Shy in the City

by Llamashy

Subway Scramble

When Twilight wakes up we begin a conversation, "Listen Twilight, if you don't have a place to stay... umm... you can stay here..." I nervously propose.
"Oh Fluttershy... I don't think I could accept such hospitality," she says as she struggles to get to her feet.
"Oh no you don't!" I say as I keep her in bed, "I'll make some food, I have to go to work soon, you get me if anything goes wrong ok?"
"Ok Fluttershy" Twilight sighs. I make the food and leave it by her bedside.
"Bye Twilight!" I yell as I leave. I make my way to the subway, give my ticket to the pony manning the gate and wait for my train. It eventually comes and I go off to work and I continue my day till the end.
"Phew... what an exciting day!" I say to myself. I was about to board my train when I heard a deep voice behind me.
"Hey there Fluttershit, guess who is back?" The voice growls, my fur on the back of my neck stands straight up.
"Uh oh...," I whisper as I turn around, there are two other colts with him, "Umm... Hi... Can we talk this out... maybe?"
"Too late" he yells as he takes a swing at me, I scream and move out of his hoofs destructive potential. I begin to run, but there is not much ground to cover in a subway stop. He keeps throwing hooves with his two, seemingly, friends. Everyone in the subway stop runs out, except us. I cant run forever, and with a broken wing, a Pegasus ins't much compared to three big colts. One of his hooves eventually land on my torso, sending me screaming at to floor. He picks me up a screams,
"Not so tough no are you! I will enjoy hurting you Fluttershy!" I was shocked, how did he know my name? That taught was quickly sent to the back of my mind with a hoof to the face. They pinned me to a wall and too shots at me, punch after punch. Blood was seeping form my face, red bloops stained my yellow coat. I screamed for help, but no one did.
"Alright... now here is the fun part," he grins as he pulls out a knife, my eyes shoot open in fear, "Say good bye to your Cutie Mark!" I was petrified, I was about to lose my cutie mark! He began to cut. I felt the immense pain come from my flank. Blood was flowing freely, I just wanted to die. He didn't get to far when all the sudden a flash of rainbow came across my vision. It hit all three of them, and I fell to the ground still bleeding.
"Why don't you pick on someone your own size?" The Pegasus bolsters.
"Who is this bitch?" One of them yells.
"Who cares? He Cutie Mark will look nice in my collection!" The other angrily responds. I see her mark, a rainbow lightning bolt. It was Rainbow Dash.
"So, I guess easy way or hard way won't work with you guys then, fine I like the hard way more." Rainbow sneers. In a flash Rainbow springs into action sending her hoofs into there faces. One colt was sent into a drinking fountain, the other went head first into the train schedule sign. Only Rainbow and the Colt who was cutting my Cutie Mark off. They exchanged swings, rainbow dodging all of them, the colt was not as agile as Rainbow. The battle was short Rainbow made quick work of him, and she tied him to a pole, then she quickly ran to me.
"Fluttershy! What did they do to you?" She yelled in shock. I simply smiled at her and fell asleep.

When I woke up I was in a hospital bed, Twilight and Rainbow Dash by my side. I was confused and surprised to see them there.
"Twilight... Why are you here and not in bed?" I demand in a worried tone.
"I'm fine Fluttershy, I used a bit of magic to null the pain, but you... Only Celestia know how you survived!" She responds reassuring me and reminding me of what happened.
"Rainbow Dash is the how I survived, she saved me, Thank you!" I lovingly mention.
"Aw shucks, really, I hate to brag, but, with a friend in need, it was easy." She states with her famous Rainbow Dash cockiness. We laugh, and the nurse informs them that visiting time is now over, they leave me, and I fall asleep with a smile.