatiently.

"Look! SHE'S rising the sun! Who is that?" Luna screeched. "Wait. No, it... It CAN'T be her!" Said Luna with disbeleive. "Tia... No." She whispered. A single tear drop formed in her eye. Luna reached her hoove out the window, reaching for Celestia. "She's... Turned." Luna whimpered softly.

"Huh? What does that mean?" Cadence asked.

"Since we're princesses, we're the kind leaders of something. But we can change our personalities. You know King Sombra? How he took over your land? He turned. Forever evil. Sometimes you can change that. Sometimes..." Luna paused, and let out yet another teardrop. "Sometimes you can save them." Luna said softly.

"Luna, I promise we will save Celestia. No matter what it takes, no matter how much of our time we must give, no matter how much strength we must use to do it, we will save Celestia." Cadence said, encouragingly.

"Cadence, we should name this monster that has taken over Celestia." Luna stated.

"How about X-Tia?" Cadence suggested.

"No, that's too..." Luna looked for a word that didn't sound offensive."... weird?" she said akwardly. "She's scary, hopefully still a mare, and controls the sun." Luna said slowly. She put the three together. "How about "Scaremare Sun"?"

Luna asked. "Sounds cool!" said Cadence.

"This situation is NOT cool." Luna pointed out.

"Sorry!" said Cadence.

The two fillys looked out the window again. To the fillys, the sun seemed bigger, brighter, and not surprisingly, hotter. All of the ponies who lived in Canterlot looked out their windows. You'd think they'd just buy new light-blocking curtains, but they had other plans. Ponies spilled onto the streets, panicking, as if it was the appocalipse. "Well, do something! You can shout REEEAALLY loud so that everypony in Canterlot can hear you, right?" Cadence asked, as she looked down at the subjects of Canterlot. Equestria was small, and the only city that existed currently was Canterlot.

"Well..." Luna trailed off. "I can use the royal Canterlot voice."

"Well,What in Equestria are you waiting for? Use it!" Cadence said, angrily.


Ponies screached from miles around. Bumping into each other, finding their loved ones, hugging each other over and over, crying, the chaos didn't seem to stop. "Hmmmm..." Thought Luna. Then a lightbulb practically lit up in her head. "DO NOT PANICK, THE ROYAL STORE IS HAVING A SALE ON LIGHT-LOCKING CURTAINS." shouted Luna in her royal Canterlot voice. Ponies piled infront of the doors for the royal store. After every single unicorn, pegasus and earth ponie was in the store, she locked the doors. "Alright, now that we have them out of the way," Luna smiled.

"I need supplies." Cadence smiled.

"For what?" Luna asked.

"A fake moon!" Cadence cheered.

Luna made a face at this suggestion. She could have laughed Equestria into insanity, the idea was so silly.

Cadence recognized this gesture. "Yeah, I guess it's a silly idea to make a fake moon." Cadence said sadly.

Luna and Cadence thought together. Two heads is better than one, so it was good that they cooperated.

"Well, let's see. Scaremare Sun can't destroy anything bright or warm, since she's both. She can destroy cold. Where would we keep her?" Luna asked.

"We can't keep her, she needs to go!" Cadence fussed.

"No, this is part of the process of saving her. We need to put her somewhere that will keep her contained, an let her think. Eventually, she will escape, and I know it. Then, we fight her. And we don't stop until she's back, and her true self is here. But we don't have any place to keep her." Luna explained.

The sun was changing colors. It went from yellow, and gradually changed to a bright green. This got everypony's attention. All the ponies piled up at the door and windows of the royal gift shop. Eventually, somepony managed to break the glass door. Ponies screamed, crashed into each other, cried, packed up, and prepared for an apocalypse. Luna put her hoof to her forehead, as did Cadence.

After all the ponies had locked them self's inside their houses, Luna and Cadence began to think again. Cadence looked at the sun. "You know, why not put the jail cell on the sun?" Cadence laughed.

Luna paused her pacing at this suggestion. "Cadence,that's BRILLIANT!" Luna grinned.

"It was a joke, but thanks!" Cadence smiled.

"I know how to put her on the sun, but I'll need some help." Luna said.

"Let's get to work." Cadence grinned.

So the two fillys prepared to encounter Scaremare Sun. They packed saddles, planned out a lure, and set everything perfectly. They were ready to capture Scaremare Sun.