by RaijingtheClockworkPony

Renewed Hope

Sam reached the boutique without indecent, he entered the building and sat down in the waiting chair. He heard a call from deeper in the store.

"I'll be right with you."

"Take your time."

"Sam? What are you doing here? I swear if you messed up that suit again I swear I'll take it back!"

Rarity entered the room levitating a pair of scissors and a rather angry looking Opal. Sam took a step back from Opal before she could get any closer. He didn't want to deal with that moody and often temperamental cat.

"No I didn't get the suit dirty, I came over here to talk to you about something. I have a feeling you’re the pony to talk to about this."

"And what would this be?"

Sam took a deep breath. "I need a way to tell Luna thank you. Do something nice for her. I talked to Applejack about..."

Sam told her the same story he told Applejack. The reaction from her however was completely the opposite of Applejack's. She was practically bouncing around the room and only seemed to keep herself from squealing in joy because it would be 'unladylike.' When she regained control of herself she looked at Sam with the same knowing look Applejack had worn, but this one was accompanied with a smile.

"Darling I think I have just the thing for you. Well now that I think about it you two do make an interesting couple but I guess love can take any shape it wants."

"This isn't a date. I just want to thank her with something nice. I hardly think she would fall in love with someone she's only known for barely two days."

She rolled her eyes at him and adopted a sarcastic tone. "Of course darling. Now I think you should start with a nice dinner then move on to a simple two person event... let's see... a walk in the park seems simple but it's cliché. You could always see a movie but getting a private showing would be hard to do, but then again she is royalty."

He sat down in a chair to listen to her talk. After the first minute he realized that she was planning the whole thing for him, with or without his consent. He was happy to let her deal with the details because the 'date' with Luna wasn't why he was here. 'It's not a date. Why am I calling it that?' He was here to get his revenge for the taunting from Applejack in his own way. He waited for Rarity to take a breath so he could intervene.

"Hey, we can plan the details out later. I wanted to talk to you about a problem a friend of mine has."

She switched gears flawlessly going from dating expert to advice giver mode without missing a beat. "Oh of course. What kind of problem do they have?"

'Easy as pie.' He cleared his throat. "Well, they like someone but they don't know if the person in question likes them in the same way. They are scared that the other might not return the feelings and they don't want to ruin the friendship they have."

"What kind of 'feelings' are we talking about here Sam?"

He looked her dead in the eyes. "They admire this pony. I guess love may be a word to use here but I don't know for certain. All I can say is that they are terrified that if the other found out that they may not get a chance to find out if it could work."

She gave him a searching look then smiled gently at him. "Sam I think this person should tell the other how they feel. It's better to find out if it will or won't work out than never knowing. This person should take the leap of faith."

He smiled back at her. "Good because you’re the person that they admire from afar."

Her look changed to one of blank confusion. "I'm what?"

"The pony I'm talking about admires your beauty but can't work up the guts to tell you. They are scared stiff with the thoughts of rejection. If I'm read their expressions right. Either way I thought you should know."

He rose from the seat and grabbed his bag of books. He started walking to the front door when Rarity ran in front of him and stood up on her hind legs and smacked her front legs on his chest. All of her ladylike dignity seemed to have been left behind on the stool she was sitting on.

"Hold up there Sam. You can't just drop that kind of bombshell on me then just leave. If you are serious about this then you should, no NEED, to tell me the name of this pony. Now!"

He looked down at here and put on a frown. "I don't know. I think I shouldn't have told you in the first place. If you knew they felt this way about you then started acting differently to them then they will know I told you. I couldn't live with myself if my friendship with them ended on a bad note like that."

He feigned distress at the situation he had made up. Rarity put on a pleading look. "Please Sam! I simply must know. I swear by Celestia herself that I will not act differently to the pony you name. I shall stay the same lady I have always been to them."

"Pinkie Promise?"

She didn't even waste time trying to protest with him. She dropped down and began the movements. "Cross my heart hope to fly; stick a cupcake in my eye. Now tell me the name Sam."

"It's Applejack."

Her face changed yet again. She sat down on her haunches wearing a look of stunned disbelief on her face. Sam put the bag of books back down of the floor and took a seat next to her. She stared off into space for several seconds before she spoken again in a hushed voice.

"Did she say how long she felt this way?"

"No, but I could tell that she's had these feelings for a long time. I guess in her mind the two of you couldn't work."

She turned to him and said in a harsh voice that surprised. "What's that supposed to mean! Are you saying that we couldn't be a great couple!"

He scooted away from her before he made his answer. "No! I was just saying I can see why she wouldn't tell you. You and her are opposites on the extreme. I mean just look at your jobs! She's a farmer and you’re a fashion designer, and a damn good one. She worried that that little fact will keep it from working."

"Well... I have no idea what to do."

"Talk to her. Take her out for a night, just the two of you. Take the leap of faith."

She looked at him with fear in her eyes. "What if it doesn't work out? I don't want to ruin what we have."

He moved back over to her and wrapped an arm around her. "That's why it’s called the leap. It may hurt but then you will know."

"You think I should take her out with on a date?"

"If it will make you feel better, we could do a double date. Though mine wouldn't really be a date..."

They stood up and she walked over to his bag. "If that's the case then we will need to get together to plan this. Thursday at 3. I have an opening in my schedule."

"You'll need to ask her at some point. Also you can't tell her that I said anything."

"I promised, remember. I'll think of something to say when I ask her."

She walked over to him with his bag. He took it from her and he turn to leave when he felt her grab him by the shirt. He turned around and received a hug from the white mare. He returned the hug and when they broke he saw that she was smiling.

"Thanks. What was that for?"

"You just gave me hope for a better future."

He blushed at the simple statement. He turned away from the still smiling mare and headed for the door.


Sam spent the next four hours reading his small collection of books. He had been walking around the town, going from spot to spot but kept getting surrounded by crowds of curious ponies. He was about to give up hope of reading the books outside when he was struck with inspiration. He walked to the out skirts of town after losing the crowd and climbed up a nearby tree. He sat down on the largest branch halfway up the oak tree he had found. The hours pasted without incident until the sound of weight landing on a branch tore his attention from the current paragraph on building restrictions. He looked around but couldn't see anything. He shrugged his shoulders and returned to his page when a voice yelled at him from above.

"Hey! You’re in my best sleeping spot."

He jumped and nearly fell out of the tree. He looked up at the cyan pegasus that was offended by his presence. Rainbow Dash move to the same branch he was sitting on and looked at him with a irritated look.

"I was trying read. I can move if you want me to."

"Nah your fine here. So what you reading?"

"Some law books Twilight loaned me. I'm surprised at how similar Equestrian law is to human law. Did you know that floating or flying homes are not permitted to go over school houses on the first of each month?"

"No I didn't. I guess I'll have to keep that in mind when I move my house anywhere. So why would you read a boring book like that when you could have read something like Daring Do instead?"

Sam hadn't thought about that. "This was the first thing that popped into my mind I guess. So what are you doing?"

She looked at the base of the tree and the nearby area then back up at him. She motioned for him to move closer. He played along due to the fact that he lost all interest of the law text he was holding. He leaned down so she could whisper to him.

"I'm avoiding Fluttershy right now. She wants me to help her with cleaning chickens. I can stand those birds."

"I certain the chicken coop isn't that bad."

"No not the coop. The chickens themselves. She gives the things baths and she wants me to help her. I can't stand to tell her no but I really hate those birds."

Sam couldn't help but chuckle at her predicament. He sat back up and leaned up against the trunk of the tree. "Well... does she know your avoiding her?"

"No. There's no way I would do that to her. Why?"

"You could always just tell her that you don't like the chickens. That way she won't ask you to help her with that, and you could always offer to help her with other chores."

"Yeah I guess. You seem chock full of advice."

"I’ve been giving a lot out today. It's always strange how when something bad happens in your life you feel like the wisest person all of a sudden."

She raised an eyebrow at him. "You lost me."

"Well, have you ever had something bad happen to you then after it you feel like you could advise anyone?"

"Yeah I guess. What happened to you that made you into this wise super guru?"

He sighed. He didn't feel like telling the whole story for the third time that day. He told her about Jenny but skipped everything that had to do with Luna or the other two he had talked to. She sat there and listened to him with rapt attention. He was expecting a reaction along the lines of Applejack's but was surprised by the anger he saw on her face.

"Okay that's just pure bovine fertilizer. That chick needs a lesson in manners and how to be a decent pony-er, human. How can humans like that even exist!? I mean come on! How could anyone do that to you, you’re a totally cool dude."

"Sometimes things like that just happen. Everyone just tells you to move, that it's a part of life. Thanks for listening to me rant on about this though."

"No problem. I'm gonna head up a branch or two. If anypony comes looking send them the other way. See ya round."

Sam chuckled and watched her lift off into the higher reaches of the tree. He reopened the book and continued reading. Occasionally he would hear a passerby down below or a rustling in the tree above him but he just stayed where he was and read his book. 'I've had an interesting day so far. Two ponies think I have the hots for Luna, Rainbow Dash wants to kill my ex, and I'm reading a law book in a tree. I still have to talk to Mister later as well. I'm fed up with his bullshit, I need answers and he will give them to me.'


Sam arrived back at the farm with the bag of books and a tired expression on his face. He walked up the stairs and entered his room. He put the bag on the dresser and took a seat on the bed. He was about to say Mister's name when a knocking came from the door. On the other side of the door Applejack talked with concern in her voice.

"Sam? You okay there big guy?"

"Yeah I'm fine. Just tired."

"Would you like some dinner? Ah could warm something up for you."

"No. I just need some sleep."

He could hear her shuffle at the door then after a few seconds then leave. He laid his head down on the pillow and took a deep breath.

"Mister I need to talk to you."

He waited for a second expecting something to happen. Nothing did. He was about to sit up and go get some food when he felt a sudden heaviness on his eyelids and before he could even wonder what was going on he fell back onto the bed in the bliss of unconsciousness.


"Wake up my little human. That just doesn't have the same ring as the ponies. Shame. Either way wake up now you sad sack, I'm bored and you need to talk."

Sam opened his eyes and was met with a strange scene. He was in the same white void as the first time but instead of nothing in the vast expanse on nothing there was an office but there were no walls. All the furniture was sitting in an orderly fashion and there were hanging painting but no walls for them to hang from. He sat up and walked over to the collection of furniture. It took him a second to realize that it was set up just like the old film noire office. He smiled to himself at the great films he had watched when he was younger until he saw Mister sitting behind the desk with a glass in his hand.

"Please come on in. My office is open to all."

"Sure, why not."

He walked into the 'room' and took a seat in front of the desk. When he sat down Mister held out a glass with a strange color changing liquid in it. Sam shook his head and Mister shrugged at him.

"Your loss. This stuff is beyond great, it will make you wish everything tasted as good as it did. On second thought maybe you shouldn't have this. It is the nectar of the gods, so to speak."

Sam watched Mister as he drank from the glass. He could see the liquid go down his throat and it made him feel sick. He cleared his throat loudly when Mister started to moan with pleasure from the drink. He frowned at him then put the glass down and motioned for Sam to speak.

"I have a couple of questions and I want answers. Real answers. No bullshit, just answers."

Mister let out a childlike giggle then nodded his head.

"First: Where are we?"

Mister rose from behind the desk and gestured around the 'room' they were in. "The Void my dear mortal. It is the space between dimensions and realities. Also this is your subconscious providing the rather nice furnishings."

"My subconscious provided the furniture?"

"Yes it's a curious trait the Void holds. It shapes itself to what the closest conscious mind wants. Apparently you wanted to be in this office when you talked to me, though walls would have been a nice touch."

Sam rubbed the bridge of his nose in annoyance. "Okay whatever. Why haven't you bothered to annoy me in Equestria, you seemed quite fond of it on earth?"

A dark mournful look passed over the smile of Mister's face. "Because of them."


"Yes them. There are powerful beings like myself on that world and I would like to avoid them for now."

'Wonder who he’s tal- Celestia and Luna! He doesn't want them to know he's there, but why?' Sam was struck by a question that hadn't passed through his mind yet. 'How could I have not thought of it?'

"I know who you are! You're Discord!"

The laughter that flowed from Mister was exactly what Sam was expecting. The doubling over and practically crying into the carpet wasn't. Mister was on the floor doubled over for nearly five minutes before he regained control of himself.

"He he he, you think that I am that moron! That's the best joke I have heard in so long! No my dear mortal I am not the god of chaos. I am the god of laughter and trickery."

Sam was unable to comprehend how he had gotten that wrong. "The god of laughter and trickery? Isn't that the same thing as what Discord does?"

The smile vanished to be replaced by a scowl. "That moron has no idea what true laughter is! And you dare to mistake me for that avatar!? No, I would never do what he has done. I would never give up this for a silly pursuit, being mortal."

He moved away from Sam and waved his hand at the Void around them. "Why would any of my kin give up this? This power and glory! Instead so many of them have given up this for the simple 'pleasure' of being a mortal. That's what Discord and the Princesses are Sam. They are mortal, flesh and blood."

Sam watched as deranged god before him went on a rant. "We were the very stuff of reality. Our thoughts where law. We created everything we wanted, and yet they started to grow bored. It all started with them you know. The one's you call Luna and Celestia. They are just the left over essence of Light and Darkness."

Mister's face softened from the rage that had taken over his body. "They fell in love those two. They had many a grand time. They grew bored and if I could be so bold to say envious of the mortals. They thought the notion of dying with their loved one was the single most romantic thing they could ever do. After many a millennia of life they killed themselves, and spread their essence and love across all of creation."

Sam watched as a single tear left the eye of Mister. He waited to see if Mister would continue and when he saw that Mister was going to stay silent he took his chance.

"So that makes Luna and Celestia reincarnations of Light and Darkness?"

"Indeed. There are many reincarnations across the great expanse of the realities. This is one of the few pairs that ended up being family instead of lovers."

"And what is Discord exactly?"

"He is the god of chaos. He was the only god to take the option of becoming a mortal without killing himself. All the others died in the process, all by choice. He chose to contain all of his power into one single reality."

"That sorta leads into my other question. Which world is real? Mine or theirs?"

Mister looked at him with the old smile back on his face. "Didn't you hear me? The god of chaos chose to contain himself in one single reality . If it wasn't real then he couldn't have done it. Perhaps I should explain some of the basic workings of reality to you. All that exists because something thought of it. Now some realities don't last long because the thought wasn't strong enough or they chose to destroy the thought. The ones that survive however are the ones that form a multiverse and once that is created it can only be destroyed by a god. Earth is one of the multiverses as is Equestria."

Sam's mind was barely able to process all that was being told to him. All that he knew was that he could tell Luna that her world was as real as his. The more that Mister talked though only lead to him to wanting to ask more questions about the multiverses. What kinds of worlds were out there besides Earth?

"Wait you said that Equestria is a multiverse. I'm not on the original am I?"

"No. If I did that then it would affect the rest of the multiverse and all of that reality would crumble and become corrupted. I would be forced to destroy it. Oh, and you as well."

Sam was taken aback by that sudden confession. "Why me?"

"You would be the corrupting influence. If you went back to Earth you would damage that multiverse as well. It's easier that way."

Sam let that rest. He didn't want to press Mister any more than he already had. "You knew that the thing with Jenny was going to happen. Why would you just let that happen?"

The smile grew sadistic. "Because, as you said when this week began, you have a good life. Why would you ever want to stay in Equestria if you had everything you wanted back on Earth? And I didn't know that you would find out about her this week, but I did know that you would eventually find out. I was hoping that you would find out during the week but I was thinking it would happen later in the week. Again I have to say I am truly sorry for what you had to feel when it happened but I'm not sorry that it did. However before you get all pissed at me for saying that, I would like you to know that the next disaster your life will face is unavoidable."

Mister rushed over to Sam before he could even begin to think about responding and put his palm on Sam's forehead.

"I also noticed that you have the hots for the princess, Interesting choice for the rebound Sammy boy."

Sam felt himself grow tired under the grasp of Mister. "I don't have the hots for..."

He collapsed to the floor leaving Mister standing over him. "I'm sorry I didn't catch that. You should speak up."