Dead Space 3: Heavenly Death?

by HellBreaker

Welp, that was just peachy!

Isaac's POV 5:00 PM
"Ooooowww, my----", there was a short silence as he tried to comprehend why he was still alive and not dead, "WHAT, why am I alive, a fucking moon fell on me, my RIG wasn't supposed to protect me from that much, wha-- wha-wha- where the fuck am I anyway?", looking around, he found himself to be in a forest of sorts, "OK, I am in a forest. Where and why is the better question.... in all my 'adventures', the one thing I did most was get moving... so". Walking forward he found a meteorite with chunks of flesh attached to it, "Looks like a piece of that moon came with me" he muttered to himself. Thinking of the Feeders back on Tau Volantis in those military bunkers, unsure whether or not other animals would eat the flesh and start another outbreak, if there were any Markers that is, not wanting to take the chance, he burned it with his gun supporting a Pulse Rifle top, and a Magnesium Burner on the bottom, incinerating the decaying matter.

He stopped firing the superheated gas, "Kill it with fire, heh heh". He then pulled out his secondary holding a RPG on the bottom and Javelin Gun on the top, and blew up the scorched stone. 'Safe measures' he said as he lowered his weapon.

He paused in place for a moment, "Okay, movin' on" he said as he started jogging for a while towards what looked like an orchard, "Odd, other planets I know of haven't been able to get tree's growing in the ground. tree's? What planet has an environment that can grow natural apples." thinking about it only made him question where he was and why he was here only more, looking at the orchard he saw... a red horse pulling a wagon full of apples?

"What. The. Godforsaken. Fuck?"

Not wishing to add more pain to the headache was already having, Isaac then got behind a random tree and decided to sleep till night. Several hours passed, and Isaac didn't even notice.

And thought to himself, 'Why am I here, is Carver here too, what will these things do to me',

"Hopefully get that shit outta your head" said a voice that sounded all too familiar, Isaac sprung up and looked at who spoke the words. He felt like his heart stopped once he saw the speaker. It was truly then, his blood went cold, ice cold.

"N-Nn-Nicole?" said Isaac stammering, there stood a bloodied visage of Nicole, eyes and mouth glowing in the darkness.
"Hi honey", she said as if all was perfectly fine, but even with her mere prescence, imaginary or not, she stood there haunting him

"How the fuck are you here, there can't be any Markers anywhere near here, I destroyed the moon" whispered Isaac. He was unable to comprehend what was seeing, he had gotten rid of her so long ago.

"Oh, Clarkey, don't you understand that my death was your worst failure, and because of you I'm dead, and for that I won't forgive you for what you put me through, what you did to me, ever" she said, her voice, dripping with malice, literally, it was acid,"and so I will haunt you till the end of days, you selfish bastard, when will you realise, that this, is all your fault?" She said as her arm deformed into a blade made of bone, and covered in blood, while that was happening, she proceeded to lunge at Isaac, swiftly ending him with a stab to the throat, then the head.

"AAAAHHHHH", Isaac woke up, panting and covered in sweat, after calming down, he relaxed his muscles, "Just a nightmare, just a nightmare" he said to himself, he noticed that the sun had gone down, it was time to move, to move on to anywhere but there. He stood up and walked on into the open fields. As he scanned the open fields for those horse things, he sighed.

'Was she right, is all this my fault, if I just accepted my death on the Ishimura, would any of this happen' he thought to himself

"No, the bitch is trying to get to you, don't let her!", he muttered to himself. It doesn't matter if what happened could have been prevented, it happened.

'So it's time to shut up and kick ass!'

He smirked to himself, giving him the hope he needed, and with that he walked, toning down his visor lights in order not to be seen, as he was looking around he noticed a clock tower, being sensible enough for a sense of time where he was, he walked over and set the time, it read '10:34', obviously pm since it was dark out. He then noticed a small town, and chose to find a place to really get some rest, god knew he needed it.

In the Dream World, it was a sort of plain, one could walk through to see the dreams of others, hence the name, but few could access the plain, one being Luna.

Luna was going over dreams of the beings that lived in the world, many were pink, black, white, ect.

But one,one, dream in particular caught her attention among all the others. The door had bloodstains and gashes flew across the front, and was glowing a bright crimson red. One could say it looked.. evil.

Inside were two creatures that stood on two legs, red and black being the colors, one seemed to be covered in some kind of armor, while the other was clothed in a bloodied white uniform, it's face being bloodied as well, but the eyes and mouth, were shining an... almost taunting, light. It seemed they were standing in a forest, the Everfree, if the offputting atmosphere was any indicator. They were speaking, something was distorting they're voices making her unable to understand what they were saying, either they spoke a different language or some thing was interfering, all the while, a green liquid was dripping out of the bloodied ones mouth, burning and killing the grass, but she did hear: "You selfish bastard, this is all your fault", now as to why she got a bit of the conversation, the Dream world has a sort of , translator.

It was at this moment, the sickening sound of bone bending and breaking and the squelch of flesh morphing greeted her ears ,images of bodies, similar to the new creatures, being transformed, and mutilated, beyond recognition, then returning to life with an unsurpassed urge to kill and feed showed up behind her. The bloodied creature drove a sharp limb of bone into the other one's throat and head, the dream was supposed to end, she was supposed to have woken up, as a side effect, but the dream on her end didn't stop, the uniformed monster then looked at Luna, with hungry eyes, screeched the sound the would haunt her, and sprinted to her, then ended the dream, Luna woke up screaming, terrified, sweating, never before.


Collecting herself, and taking breathe exersices, calmed her nerves, when she was calm, she looked to the door, where the guard was looking at her with worry etched on his face, the other guard was still in the hall, but also looked with worry.

Putting on her calm face, she replied, "I am fine Shadow Shield."

"Are you sure ma'am, your covered in sweat, and yoh were panting."

Seeing he only meant the best for her wellbeing, she replied,"I am sure, thank you though."

"Can I get you anything?"

That caught her by surprise, looking to him with curious eyes,"What?"

He repeated, "Can I get you anything, some water, a snack, anything? I could go to the kitchen and grab something."

Mimicking a goldfish for a second, she gave an answer, smiling with appreciation, "Could you grab a Moon Pie, please?"

Smiling kindly, he nodded, and left the room to the kitchen.

She got out of bed and onto the balcony, she then said, before collecting her thoughts "Welp, that was just peachy". She muttered to herself, "What the hay was that"?