Piraka Don't Play Fair

by Reiuji Laevateinn

Chapter Eight: Crazy Powers are Crazy, Part 3. Final

Reidak’s POV  

    “Okay, Avak, what is the plan for our recruitment?” I asked, grumbling. We had been walking for hours, with no end in sight. It was starting to infuriate me. As well as the fact that Avak had yet to tell me anything.

    “Well, Reidak, I plan on going to the one place where there are always criminals: A prison. I heard that there was a large, high security prison located near Vanhoover. We are going to initiate a jailbreak.” Avak explained, eyes darting around suspiciously. I nodded at the idea, seeing it sound.

   “But how exactly are we gonna do that? We are two Skakdi against a high security prison.” I asked.

   “Yeah, but we are two Skakdi against a high security prison guarded by horribly trained equines.” Avak grinned. My own grin widened as I saw his plan.

   “Alright….let's do it!” I agreed, before continuing towards Vanhoover, which was in the distance. Avak held me back.

   “Wait. I also have a special weapon for this.” Avak pulled out his Zamor Sphere Launcher. I looked at it quizzically.

   “What exactly is a empty Zamor Sphere Launcher going to do?” I asked, confusion settling in my mind. Avak chuckled darkly.

   “Well, I found a few buttons on this, and not only did it do this.” He pressed a button, and a glowing green sphere formed in the launcher. “It also gave me the recipe to make these things.” I stared at it skeptically.  

    “Okay, but why would we need to enslave the ponies?” I asked again.

   “This one is different.” He pulled the trigger, and the Sphere shot out, impacting the ground before exploding into a larger sphere of green electricity and energy. When it faded, my grin was stretched across my face. “It has two versions; Explosive, and Slavery.” Avak told me, and I checked my own launcher. The same buttons and everything was there.

   “Time to kick some ass.” I growled, staring back at the city ahead of us.

Irrelevant Guard POV

   Today was like any other day: boring, with nothing to do but stare ahead. I mean, seriously, why would anypony want to free the criminals inside? They are the closest thing to being shipped to Tartarus, and nopony would even think about freeing them. I just wish something would happen…

    “Hey, you! Get your flank out here! The city is under attack!” My boss yelled at me. I stared at him.

    “What?” I asked, unsure if I heard him right.

    “A Piraka is attacking the city! Get your flank down here to assist in containing this guy!” He clarified, and I gulped.

   “Y-yes sir!” I shouted, before running back inside, grabbing my spear and rushing down the stairs. A brown claw rushed out, gripping my throat before I could react. I was lifted off my hooves, before staring into the eyes of a Piraka.

    “Well hello there…” He growled, and I tried to call out for help, only to result in his claws grip tighten around my neck.

    “Not a peep, bud. Now then, here's what you are going to do. You are going to give me the keys to the cells here, you are going to not alert anyone after I get the keys, and you might just live to see another day. Got it?” The brown Piraka explained slowly. I nodded, before hoofing over the keys on my belt. He took them in his other claw, before hitting me in the face, and I slipped into unconsciousness.

 Reidak’s POV

   “Come on, you stupid ponies! Where's the challenge?! Surely you could do better than this!” I growled, lobbing another Zamor Sphere, explosive type, at a building. It exploded on contact, setting fire to the building with a green fire. A pegasus guard charged me, spear aimed for my throat. I grabbed the spear, breaking it, before punching him in the face, sending him reeling.  A Earth Pony charged, and I pulled out my drill. I met his charge, my drill hitting his spear’s tip, before shredding through it. I head butted him, knocking him out, before raising my fist, hitting a pony that was sneaking up on me in the face.

   I looked at him as he fell, before shrugging and raising my arm. I don't know why I did, I just did. A moment later, the ground trembled, and a pillar of earth leapt out of the ground, hitting a pony in the gut. I kept my hand raised, and more pillars rose, hitting him and sending him back in the air, much like Onewa in Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui. I chuckled, before pulling out my Buzzsaw and shredding an in coming spear. I laughed, hoping this would last for a long while.


   Avak's POV

   “Alright, you guys, I'm setting you free so you can join my organization. Deal?” I explained to the imprisoned ponies. They nodded, while some just shrugged. I opened the doors, before realizing how long this would take. I tried a different solution, pulling out my Jackhammer and shooting each door, destroying the lock. The doors slid open, and the criminals stepped out carefully.    

   “Now then, follow me.” I told them, and walked down the aisle. I stopped as a hoof connected with my head. I turned to see the released criminals grin savagely. I sighed.

   “So, I guess we gotta do this the hard way…” I growled, pulling out my ZSL (Zamor Sphere Launcher) and firing, the sickly green orbs connecting with each one of the ex cons. Their eyes widened, and the orbs slipped through their body. Then their eyes glowed red, and they slumped over.

    “Head down to the left, then head through the tunnel. I'll catch up. Then, we will head East. Got it?” I ordered, and they nodded, before shuffling past me. I'll undo the effects later, when they are safely behind bars at our base. Then we will...convince them to join us willingly.

   “Time to go retrieve Reidak…” I muttered, before walking out the exit, guns blazing.

    I eventually found Reidak sitting on a stump, unconscious guards all around him. He waved.

    “Sup. Ready to go?” He asked, and I nodded. He got up, before heading towards the area where the tunnel opened up. Our ex cons mingled around, occasionally bumping into each other.

    “Did you use the Enslave Zamor Spheres?” Reidak asked. I nodded. “Why? Wait, let me guess. They attacked you after you freed them.” He guessed. I nodded, slightly surprised that he figured it out so quickly. Seeing my expression, he chuckled. “Hey, Reidak was actually very smart. He was just too impatient to use it.”

   “I forgot about that.” I facepalmed. “Anyway, let's get out of here before more guards arrive.”

   “Oh yeah, also, did you know that we can use our elemental powers now?” Reidak asked. I looked at him.

   “What?” I asked, confused. It took two Skakdi of the same element to use our elemental powers. He broke that rule right then and there, raising his hand as a earthen colum rose out of the ground, before floating in the air. Curious, I held out my own hand at a nearby building. It crumbled, before collapsing, the building made entirely of stone. I grinned.

   “This is awesome! How did it happen though?” I asked him.

   “I have a theory, but I want everyone to be there when I present it.” He told me, before walking towards the pony criminals and leading them back towards the HQ. Shaking my head, I followed.

Third Person  POV

   For a small moment, both Reidak and Avak vanished, before reappearing. However, when they did return, they found themselves as females.

    “FUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKKK!” Avak yelled, before poofing back to normal.