Fallout Equestria: Pathway's End

by Garfield23

Chapter Two- Start down the Path

So that’s that, my end but just before I felt the cold embrace of death and ended the pathetic thing I called existence. My life seemed to show me the beauty of my blissful days and the chain of destructive events that led me to this cruel fate.

“Come on, Scope” a young filly that was my sister called to me as we raced each other to the practise range within the base. The cool air hit my muzzle as I tried in vain to keep up with my far faster sister, Pinpoint but I couldn’t catch that filly if my life depended on it and how cruel that thought was.

“Quit calling me that!” I snapped as I felt the blush enter my cheeks, that damned nickname “My name is Sureshot!” It may have been a stupid name but Celestia damn it, it was my name and it was a part of me.

“Why do you always get so fussy about that name, Scope” Pinpoint teasingly asked as she flew back to me “Your always teasing me about my mane” Pinpoint was a small pink Pegasus with a white mane, I use to joke that clouds had stuck to her head but I wish now that I had been better.

“That’s different!” I snapped trying to hide my blush.

“Yeah, my mane looks cool. Your name is dull” Pinpoint teased as she nudged me in the side “Come on! Scope’s a far cooler name than Sureshot”

“Ye…Yeah…but it’s my name” I whispered slowly, as I traced a hoof across a cloud and looked up at the blue sky “I like it”

Later we arrived at the practice range, as we walked in and approached our lockers, I couldn’t shake the feeling of deep despising the weapon within but my sniper-rifle sat there like a rusting curse. What made the sting all the worse was my cutie mark; it was a damned sniper-rifle.

“So you ready for the five hundredth defeat?” Pinpoint asked, as she pulled out her own sniper-rifle and smirked at me “Or is it six hundredth?”

I grit my teeth “Fifty-seventh” I growled as we approached the firing range and lined up our weapons with the target “This time…I will win!”

Ten shots, ten misses, I lost quicker than normal, I still couldn’t hit the target and Pinpoint lived up to her name. Why was my damned Cutie mark a sniper rifle?! I had to be the greatest cosmic joke and if there was a god he or she didn’t like me.

“Face it, Scope” Pinpoint said as she rolled with laughter “You couldn’t hit the target if you walked up to it and fired at point blank range”

“I know!” I cried out as tears filled my eyes “I hate my life!”

Pinpoint pulled me in for a hug “Shhh, I know, let it out” she soothed as I cried into her mane “You try your best right?”

I sniffed “Y…Yeah” she may have teased me but she was my closest friend “I…I just want this to make…sense!” pointing at my flank.

“I know” she said simply.

Fate, its unending cruelty seems to last as my life continued. Even amongst the clouds I felt I was being punished for crimes I felt I had not or had not yet committed. Either way the days that followed that day at the range seemed to show the greatest act of cruelty my life to that point would know and it would begin with a word.