An Old and Wise Star

by Gianfar

Chapter 6: A New Beginning

It had been almost a week after Orion faced his fear against Celestia, as in the past nearly a thousand years ago he lived with Celestia in Canterlot. They had a very stable friendship, but an error Orion their friendship broke, leaving Orion with a big fault for not tell the truth to the only friend about that he was a alicorn. But thanks to the help of Twilight, Orion could face his fear and could start over again his friendship with Celestia. But... even though things between Celestia and Orion had arranged, something was wrong out of this issue.

Orion continued to live in the Everfree forest and every day since returning with Celestia, he going to Canterlot to spend the day with her and enjoy all the time they lost. But every time he was with Luna is ignored, as if she had never known him. He didn't understand why she did this. Whenever Orion tried to talk to Luna, she turned her back or was as if she had never heard him.

It was Saturday morning, the day was clear and sunny. At castle of Canterlot between its halls, Celestia with Orion was enjoying a beautiful day. They were heading towards the royal garden to take a break after working hard with the royal work. By opening the doors of the royal garden, the two ponies went to the favorite place of Orion, the creek. Celestia was sitting on the bench that was there and Orion was at the edge of the creek throwing some small rocks into it. This day Orion was looked different, apparently there was a small change in appearance, as he had long hair like a mare, today he has his hair tied forming a ponytail. But suddenly Orion stands up and goes straight where Celestia is sits and sits beside her.

"Tia. Can I ask you something?" he asked a little worried

"Sure!. What's wrong Orion?"

"Something happens between Luna and I?"

"What are you talking about?"

"It's just..." he said after a sigh "Every time I meet with she ignores me, as if she had never seen me in her life or gives some silly excuse that has a lot of work or that you would have asked help with your work. I don't understand why she does this"

"So she ignores you?" she said with a joked voice almost furtive

"Yes, I don't understand why she does this to me"

"A week ago that you know her and you're already interested in her?" she said with a grin as she looked at Orion

"Wh- What? What are you talking about?"

"Hmhm. Nothing, I was just saying" she said after diverting her gaze away

"I don't know wh-" he was silent by a moment, thinking about what Celestia has said "Are you serious?" he said with a eyebrow raised

"What? I just said that a week ago you know her and you're already interested in her" she said Continuing with her mocking voice

"Stop talking nonsense. I'm not 'interested' by her as you think" he said also diverting his gaze away

"If you say so" she said with a small grin

"I'll tell you again. I-am-not-in-love-with-Luna"

"I didn't say you were in love with her. Interested and love are two different things" she said "Listen, to be honest, I think I know why she does this. You had hidden her the truth, and she didn't like the lies, she is much more strict with that issue than me. I think you could try to have a coherent conversation with her and tell her the truth about why did not you tell the truth" she continued serenely

"I think you're right, I should talk with her and explain everything" he said directing his gaze to the garden doors"

"In a little while she will be in her hour of rest, so I think you have a chance to tell her the truth. That you are interested in her" she joked

Orion didn't said anything just looked her seriously and raising an eyebrow

"Hey, don't take it so seriously, it's just a joke ... But I will doubt hmhm" she said chuckling

"Stop saying that or..."

Celestia to hear that began to shine her horn and grabbed him of his tail, leaving legs upside down and she takes her face against his and gives a scary look

"Or else what?. What would you do if I don't stop saying that?"

"Hmhm. Very funny!. You're lucky that you are a mare " he joked

"Oh yeah? so... If I do this you cannot do anything?" Celestia said with a Machiavellian smile

Suddenly head Celestia Orion takes over the creek and then plunged him of head, demoting him several times, until she stopped. Orion took a large portion of air to recover, coughed up almost nonstop

"-Cough- Hehehe. That's all?" he said with a smile in his face

"So my dear friend wants to continue swimming in the creek? Well ... I'll help you!!"

Celestia again dipped to Orion into the creek as the first time until she stopped again, Orion was still coughing and recovering the air

"-Cough- OK. Ok. You win. I think that it's enough"

Celestia pulls Orion above the creek and bring it back to dry land on the bank of the stream and drops him gently on the ground. "Haha, I think you downloaded all your anger for not telling you the truth. Right?" he said with a smile in his face

"Hmhm. We could say that yes. You want to I get you a towel so dry you?"

"No. It's okay, I will dry quickly with the sun"

"Hmhm, ok if you say so. Come on, let me help you to stand up" he said as he stretched her right front hoof to help Orion.

Orion looks the Celestia's hoof and grabs her, but then he looks at Celestia and gives a Machiavellian smile, and suddenly he pulls her hoof and rushes toward the creek causing her to fall into it. Celestia did not know what had happened, but by other hoof Orion burst out laughing to play a joke on Celestia

"Very funny!!" she said upset

"HAHAHA!. I'm sorry but... but I couldn't resist to not do it Hahaha" he said between peals of laughter

After the peals of laughter, Orion decides to help her out the creek stretching his front hoof, Celestia decides to accept the help of Orion but instead of giving it force it out of the creek, she pulls the hoof of Orion trying to throw it back to the creek, but after giving her hit-Celestia realizes that Orion doesn't moved any centimeter, the princess was confused how couldn't throw him to the creek with her full force

"What? But... How?" she said confused

"Hmhm, I figured that when I give my hoof to help you, you would throw it to throw me back to the creek"

"No fair!"

"Maybe for the next you might grab me unprepared" he said as he pulled her out of the creek" Now... you want a towel?"

"No thanks. I think I'll do the same thing you do, the day is beautiful. So don't sweat it"

While Princess Celestia and Orion amused as foals in a playground, the doors of the royal garden opened, and behind them appears Princess Twilight with her backpack with her belongings. Then she goes where the two ponies are, but to get to where Celestia and Orion were, she got a little confused of they are all soaked

"Good morning Prin... Uh... W-What happened to you two?" asked Twilight confused

"Hmhm. Long story" he said

"Good morning Twilight!. Tell me, what is offered you now?" said Celestia as she walked toward Twilight

"Oh, I just wanted to say I'm going back to my castle and farewell" said Twilight

"Well... then we'll see soon Twilight " said Celestia giving a wet hug to Twilight"

Twilight felt a little uncomfortable with the wet embrace of Celestia. Several drops falling off Celestia's body to Twilight as if they were a waterfall, until decided to give notice to Princess Celestia that was soaking her ex-faithful student

"Uh... Princess..."

"Oh! I'm sorry Twilight, I had forgotten that I'm soaked. Thank to somepony!" said Celestia directing her gaze towards Orion with a smirk

"Hmhm. You started, so don't complain" said Orion with mocking voice

"Hmhm. Oh! Orion, can I ask you something?. This week I was in Canterlot and I forgot to ask you


"This time in which I've been in Canterlot, you always come here to the castle early and you go in the evening flying toward the castle to somewhere, and stung me curious to know where you are living"

"Well... yes! you're right, I don't live here in Canterlot. I'm living in the forest Everfree in a small den"

"Don't you afraid there with certain creatures that can eat you in one bite?"

"Hmhm, yes! it does a little scary but I found a place where not spend almost never creature"

"How many years have you been living in the Everfree forest?"

"Ten years ago"

"Are many years. Uh... well... I don't know if you want but... if you want you can be in my castle, I think it will be much more comfortable and secure than Everfree forest. Besides that I think there are you going to meet new friends"

"I don't know Twilight. I don't want to be rude and usurp your castle if you don't want" he said as he scratched his head with his front hoof "Besides I don't think it is also appropriate to my wolf is in your castle. But in the Everfree forest I am not alone, I am accompanied by someone else, so don't worry about that"

"There's no problem Orion, your wolf can also stay in my castle" she insisted

"-Sigh- Well... I don't want to leave alone to Zecora"

"Orion, according to what Luna told me that you rarely you are with Zecora, you're always out in the woods knowing that you can live with her" said Celestia

"Yes I know that, but do not want to leave her alone in the Everfree forest. Although it I'm all the time out in the woods, I'm always aware if any creature to invade her home"

"You know Zecora?"

"Hmhm, long history. Listen, I appreciate your offer but I think I'm going to decline, I don't want to be a burden to you"

Celestia didn't accept the response from Orion toward Twilight, so she turned to grab his tail until he was floating face down in front of her

"Oh come on Celestia!! Stop doing that. It's shameful" he said with red cheeks

"Orion, you are a pony very polite and I respect that, but I think you'd better accept this offer that provides you Twilight. You need to meet new friends besides me. I also believe that Zecora will understand that you need more friends and start a new life, and Luna told me that Zecora doesn't like that you walk out in the woods, she cares about you. And I think if she were here she would approve the deal that offers Twilight. So you're going to accept the offer of Twilight, it's for your own good Orion" said Celestia serenely

"-Sigh- Alright. I accept the offer of Twilight" he said bitterly "Now... you could put me down?"

"Hmhm. Do you see? How hard is to accept the help of others?" said Celestia as she returned to Orion to the ground

"Not that it's hard for me, but is not appropriate for an outlaw like me it's in the castle for a princess"

"And almost a thousand years ago where you were living when you were here in Canterlot with me?. Orion Stop talking nonsense, because every time you look more like Luna"

"Princess, if he does not accept the offer I have no problem, I will not contradict what he says or thinks what is best"

"Don't worry Twilight, he'll go with you to your castle. He is very orderly and polite, so you can dismiss that concern"

"Uh... Thank princess, I think... that left me... uh... a bit quieter "Twilight said a little uncomfortable at the same time confused "Well. Orion, I already go back to the castle, you come?"

"First I have to discuss it with Zecora and I have to do I have to do something first before leaving. So, don't get Twilight problem, I'll reach you later"

"Uh... Ok, but... do you know where is my castle?"

"Yes!, is in the small town PonyVille, it's on one side of the same town"

"Ok, well... then I'll see you in my castle" said Twilight as she turned and ran their way to the gates of the royal garden

After a few moments Twilight had already left the royal garden to return to her castle. The garden was silent for a moment. But suddenly Celestia gave a little chuckle.

"Too orderly and polite?" he said raising an eyebrow

"What? I let her know that you can take care of yourself and not be a burden to her as you said. Well ... besides that if yours doesn't work with Luna, you have assured Twilight"

"But... What the hell are you talking about Celestia?. Celestia stop talking nonsense!. I'm-not-interested-to-have-a-marefriend! " he replied as he began his way also to the gates of royal garden "I think I better go to say the truth to Luna. See you later!"

"Ok. See you later. Watch out for my sister! hm?. I'll be watching you!" she continued joking to Orion

Orion didn't listen to what she said, just kept going as if he had never heard that.

Opening the doors of the royal garden, he went to the main hall of the castle. The castle was remaining in a profound silence. It could be hear the hoofsteps of Orion as he walked through the halls. Arriving at the main hall, he climbed the stairs, since according Celestia Luna was in the meeting room discussing the conflict that occurred in Fillydelphia. After climbing Orion was a few meters from the doors of the same room, but when he approached them he saw that the same is opened and behind them came out Luna. Orion decided to give a shout to get their attention, but it didn't. Then he follows her through the halls. Repeatedly he shout another times so he could talk to her, but the result remained the same

"Luna!!... HEY!!!" he shouted out again

Luna stopped short and turned his head towards Orion with a face of disgust "That is not the way to address a princess" she said coldly

"Why since I reconciled with your sister after almost a thousand years you ignore me as if you'd never seen me in your life?"

"Leave me alone Orion. I'm very busy right now" she said again coldly

Orion to not knowing what to do, he shined his horn and put his magic around Luna and drew her where he was.-Luna was twisted to get out of the Orion's spell, but their efforts were unsuccessful

"ORION!!! Leave me alone!!!" she said as she panted to get out of the spell

"LUNA!!!" he exclaimed. Luna to listen Orion scream her name she calmed down and stopped trying to break free "Listen. I don't want to be rude, but if you don't tell me the truth I don't leave you alone" he said as he returned Luna to the ground gently

"The truth? You want the truth !?" Luna exclaimed while she approaching him "You want me to tell the truth after you lied to me or hid the truth that you already known my sister. And you want me to tell the truth?"

"Hey, I know it hurts when somepony lie or hide the truth. But you were the one who told me to meet your sister, I previously had said that you did not want, but you insisted. Nevertheless I accepted the offer , knowing he was not ready to face my mistake. I don't blame you anything Luna, I did it just to have your confidence"

"But even so, why didn't you told me the truth?"

"I wasn't prepared to tell the truth to a pony that I barely knew, even if you are the princess of the night I don't know you"

"But... I thought we could be friends. I have no friends who care about me" she said with her head and ears low.

"What are you talking about?. Of course you have friends. Cadance, Twilight, your own sister and others. No matter if they are part of the family, they can also be your friends"

"You don't know what you're talking about. They care about me, but not the concern that I tolerate. They care too much for me just for being a princess. Every place that I have the opportunity to go with them or each activity, always reject me, they don't reject me for evil, but to be a princess or because it is not for the princesses. Despite having their support to them, I'm still alone and unaccompanied" she said as her voice was becoming more brittle and some tears fell from her eyes

Orion was completely silent to hear that Luna, practically had a lump in his throat. He never thought that a princess as she has no friends. Orion without nothing to say decided with his front hooves push Luna toward your chest giving a warm and friendly hug. Luna opened her eyes and was surprised to be under of Orion's hooves. On the one hand she was miserable, but otherwise feeling well and also protected.

"I'm Sorry Luna" he said quietly, "I had no idea that the life of a princess could be so cold and lonely. I always thought that the life of a princess would be something that many mares want to be for fame, attention... I...I don't know what to say" he continued

Orion and Luna remained in the hallway in silence for several moments. Orion then decided to break the embrace and look Luna with a smile, "Hey, if you want to make up for my mistake this week I will be with you. What do you think?" he said as he wiped the tears from Luna

Luna didn't said anything, only nodded with a smile. After spending several moments in the hallway, Orion decides to go to talk with Zecora about the offer proposed of Twilight

"Well... I think I have to go. See you later Luna" he said as he walked away from Luna

"Wait! You're leaving now?" she said again with her ears low

Orion stopped and turned his head toward Luna "Uh ... yeah, I have to do a few things first. Why do you ask?" he asked

"It's just ... I wanted to ask if you wanted to spend my break with me" she said shyly

Orion gave a smile and walked back to where it was Moon "Hmhm, Alright!. No problem. I can do my thing then"

Luna said nothing, but could be noticed her mood change with a big smile on his face. After their chat, the two ponies still their way through the halls of the castle

"So... what things you have to do?" she asked

"Well... I have to go back to the Everfree forest to talk with Zecora because recently when I was in the royal garden with Celestia, Twilight came and offered me if I wanted to stay a while with her in her castle, as this week I was talking to her and she told me things which could help me to leave all my worries aside"

"Really? That's great!" she said with a smile

"Needless to believe it!, but before that I have to talk to Zecora"

"About what?"

"Whether she accepts that I leave the forest to go to the castle of Twilight. My concern is left her alone in the forest"

Luna stopped short in the middle of the hallway, Orion realizing he also stopped. "What happens Luna?" he asked confused

"Listen, you are all the time out in the Everfree forest knowing you can live with Zecora, and now you say you're worried about leaving her alone?" She said raising an eyebrow "I think she'll say yes, you go. She cares a lot about you, as she had said earlier she was like your mother, and I think that a mother knows what is best for her child"

"Hm, I think you're right Luna" he said with a smile "But I want to hear her words to be sure"

"I'm sure she'll say yes. Incidentally nice look hmhm" she said between sniggering

"Hmhm. Very funny"

Luna and Orion followed their way through the hall and went to different parts of the castle to seize the lost time. After a few hours passed, the day had passed into the afternoon. The sun was almost on the horizon to hide. The day passed quickly to Orion since decided to help Luna with some royal duties because it was the least he could do.

In the Everfree forest, Zecora was at her home doing some tinkering and a thorough cleaning. She moved from one place to another in different places rearranging her potions, ingredients and among others. Suddenly someone knocks on the door, Zecora was very confused since almost never knocked the door to visit. Opening the door saw that Orion was knocking on the door

"Orion? Why did you knocked the door? If you know this is your home too" she said while she let in Orion

"Well... I want to talk with you about that" he said indifferently

"The smile that Zecora has vanished from her face "What are you talking about?"

"It's just..."

"Wait. I have freshly brewed tea, let me bring it and then tell me everything" she said as she headed toward the kitchen

"Hmhm. Okay"

After a few moments Zecora get out of the kitchen carrying with her a teapot of white clay with blue flowers, she placed it on a small table and it had two cups of tea in which she filled. After filling the cups of tea, Zecora sat down and grabbed one of the cups and sipped, Orion also did the same

"Ok ... tell me what's the topic you want to talk to me" she said as she took another sip

"Well ... This morning I was with Princess Celestia in the royal garden and then Twilight came to tell Celestia to return to her castle. And then she asked me where am I living, and I told the truth that I was living here in the Everfree forest, and then she offered me if I wanted to I could stay with her in her castle for a while, and she would help me to leave aside my concern"

"And what's the problem?"

"Well ... by one hoof I accepted the offer but it was compulsorily by Celestia, but did not want to leave here and leave you alone in the Everfree forest. Who knows what things could happen to you if I'm not here"

Zecora gave a little chuckle and let your cup of tea on the table in front of her "Orion... You know how much I love you, you are like the son I never had and what's more I want you by my side, but this offer you can't discard this offer that the princess Twilight gives to you. The Everfree forest is a dangerous place and I don't want that anything bad happen to you" she said serenely

"But ... I don't want that anything bad happen to YOU Zecora. I don't want to leave you alone" he said a bit upset

"Listen, I want the best for you, and I think this is the best. Don't worry about for me, I know this forest since I was little" she said as she got up to go beside Orion

"But... -Sigh-. Alright. If you think it's best I will not contradict you" he said with a smile

Zecora smiled back and then hugged him like a mother to her son, "Hey, the fact that you go, doesn't it mean you cannot visit me" she joked

"Hmhm. Of course I will visit!. You are one of the most important ponies of my life" he said responding to hug of Zecora

After a few moments Orion breaks the hug and starts to look around "Where is Meissa?"

"He's in my room. He was sleeping but I think you'd better wake up him since he slept all afternoon" she said with a smile

Orion quickly gave his way to the Zecora's room to see Meissa. The wolf was curled just above his bed. Orion moves toward him and with his front hoof shake his body to wake "Meissa, little boy. We wake up, I'm back" he said softly near his ear

Meissa gently opened his eyes and took a few eyelids to awake. Seeing Orion returned to home he began to move his tail and gave Orion a wet welcome

"Hehehe. Hello boy. How are you?" he said between the licks of Melissa

"Orion then sat on the bed beside him. Zecora also went to his room and leaned against the frame of the entrance looking Meissa and Orion with a big smile "That little wolf has no shame, the whole afternoon was sleeping" she joked with a high pitch

Meissa immediately lower his ears and hides behind Orion. He saw him hide behind himself gave a little laugh "Hmhm. Easy boy. It's just a kidding"

Meissa poked his head to one side and looked at Orion and then at Zecora with a little trepidation. Orion still looking at him and laughing by the reactions of Meissa "Hey, she's only playing boy. She don't going to do anything, unless she are angry that you usurped her bed" he said to Meissa

"Orion. When do you have planned to go to the castle?" she asked

"Well ... I think I'll go tomorrow morning, because if Meissa slept all afternoon he have to eat something. So I would have to bring him hunting"

"Alright. Oh! if you're taking Meissa to hunt now, you do me a favor and bring some Laurel of my orchard. I planned to make a vegetable stew tonight"

"Sure!. No problem"

The next morning at the home of Zecora, Orion woke up early. He was preparing his belongings to go to the Castle of Twilight where he would stay for an aid offered by Twilight. It was almost ten o'clock and Orion was ready to leave. Their equipment was light, carrying his sword and a backpack with two books and some scrolls and among other personal belongings. It was time to leave, Orion was near the front door of the Zecora's house with Meissa and the same Zecora. He said goodbye to Zecora and made their way towards the castle of Twilight together with his faithful friend

"Well... I hope that Twilight can help me as she says. What do you think Meissa?" he said as he walked by the ways of the Everfree forest

Meissa moved his tail and gave a bark Orion, like nodding that he was doing the right thing. After a few moments Meissa and Orion arrived at the driveway of the forest in which the town was next PonyVille. From there you could see the Twilight Castle and beside the town of PonyVille and in background you could see the city of Canterlot clutching to his mountain.

Orion was still wearing his leather coat as usual to hide their wings. Although Twilight, Celestia and Zecora, and also his old friend Meissa had told him to not worry about that, but he already had the habit of doing that. Then had passed a few minutes, they reached the entrance of PonyVille, but they just stood in front of it watching the town from there

"Well... We arrived" he said with a sigh. But then suddenly he heard a strange noise and realizes that his stomach was creaking. Meissa raised up his ears and looked Orion confused "Hmhm. Easy boy. It's just my stomach creaking. I think that first we'll pass to eat something. Let's go boy!"

Because the warning that gave his stomach, decided to go to a store to buy a snack before going to the castle. And that store was Sugar Cube Corner. Arriving at the same store Orion told to Meissa to stay out of the store for issues that they don't accept pets in the store. So Meissa stood on one side of the entrance while waiting to Orion. Entering Sugar Cube, Orion could smell different tastes of cakes, muffins and pies, just smell that smell is watered him in the mouth. He approached the counter and rang the bell that was in it. Behind the counter was the kitchen and from it came out Mrs. Cake

"Good morning gentlecolt. What would you like to order?" said Sra Cake

"Good morning ma'am You have oatmeal cookies?" he asked

"Oh sure! Immediately bring them to you, " said Mrs. Cake "Pinkie! Could you bring a bag of oatmeal cookies for this gentlecolt?"

"Sure!! immediately" was heard the voice of Pinkie Pie from the kitchen. Then they passed a few moments Pinkie came out from kitchen with a bag full of oatmeal cookies freshly made "Here they are!" she said as she gave to Orion the bag with cookies

"Thanks so much!. Here for the cookies" he said as with his magic put some bits to the counter.

Then of Orion grab his bag of cookies and to pay them, he turns around and decides to move on. Leaving the store Meissa immediately stands and raises his ears looking bag wearing Orion.

"Hmhm. I know you're hungry too, but you can't eat this. This is bad for your digestive system, have much sugar as for you" he said as he bent down and with his front hoof stroked his head "Then I'll take you to hunt and also eat something. What do you think?"

Meissa gave a bark and started moving his tail like a playful puppy. On the way, Orion was eating some oatmeal cookies and left some for Twilight if she is hungry. After a while of slow walk to the castle, they came to the gates thereof. Orion looked up, admiring all the details and forms of the Twilight's Castle, he could spend hours admiring the castle.

"Well boy. I think this will be our home for a while" he said looking at Meissa

Orion raised his hoof and knocked on the door of the castle, but it was already open and gently the door opened with a thud. He decided to enter the castle with Meissa to see if he could find Twilight. Upon entering, straight ahead of him he could see a staircase that gave their way up to the castle and to the side were short halls. Orion didn't know if climb the stairs or stay and wait, but then decided to climb up and take a look to find Twilight.

Meissa stayed down near the entrance by an order of Orion, he thought it inappropriate to take your wolf on a tour through the castle. Going up he saw a long corridor which ended in a large glass door, there were other corridors leading to different parts of the same, but Orion caught his attention this corridor in particular. He decided to start his way to those crystalline doors. Arriving with his magic opens the doors gently thudding and sees that this room is actually one of the most important rooms of the castle

"So this is the throne room" he said to himself.

Indeed, Orion was in the throne room of the castle. But what surprised Orion was that there is had more of a throne, were six thrones and in the middle round crystalline table. Orion went to see the thrones to see if he was sure that this was the throne room, or of thrones. Approaching, he see that the thrones have figures as if these were Cutie Mark.
One had three blue diamonds, the other had three red apples, another had three pink butterflies, another had three blue and yellow balloons, another had a cloud with a ray with the colors of the rainbow, and in the end one had a purple star with some small stars on it around. Orion quickly realizes that last throne had the Cutie Mark of Twilight, he didn't doubt that it was the throne room.

But by one side of the throne of Twilight, there was a smaller, as to a young colt; Orion did not understand why there were more than a throne in the throne room. But suddenly a scream that could be heard; the scream that was heard was that of a mare, Orion quickly ran in the direction where he heard the scream.

When he reach the stairs, from up there you could see several books scattered all over the floor, and about those books Meissa was standing facing the side of the main hall of the castle. He decided to go down to see what had happened down there.

"What happened boy?" he said confused and the same time worried

Meissa looked at Orion with a worry face and fear, his ears were down and then he looked one of the pillars supporting the castle; Orion behind it sees a pony tail. He did not doubt that it was Twilight, and she would have been frightened by Meissa as it is bigger than a normal wolf. Orion decided to get close to the pillar and see if Twilight is fine, she was hiding with her head in her front hooves. Orion decided that with his front hoof to shake Twilight a little to be calm. But...

"Hey Twilight... Are you-"

"GET OUT OF ME!!!" shouted out Twilight

But after screaming panic she released a beam to Orion making him fall back a few meters. The lightning had given it his chest near his right foreleg. After launch lightning, Twilight opens her eyes and sees Orion lying on the floor

"Oh no, Orion" she said quietly

She was scared of having injured him seriously. But Orion suddenly starts moving and tries to stand up again, but by the lightning his right front hoof was slightly injured and had trouble getting up.

"Orion!. Are you ok?" she said from the pillar as she was still scared

"Why every time when I'm near a mare I always go out injured?" he said to himself

But after a great effort, he accomplished to stand up. Meissa to see the right hoof of Orion starts licking the wound as to try to heal.

"Hmhm. It's ok Meissa. I'll be fine, and stop doing that you do that, you tickle me hmhm" he said with a smile

Orion after of stand up directs his gaze to the pillar where he was Twilight and sees that she's still hidden there. Orion gives a small chuckle and decides approach softly towards the pillar.

He stuck his head behind the pillar and saw Twilight on the floor scared "Hey Twilight. Are you okay?" he asked with a smile

"Orion! you're fine!!" she said relieved

"Yes. I think I scared you and you surprised me with a lightning"

Twilight quickly stands up and steps out from behind the pillar. "Tell me, what was it that frightened you?" he asked

"Well, I was carrying some books to my library that I had left down here and when I leave the room I saw a huge creature, then it turned to me and I scared" she said. Then Twilight sees Meissa and hides behind Orion "There it is!!. That's the creature that scared me"

"Who? He? Hmhm. I don't think that he will hurt you" he said between sniggering

"What are you talking about?" she asked confused

"That creature is my wolf"

Twilight for a moment looked at Meissa and then she surprised that itself was a wolf. But he also was surprised at how big it was. "Is that a wolf?"

"Hmhm, Yes. Come on! Come he will not hurt you" he said as he approached Twilight to Meissa"

Meissa approached to Orion, but still kept seeing Twilight strangely as it had been frightened by the reaction that took to him and Orion. But after that Orion insisted that both approaches her, the wolf decided to get closer and sat beside her. But it was still rigid

"Hmhm. Dude, she's my friend. She will not do anything" he said to Meissa

As Meissa don't move a muscle, Twilight decides to raise one of her front hooves and carefully directed it towards the head of Meissa and gently caresses him. Meissa then relaxes your body and starts moving its tail from side to side like a puppy

"You see!. I told you she wouldn't hurt you"

"Hmhm. Seems that he's shy" she said

"Yes, we could say that. In certain circumstances it may become frightened. But it better be well in front of friends since in most cases if it feels threatened he defends himself"

"What's his name?"

"His name is Meissa"

"Hmhm. I can imagine where you come up that name" she said with a mocking voice

After being petting Meissa for a while, then she leave him to caress; and when she pulled her hoof of his head, he began push with his snout the Twilight's hoof to she follow petting him

"Hmhm. A while ago you were afraid and now you ask her to she continues petting you?. You really are a character" he told a mocking tone to Meissa

"Hey Orion I'm sorry for surprise you with my lightning" she said distressed

"No problem" he said with a smile. "I hope that doesn't happen very often" he told to himself

"Well... You want to show you your new room?" she said as she grabbed back the books that were on the floor.

"Alright. I follow you"

After Twilight apologize to him again by the surprise, the three made their way to the upper floors of the castle. Instead of going down the path that went previously Orion, they turned toward the hallway that was toward right. Itself, Orion looked at the details of the hallways and the decor thereof, as previously Canterlot's castle. But it did not bring nostalgic as above, but left him stunned by the decor.

After a few minutes to walk from the castle, they came to the doors of the new room of Orion. From the hallway you could see a beautiful crystalline double doors, but to open the doors inside was much more beautiful. Inside the room you could find a crystalline double bed with a featherbed and above it was a painting of a landscape of a lake and a forest, and next to the bed was a night stand. It could be also find a small closet for clothes and also a door to the bathroom. And the room had a window overlooking the lake which was behind the castle.

Orion was even more astonished when entering the room that he would be living. He couldn't stop looking around the room how beautiful it was.

"Uh... Twilight. Would not you may have the wrong room" He said still looking everywhere

"What? No, no. This is your room where you'll live" she said with a smile

"But ... I thought it would be something less luxurious. This is too much"

"You don't like it?"

"No. No. I like, it's just that ... long ago that I not live in a room like this" he said with a sad smile

"Well... Now you have the opportunity to live again as before"

"Thank you Twilight" he said with a sincere smile

"You're welcome. Uh... I have to return these books to my library. Make yourself at home"

"Sure! Thank you Twilight" he once again thanked

Twilight left Orion's new room and went to her library to save the books she had grabbed. Orion left his backpack on the bed and his sword to the side of it and went to the bedroom window and took a little peek at the stage that it showed him. After returning to the room he sighed and then he looked at Meissa with a smile

"Hmhm. Boy, I think that today begins a new life for s"

_ _ _