I remember you

by Strata

The call

The moon, unusually, was a deep yellow, like it really was made of cheese. What cheese would it be? thoughts rattled round the professor's head like dry leaves in a cave, stirred by an errant breeze. camonbere would be too soft, Brie has the same problem, and Cheddar's ability to congeal together into a stellar body was questionable to say the least. Mozzarella, he concluded, was perfect. One of Alex's insufferable gags came back to him. What's cheese that's not yours? Nacho cheese! Sometimes the professor had no idea why he even spent time with Alex. Maybe he was the only person who actually spent time with him. Huh. Now that he put it that way-


Sombra almost fell out of bed with fright. Calming himself, he saw his phone ring. He realized he had never heard his own phone ring before. Jeez, have I really never even heard it before? He fumbled for it, trying to grab it as it seemed to dive out of his hand like mercury in the palm.


He finally managed to secure the phone, and hastily answered.

"Hello? Who is this?"
"Chris. Put on a shirt and get to the back of the 7th house on Ken Avenue. Something you might like."
"Ken Avenue? That's on the nice side of town, right?"
"Yes. Now get over here."
"Wait, why?"

She had already hung up.


Her darker skin blended in with the dark houses, and her ever-present tight black jeans and torn shirt helped her camouflage. She really was rather scary, with the way she blended into the background, only identifiable from her piercing eyes. A thousand memories lie behind those eyes, buried. She was sick of waiting, and was just about to call him again, when the Professor stepped inter her view, looking over his shoulder, as if frightened. She walked up to him, scaring him as she appeared suddenly near him.

"Took you long enough."
"You almost gave me a heart attack."
"Is the chocolate scientist melting in the hot Spanish night? It's a super-moon tonight, too, closer to earth than ever. Reminds me..." She trailed off.
there was silence for a few moments.
"Of what?"
she snapped back to reality.
"Nothing. An old friend."
A perplexed expression crossed Sombra's face.

"So, why did you wake me up?"
"You know the weird pink lady you're trying to get your leg over?"
"I'd prefer if you didn't say that."
"yeah, well this is her house." she said, knocking the house next to her with her knuckles

The professor didn't really know how to react at first, but he decided on the emotion he was feeling. Disgust.


she looked a bit taken aback.
"What do you mean, why? I found where she lived, and now you know. You're welcome."
"That's honestly extremely disturbing, Chris. You're basically stalking this girl."
"Hmph. Well, then I suppose you wouldn't want to see these photos that I took..."
"Chris. I don't know what you did, but give me the phone now so I can delete them."
" You'll have to get it off me first, tough guy." she mocked.

Sombra, rather out of character, lunged at Chris, making a grab for the phone, and surprised, she dropped it. they both immediately leaped at it, and wrestled on the ground struggling for it. The older female's sharpened fingernails tore at the lanky professor's shirt, but he took Tae Kwon Do in middle school, and flipped her onto her back, and dived headfirst for the phone, only to be pulled back by the ankle as she jumped over him, and she grabbed the phone.

"YES!" She exclaimed, with uncharacteristically happy yell, only to hear a door open. A soft voice called out;
"Who's there?"

Chris swore, and ran off down the alley. Sombra quickly followed, almost tripping up on the gravel. They both kept running until they got to the park, illuminated by the large moon.

Through heavy panting, Sombra managed to stammer out the words;
"Your'e... Insane...."
she laughed, a strange and breathy laugh. Sombra had the same realization he had towards his phone, that he had never heard her do that. It almost made her seem human, and momentarily not scary. Strange.

She quickly stopped, and cleared her throat, before holding up the phone and smiling.
"Care for round two?"

Sombra, although extremely winded, made a leap, an involuntary smile coming over him. This time he was slightly off as he collided with Chris, and they both rolled on the soft, patchy orange grass for a few moments, before stopping with the flustered Professor over Chris, hands holding his upper body up, staring her straight in the eyes. She stared back.

Suddenly, he coughed.
"Ew. In my face?"
"sorry, I just remembered I- *cough* have a bit of asthma."
"Oh, damn."

They both got up, and Chris brushed off the coughing Sombra.

"Jeez man, sorry."
"You shouldn't- *cough* he said, as he held up a phone with a cheeky grin.

"Oh, you tricky bastard."
He began coughing again.
"I wasn't lying, thou- *cough*"


"This is still really creepy, Chris."
He thumbed through the seven or so photos of Cadence, sleeping, half covered by the sheets. There was a patch of white, as if taken through a window. To Sombra's relief, she was clothed.
"Fun time's over, huh?" she asked, cheekily.
Sombra was about to delete them, when Chris snatched the phone back from him.
"My phone, my photos."
"what need would you even have for stalker photos of Cadence?"
"No reason!" she snapped back at him. He shrugged his shoulders.
"Wait, now you just don't care?" She asked
"Your phone, your rules." he replied.

They came to the intersection. Sombra's house was right, her... dwelling was left. Sombra had never seen it.
"See you later, Chrissy." he said as he smiled and begun to crack a fast walk down his avenue. He didn't escape without a punch to the back of the shoulder.