An Old and Wise Star

by Gianfar

Chapter 7: The Promise

Orion had quit living in the Everfree forest to live temporarily Friendship Rainbow Kingdom Castle with Twilight, since she had offered him to help to let his concern aside, that the ponies of the present are not the same as the ponies of the past, that he could go and coexist with other ponies without worrying about having to be covering his wings, that the current ponies can also be his friends.

Twilight did this since as princess of friendship has helping others ponies with their problems with friendship. But what was strange was that the map which has in her throne room, gave no sign to her nor to the other five carriers of the elements of harmony about the problem of Orion. It was very strange and even more for Twilight, but that detail didn't mean that she wouldn't help him

It was Sunday morning, Orion along with Meissa had moved to the castle of Princess Twilight Sparkle recently, The Friendship Rainbow Kingdom Castle. He was in his bedroom sitting on his bed organizing his things to settle into his new bedroom. He rummaged in his bag and left two book on his nightstand along with his scrolls
Then also from his bag he pulled out a small frame in which it had painted a pony family. In it was Orion when he was unicorn with his brother Markab and with his parents Shining Blaze and Silvertree. He stared at it in great detail and with a big smile on his face. Meissa was curled up on the bed to his left side, but then turns his sight to Orion and sees him looking at painting, then the wolf decides to get closer to him and lay his head on him.

Orion begins to feel something soft and furry supporting in his side, he decides to look and sees his wolf leaning on it as if he was a pillow. Seeing Meissa a sad smile appeared on his face and then returned his gaze to the painting

"I wish you had known them boy. They were the best ponies and sure that if you had known them, they would have loved you as much as I love you boy" he said still holding his sad smile

Meissa looks at Orion and then gives a big yawn and leaned again in Orion. His sad smile changed to a normal and left his painting above the nightstand and supports his front hoof on Meissa's tummy and starts scratching it. The wolf began to move his back leg from side to side and made a little moan that it could be barely hear.

"Hey!. How about if we go to the lake to fish so you eat something. Since it will be almost noon" he said, pulling out his hoof of Meissa's tummy.

Meissa started moving his tail from side to side and gave a bark. That was enough for Orion. He leaves his remaining things in his bed along with backpack, his sword and left the room. They went to down the stairs and out of the castle to go to the lake that was behind it.

After they spend at least half an hour, in the castle library, as usual, Twilight was reading some books to pass the time. But the noon approached and Twilight began to feel his stomach crunches of hunger. She didn't hesitate to go to lunch, but the library was a disaster, there were books piled up on her desk and on the floor at a height greater than hers. So without time to lose her horn began to glow and collected all the books that were out of their shelves and brought them back to their places in the blink of an eye.
Twilight was alone in the castle, since Spike had gone to the Rarity's store to help her with her clothes and dresses, reorganize her stock and her glassmaking. Since Spike wasn't in the castle, she decided to invite Orion to see if he want to lunch with her.

After organizing her library she went to Orion's room. She climbed the stairs and headed down the hall to the right where was his room, but upon reach the doors of his room she knocked on the door but nopony answered.

"Orion?... Orion are you there?" she asked as she knocks on the door, but without response. She knocked the door again, but the result was the same. So she decided to enter to his room cautiously. The door opened gently with a dull noise, but once inside the room, it was empty. She saw that his things were above the bed and saw that there were also books and scrolls on the nightstand.

As usual, the curiosity of Twilight to see new books invaded her and decided to grab one and take a look. To turning the pages, she saw that it was a book about the different types of plants that exist and their properties, and the last book was about the natural magic, in which there were different types of spells to interact with nature. Twilight for some reason decided to not see the scrolls, but then saw that there was a small frame on the nightstand. She decided to levitate with her magic to her and saw in that frame there was a painting with four ponies.

To look it in detail she noticed that one of those ponies was Orion. At first she didn't recognized him since in this painting he was a young unicorn and had no beard on his chin. But after observing also realized that it was a familiar painting. She saw the pony which was at his side was his brother Markab and the two ponies that was above them were his parents Blaze and Silver. She gave a happy smile to see Orion with his family, but the cause of that smile was see that apparently not his whole life was a disgrace as he says.
Suddenly she began to hear laughter. Twilight began to look around, but could not find the cause of such laughter. After being looking for where the laughter came from, he noticed that those laughter were heard from the bedroom window, she decided to approach to find the causing and then to see down, near the lakeside there were Meissa and Orion. Seeing them gave a smile and decided to go down to where they were.

"Here's another boy!!" Orion said as he pulled a fish from the lake.

Meissa to see emerge from the water the fish, raises his ears and wait to approach, then he starts wagging his tail and of a jumped he achieved grab it with his mouth.

"Haha. Do you want another?" he asked with a smile

Orion to be taking another fish of the water, Meissa turns his head toward the side of the castle and sees Twilight approaching them. Seeing her he begins to move his tail from side to side, Orion noticing Meissa excited decides to turn his head and sees approaching Twilight.

"Oh. Hello Twilight!" he greeted with a smile.

"Hello Orion"

"What are you doing here? I thought you were reading in your library"

"Well... I wanted to ask you if you want to have lunch with me"

"Sure!" he said with a smile

"Well... come on!, would you accompany me to buy lunch?" she said turning back towards Ponyville.

"It's not necessary. Before I came here Zecora left me a little bowl of stew that she did last night. Or you want lunch another thing?"

"Oh. Ok!. If you already had something in mind for lunch..." she said turning back to Orion

" Hmhm. The bowl is in my room in my backpack, just let me give the last fish to Meissa and ready!" he said as he began to shine his horn "Here's another Meissa!. Ready?"

Melissa raises his ears leaving them straight and gave a bark while moving his tail. "Ok!. There it goes boy!" Orion said as he pulled another fish from the lake and heading to Meissa

Each time the fish approached him, Meissa was prepared for give a leap and grab it. The fish was nearly over his head and in the blink of an eye Meissa jumped and grabbed the fish of a bite and then took it to a trip to his digestive system.

"Jeje. Well done boy!!"

Meissa again began to move his tail from side to side and gave a bark leaving his tongue hanging off the side of his mouth.

"Hmhm, it seems that you two have a very strong bond" she said with a smile

"Hmhm, aha!. I raised him since he was almost a puppy"

"How did you meet him?" she asked as she sits beside Meissa.

"I met him when he was almost a puppy ten years ago. I'd found him near here of this town. I was walking there in the meadows and I saw something lying on the ground and seemed to move gently. When I decide to approached I saw him, he was wounded in most of his body, apparently had a fight with another animal. He was lost, since the territory of wolves is in Tall Tale and near of Smokey Mountain and Unicorn Range. I didn't hesitate to charge and bring him to a safer place to heal him. Despite the injuries that he had, he managed to recover in just two days; I couldn't believe how a wolf had a big regeneration system. But when I'd decided to take him to the territory of the wolves, but in those two days I fond of him and he of me hmhm. So I decided to keep him and have him as my friend."

"Hmhm. What a lovely story" she said as she caresses Meissa with her front hooves.

"Since that day it has been my faithful friend. In good and bad times he's always with me" he said with a smile as he looked at Meissa.

"But... How is that Meissa is so huge?. He's as tall as me" she asked confused

"That I never knew. When I met him he was a puppy at least almost ten months and he had a size of an adult wolf. When I found him he was only the height of a young foal, but every year became bigger and bigger, and until today he grew to that size"

"Maybe it could be a genetic alteration at birth" she said

"That was the first thing that popped into my mind"

"Orion... Can I ask you a question about your past?" she asked with a low voice.

"Uh... Okay. What is your question?" he said turning his sight to Twilight.

"I know that everything you told me about your life was a disgrace, but there has been some pony that has accepted you in the past, like Meissa?" she asked gently to try to not put the hoof.

"Well..." he sighed and turned his gaze toward the lake. "There are many things in my past that I don't want even remember. But yes, there have been ponies on which they've accepted me, but only very few about what I really am".

"Could you tell me more clearly Orion? If you want"

"Here in Equestria my life was not entirely happy, but I met some ponies which cared about me, but only looking like unicorn and I always tried to hide what I really am, but despite all sometimes I had a good connection with a pony. But despite that, I decided to follow my way since I didn't want that them to see what I really am, since in many places where I had been previously they had tried to do things that I already told you, and also for what happened in my town and about my brother.
To tell you the truth just two ponies accepted me how it really was. Well... a pony and a zebra, they were Meissa and Zecora"

"And Princess Celestia?" she asked

"Celestia is a different case. When I met her I was still afraid of what she might do to me if she discovered that I am an alicorn, as we still had aftermath of what had happened before I left from the Eastern Kingdoms. But after we met well and we did more and more friends, I was sick of keep lying than it actually was. I spent some time to think about how to say it gently and that she don't take it wrong, but apparently she had already discovered me. Also, as I told you before, I ran away, but it was for the shame of not telling the truth to my best friend and the only that I had at that time"

"Well... on the other hoof. Do you remember anything about your parents and your brother?"

Orion to heard that he gave a sad smile but also of happiness. "Hmhm. I remember everything about them. I remember every moment that we spent.

My brother was one of the high-ranking warriors of the town, he was very kind and generous with other ponies and a worker pony. But with me was competitive and at the same time compulsive since among us we did every nonsense to see who was the best at doing certain things. But we did it for fun.

My mother was one of the sweetest pony that I met in my entire life, she might be deeply angry with a pony but she never doubted to give her hoof to help that pony. She was also a wonderful cook, she could make a delicacy with only two ingredients that you give to her.

And my father... My father was an inspiration to follow. He was also like my mother, never doubted to give his hoof to help anypony regardless of the facts of their past. It was one of the best warriors in the town and was also the leader of there.

I remember absolutely everything about them" he finished telling to have a smile.

"Is good to hear that not all your life was a misery after all. But one last thing. Why else your whole time that you were in Equestria you didn't want to tell the truth to anypony, including Celestia, but why with Luna wasn't the same?"

"Hmhm. One day a zebra told me -Don't despise the memory of the journey. It doesn't delay your career, but directs it; one who forgets the starting point easily lose the goal. And if you do not want to repeat the past, study it!-"

"Hmhm. I can see why. So to not make the same mistake of before, you decided to tell the truth to Luna despite of the past events"

"Aha. Zecora also told me that lying is a ghost that will never leave you in peace, while only you know the truth, but it doesn't mean you have to tell the truth but doing things with honesty" he said with a smile "Since I met Zecora, my thoughts changed completely"

"I'm glad you told the truth to Luna, is a breakthrough"

"Yeah, but I didn't tell her the whole truth. Yet, I hide her the truth that I knew Celestia"

"Listen. About Celestia was something that you had to hide because you weren't prepared to face your mistake. And I think that was best to hide the truth that have lied her" she said putting her hoof on the shoulder of Orion

"The two things are not something to follow, but you're right. It was better to hide it that have lied her" he said pressing his lips together and pulling them backwards "Well... I think my turn to ask questions. Don't you think?" he said looking Twilight with a smile

"Hmhm. Ok. Go ahead, ask."

"Well... today when I came here to your castle, to tour the castle to find you apparently I went to the throne room. And what I found strange was that there wasn't only one throne in that room, but there were six thrones that had recorded your Cutie Mark and surely the Cutie Mark of another five ponies; and besides alongside to your throne was a smaller throne"

"Well... It's a long story..."

"Doesn't matter. I have all the time, besides" he said as he begins to shine his horn, and then from window of the Orion's room go out levitating, to where they are, a bowl in which inside had stewed vegetables which Zecora had made the night before to Orion, and two small bowls. "To take advantage of... No matter whether we have lunch outdoors?"

"Hmhm. Of course not" she said with a smile

While Orion filling the small bowls with a little vegetable stew, Twilight told him how this castle was created and why in the throne room there are six. Whenever Twilight progressed into the details of how she became an alicorn, the disaster of Plunderseeds and about the chest of the tree of harmony, Orion was surprised at the trouble she had with her friends to pass.

After spend at least one hour, Twilight finished telling everything about the castle and why the six thrones. Orion was amazed at how the magic of the elements of harmony might do.

"Wow. Now I understand why the six thrones. But still, if the six thrones are yours and your friends the carriers of the elements of harmony, from who is the small throne alongside to yours?"

"That little throne is of my friend and assistant Spike"

"Assistant? He is a young pony? Because I think that throne is a bit small for an adult pony like you"

"Hmhm. No... Spike is actually a baby dragon, he has been with me most of my life and he was until the moment my assistant and my best friend"

"Wait... You just say a baby dragon?" he said confused raisin an eyebrow

"Uh... Yes. Despite having sixteen he is still a baby"

"No, what I mean is that here in Equestria are dragons?"

"Well... "Twilight sighed and then directed her view to the lake "Not long ago there was a peace treaty between ponies and dragons. Many dragons immigrated to some cities and towns as Fillydelphia, Manehattan, Vanhoover and others. But despite that has made a peace treaty between the two kingdoms, even ponies and dragons don't live together very well that we could say"

"One of the problems may be in which you and Cadence were talking to Luna in Canterlot about your trip with her to Fillydelphia?"

"Yes. This last time even though we have dealt with many of the same subject matters, still they don't want to coexist ponies with dragons and vice versa. It's a little difficult to make that dragons and ponies get along, although they each have their thoughts I don't tolerate that they behave to that manner to each other"

Orion sighed and fell silent for a few seconds "I know what you feel. I had the same thoughts about why in the past the ponies saw me as a monster or a threat and/or my appearance without knowing who and how I am I actually, but that's in the heads of them"

"But I don't know why it's so difficult to make them get along !. I do not understand how they can judge each other without knowing who they really are and what their personalities, they just judge by appearances!" she barked banging her hoof on the ground.

Apparently the reaction that took Twilight scared Melissa, causing it to move away a little of her to the side of Orion. Twilight let her fury when she sees that scared Meissa. "Oh. Sorry Meissa, I didn't want to scare you" she said sorry for what happened. But despite the scare, Meissa returned to his place alongside Twilight.

"I remember exactly one day my mother told me that a pony must learn that he cannot order things out, but can command himself, he cannot force the will of others, but can shape and dominate their will, and the things which serve the truth serve, the ponies seek the guidance of one who is master of himself.
Listen Twilight. I know you're the princess of friendship and your role is to unite all be in a friendship no matter what, but sometimes you have to put that aside. No matter how hard you try if they don't accept something, don't force them to do something they don't want to do because the results will be worse, it's best to let everything go in due time and wait for the right moment to attempt."

"I had never thought of that way, I think that what you say makes sense" she said surprised

"Hmhm. On the other hoof, Spike is like the other dragons?"

"What? Oh no!. Spike is nothing compared to them, it is much more friendly and sweet than the other Dragons" she said as she shook her head denying the Orion's question

"Ok! Ok!. Hmhm. I'd love to meet him in person to Spike" he said with a smile

"It would be a pleasure that you meet him. He is currently helping one of my friends with some things" she said as she shaking one of his hooves in all directions. "But I think for the evening you will be able to meet him"

"Hmhm. I think it will be better for another day. Besides I have to go" he said as he stood

"Uh? Where are you going?"

"Well... I have to go to Canterlot to fulfill a promise I made to Luna" he said as he grabbed the bowl and small bowls.

"Oh. Well, then I won't bother you. Why better you not let me carry the bowls? so you can arrive earlier" she said grabbing the bowls with her magic.

"Hmhm. Alright" he said leaving the bowls to Twilight "Well boy... Let's go to Zecora's home so I leave you there?"

Meissa immediately stood up and gave a bark while wagging his tail. "Alright boy, Let's go!" he said as he began his road with Meissa to Everfree forest.

But suddenly he heard Twilight say his name, that stopped him. "Orion!" she shouted out as she watched them walk away

Orion immediately turns around and comes back a few steps toward Twilight "What's happens Twilight?" he asked

"Uh... Why you don't leave him here with me? so you can save the journey to Everfree forest"

"It's not necessary, Zecora can take care him without any problems. Besides I don't want to leave him to you as a burden"

"No. Please, I insist" she said serenely

Orion gave a smile and then turned his sight to Meissa "You want to stay here with Twilight? What do you think?" he asked Meissa.

The wolf gave another bark and started moving his tail from side to the other. That was enough for Orion. "Alright!. Be good boy, be kind to her and don't make mischief" he said stroking his head with one of his front hooves.

Meissa starts moving his tail most often and then leaped toward Orion staying on two legs and giving him a wet farewell "Hehehehe. Stop boy!, you're tickling me!" he said between giggles trying to dodge the licks of Meissa.

Then the wolf got back to his all fours and headed where it was Twilight, staying seated alongside her and gives another bark-farewell to him. Orion gives a smile and spread his wings to begin his flight to the castle of Canterlot.

"See you later Twilight" he said goodbye as he prepared to start his flight

"See you later. Orion" she also said goodbye

After saying goodbye Orion begins to take flight, in just a few moments he takes a pronounced height towards the castle of Canterlot. On the flight even though the day was sunny and there was no cloud in the sky, there were some wind gust something strong that was causing a bit of chaos to him to fly, since it rose and fell repeatedly and from one side to the other.

"Uff ... I think I'll have to ask Luna when I reach the castle that she give me some other practices for the flight because it is becoming harder for me to fly straight hmhm" he said to himself as he struggled to keep a straight line on your flight.

After pass at least half hour to hard flight to the castle of Canterlot, Orion landed near the gates of the castle itself. But instead of a normal landing, this was a forced landing since he nearly buried his head in the ground. Being on floor safely, gives a sigh of relief to have come alive after these gusty winds. "-Sigh- Well... I think I came safely by luck hmhm" he said to himself. Then came down his heart rate and adrenaline, he gives his view looking up to the castle. "Ok. Let's see if Luna is here at the castle"

Orion begins his way to the castle entrance and at the entrance there were two guardsmen standing guard at the entrance. Orion noticed they were there, but decided to move on as if nothing to not alert the guards, but these almost be beside of these guards they let down their spears, between crossing, blocking the entrance to Orion

"You cannot enter the castle of princess, is not the time to visit. To enter you need to have an authorization of princess" said one of the guard firmly

"Oh. Sorry guards, but I already have the authorization of Princess Celestia to enter to her castle. She invited me to have tea with her since we have to discuss some important issues" he said with a touch of elegance

The guards looked at each other and began to doubt, but then one of them decided to lift the spears to unlock the passage, but he approached to Orion "Alright. To be sure I will accompany you to the tearoom" said the guard, but this time with a relaxed posture

The guard along with Orion headed inside the castle and went to the main hallway to climbing the stairs. To Climbing the stairs were three halls which are divided with sideways and one forward, as the tea lounge was by the left hallway them headed to the left hallway. As they were walking down the aisle, as is usual Orion always admired the castle since knowing even as it was inevitable for him, however the guard had blocked his view forward. Orion several times thought of something to say to start a conversation with the guard, but ultimately decided to not open his mouth because, like well he know, the guards have strict conduct.

After a long walk through the hallways of the castle, the two ponies arrived at the gates of the tearoom. Opening it Orion was a great surprise to see the same Celestia sitting drinking tea with accompaniment of a piece of chocolate cake. Celestia to see open the doors the tearoom and see Orion behind them with a guard, she also was a great surprised.

The guard stepped forward and gave a bow to Celestia "Princess, sorry for the inconvenience but this pony said to have a visit for tea together with you to talk about issues of paramount importance" said the guard.

Celestia to hear what he had told the guard she confused then turned her sight to Orion and then he suddenly gives a wink. She immediately decides to act. "Oh. Yes!, I spoke with him yesterday when he was here in the castle since we were going to talk about the issue of Fillydelphia" she said indifferently

Alright princess, I won't bother you" the guard said with a bow and then leaving the tearoom closing the door behind him.

After the guard left the tearoom, she looks Orion with a raised eyebrow "And now what was that all about?" she asked as she coming toward him.

"Hmhm. You want to know what was that all about?" he said with a mocking voice.

"While it's not serious" she said quietly looking away"

"Haha!. Actually I only came to visit Luna since I made a promise to her, and well... when I arrived at the gates of the castle, the guards blocked the passage and telling me that I needed an authorization to go to the castle. Then I said to them that I had a visit to tea with you and discuss urgent issues" he told what happened

"Are you still keep saying that nonsense that you get a visit to tea with me to almost all the guards?" she asked, then turned her front hoof to her mouth and giggled "It seems you have not changed at all" she added

"Why change that saying? There is nothing more important than a visit to tea with the Princess and talk urgent issues. I do not think the guards prohibit the entry to a pony which has a very important board with his princess" he said with a mocking voice while he came closer more to Celestia.

"Haha!. What will be?. is something of yours" she joked. Then she gave a hug to greet Orion "How did it go there with Twilight?" she asked.

"Well ... the first thing was a little weird how she received me but then was very friendly"

"Weird? Hmhm. Come, join me for tea and tell me everything" she said as she approached where the teapot was with its set. Orion also came there and sat beside her. "Well... tell me what happened?" she said after taking a sip of tea

"When I arrived at the castle, at knock anypony had not responded and I decided to go to see if she was somewhere in the castle. In front of me I had seen a stairs which gave the upper floors of the castle, so I decided to see if she was up there.
I'd told Meissa to stay down because I didn't think it appropriate to take him a walk through the castle. So I went upstairs and headed by one of the corridors and came to the throne room of the castle. For a moment I began to wonder why they had more of a throne room, since there were six. After being looking those thrones I heard a scream coming from down and then I started running down the stairs to see what had happened.
When I got downstairs I saw books that had scattered all over the floor and Meissa scared and then I noticed that he was looking scared one of the pillars of decoration, and I decided to see what was back there . I noticed that there was Twilight also scared, I quickly realized that she was frightened by Meissa. When I poke my head to see if it was okay she throws a ray leaving me lying on the ground..."

"Really she did that?" she interrupted

"Well... it was a defense reflex, she didn't on purpose. But then when I got up I went back to see if she was well and... you know... she then came out from behind the pillar. She told me why she was scared, and then when she saw Meissa she hid behind me. She said that he had scared"

"And then? what happened?"

"Well after apologizing by lightning, she took me to the room where I will be living temporarily. For a moment I thought it would be an ordinary room, but when I entered the room was... it was almost luxurious. For a moment I began to remember when I lived in the same conditions here in this castle. That room reminded me of my old room where I lived here in Canterlot"

"You mean The Luna's room?"

"Yes. Although the room was of Luna, in that time I felt like it was mine"

"Although the room now has her, besides of the room is of Luna. When Twilight finish to help you, you wouldn't want relive here in Canterlot. With me?"

Orion looked at Celestia with a big smile "With my best friend? All my life!"

Celestia also gave a big smile to hear the acceptance of Orion. And then she began to shine her horn raising the teapot "Hey. Why don't you join me with a cup of tea?" she said as she headed the teapot toward another cup that was aside.

But before she begins to fill the cup, Orion raised his hoof to stop her "No thanks Celestia. Before coming here I had lunch with Twilight, but still thank you again for offering" he said with a smile.

"Oh Ok. As you want" she said returning the pot to its place

"Hey Celly. Do you know where are Luna?"

"Well... I think she was in her room. I do not know if she are sleeping because last night she couldn't sleep because she was so busy with her royal work" she said as she served another cup of tea "I also think you need to comb a bit" she said between giggles.

"Uh? Why you say that?"

"Well... Look your mane"

Orion decided to go to one of the mirrors was there in the room and sees that his mane was all disheveled. To see his mane also starts laughing "Hmhm. I think I'll have to comb my mane" he said with a mocking voice.

"Hmhm. Tell me Orion. What promise did you do to Luna?"

"Well... I promised her to reward my mistake, this week we'd be together, that I would do what she wanted" he said as he walked back to where she was sat.

"Be careful what you promise, in that week something unexpected could happen" she said with a mocking voice

"Stop talking nonsense Celestia" he said rolling his eyes

"Hmhm. Ok but, I warned you" she said again with a mocking voice

Orion gave a chuckle and said goodbye to Celestia to go to the Luna's room where she was. When Orion left the tearoom, he was walking the halls of the castle, in them it could be feel the wind hummed to hit the castle.

Then it happened a while, Orion reached the gates of Luna's room. He started knocking gently just in case Luna was sleeping, but to hit the door them opened just a little slowly with a thud. Orion decided to go open the door a little more slowly and cautiously to move into the room.

Upon entering, Orion thought at first that there was nobody in the room, but being by turning around to return he heard like a moan coming from the Luna's bed. Orion turned his head and saw that the bed was sleeping Luna. Orion approached cautiously to the bed to be sure if she was there, and the closer he notice that she was there, sleeping.
He gave a smile to see so innocent and adorable is her when she slept like a filly, but then decided to leave the room to not interrupt the dream of a princess, since isn't polite for a stallion interrupt the dream of a princess. So he took a step back and again cautiously walked toward the door to then leave the room. But to be coming to the gates, Luna begins to wallow in bed and suddenly opened one of her eyes, and sees Orion heading to the gates. She stands with her front hooves and rubs her eyes to be sure what she was seeing.

"Orion?" she said gently.

Orion heard the voice of Luna and gently turns and sees Luna wakes "Oh. Sorry Luna. I think I woke you up" he said a little embarrassed to interrupt her dreams.

"What are you doing here?" -yawn- "I Thought you were in the castle with Twilight" she said with a yawn.

Well... Yes" he said as he walked over to where was Luna "But I decided to come to visit you for the promise I made to you, but when I knocked the gates of your room it were opened and I saw you were sleeping. So I decided it would be best to visit you more late" he added

Luna gives another yawn and sits on her bed to awake "Oh! Hmhm right!. I had forgotten your promise for all the work I had last night" she said with another yawn.

Orion decided to get even closer to Luna and sits beside her on the bed "Well... If you had a busy work last night, I think you'd better follow sleeping"

"It's not necessary" she said getting out of bed and giving an elongation at her front and hind hooves "Since morning I was sleeping, I think that's enough. Besides... I feel like new" she said elongating her body yet.

"Hmhmhm. If you say so" he said rolling his eyes with a smile.

After Luna finished stretching, looking at Orion and start keep from laughing, but apparently cannot keep it and she began to laughter

Orion to see Luna laughing, he raises an eyebrow without knowing why "What? What's so funny Luna?".

"Hahaha. Look at you. You look ridiculous!" she said between peals of laughter

Then Orion realized why Luna was laughing "Oh. Hmhm yeah, I think I'd have to comb my mane a bit. Don't you have a brush around you lend me to comb my mane?"

"Hmhmhm. Well... Yes. I have one that's in my makeup table. Take it" she said pointing to the makeup table where was the brush but she couldn't yet keep from laughing.
While Orion combed his mane, Luna still couldn't stop laughing to see him combing in a makeup table for mares. But apparently that Luna couldn't keep her giggles Orion turned around and decided to see what it causes both to Luna.

"And now what?" he said raisin an eyebrow

"Hmhm. It's Nothing. It's Just..." -Giggle- "Is a little weird to see you brushing your mane in a makeup table for mares " she said between giggles.

"Hmhm. The fact that I have long mane doesn't mean I don't take it care" he said after finishing brushing his mane

-Giggle- "Just it caused me a bit" she said yet between giggling

"Well... since you're ready, where do you want to go?" he said as he approached to Luna

"Hmm. I don't know. I have not been thinking about some place to where we can go" she said scratching her chin with her hoof

"Well... I thought if you wanted to go to Neighagra Falls"

"To Neighagra? Ok!. I think that would be great" she said with a smile.

"Well... what are we waiting for? Let's go before it make later" he said as he walked toward the gates.

"Ok. Just... wait a minute so I prepare some things to bring" she said grabbing her backpack

"Ok. I wait for you outside" he said as he left the room

Orion stood in the hall a few minutes front to the doors of Luna's room waiting for her be ready for the trip, but then he decided that he would also have to bring something to travel. Without further thought Orion began to shine his horn and suddenly his backpack and his sword had appeared at his side, and inside the backpack were his things. After a few moments later, Luna left her room together also with a backpack, but left her crown and royal necklace and replacement them by the necklace that her sister gifted to her.

"Are you ready?" he said as he put his backpack to start the trip.

"Yes!" she said enthusiastic.

"Alright. Stand by me" he said starting to shine his horn.

"Uh... Ok..."

Orion began to concentrate and in the blink of an eye they were gone in a beam of light.

In Neighagra, near one of the lakeshore, where the falls end, under a tree Orion with Luna appeared in a beam of light. Then Luna opened her eyes and noticed that they already are in Neighagra Falls, he began to look around admiring the beautiful scenery of the waterfalls.

"Wasn't that the long distance travel teleportation consumed a lot of energy?" she asked him with a raised eyebrow and a smile

"Hmhm. Well not really consume a lot of energy to say, but it consumes more than teleport short distances, yes!" he said with a smile.

"Well ... what do you do first? You want to walk to the top of the mountain, or you prefer a swim here in the lake?" she asked as she put her bag beside the tree in which they had appeared.

Orion to hear the two options that gave Luna, he gave a smile to himself and then began to shine up his horn and raised Luna of the floor.

"Wha?... Orion!! What are you doing?" she shouted out trying to get back to the ground

"You know what?, I think we'd better give a little splash" he said with a Machiavellian smile

Orion suddenly starts to carry Luna above the lake and then knocking her loose in it. Luna quickly when she recovered the control her head emerged to give a breath. Orion was watching Luna laughing at the lake without she knowing what had happened.

"Very funny Selkie!!" she said upset.

"Haha. You said what it was that I would rather do first" he said with a mocking voice as he also left his stuff on the tree

"Oh yeah? she said starting to shine her horn "Then... why don't you join me?"

Luna begins to surround with her magic to Orion and also carry him over the lake and left him dropping on it. Like Luna, Orion emerges his head to give a breath.

Haha. The princess Luna declares war on me?" he said as he swam slowly toward her in a position to attack. "Well... If the princess wants war, she will!!"

"Hehe. No! No! Hahaha it was a mistake. No to war" she shouted out mockingly as she tries to move away from Orion to he didn't reach her.

"Too late!!. The war has begun!!" he shouted out trying to catch Luna.

From the shores of the lake and farther are could hear the shouts and laughter of Luna and Orion by how they enjoyed swim in the lake of Neighagra Falls.

Meanwhile in the Kingdom Friendship Rainbow Castle, Twilight was in her library reading at her desk with Meissa that lying on the floor curled up asleep. The library remained in deep silence, but suddenly Meissa raises his head and also put his ears straight, in alert. Twilight realized that Meissa caught somepony coming to where they were. And then suddenly the gates of the library opened and behind them the baby dragon Spike appears.

"Twilight!. I'm Back!" he said as he walked over to where Twilight was sitting

After two years had passed since the fall of Lord Tirek, Spike had grown pretty, he was slightly more tall than Twilight, his tail was longer and with more flakes pointy and his face was slightly elongated. Twilight give a smile seeing Spike back at the castle, but Meissa is in alert because he doesn't know Spike and took him as a possible threat. Spike to see the wolf lying down with his head up beside the desk, begins to take a few steps back.

"Wow ... What's that?" he said as he stands in defense position.

Twilight realized that Meissa wasn't felt completely satisfied to see Spike, so she decided to calm and let him know that Spike is just a friend and not a threat. "Hmhm. Easy Meissa. Spike is just a friend, he will not do anything" she said stroking his head. Meissa calms but he still doubted of Spike

"Hello Spike!. I'm glad you're here" she greeting with a smile

"What is that creature?" he asked yet in defense position.

"Easy Spike is just a wolf of a friend" she said as she walking toward him to give him a hug.

"Is that a wolf?" he asked pointing to Meissa with one eyebrow raised amazed at how big Meissa was.

"Well ... technically yes, it's a wolf"

"So... From who is that wolf?" he asked still staring up and down Meissa

"Well... A week ago we met in Canterlot with a pony called Orion and this is the wolf. He's called Meissa" she said approaching Meissa to give a small caress

"So... if Meissa is his wolf, why his wolf are here?" he said walking carefully to Twilight.

"Oh, I forgot it hehe. I had not told you about him" she said a little embarrassed "Come, I'll tell you everything that happened" she said sitting back down at her desk.

Returning to Neighagra Falls, after they being swimming and playing for a while at the lake, Orion and Luna decided to go up the mountain to admire the views that it gives them.

They were almost half the height of the mountain walking down a small path which give its way to the top. Orion every time that he walked for the path, attacked him nostalgia when he came here almost a thousand years ago with his friend Celestia to spend the day outside of any royal work to relax and nothing more than just to hear the sound of the waterfalls.

Arriving in a small plain that was not far from the mountaintop, there Luna decides to approach to alongside the edge where the cataracts fall. There also in the esplanade that was in the halfway up the mountain, had a small lake in which the cataracts fell down the mountain.
After Luna sits on the edge admiring the scenery, Orion finished walk up to the small plain and then he goes where Luna was and sits beside her.

"Nice view, huh?" he said looking at the landscape

"Yeah... From here you can see the mountain of Canterlot and the same city" she said pointing to where the mountain was.

"Yeah. Is a beautiful landscape?"

"It's wonderful. In my two thousand years rarely I could admire a beautiful landscape like this" she said without taking out one's eyes from the landscape.

Orion gave a smile and then stood up "Well, enjoy it because we will only be here until dusk and just missing a few hours" he added as he headed one of the trees in which there was near the shore the small lake.

By leaving his stuff under the tree, Luna also decide to leave her stuff in it and lying down on the grass to rest her helmets after a tedious climb. Orion then gives his way to the small lake and then turns his head looking where Luna was resting "Hey Luna. Would you like to join me for a swim?" he said as he walked into the small lake

Luna with one of her front hooves refused the invitation of Orion "No thanks. I think I better stay here and rest a while"

"Ok. You lose it"

Orion delved further into the lake and went to where fell a small waterfall and he delved into it as if it were a shower. Luna from the tree saw how Orion relaxed under the waterfall as if where in the shower. "Hmhm. Despite everything that happened in his past, Orion is a very polite and friendly pony, and even happy" she thought "Besides he has some nice flanks and his..." Luna suddenly starts to shake her head "What? What the hell am I thinking?. Orion is my friend and just a week ago we met. It's not time to think nonsense" she added to her thinking.

After a few moments Orion got out from under the waterfall and goes where Luna was lying resting. Leaving the lake, the drops fell from his body like the waterfalls of Neighagra.

"Hmhm. The colt finished playing in the small lake?" she said with a mocking voice.

"Haha. We could say yes" but suddenly Orion started shaking and all the water that was falling from his body to get out of the water, largely headed almost leaving soaked Luna.

"Orion!. You're soaking me!!" she shouted out putting her front hooves on her face to cover.

"Hmhm. What? Aren't you going to say me now that you hate the water?" he said with a mocking voice after finishing shaking.

"I don't hate the water, but you're soaking me" she snorted.

"Hmhm. What a plaintive" he said with a low voice.

"What? Am I complaining?" she snorted again.

"Haha. It's just a joke" he said as he sat alongside Luna. Orion then begins to shine his horn and bring his bag beside him, and he takes a small empty teapot with two small bowls and places them in front of him. "Do you want some jasmine tea?" he asked as he also drew from his bag a small container which had Phoenix Dragon Pearls.

"Ok. I'd like some" she said with a smile

Orion with his magic raise the teapot and carry it above to the lake, dipped it and then emerge it to fill it with water. Then bring it back to where they were and let it back into place, he begins to shine again his horn and a small beam of light seen in the teapot, he purified the water to that the tea has no other flavor than that of jasmine.

After from the small container pulled out a pearl and dipped it into the teapot, and then with another spell the water of the teapot starts heating. By leaving the lid open of the teapot, you could see how the Phoenix Dragon Pearl is opened and also you could receive a soft and delicate aroma of the same pearl. Seeing that the water was already boiling, Orion stops shining his horn and re-cover the teapot and then filled the two small bowls.

"Your tea is ready Princess" he said taking the small bowl with tea to Luna with an elegant voice.

"Thank you very much Orion" she also said with an elegant voice.

Back in Friendship Rainbow Kingdom Castle, Twilight was telling about Orion and all his past life as a nomad to him. Spike was sitting on the floor with Meissa, stroking him, apparently Meissa already dismissed that Spike was a threat.

"Wow. Now that's ugly" he said a bit distressed to hear that

"Yeah, he has had a rough past. That's why I offered him that he stay here in the castle temporarily until he can see that this generation there are ponies which can be his friends" she continued telling "Besides, he said that he wanted to meet you in person, he was surprised that there is a baby dragon here in Ponyville hmhm" she said with a smile.

"And where is he?"

"Orion went to Canterlot as he had to fulfill a small promise that he made to Luna"

While Spike stroked Meissa, you could hear little moans from him. Spike when see the reactions of Meissa gives a smile "Hm. At first sight he scares you of how big he is, but now to be his head resting on my legs, he is very cuddly" he said without leaving caress him.

"Hmhm. Yes, I thought so too. When they came here, the first time that I had seen him in the main hallway near the entrance he scared me and then I hid behind a pillar. At that time I did not know what he was really Meissa, but when Orion told me that he was his wolf I was surprised too" she said with a smile as she looked at Meissa. Suddenly Twilight rises from her chair and walks over to where Spike and Meissa were. "Hey. How about if we go to Ponyville to see if there are our friends?"

"Ok!. But ... What about Meissa"

"He come also with us. Surely our friends would love to meet a wolf the size of a pony, even Fluttershy hmhm"

Alright!. I follow you!" he said as he stood

"Come on Melissa !. Come with us" she said pointing her hoof to accompany

Meissa started moving his tail and jumped to his feet and headed to the door with Twilight and Spike to spend an afternoon with their friends in Ponyville.

The afternoon had passed quickly and it was midnight. You could see in the sky stars shinning and the full moon on top of the starry sky, could hear coruscate the crickets and hooting the owls.

In Neighagra Orion and Luna he was lying in the grass by the tree faceup relaxing with the sound of waterfalls and looking at the stars, looking for what was the star more shimmering and looking for a shooting star that pass to make a wish.

But after a few moments Orion decides to stand up and goes to the tree where his things were "Well... I think we'd better get back. this day was great" he said as he gathered his things.

"What? We are leaving now?" she said with her ears low.

Orion turned his head and began to confused "Uh... yes, it's almost midnight, I think we'd better go home" he said approaching her "Why do you ask?"

"It's just... I just wanted..." -Sigh- "Forget it" she said disgusted looking at where the mountain of Canterlot was

"What happens Luna? Tell me, you had thought otherwise?" he said after sitting beside her.

"Well ... I-I wanted to ask you if you w-wanted to camp here" she said shyly.

Orion to hear that gave a smile and then stood "Ok. If you want to camp here, I won't contradict you. Besides I had said I would do what you want"

"Really?" she shouted out joyfully jumped to her feet

"Aha!. Also, if we go camp here, we'll need a place to sleep" he said starting to shine his horn

Suddenly in front of the tree where were their things, from the grass began to leave some branches that intertwine later forming a small arched roof, and the lawn was looked more padded than outside the tent.

"Ta dah!. Now we can camp" he said with a smile

After build with his magic the tent, where they go to sleep, he walked into it to lie down, followed behind him Luna and also entered to the tent and lay beside him. "What do you think about the tent?" he asked.

"It's perfect" she said with a smile.

Orion also replied with a smile, then he turned his sight to the starry sky. "Hm. What a beautiful night you gave us today" he said with a smile.

Luna blushed to hear that. "Thank you. I rarely such a beautiful night like this, it is according to my mood" she said with a smile. Then Luna starts yawning and rests her head on the shoulder of Orion "Good night. Orion" she said with a yawn.

Orion to see Luna snuggle in him, he gives a smile "Goodnight my princess Luna"

_ _ _