A Dragon's Might.

by Madness Brony

Master and Pupil

A week had come and gone since Spike and his entourage took shelter in Paraxxus's mountain lair. The majority had taken to assisting the elder dragons vassals in maintaining the lair while Twilight and Lyra oversaw Spike's recovery. The young dragon had been on the verge of death when he was brought back to the mountain lair. If not for the skilled workings of an elder dragon he very well might have passed into great beyond as a result of his insane actions.

A wave of déjà vu struck the waking dragon as he arose from his old bed inside the mountainous lair of his adolescence. Like a flip book images of the prelude to his black out flashed through his mind in rapid succession. Before he could come completely to his senses a deep booming voice assaulted his ears.

"HOW DARE YOU BRING YOUR PETTY SQUABBLE TO MY DOOR STEP." The colossal voice of the elder dragon echoing throughout the lair.

Spike winced at the sheer decibel of his masters voice.

"I'm sorry master, In my distress I sent them to the only place I knew to be safe. We have all experienced a great loss and in my heart I could think of only one place we could be safe to mourn." Spike stated, his eyes cast down in shame.

The elder dragon let out a heavy sigh. All his anger seemed to melt at the look on his pupils face. Paraxxus couldn't recall ever seeing such a look of pain on the young dragons face.

"I will allow you and yours to stay here until you are fully rested and your friend buried. But after that I want you all gone, I will have no part in this foolish game of nations. If you attempt to come back here again with your little menagerie I will personally demonstrate for you my wayward apprentice what REAL dragon magic is."

With that the massive dragon made his exit, leaving his ultimatum to linger in the young dragons head. Spike lay stewing, his masters words repeating over and over in his head. He had thought on some baser level that if he truly had no other option to turn to his master might take pity on him enough to aid in his cause. Now though he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was completely alone in this en devour.

With supreme effort Spike made an attempt to rise to his feet but tragically fell back onto the bed beneath him. He silently cursed his own weakness as he begrudgingly yanked on a string suspended slightly above his bedside. Within moments one of Paraxxus's servants entered the room bowing lowly to the young dragon.

"What is it you wish of me lord Spike." The minotaur asked.

"Find the ponies Twilight Sparkle and Lyra Heartstrings and bring them to me immediately." Spike commanded in a tone he had learned from listening to his master address the help.

Without question the minotaur bowed deeply and retreated from the bedroom to complete his given task.