An Old and Wise Star

by Gianfar

Chapter 9: Sleepover

Twilight seeing Orion hugging strongly Spike she starts to get confused, begin to spend several questions on her head and why he called him brother. She flipped several times on her head trying to understand what was happening, but after a few moments a little spark appears in her mind, realizing what was actually happening.

Orion was still hugging him with more strength and happiness of seeing his brother reincarnated, his tears falling like the waterfalls of Neighagra. But Spike was beginning to merge and then gave his gaze to Twilight with a raised eyebrow.

"Uh... Orion... I think you'd better let Spike a little personal space" she said softly.

"Oh!. Hehe, right" he said with an embarrassed smile, breaking the embrace.

Orion starts to dry his tears with his hooves gently, and then returns his gaze to Spike with a smile from ear to ear "You have no idea how much I spent to meet you again, brother. I missed you too much"

Spike still had no idea what was happening at that moment, or why Orion told him brother. Then he gives his gaze back to Twilight and returns again to Orion "Uh... guys... why don't you tell me what's going on right now?" Spike asked very confused.

"Hmhm. I think you'd better tell the truth, Orion" she said, walking toward them.

He tries to reduce his emotion with a deep sigh, but that didn't remove his big smile of happiness on his face "Well... in simple words... you are the reincarnation of Meissa, an old friend who lived in Eastern Kingdoms thousand years ago, and also Meissa was the reincarnation of my biological brother Markab"

"That I what?" he asked with a raised eyebrow, still confused.

"Hmhm. You are the reincarnation of my brother, Spike. You carry the soul of my brother Markab. You're the reason why I came back here to Equestria" but suddenly the smile of Orion is erased and then his face becomes confusing. "But... if you are the reincarnation... what was that?"

Twilight realized that Orion erased his big smile, and she starts also to confused "What wrong Orion? Aren't you happy to see your brother again?"

"Well... yes, but if he is the reincarnation of my brother... what was what I felt a thousand years ago, that brought me back to Equestria?"

"What do you mean, Orion?"

"A thousand years ago, when Meissa died of old age, a few years later I felt something in Equestria that was calling me, and apparently was strong and important. I had not ruled out the idea that my brother had reincarnated again, but... if Spike has only sixteen, what was what I felt?"

She stood for a few moments, analyzing what Orion had said. Several turns gave in her head to decipher it, but then another little spark appears in her mind, discovering the cause. "I think I know why"

He gave his sight to her, anxious to know the truth.

"The call that you felt a thousand years ago was true, that your brother would return to reincarnate"

"But... how it's possible? Spike has only sixteen, and what I felt was a thousand years ago" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Hmhm. I'll tell you why," she said with a smile, sitting closer to them "The fact was that Spike's egg in which he incubated goes back hundreds of years ago, as told me Celestia, or as you say, already a thousand years. She found that egg in Badlands and apparently this egg was dead, but she kept it for any reason. Until one day sixteen years ago. I was six and I was in a mock exam to enter Canterlot's magic school. For some reason the same dragon egg was taken there to be hatched, as exam to enter the school, but in a failed attempt I gave up. But then I was surprised to hear a rumble and my magic got out of control, and apparently lightning struck in the egg, making it hatch.
Time later Celestia had told me about the miracle that I had done at that time, giving life back to a baby dragon which remained dead in his egg for a thousand years"

"Hm. What a history" he said with a smile "Now I understand everything"

Orion's emotion after understanding the situation became more bigger, as for him had been a thousand years of waiting and searching to return to meet with his brother again. "You don't know what I've been waiting to see you again brother. I thought I never would see you"

"Well... how about if we eat something? It's noon and I think you two must be hungry" she said, heading for the room's gates.

"Sure!" they said at a time.

Meanwhile in Canterlot Castle, Princess Celestia was in her personal room sitting on her yellow velvet carpet, finishing some paperwork on important issues of relationship between dragons and ponies in different cities, especially the most important and that is on alert, Fillydelphia. In each paperwork, she imposed models for different cities with the same subject to reduce conflict between them and to find a way that dragons and ponies get along.

Was missing very little to reach her free time, to then have lunch. There was a big pile of papers beside her to be sent to different cities with this same conflict, and also to the cities in which live dragons with ponies to prevent the conflict becomes increasingly overweight.

"Uff. I think for now I'm done" she said with a sigh after finish writing.

Suddenly her stomach starts making gnashing, warning her that is already lunchtime. Listening her belly gnashing of hunger, she leads one of her front hooves to it. "I think I'd better go to lunch, since I haven't eaten or drunk anything all morning" she told to herself, standing up.

After standing up, she gives her sight of the paper stacked and then raised it with her magic to her, and a beam of light all those papers became a common and ordinary parchment. But then to check, Celestia unrolled the scroll and it had a pronounced long because when touching the floor still had half unrolling.

After finishing checking the parchment, she goes to the gates of the room open and then leaving. Celestia while walking through the halls of the castle toward the tea room, where there, apart from serving tea, also serve some appetizers for lunch and dinner. She along with her magic, she played with parchment bringing it from one side to other and with a thought which didn't leave her head since this morning.

Celestia while walking through the halls of the castle toward the tea room, where there, apart from serving tea, also serve some appetizers for lunch and dinner. She along with her magic, she played with parchment bringing it from one side to other and with a thought in which didn't leave her head since this morning.

"From where it occurred to her to invite Orion to a sleepover?" she said, putting the parchment on her chin.

"Hmhm. Who knows why" she takes out the scroll from her chin, then stopping in one of the windows of the hall to look the sky "Besides, I think it's good to see Luna with Orion, since she returned from her prison on the moon, she has been far removed from the ponies and rarely she socialize with them. It's good to see that she has done a good friend, after all" she finished her thought with a small smile.

But before she pull out her sight through the window, she begins to hear somepony was running over to where she is. Each time the hooves hit the floor it could be heard closer and closer, and after a few moments she could see a guard running to where she is, levitating beside him a scroll. Her smile faded completely from her face and put a straight face. To arrive the guard, he was gasping to recover his air to start talking.

"What's wrong? I hope it's important to interrupt my spare time" she said firmly and seriously.

-pant- "Princess... Celestia" -pant- "I'm sorry to interrupt... your free time... but... we have bad news" the guard said as he took the scroll to Celestia.


"Voilá!" Orion said as he left on the kitchen table two bowl with exquisite vegetable soup flavored with various spices, along with daisy sandwiches and a big bowl with rubies for Spike.

"Wow. Thanks Orion!" Spike said, receiving his big bowl of rubies.

"Thank you, Orion" she also thanked ,receiving her bowl of soup and sandwiches.

"You're welcome!" he said flattered, leaving his bowl and plate on his place.

"I still don't know how you convinced me that you will cook" she said as she gave a small sip of her soup.

"Well... you told me that I could choice for lunch" he said as he grabbed a sandwich

"But that doesn't mean you had to cook it, Orion"

"Anyway. On the other side, do you like it?"

"Yes. It's delicious Orion" she said with a smile

"And you Spike?" he shifted his gaze to Spike.

Spike just nodded with a smile that it could barely see for having his mouth full of rubies.

"So... tell me Orion. How you realized that Spike was the reincarnation of your brother?. Well... Is" she asked, grabbing one of her sandwiches with her magic
Orion gives his sight to Twilight and then returns to Spike, looking his eyes in detail and then give a little smile. "His eyes. Spike's eyes are the same as those of Meissa and my brother"

"But... if your brother and Meissa, according to you, had blue eyes, and Spike has green eyes. And his eyes are of dragon and not of a pony" she said confused.

"Not in terms of color, but his Iris"

"Iris?" Twilight asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Well... do you know Iris, Twilight?"

"Iris? Iris... Iris..." she said, trying to remember that word. Suddenly she stops thinking, remembering that word and then looks at Orion. "I do know what it is but... it still doesn't explain my question"

"Tell me what is the Iris Twilight"

She leaves her sandwich back on her plate half-eaten and then puts her hoof on her chin "Well... the Iris is a thin, circular structure in the eye, responsible for controlling the diameter and size of the pupil and thus the amount of light reaching the retina"

"Yeah. What more?"

"The eye color is defined by the color of the iris. Well, in optical terms, the pupil is the eye's aperture and the iris is the diaphragm that serves as the aperture stop"

"Very good!" he said with a smile.

"But... I still don't understand what you're wanting say to me, Orion"

"Hmhm. Everything you say is fine, but you forgot something. There's something else about Iris"

Twilight began trying to remember everything about what she had read previously about Iris, and other related topics. "Uh, I don't know. I don't remember anything else about Iris of utmost importance" she said sincerely.

"Besides that the Iris is a thin, circular structure in the eye, responsible for controlling the diameter and size of the pupil, the Iris has a form. Each eye that you can see at length have different shapes and colors. Each pony, dragon, and among other living things that have eyes, has a unique Iris"

"But even so... the Spike's eyes are green. The Markab and Meissa's eyes according to you were blue, is not it? " she asked again, still not understanding what Orion was trying to explain to her.

"Yes. But in reality, the Iris does not rely only on color. Iris anatomy is based on the unique crypts, grooves, ways textures" he said as he pointed his eyes to set an example.

"Besides,, the Iris is as identifying oneself. For example, in a city where ponies live they have an identity, right?. Their identity may be their full name, ID card, among others. Iris happens in the same"

"So... what you're trying to say is that, Meissa to reincarnate in Spike kept his Iris. And the same with Meissa, isn't it?"

"In the case of reincarnation, what I know it is very limited as you said that they believe it's only a myth and no one knows exactly how the cycle of reincarnation works. It is a great mystery. So I don't know if what you say is right or not"

"Well... then tell me. How did you realize that Spike Iris was the same as Meissa? If you only saw him for a few seconds" she asked.
Orion then looks at Spike, watching him how he was eating his rubies, drawing a little smile "How can I forget the eyes of my own brother?. His eyes have always remained in my memory. I remember it perfectly"


Back in Canterlot, while Celestia was reading the parchment and listening the guard which it explain the situation, her mouth and her eyes opened increasingly larger.

"Princess, there has been a drawback in Manehattan and Vanhoover on the issue of relationship between ponies and dragons. There have been several attempts of physical aggression between them, and the police from there find it very difficult to reduce the tension between them. We received this letter just now and told us it has to be delivered with extreme urgency toward you, princess" said the guard.

After finished reading the scroll and listen to the guard, she gives a big sigh and returned the parchment to the guard "Alright. I will handle this. You can withdraw" she said seriously.

"Yes, your Highness" the guard said, giving a reverence and then retire. But suddenly before to be away from the guard, Celestia gives a shout.

"Blade!" she yelled to get noticed the guard.

The guard listening to the Princess scream his name, turns and walks toward her slowly "What happened, your Highness?"

"Take this scroll" she said, giving the parchment to the guard "This scroll contains proposals and ideas of role models for Fillydelphia city, and also to other cities with population dragon and pony. It has to be carried to different cities with population dragon and pony"

"As you ordered, your Highness" the guard said, bowing and then leaving Celestia alone in the hallways.

After a few moments passed and lose sight of the guard, Celestia gives a big deep breath and turns back to go her way to the tea room, but this time with little appetite after find out about new conflicts between dragons and ponies in other cities, besides Fillydelphia.

"How long it will follow this bad relationship between ponies and dragons?. Since we gave an agreement of peace treaty with King Dragon Arrakis to unite ponies and dragons, I didn't think this would happen" she said disappointed by results of the peace treaty "I hope to resolve this conflict as soon as possible before something bad happens"

It had been just over three weeks since Orion was reunited with his brother. From that day Orion completely changed his attitude, seemed that he had forgotten all his past events and his fear. But despite that, he still was refusing to meet new friends, as Twilight had insisted that he meet with her friends, the carriers of the elements of harmony. But he preferred to wait a little longer, as he still wasn't quite ready to make new friends, apart from those already made in the last month.

But despite the good news for Orion to meet again with his brother, there were a problem that stalked slowly in different cities of Equestria.
Whenever the days passed, the relationship between ponies and dragons was plummeting. Increasingly were found antecedents of psychological and physical violence between them. The ponies were the main cause of this problem, as they repudiated that dragons were living among them, and they were acting aggressively against the dragons.

In the Friendship Rainbow Kingdom Castle, Orion was in his room lying on his bed, reading one of the books from Twilight's library, and on the bed also was Meissa huddled on the Orion's hind hooves.

He was reading a book about different modern spells. Page after page was watching the various spells in which the majority he didn't know, but suddenly Orion closed the book and then quickly sits on the edge of his bed. "I'm such a idiot!" he said to himself, putting his front hooves on his head.

"I completely forgot about Luna's sleepover. Since I met again with my brother I completely forgo it" he said to himself after stand up and grab the spell book that he had left on the bed "And also to visit Zecora. For a thousand stars, I completely forgot everything"

He gave a big sigh, taking a short pause "I think I better go to visit Zecora first, because If I'm not at her home as soon possible, she'll going to kill me hmhm"

Orion quickly started to prepares his saddlebag, but to be preparing his saddlebag Meissa that was still on the bed he gives a big yawn. Then lowered it and gave a big elongation to his front and back legs. Orion gives a small smile to see him awake and goes to where Meissa was.

"Sorry boy. I think I woke you up surprisingly" he said, stroking Meissa's head with his right hoof.

But then he realizes that Meissa didn't look quite right, Orion touching Meissa's head, it felt hotter than usual and his eyes were depressed. Orion quickly began to examine Meissa's face gently, but upon touching Meissa's nose it was dry and hot. Orion then gives his sight to one side of Meissa, and sees that Meissa's legs were trembling. Suddenly Orion realized that Meissa had a fever and decided to grab his saddlebag, in which from it took out a small bottle of water and a small bowl, putting it in the floor and filling it with water to Meissa, since in dogs and wolves when it have fever the best is hydrate them.

Meissa slowly moves toward the bowl with water and gently stretch his tongue to give small licks. Orion then closes the water bottle and left it on the nightstand, turning back to see that Meissa had finished drinking. Then he grabs his sword and without further thought decided to leave the castle to go to Zecora's home, so she can heal him with her special broth for fever.

Meanwhile in castle's throne room, there was Twilight along with Spike sitting on their thrones, but also they were visited by the carriers of the elements of harmony, as Twilight previously called them for proposals and ideas to follow on the theme of cities like Fillydelphia and Manehattan, in which those are the two cities with problems between dragons and ponies.

"What about to speak with dragons and ponies?. Talk with them we could get information of why they don't get along" Fluttershy said softly, as she always.

"It's a good idea, but the difficult will be talk with the dragons. I don't think the dragons want to talk to us because we are ponies, and besides we need the two versions to reach a conclusion" Spike said serenely.

"But you not, Spike. You are a dragon" said Pinkie Pie "I think you could talk with them"

"I know. But I'm well known for being Twilight's friend, and I think the dragons of different cities won't pay attention to me, to be honest" he said, giving a sigh.

"What if we try to do it by force, we have to show them who is the boss!" Rainbow Dash said, pounding her hoof on the table.

"We are proposing peaceful ideas, not civil war Rainbow" Spike said seriously with an eyebrow raised.

"Send a message about the situation through the mass media, may be a good idea. As a blurb" said Applejack.

"Yes. It's also a good idea, but not all dragons and ponies give attention to the commercials or advertisements in the mass media" he said again serenely.

"And what do you think darling? Do you have any ideas for us Twilight?" asked Rarity.

"I don't know... I have no idea what to do" said Twilight desperate find no idea "I don't know what to do to be honest. I've and we've dealt with different problems, but this is different, this is much more big" she said putting her hooves on her head.

"Calm down Twilight. We'll find a way to resolve-"

"I don't know how you want to be calm when hundreds of dragons and ponies are hurting physically and mentally between them!!" she interrupted even more hysterical than she was, pounding her front hooves on the table "This is something new for me, is very different from the conflicts that we usually resolve. I don't know how you want to propose ideas when I have no idea-"

"Twilight!!" his roar echoed in the throne room

Twilight to hear the roar of Spike, she calmed down and went back to sit on her throne. Her body still was shaking of nerves and anxiety, and her breathing was a little agitated about not finding a quick solution.

"Hey, listen to me Twilight. We'll find a way to solve this problem" he said with a small smile, supporting his claws on Twilight's shoulder "Just be patient, and I assure you that we'll solve this as soon as possible. Yeah?"

Twilight slowly gives her sight to Spike, she gives a big sigh and then give a little and weak smile. "Okay. You're right. I'd better relax a bit"

Suddenly the gates of the throne room were opened slowly, and behind them appears Orion as he searched the spell book in his saddlebag in which Twilight was given to him by his requested, and behind him slowly showed Meissa.

"Twilight. I wanted to return the book of spells that you lend me, as I..." Orion to give his sight to the thrones, he stopped short when she noticed that Twilight wasn't alone there.

The carriers of the elements of harmony looked at Orion amazed not only that he was more bigger than a normal pony, but they also realized that he had a pair of wings, besides his horn. Then the carriers gave their sight to Twilight even more confused.

"Uh... Twilight. Who's that stallion over there?" Applejack asked quietly.

"Well... he's Orion, which I had previously told to you all"

"He's Orion?. I imagined him less big and more... robust" Rarity said also quietly to Twilight.

"Hmhm. Yes, it's him..." she said, after giving a signal to Orion with her hoof to approach "Orion!, come!. Come closer"

Orion walked slowly towards the thrones and followed him behind his feverish friend. Each of his steps was gently and shyly he glanced at each of the carriers of the elements of harmony.

"H-hello..." he greeted shyly.

"Hey there!" said the carriers of the elements harmony.

"Girls. He's Orion of which I had told you. He is the alicorn that Luna found when she was on her mission in the Everfree forest, and has apparently been living just over ten years ago with Zecora" she said with a smile" Orion, they are my friends and carriers of the elements of harmony.

She's Applejack, she is the carrier of the element of honesty and she's the farmer of the famous farm Sweet Apple Acres" she says, pointing with her hoof to Applejack.

AJ only greeted carrying her right hoof to her hat and then nodding with it.

"She's Rarity. She is the carrier of the element of generosity and she's one of the best shapewear I know" she said, pointing now to Rarity.

"A pleasure, darling" Rarity greated smartly.

"She's Pinkie Pie. She is the carrier of the element of laughter and she's one of the best bakers from Ponyville"

"Hey buddy!" Pinkie greeted, giving a little jump with her left hoof up on her throne with a big smile.

"She's Fluttershy. She is the carrier of the element of kindness, and she's also an expert in animal care"

"H-hello" was barely heard Fluttershy's greeting.

"And finally she's Rainbow Dash. She is the carrier of the element of loyalty, and she's one of the best flying in all Equestria"

"Hey!, what's up?" she greeted with a proud smile.

Orion remained silent for a few seconds until blinked a few times and then he got a little firmer. "Hello. It's nice to meet you all" he greeted even a little shy, giving an awkward bow.

Orion was felt a little uncomfortable there, even though that he would meet soon with the carriers since Twilight had been insisting to Orion for meet them, and gradually he was overcoming his fear, he found it as a big step for him, meet with all the carriers unexpectedly.

"Meissa is with fever and needs to be addressed quickly, and now I'm surprised to find Twilight with her friends?. What a day of mine!..." he told himself not very satisfied.

"Uh... Orion. Tell me, do you wanted something urgently?" Twilight asked curiously to see Orion suddenly there in the throne room.

"Oh!" he raises his ears and then takes the spell book from his saddlebag with his magic "Yes. I wanted to return your book of spells that you had lent to me yesterday" he said, leaving with his magic the book on the table, in front of Twilight. "I didn't want left it in your library, as I didn't want to get in without your permission"

"Hmhm. There is no problem that you come into my library, Orion. If you want to read a book, just come into and take the one you want. But!, return them when you finished reading it" she said with a mocking voice at the end.

"Hehe. Yeah, obviously. Thank you Twilight" he thanked awkwardly.

Suddenly Fluttershy looks alongside of Orion and see that he was accompanied by a large wolf, which she already knew him well as a few weeks ago Twilight had taken Meissa with her to visit her friends to not left him alone in the castle. Fluttershy's tempers rose and with a jumped she flies to where Meissa was sitting, being in front of him.

"Hey boy!" she said excitedly to see Meissa again, caressing his head "Oh Meissa, long time that I haven't seen you"

Meissa barely moved his tail to see again Fluttershy, because he wasn't feeling very well per his fever.

Orion gives his sight to the yellow pegasus and he begins to confuse about where she knows Meissa, since he has always been with him, or else in the house Zecora on special occasions. "Uh... You know Meissa?"

"Uh... well... yes. I know him by Twilight" she said, this time not so shyly.

"By Twilight?" he asked quietly with one eyebrow raised. Then he gave his sight to Twilight with a smile, still with his eyebrow raised "You never told me you had taken a walk to Meissa"

"Well... hehe" she covered part of her face with her book of spells "When you went to Canterlot to visit Luna, I along with Spike had decided to go to Ponyville to visit them, and I didn't want to leave alone Meissa here in the castle, so we took him with us. I hope you didn't mind it" she ended with a small sheepish smile.

"Hmhm. There's no problem , Twilight"

"Uh... Orion. Excuse me, but Is there something wrong with Meissa?. I see him very depressed and sad" Fluttershy asked worriedly, typical of her to see a sick animal.

"Oh!. Yes. He have a fever, and besides I would take him with Zecora, so she can give him her special broth for fever. She always cared for him when he was sick and besides she is much more experienced with the medicine than me"

"Hey. Why you don't leave him to me?. I know very well Zecora's broth, she taught me how to do it perfectly" she offered herself.

"Uh... don't bother you for that. Zecora can do it without any problem" he said with a little smile "Besides, I don't want to leave you Meissa as a burden to you"

"What? as a burden to me? Oh no, no. Please, I insist"

Orion sighed and then gave her a smile rolling his eyes "Alright!. If you insist"

"Oh. Thank you Orion!" she gave a little jump of happiness with a smile from ear to ear "Before you expect, Meissa will be composed. I assure you"

"Hmhm. Thank you so much, Fluttershy"

But suddenly...

"Hey!. Wait a minute!" Pinkie Pie's voice was heard

Orion raised his sight to Pinkie and see that she was looking him in detail, having her hoof on her chin. That put a little unsettling to Orion and he didn't like all that stare. Pinkie then rises from her throne and slowly approaches him, without taking out even a single eye of him.

She begins to look at his face even more in detail. Orion was static in his place and a few drops of sweat fell from his face nervously. Every move that Pinkie made, Orion's eyes followed her.

"Do I know you from somewhere?" she asked without taking her eyes off him.

"Uh... I don't know. I don't remember having seen before" he said, holding his nerves.

She kept watching him in detail until she stopped short staring into his eyes, then she give a smile "Oh. Yeah, I know who you are!. You're the stallion that went to Sugar Cube Corner three weeks ago. You took a bag of oatmeal cookies for carry"

Orion relaxed his body and gave a little sigh, then give a little smile "You're the pink pony that gave me the bag with cookies? Hehe. Well oatmeal cookies were very delicious. Uh... Pinkie, right?"

"Yeah!. The same and the only!" she said with an even bigger smile.

For a few seconds there was a deep silence between them, until Orion then takes another small sigh and begins to accommodate his saddlebag "Well... I think I'd better leave. It was a pleasure to know you all!" he said goodbye giving another bow, turning toward the doors of the hall.

"What? You're leaving now, Orion?" Twilight asked with her ears low.

He turns around and sees Twilight with her ears low, it gave him some grief. "Well... yes. I have to go to visit Zecora, because since what happened to Spike I didn't visit her anymore. If I don't visit her as soon as possible she might become angry with me, and believe me you wouldn't want to see her furious hmhm. Anyway, why do you ask?"

"It's just that I wanted to ask if we three could go to somewhere, like when we went to Neighagra or when we went to the beautiful Everfree forest lake" she said shyly.

"Alright!. We could go somewhere else like Neighagra or like the lake of the Everfree forest, I promise. But it will have to be another day, ok?" he said with a little smile to convince Twilight.

"Oh. Well... then, have a good time and send her a greeting from me" she said with a faint smile.

"Hmhm. Alright, I'll give her" he said goodbye, giving his way toward the gates of the throne room.

The room fell into silence for a few seconds. Fluttershy decided to leave the castle to carry Meissa to her little cottage to heal him, as he began to shake more often. The other carriers of the elements remained in the living room sitting on their thrones, like Spike.

"What happened to Spike?" Applejack asked breaking the silence.

"Uh... I think nothing. Why do you ask?" said Twilight

"Well... Orion just said something happened to Spike" Rarity said.

"Oh! Right! hehe" she gave a awkward smile "Well... about that I had told you that he lived long time in the Eastern Realms, and then returned to Equestria. Well, the reason why he returned to Equestria was that his friend, Meissa, had reincarnated here in Equestria, but apparently he to be looking for him for hundreds of years, he couldn't to find him for anywhere. But then when he met Spike, he realized that Spike was the reincarnation of Meissa. And also Meissa, according to he said, he was the reincarnation of his biological brother Markab, in which he lived almost two thousand years ago, and besides Orion has little more than two thousand years old"

"Reincarnation?. That wasn't just a myth?" Rainbow asked.

"Well, apparently not. But after all, I'm glad to see that he returned to meet with his brother. That changed his attitude too" she smiled.

"But how it's that he's an alicorn?" asked Rarity

"I don't know. I never asked him, and I think I'd better not ask him about that, as I don't think he likes to talk about that subject"

"By other hoof, when Pinkie looked at him I noticed he was a little nervous" Rainbow said.

"Well. He has been through a lot just by being an alicorn, and I think even now have friends like Celestia, Luna, Zecora, I think that deep down he must be afraid. But, I would like you too can cooperate and show that the ponies of today are nothing compared with the past, that he can make new friends and have no more fear"

"Count on me!. Besides, I could teach him some of my amazing aerobatics" Rainbow said.

"I could show him that on the farm can be very friendly an' well bearable with other ponies" Applejack said shaking her hoof to side to side.

"Oh!. And I could show him that the fashion world can be his good friend, also I could show him some of my designs for stallions" Rarity said with her touch of elegance.

"And I could invite him to Sugar Cube Corner. We could do many cupcakes, cakes and then A BIG PARTY!!!" Pinkie said in her hyperactive touch.

"Whatever so that he can be comfortable with each of us, and trust our friendship" she said happily.

"On the other hoof... You three have been in Neighagra and a beautiful lake on the Everfree forest?. You didn't tell us anything about that he took you for a ride" Rarity said mischievously.

"Hehe. I don't know what are you talking about Rarity, it was only an output between friends. Spike, Orion and me, nothing more" she said, blushing.

"Hmmm. I don't know. I think that you have something going on between you and him" Rarity said more naughty.

"What? No!. I don't know what you're talking about Rarity" she turned her look away

"Hmhm. Neither you would imagine as she was with him" Spike mocked

"What!?" she reacted even more flushed.

"Hahaha. I Just kidding Twi" he said with a smile.

"Hmhm. Anyway, I think we'd better talk about Orion later and continue with this theme between dragons and ponies" she said, putting her firm and serious stance.

After about half an hour passed, in the forest Everfree in a house that was deep on the forest, within it the same was the owner in the same house, Zecora. She was with a blue watering can, made of clay with an engraving of a beautiful daisy flower, watering her plants she had inside her home. She had a few potted in which it had beautiful flowers of all kinds of colors, but she took very good as it was a gift from Orion when he went deep into the forest to look for ingredients for her.

"Knock, Knock"

It hear knocking the Zecora's home door. Zecora guessed who it was that knocked on the door, because she had rarely visitors. Without further thought, she left the watering can on the floor, next to her big cauldron, and the she headed for the door. Opening it, behind it was Orion.

"Hm. Look what the wind blew in" she said jokingly

"Hehe. Hello Zecora" he said with a awkward smile.

"Come on, come inside" she said, giving way to Orion inward. "You took a long time to remember visit me, hm?"

"Well... all this has an explanation" he said, leaving his saddlebag and his sword to one side against the wall.

"Well. Tell me!" she said, eager to know the truth.

Orion approached her and sat in front of her, giving a little smile "The reason I didn't come to visit you all this time was..." Orion found it difficult to contain his excitement even though already spent three weeks "I... I found my brother"

"What?" she said surprised "Are you serious?"

Orion just nodded his head gently. Zecora was gradually drawing a smile, then she lunged at him with her front hooves and pushed him toward her chest to give a big hug.

"This is so great!" she said happily "Congratulations, Orion. Tell me, who?" then breaking the hug, looking at him

"My brother was reincarnated into a dragon. A baby dragon named Spike, is the best friend of Twilight" he said, trying to contain his excitement.

"Spike?. But... how is possible if he is sixteen?"

"Well. Apparently that Spike's egg in which he incubated, dating from a thousand years ago and Princess Celestia had found it in Badlands, and apparently it was dead. But then when Twilight had to pass a test to get into a school of magic in Canterlot, Spike's egg was taken there by unknown reason, and after of her attempts, her magic got out control and one of her rays fell into Spike's egg, giving him back to life"

"What a beautiful story, no?. A dragon remained dead for a thousand years in his own egg and then revived by a pony, then became great friends" she gave a small smile

"Yeah... I also think it's a beautiful story"

"Hey... You want some jasmine tea?" she asked, standing up to then heading down to the kitchen.

"Sure!" he said remaining seated

"Where's Meissa?. You left him there in the castle?" she asked, pulling out of her shelf a small bowl in which it had Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl.

"Well..." he stood up and then heading down to the kitchen, leaning on the door frame of it "He had a fever, so I'd decided to bring him here so you could give him your special broth. But, when I was about leave the castle, I had to return a book that lent me Twilight. Then upon entering to the throne room, there were Twilight with her five friends"


"Then, a yellow pegasus called Fluttershy insisted to leave him to her, as she knew very well how to make your broth"

"Fluttershy?. Hmhm. Meissa is in good hooves. She is one of the best caretakers of animals I know. So you don't need to bother" she said with a smile.

"Hmhm. If you say so"

"Uh... Orion. Can you heat the tea, please?" she asked, pulling out from another of her shelves two cups of tea.


Orion began to shine his horn and an aura covered the teapot, causing the water it containing begin to boiling and then little by little opening the Dragon Phoenix Pearl. Then they left the kitchen, sitting at a small table. There, Zecora filled the two cups with a delicious jasmine tea. It could be felt the rich scent of jasmine tea.

"So... How is your stay with Twilight?" she asked, giving a small sip her tea.

He also gave first a sip his tea, then placing it back on the table "Well... I'd say pretty good. I thought it would been worse"

"Why you say that?"

"Well... the room where I'm staying is huge and beautiful. I imagined something more simpler. But other than that, Twilight is a special pony, has a touch of sweetness and love that few have. She's always very kind with me, like Spike" he said with a little smile. "Oh by the way, she sends you regards"

"Hmhm. Avoids falling into her sweetness, because the things could get out of control" she said in a mocking voice.

Orion didn't say anything, just he gave his sight to her with an eyebrow raised, seriously.

"Hahaha. Don't make that face, Orion. I'm just kidding" she laughed.

He just sighed, rolling his eyes with a small smile.

It was almost afternoon, Orion was about to leave for the Canterlot castle to make his visit to the Princess Luna.

In the small room in which he previously belonged before starting to stay at the Castle of Twilight Princess, there he was saving some of his things into his saddlebag, if it should be necessary. But to go from here to there in the room, for some reason he decides see under his bed and he surprised to see a sword saved in its sheath.

"Hm. Look what we have here" he says to himself ironically.

He stretches his hoof toward the sheath and then pull it out of the darkness into the light of the room. Then he sits on the edge of the bed, the sheath was dark brown leather with some inlays on the edges of iron and beautiful silver clasps; then he begins to slowly pull the handle of the sword and completely takes it out from its sheath.

The sword had a double-edged blade steel, it was even wider than the sword of Orion, and that sword had the same engraving of an oriental dragon on the two side of the blade, like Orion's sword, but unlike it was bronze hilt and had no type of engraving. Orion looked it carefully and slowly drawn a faint smile on his face.

"Orion!. Are you sure you don't want to take..." Zecora approached toward the doorway and sees Orion sitting on the edge of his bed with a sword lying on his legs. She gives a little smile and then leans on the door frame. "That was the Meissa's sword, isn't it?"

Orion raises his sight to be surprised that Zecora was there, then nods gently. "Yes... I didn't know it was below my bed"

"Hey... why don't you give it to Spike. Since Meissa reincarnated in him, it would be good that he can recover his sword" she approached to him, sitting beside him

"It's a perfect idea. But... I don't know if Spike can control the sword as did Meissa"

"So what?. You can teach him to be a swordspony, as he showed you his movements in the past, according you" she tried to convince him.

"Hmhm. I think you're right." he put the sword back in its sheath and with his magic brings his sword. "I better take it now, so I don't forget to give him it"

"Alright!. You decide what's best" she said with a smile.

Then he settled the two sheaths, one on each side of his body, grab his saddlebag and gives a little sigh "Well... I think I'd better go to Canterlot"

"Oh!. By the way, I was going to ask if you wanted to bring some snacks in case you get hungry there" she said as she took her way to the door.

"No. It's okay Zecora. You don't need to start cooking now. If I'll only be there for a short time, probably" he said, stopping her with his hoof.

"Come on Orion!. Nothing will happen bad if you bring some snacks" she insisted mockingly.

"Hmhm. No. Luna and I will be fine. You don't need to bother, Zecora"

"Okay!, but if you two are hungry, don't complain" she sneered.

Orion gave a smile, then he walked over to her and planted a loving kiss on her forehead. "We'll be fine Zecora. See you later" he said, starting to shine his horn.

Orion disappeared in a beam of light.

In Canterlot Castle, Orion appeared in a beam of light between the aisles, but he didn't appear in the main hallway as usual, he had appeared in the corridor of the representations of the most important memories of Equestria.

"The corridor of the most important memories of Equestria?. Hmhm, I think I missed location" he said to himself mockingly.

Orion already knew that corridor, in which the same corridor had a beautiful large windows showing the most important moments and memories that had been in Equestria. But before take his first step forward, he gives his sight to one side and see a window that he had never seen before when he lived here a thousand years ago.

He sits in front of it and begin to observe it in detail. The same was recorded when the carriers of the elements of harmony had defeated Nightmare Moon with the elements of harmony.

"Those ponies should be Twilight and her friends" he said to himself, watching the recorded of the six carriers. But then directs his gaze to the mare who was above, being attacked by the carriers. "What? Those eyes... Why those eyes are very familiars to me?" he said to himself.

Orion ignored the familiar eyes of the mare and turns his gaze to the other windows, he see that there were many new memories. He stood up and moved down the corridor, looking each new memories, but then stopped in front of one. He stopped in front of the window overlooking the memory of how the princess Cadance and the prince Shining Armor defeated Chrysalis, the Queen of the changelings.

"Hmhm. I am sure she is the princess Cadance and her husband" he said with a small smile

But what still Orion couldn't understand was about who was the changeling that it was showing how that changeling was being defeated by the princess and the prince.

"What? But... Who's that changeling?" he asked to himself with bated breath.

"She's the Queen of the same changelings" a voice was heard not far.

Orion quickly starts looking for the owner of that voice, then from his right, he noticed that princess Cadance was approaching to him.

"Oh! Princess Cadance!" he gave a bow to greet Cadance.

"No, no. You don't need to make a bow to greet, Orion" she said, raising her left hoof. "Friends of Celestia and Luna are also my friends. And just tell me Cadance"

"Hmhm. I'm sorry Cadance" he apologized with a goofy smile "By the way... Changeling Queen? Who is she?"

Cadance glanced at the window showing how she and her husband beat Chrysalis and then she gave a short sigh. "It isn't a beautiful story, but... this changeling is called Chrysalis. It's the present changeling queen and is one of the most ruthless, manipulative and cruel queen who has been around this world" she said bitterly

"Why you say that?" he asked without understanding the situation.

Cadance took another short sigh and sat in front of Orion, and then he do the same. "A little over four years ago, we were preparing everything for our wedding, the wedding of Shining Armor and me" she pointed to the figure of Shining in the window "Everything was perfect, we moved quickly with all the preparations, decorations and more, but... then when I was looking at the altar if all the decoration was perfect, somepony was approached me. It was a guard at the castle and he asked me if I needed help with the wedding preparation. I refused his offer and asked him to withdraw, but... he didn't withdraw"

"What happened then?"

"I returned to order him to withdraw, but still he ignored my order, so I approached him and ordered him again to withdraw with more firmly. But then the guard started laughing out of nowhere, then he lifted his gaze with a Machiavellian smile and suddenly changed his form of guard to mine. I was scared at the time, that the guard was a threat. Then I tried to find Celestia to tell about that, but the guard caught me with his magic and he plunged me into the crystal caverns, in which these abandoned and forgotten for hundreds of years. While I was submerged into the caverns, I remember... I remember those words clearly 'You'll never see him again!. I will take all of his love, slowly until last drop!'" she began to tremble, just remembering those words

"That... that guard... was the queen?" he asked, not wanting to finish the phrase

"Mhmm. There from the cave, by her magic, she showed me how controlled him. That was... that was very painful for me to see how she drained his... his love and manipulated as her... puppet" Cadance began to take more frequent breaths and begin to shake more and more.

"But, what happened next? How could you get out of the caverns?"

"I owe it to Twilight. She was the one who discovered that the Cadance that was with Shining, preparing the wedding, was Queen Chrysalis. When she managed to get me out of the caves, we find the queen was ending ceremony, but then when everypony realized that there were two Cadance, Chrysalis showed her real form and began to attack all ponies to drain their love.
Then, I was able to achieve break the spell that she imposed on Shining, but apparently we had no power to make a simple spell. But the power of our love was the one who gave us the power to banish Chrysalis from Canterlot.
Since that day we have never seen her again"

Then Orion returns his gaze to the window, watching the figure of the queen chrysalis "That's... that's a terrible story" he said softly, imagining the terrible moments that she spent.

"That for me was a nightmare" he said quietly "That day I thought I would never see Shining again, and stay forever there in the caverns, seeing how she slowly would drain his love"

"I can even imagine what you spent through" he said sadly, upon having to hear the terrible story that she spent on Cadance's wedding.

The hallway remained in a profound silence for several moments. Orion stood watching the window, imagining how terrible it was in Cadance's wedding.

"So... why are you here in Canterlot? Are you here to visit?" she tried to lighten the mood.

"Uh- Yes" he gave his sight to her "I came here to visit Luna, as I completely forgot her invitation to her sleepover"

"Oh!. So Luna invited you to a sleepover?" she said with a mischievous smile. "Well... I think it's a little early for the sleepover, because it's at night"

"At night?"

"Uh- yes!. Don't you know what a sleepover?"

"Uh... No. I never heard in my life about a sleepover. Could you explain me it, please?"

"You'd better wait until night, and then you'll see" she said with a mocking voice.

"Oh, come on Cadance!. Please tell me" he pleaded.

"No!. I'm sorry but I won't say anything" she said, turning her head to one side.

"Oh Come on!. Please, be a good princess" he prayed with big and bright eyes.

Cadance gives her sight to him sideways, remaining her head to the side, and sees his big bright brown eyes, and also she saw that he was pouting. Cadance couldn't resist pouts of anypony, causing her to give up easily and then lift her front hooves, covering her sight to Orion.

"Ok!. I'll tell you what's a sleepover, just... stop pouting, Orion. Please"

"Hmhm. Now I understand why Celestia and Luna do these faces" he thought with a little smile.

"Okay. You want to know what's a sleepover?" she said, turning back her hooves to the floor.

"Yes. Please!" he said with a funny smile.

"Well. A sleepover is a small party among friends. One of them invites the rest to his home to go to sleep the night there, there between them can make different types of games, tell stories, and more.
It's something I also did with my friends, when I was young. The sleepovers are very funny" she said with a wistful smile remembering old sleepovers with her friends."But normally only at the young age do sleepover, but there are some older age ponies that also do sleepover, as they find it very funny"

"So that's a sleepover..."

"Yes. What did you think it was?" she asked mischievously.

"No. To be honest, I had no idea what was actually" he said sincerely.

"Well. Now you know it"

"Hmhm. I think so. But... what should I do until it gets dark"

"Are you hungry? Why don't you accompany me to the tea room? At least you could kill the time" she said, taking her way to the tea room.

"Hm. If there is nothing else..." he said mockingly.

Cadance and Orion started their course towards the tea room. On the way, a deep silence between them witnessed, only it could be hear the hum of the wind, hitting the castle.

"So... how are you going your stay in the castle of my sister-in-law?" she said, breaking the silence.

"Wait. Your sister-in-law?" he was surprised

"Hmhm. Yes. My husband is her brother, and well before I married with him, Twilight and me had a very strong bond of friendship since she was a child, as I was her nanny" she smiled.

"Wow. How small is Equestria" he said jokingly "Well... there in the castle is very comfortable. Twilight gave me a huge room overlooking the lake that is behind the castle. I expected something more simple, but she surprised me"

"Room overlooking the lake?. Wow!. Apparently she didn't give you 'any' room. This is the most luxurious and comfortable room of the castle"

"You say it?" he said mockingly

"Hmhm. When Twilight invited me to her castle, sometimes I stayed the night there and she gave me that room. It's very comfortable and at the same time beautiful"

"Yes. That room it's beautiful"

After a few minutes had passed, Cadance and Orion reached the gates of the tea room, but when they opened it, they noticed that there was someone else. There sitting in a red velvet carpet with a teapot, with its set, and a small piece of vanilla cake and strawberry, Celestia was reading an old book.

She noticed that the doors were open and she took a look to see who had entered the tearoom, and noticed that Orion and Cadance had entered. Then she gives a smile and closed her book, leaving it aside of the teapot.

"Hm!. Look who appeared after almost a month" Celestia mocked.

He along with Cadance approached to her, sitting beside her.

"Hehe. I think I completely forgot to visit" he said with a little embarrassed smile.

"How are you two?" she asked after taking a sip of tea

Cadance gives a big sigh and then stretch her front hooves and then remain lying on the carpet "Exhausted. Just a few minutes I just got out of the board"

"A few minutes ago?" she asked in surprise. "Why it took so long?"

"Don't ask. Just, I don't want to talk about this subject for today" Cadance said raising her hoof.

"Hmhm. Ok, ok. Would you like some tea to relax?"

"Yes!. Please" Cadance said between sight.

"And you Orion?" she gave her sight to him.

"Mm. Alright!"

"Sugar!" Celestia said with a slightly higher tone.

Sugar Berry the maid and cook of the tea room left the kitchen and approached to where Celestia was, then bowing "Yes your highness. What do you want?"

"Why don't you bring two cups of tea for my guests?" she said gently, then giving her gaze on her guests "You want something to accompany your tea?"

"No, thanks!" he thanked the offer.

"Mmm. No, I think I'm going to pass, thanks" Cadance also declined the offer of Celestia.

"Hmhm. You lose it," she said jokingly "Then, bring only two cups of tea, Sugar, please"

"As you ordered, your highness" Sugar again gave a bow to then retire.

"So... tell me Orion. What happened that for nearly a month you didn't come back here to Canterlot?"

"Well... the cause of that was because... I returned to find my brother" he said with a little smile.

Celestia looked him shocked at what she just heard. She blinked a few times and then decided to clear her mind.

"Wait. What do you mean that you returned to reacquaint with your brother?" Cadance asked.

Sugar Berry suddenly leaves the kitchen and walks towards them to leave two cups of tea for Cadance and Orion, then gave a bow before retiring "Enjoy your tea"

"Thank you!" Orion thanked, "I found bearer soul of my brother, which I've been searching for almost a thousand years. And the bearer is Spike"

The two princesses were shocked to hear that. Celestia had her mouth wide open, then close it and gulps before giving her first word "Spike?. But... how it's possible if he is sixteen?

"Well... according Twilight, the egg in which he incubated dates a thousand years ago, surely that's why"

"But that egg when I found it, was dead" she said confused "Reincarnation is something very strange and mysterious, and almost no one knows exactly how is the cycle of reincarnation. But what I know is that the death of the self, the soul that it was carrying is ejected and looking for another being for born. That is the cycle of reincarnation, and some say it's infinite"

Orion now became even more confused than before. "But if the cycle of reincarnation is as you say, what happened with Spike?"

"Are you sure Spike is the bearer of the soul of your brother?" Celestia asked more seriously.

"Yes!. I am very sure" he said at the same time nodding his head "His aura and energy are exactly like Meissa and Markab had, and his Iris is also the same"

"How strange... Anyway, the good thing is that you found the bearer of the soul of your brother" Celestia said trying to lighten the mood.

"Yes. Congratulations!" Cadance said with a smile, lifting her cup of tea.

Time was passing quickly, the afternoon was already going slowly into the night. The crickets along with other nocturnal insects began to take its melody, forming a beautiful symphony.

In the royal garden Princess Celestia and Orion were in an beautiful oriel of the same garden, in which it was giving a complete scenario of how the sun went down slowly, showing its colors reds, oranges and yellows. Cadance, then leaving the tea room, decided to return to her castle to spend the rest of the evening with her beloved husband.
Orion was leaning with his front hooves on the railing, watching the beautiful scenery in detail, like a little foal fascinated to walk into a store filled with all kinds of sweet. He loved these scenarios that nature gave to him, because it was something he used to do with his old friend Meissa and in his last years with the same Celestia.

Orion suddenly lowered his hooves of the railing and then put it back in the floor, giving a little sigh. "Well. I think I'd better go to the sleepover of Luna"

"Oh!. I had forgotten all about you told me that you had a sleepover with her. Now, rightly you came back here after nearly a month" she mocked.

"Haha. Shut up now" he laughed.

"Hmhm. Nearly a month without sending a simple letter and you only remember her sleepover" she said again jokingly.

"What? Are you jealous?" he asked with a raised eyebrow

"What!? Uh- of course not!"

"Yeah! You are jealous!" he said with a smile.


"Yes! You are!"

"I told you NOT!" she snorted turning her head to one side.

Orion gives a little chuckle to see the reaction of Celestia "Come on. I know you very well Celestia. You are jealous and you know it"

"OKAY!" she grumbled, giving a sigh and then giving her gaze to Orion "I think I'm a little jealous"

"But... Why?"

"It's just... since we met again, you spent more time with Luna, and we didn't do anything together. I hoped to be able to spend the same moments together, like in the old times" she said sadly with her low ears, giving again her sight to the horizon.

She, despite being happy that Orion could form a friendship with Luna because of her loneliness, she also felt loneliness like Luna to having no friends available. As Twilight had now her own responsibility and Cadance was already married also, and she also ruled her own kingdom.

Suddenly she begins to feel that something was supporting into her, between her chest and neck, she felt it warm and the same time pleasant. Then she gave her gaze down and sees that Orion was giving her a loving and friendly hug. They spent a few seconds in a deep silence.

"You are my best friend, Celestia. I will never stop loving you by anypony, you're unique for me" he broke the silence, snuggling deeper into her with his hug.

After about a few second she responds to Orion's hug. Then he raises his gaze to her, without breaking the hug "You know what?. To compensate it, someday we could go to somewhere, to where you want. Just you and me. What do you think?"

"Alright. If you think it's best..." she said softly, drawing a faint smile.

"Well. Then, to where do you want to go?"

"I think I know the perfect place" she said, breaking the hug.

"Well... where?" he asked curiously

"It will be a surprise. And I'll let you know through a letter when I'm ready. What do you think?" she said with a smile

"Alright!" he smiled. Then he began his way slowly towards garden's gates "Well... I think I better go before it becomes later. See you later, Celestia"

"See you later, Orion"

After a few minutes had passed, Orion reached the gates of Luna's room. He was still thinking he should have accepted the offer of Zecora, as thanks to Cadance he learned that the sleepover will last more than he expected. He dismisses his thought and then gives a sigh, raising his hoof to knock gently the gates.

"Hope she's here" he muttered to himself.

Orion waited patiently for a few seconds, which for him were almost eternal, until Luna's voice was heard saying 'come in'. Orion upon listen Luna's order, he opens the gates gently and slowly goes into her room, then stopping a few centimeters of the gates.

Upon entering Luna's room, a small change was noticeable. The bed had been run only a few centimeters to the side of the balcony, like her nightstand, and her makeup table that was prior to her bedside, now was placed beside her small closet almost glued to the bathroom door.

He starts looking for Luna, and then he found her lying on her bed reading carefully a not very old book. As far as he could see that the book cover. it had different bright colors. He thought it could be some special book for mares, causing a small chuckle in his head.

"What can I do for you?" Luna asked seriously without taking out one's eyes of the book.

He noticed that she hadn't realized that it was him, so there he gave a small chuckle, then he mock "What's you can do for me? Well... I'd like a cup of jasmine tea with a portion of cake with vanilla and strawberry, please"

Luna quickly raised her ears upon hear the voice family, and then closes her book to give her gaze of the owner of that voice. To see Orion standing right in front of the gates, she gave a smile from ear to ear and down from her bed, and then pouncing on him, giving him a big hug.

He was surprised at Luna action, as he didn't have time to get tough and be embraced, causing him to fall on his back to the floor with her above him.

"Orion!!. You're back!. I thought you'd never come back here!" she said squeezing Orion even stronger. "I was so worried"

"Hey!. Easy!. It seems like I've been gone for years" he said, surprised by Luna's welcome.

She realizes that her welcome was a bit exaggerated and blushes a little embarrassed. She breaks the hug and leave above him, leaving him to stand up again on his four hooves.

"Sorry" she said softly, blushing.

"Hmhm. No problem. Just you surprised me" he said with a little smile.

"Sorry. It's just that I thought you wouldn't come back" she said softly with her ears low "And see that you came back, I rejoiced a little"

"How that I would never come back?. If just only over three weeks has passed, Luna. I'll never leave you alone" he said, supporting his hoof on her cheek.

"Yes. But... were three long weeks. I was beginning to worry" she said, supporting more her head on Orion's hoof "I went twice to Twilight's Castle to see if you were there, but... neither you, neither Spike nor Twilight were there"

"Aw. I'm sorry to make you wait so long" he said, pouncing to her and giving a loving and friendly hug "I'm sorry. Is something unexpected happened and I forgot everything"

"Well... come on!. Tell me everything" she said breaking the hug and then addressing to a dark blue velvet carpet that was next to her bed, sitting there.

Orion goes to the carpet and sits in front of her, he took out his saddlebag and the two swords, leaving it to one side to not interfere. "Well... you already knew that I had an old friend named Meissa, and then I discovered that he was the reincarnation of my brother Markab, right?"

"Uh... Yeah"

"Well. Thousand years ago when Meissa died, I lived in the eastern realms in his little cabin for a few years, but the cause that brought me back here to Equestria was that my brother had probably reincarnated. It took a while to accept leave the cabin Meissa and return here, leaving the life I had there, but I decided to go back. When I arrived I started looking everywhere for Equestria, even after knowing your sister and our friendship break" he said, beginning to form little by little a smile "And then... when I stayed at the Twilight's castle, after we returned from Neighagra, Twilight presented me her friend Spike, and then to observe in detail to be surprised to see a young dragon, I saw that he was the reincarnation of Meissa"

"What? Really?" she said happily of listening the good news

"Yes. His aura, his energy and Iris are exactly equal to that of Meissa and Markab. I have no doubt that he is the reincarnation of Meissa" he said, extending his smile.

"What a good news!. Congratulations, Orion" she congratulated him with a smile from ear to ear.

"Hmhm. Thank you. So... that's why I was away for over three weeks. I was so happy to see my brother reincarnated that I completely forgot about your sleepover or even come to visit you and Celestia" he blushed from embarrassment, carrying his right hoof on his neck.

"It's okay. I think you deserved to spend all that time with Spike, as over a thousand years ago you don't see your brother" she tried to encourage Orion.

"Even so, I should send a letter to you two, at least give you the news of the reincarnation of my brother" he began to lower his ears, with his eyes to the floor.

Luna sees the expression of Orion's depression and gives a little smile "Hmhm. He looks so adorable when he feels guilty of something" she told herself.

"Hey. It's okay!. You no longer worry about it. I forgive you, Orion" she tried again to encourage Orion.

Orion raised his gaze, even with his low ears, looking at Luna and sees that she gave him a smile, telling him that everything was fine, but that was not enough for him, returning his gaze back to the floor.

"Hey" she said softly, then giving a pause "How about if we start the sleepover?"

Orion again looked up again, but this time a little more convinced, giving a little smile. That was enough to Luna. Then she stood up and returned to her place on her bed to return to finish reading her book.

"Just give me a second to finish reading this book" she said, turning page by page.

"What book are you reading?" he raises his ears of curiosity.

"Oh... It's nothing. Just a silly book that I started reading" she said pretending, closing the book again.

Orion approaches her and check out the cover of the book, reading the title aloud "'How to do your own sleepover'. Hmhm. You also don't know what's a sleepover?"

"Hehe. Well... I know what it's, but..." she hid part of her face with the book, lowering her voice "I never did a sleepover"

"So this book shows you how to do a sleepover?" She nodded "Hmhm. If you don't know how's a sleepover why you asked me to do one?" he asked, sitting beside her on the edge of the bed.

"Well... a time further back that we'll meet, I had discovered a book about the sleepovers, and I liked it so much the things you could do at a sleepover"


"I didn't have anypony to make, since my sister was usually too tired to do one, or sometimes she was very busy. But when we became friends, I thought I might invite you to a sleepover" she completely hid her blushing face behind the book.

He gives a small laugh and with his left hoof, gently pushes the book to discover the Luna's face. "I don't think the sleepover is difficult, it's just for fun with friends at night"

"What?. You know what a sleepover?. If you told me that you knew nothing about it" she raised her head surprised in the blink of an eye.

"Well... yes!. When I arrived to the castle was almost mid-afternoon, and then I found Cadance and she asked if I was visiting. I told her that I came to a sleepover that you invited me" he approached a little further middle of the bed "Then she told me it was early, as sleepovers is at night. I asked her about what was and she told me that it was a small party with friends, inviting the others to its home to sleep the night there, and while at night they have fun telling stories, games and more, before sleep. She told me that it usually do the young ponies, but there are also some adult ponies that do it, as they find it very funny"

"You think I'm a very old mare to do a sleepover?" she asked, lowing her ears.

"What?. Where do you get these ideas, Luna?. Of course not" he turned his torso more towards Luna and supported his right hoof on the left cheek of Luna gently, lifting her to see him. "I don't care if the sleepovers do the young ponies, if you want to do a sleepover, you will have it"

She blushes and further supports her head on the hoof of Orion, giving a little smile, then straightened to regain her position "So... what do you want to do first?"

"Uh... I don't know. You decide"

"Alright. Then, what about if we see the stars. As Neighagra"

"Uh... but there's a problem" he said with a smile and a raising an eyebrow, pointing with his hoof at the ceiling "We're not outdoors, Luna"

"Oh. Well, then let me do this" she said jokingly

Luna began to shine her horn, and then Orion began to see that the ceiling along with the walls of the room were disappearing, giving a full view to the starry sky and part of the landscape around of Canterlot. Orion was astonished to see a complete view of the beautiful night that there was.

"Hm. It seems that the princess had a trick up her sleeve" he said with a mocking voice

"You could say so" she said again jokingly. Then she pulls her back in bed, looking up at the sky and then gives her gaze to Orion "Come on Orion!. Come with me to look at the stars"

He gives a smile and then goes further into the bed to lie down beside her. The sky was very starry, from end to end, with a crescent moon gradually giving its way to the top of the sky. In certain parts of the sky it could be seen some nebulae of different shades of violet and blue. One of it was giving all of its way from the horizon to almost the top of the sky, like an arrow

"What a beautiful night, isn't it?"

"Yes..." giving a slight pause, then pointing her hoof into the starry sky "Oh! I saw a shooting star!"

"Well. Make a wish"

Luna closed her eyes, thinking about her desire for a few seconds, then opening it again "Ready!"

"Don't say it!. If not, your wish won't be fulfilled"

"Although, I think that my desire has already been fulfilled" she told herself with a little smile.

Orion suddenly left out of bed, and headed where is his saddlebag, rummaging into it.

"What's wrong, Orion?" she asked confused, raising her torso with her left hoof

"Oh!. Just my hair bothers me a bit. So I'm searching my hair band" he said, rummaging in it. "It's the bad to have long hair"

"Hmhm. Stallions complain about everything" she mocked

"Yeah?. I had no idea that the stallions are complainers" he also mocked

Luna gives a smile, rolling her eyes. But then when she gives her gaze to Orion's saddlebag, sees on the side of it the Orion's sword. "Why always when you're going to either side you bring with you your sword?. I don't think there is anypony here who wants to attack us" she mocked again.

"Hmhm. It's an habit that is already in me. As I traveled from place to place, she was always by my side"

"Oh!" but then she realized that there was a second sword, alongside Orion's "Uh... Orion. Don't you only had one sword?"

"Aha!. Here you are" he found his hair band. "Uh- Well... that sword is not mine, actually the sword belonged to Meissa" he said, carrying his hooves to his hair along with the band, then forming a ponytail.

"Why do you have it here?"

"Well... as Spike is the reincarnation of him, I think it would be appropriate to return his sword, in which it belonged to him" he said, returning to his place on the bed.

"That's perfect," she said, supporting Orion's idea, then fell into a deep silent for a few moments "So... tell me. What did you do after discovering that Spike was the reincarnation of your brother?"

He gives a little smile and then looks back at the starry sky "Well... I enjoy every moment with him. You know... I told him how was Meissa's life, and he told me all of his adventures together with Twilight and the carriers of the elements of harmony"

"And what else?"

"One day we went to Neighagra with Twilight to spend the afternoon there, and we had also gone to Everfree forest to a beautiful lake"

"In the forest Everfree?" she asked

"Hmhm. Yes. Here, that lake is very beautiful... in the water have beautiful lily pads with white flowers, and at the base of the trees, that are close to the shore, there are a lot of kinds of beautiful flowers and exotic plants"

"Wow!. How a lake as beautiful as you describe it, can be in such a dangerous forest?"

"No matter if the forest is dangerous or not, but nature that grew in it. In the forests here in Equestria and those that I had been in the eastern realms are also dangerous, because it's the land of wild animals and they defend it. But nature that grows in them is unimaginably beautiful" he said with a smile, giving a short pause "Besides, I think that both times you went to the castle was when we were in Neighagra and in the lake of the Everfree forest"

"Hmhm. I can see why" she joked, then taking another short pause "Hey... What do you think if we tell each other a story?"

"Alright" he turned on the bed to lie on his left side, with his head resting on his hoof "Why don't you go first?"

"Okay. Let me think..." she said, carrying her hoof to her chin "Oh. This story you'll like it"

"Well. I'm all ears"

Time passed quickly and it was a little over midnight, the moon was at its highest point in the sky, lowering slowly. In the room, the Luna's spell that she imposed was still giving a beautiful setting at the starry sky.

They were still lying on Luna's bed, telling each other all sorts of stories of adventure, romance, comedy, all kinds of stories are coming to their mind, but they already were beginning to yawn every so often, and increasingly it turned more frequently as their bodies gave them notice that it was time to go to sleep.

Suddenly, Orion gives his last sigh after finishing to tell his story, and then sits on the edge of the bed

"Uh. Orion. What are you gonna do?" she asked confused.

"Uh... go to sleep" he said turning back his gaze to Luna.

"But. Where?"

"I'll sleep there on the carpet. Why do you ask?" he pointed his hoof to the velvet carpet that was beside Luna's bed

"What? Oh, no!. You won't going to sleep there, Orion" she lifted her torso, leaning her hoof on her bed "Why don't you sleep here with me?. I have no problem"

"What? No!. I won't usurp the bed of a princess. Besides that carpet is velvet, I don't think I'll pass the night very uncomfortable" he said with a mocking voice at the end.

"Now, stop talking nonsense. Orion" she lunged towards him and pushed him with her hooves, returning him back to the bed "You'll sleep here and finish"

"Alright. As you wish" he rolled his eyes

After all, they returned to their places where they were already from the beginning. They stood there looking at the stars until their eyes were telling them it's time to sleep, but then Orion sees a shooting star pass right on top of the sky.

"Hey! A shooting star!" he said, pointing with his hoof

"Well. Make a wish"

He closed his eyes for a moment, thinking about his desire, but then he begins to feel that something was leaning on his chest. He opened his eyes and note that Luna had approached him, resting her head on his chest, she curled up like a filly with her favorite stuffed in her crib.

"Hmhm. You're very comfortable, isn't it?" he mocked.

"Yes" she said with a smile, then giving a little pause. "Goodnight, my Selkie" she said good night, giving him a little kiss on his left cheek.
Orion's heart began to beat faster, he began to feel that temperature of his face was elevating, causing his cheeks blush. They spent a few seconds in silence, then he gives a little smile and returned the goodnight kiss to Luna, planting it at the base of her horn.

"Goodnight, my Luna"

* * *