Grandchildren of Discord

by MLPRainbowHeart

The BIG Decision (Now without errors ^^)

He woke up at the sound of her sleeping. He could not believe he married HER. He thought it was a dream but then he remembered. It was as if it was just yesterday when they first met, he remembered: the chocolate lake... her as a pirate.... those beautiful enchanting eyes..... he just couldn't believe it. He touched her mane and sighed dreamily.

" Good Morning..." she sighed, smiling at him.

He was a little bit startled at first but then he smiled, " Good Morning Screwy... I didn't mean to wake you up..." Mothball replied after kissing her softly on the lips. Screwball giggled but she was still kinda sleepy.

" What time is it? " she asked.

" 9:30 " Mothball said looking at the clock.

" I have to go call Dinky! I mean, she wakes up really early." he put his hoof on her before she could even move.

" Please don't go... " He said looking at her. She smiled, "Besides... why do you have to call her?"

" It's her birthday silly... don't you remember? Her birthday is the same day as mine..."

" Right..." he mumbled, kinda disappointed, " Oh and, Happy Birthday Screwy!" he said happily.

She giggled and went downstairs. Mothball sighed in happiness, he was so happy that he was finally with his true love. He smiled and looked at the window, he instantly jumped in fear and fell of the bed.

Getting up onto his hooves, he spoke, " With all respect Mr. Discord, but do we have to go through this every morning? " he asked with his hoof on his head.

On the other side of the window was Discord with the biggest smile he had ever seen, Mothball could not tell if that smile was happiness, evilness or just Discord-ish.

" Oh... wow where are my manners!?" he smirked, appearing in the room. " Greetings, I'm Discord, the lord of chaos, THE FATHER OF YOUR WIFE! " He shouted with his armed crossed. Mothball stayed quiet to show some respect but still kinda angry, ever since he got married with Screwball, Discord had been doing that every single morning, he was kinda tired of it. He wanted privacy.

The house was only three feet away from Discord's castle, talk about privacy.

Screwball trotted inside the room and saw her dad, she got startled at first but then she got mad. Discord didn't have enough time to disappear so he was just there staring at her daughter innocently.

" REALLY DADDY!? " she screamed.

" Happy... Birthday..? " He said trying to... 'clear up his name', she rolled her eyes whilst Mothball was still sitting on the floor staring at his angry wife.

" Dad! I told you to give us privacy!" She shouted, still half angry.

" Oh PLEASE! " he said shrugging, " I'm just checking you don't do anything... naughty..."

Screwball gasped and went red , SUPER red. Mothball blushed but not as hard as his wife. She was still red when she opened her mouth to talk, sensing a vibe, Mothball covered his ears.

"How... how DARE you?!?!?! I'm big now and I want privacy!!!" she screamed, getting even more red. Discord laughed and poofed away in an instant.

She was still red when she looked at Mothball that was looking at her. This time she really blushed.

" Don't worry. " he said smiling.

"Come on Mothy, I 'made' breakfast and with made, I mean poofed." she said smiling. They both went downstairs and started eating. Some minutes later Screwball was eating but also staring at her plate more than she was eating. Mothball already knew she was gonna ask something.

"Uhmm Mothy...?" she said looking at him.

He looked at her without answering.

" Did you ever... did you ever think about having kids...? " she asked.

Mothball spilled his chocolate shake in suprise, then he was thinking she was kidding but she was looking at him without smiling. He then blushed and got super nervous.

"I...I...I mean..." he stumbled, blushing even harder. He could tell his wife was disappointed.

" It was just a question... " she mumbled, looking back at her plate and standing up.

Mothball was super disappointed at himself though he was too scared to answer her. He felt bad for leaving his wife hanging. He sighed and stood up to clean up breakfast.


" Discord?!" Fluttershy yelled. He suddenly poofed in front of her.

" Hello Discord " she said frowning at him, " Where were you at? "

"Uhh..." Discord said trying to think of a lie, " I was..... OUT....out doing... uh... SOMETHING!" he lied quite clearly. His wife was looking at him, he knew she would never, ever believe his little fib.

" I was... with the kids... spying on them..." he gave in, sighing in defeat.

" WHAT!? " she yelled. " Give them privacy Discord!!! " she said hitting him in the paw.

" I'm just... checking... they don't do anything uh... naughty..." he said, almost smiling. She opened her mouth to say something but sighed. She was angry at him.

" Just... go to the table... Zany is waiting... " she said looking down. Discord smirked and followed his wife to eat.


Mothball told his wife to come with him for her surprise gift. She had a blindfold on and they were walking into the forest. Mothball talked with Cinnamon Stick some time ago and told him what happened at breakfast. Cinnamon told him that he should do what his heart told him. He was walking with Screwy and suddenly stopped.

"Okay... you can take it off now..." he said.

Screwball took her blindfold off and gasped. There were two trees with lily blossoms on them. Under them was a blanket with black and pink colors. On top was a really cute meal. It looked poorly made but it didn't look horrible. She smiled and kissed him.

" It's not the best but... I made the food myself.." he said blushing. She smiled and took a bite of the salad covered in chocolate. It wasn't as great as her mothers but it was really good. She opened her mouth to say something but Mothball started talking, " Look Screwy... " he looked down.

"I thought about what you said... and yes... I do want kids... " he said, staring back up at his wife. Screwball gasped and stared at him in surprise.