by Ghost Cobbraaa

Chapter 6

Blue smoke sheets drifted over the hickory desk as the pony holding the imported cigar exhaled. The pony sat back in their chair into the darkness. The shadowing was preventing Wood Chuck from distinguishing even the gender of the pony with whom he was conversing, but he knew exactly who he was talking to. And the thought of talking to that pony sent shivers down his spine.

"So, payment for your services will be in the form of cash, banknotes, of the amount of six thousand bits. Any questions?" The voice seemed flat despite the serious subject matter. Everything about the meeting gave Wood Chuck the creeps. He wanted no part in any of this stuff, but it was the only way he could secure a better future for his brother's daughter. The fact that this was the only way just put more stress on him.

"Yeah, I got a few."

"Then speak now, my dear Chuck."

"First off, all I have to do is spy on Granny Smith for you and tell you what I know, and you will pay me for that?"


"Then why me? I'm not that close to her, and I'm definitely not 'in the loop' with the company. I just talk to her or a representative once and a while about record deals for any of my clients who has a record deal with her. I don't know that much."

"True, but you are the closest that we can honestly get to. Those meetings are our window into the Apple Family world."

"What if the cops catch me?"

"Then you'd best not drop the soap, because there is honestly little I can do if you get caught."

"Alright, great job of not scaring me...." He looked at the shadow of a pony with an intent stare, to ensure that he or she got the message that he was damn frightened. "I just have two more questions."

"Very well. Proceed."

"Why are you doing this, anyway? Why do you want 'em all out of the picture? It's not for money, I figured that much out. You're spitting cash out just for this whole thing, and I have a hard time believing that you expect a return investment on all these payments from a dead criminal organization. There is something deeper to this. I just can't figure it out..." Chuck lowered his eyebrows.

"You are a very smart stallion, if I may say so. However, that is, quite frankly, none of your damn business. Your job is to do what you're told, and not question why. We are paying you for this, and we kindly ask that you respectfully ask no questions concerning our ultimate goal."

'That's a kind way of saying “shut the fuck up”,' Wood Chuck thought.

"Fine." That was not a satisfying answer, but he didn't feel like arguing. "My last question, is there any other form of payment I could take?"

"If you would like, we can arrange for some of the finest prostitutes from Canterlot to-"

"No, that's not what I meant."


"Yeah. My brother, he had a wife, and the two of them died from some cupcakes that were poisoned by mistake."

"I'm sorry for your loss."

"Uhh... yeah, thanks. And he had a little filly too. What I'm asking is, can you by any chance arrange for her to get educated in the finest collage? I know she is only in elementary now, but it would mean a lot if you had her pre-accepted into Canterlot University. The money is great and all, but I would rather see her go on and make something of herself. I... I don't like seeing her grow up in this environment. And I hate myself for getting involved. All this spying and stuff, it just feels like I'm part of the cancer. I don't want to see her go on to be a drug addict or a whore, and I'm afraid that around here, that's what will happen if I can't get her out."

Chuck couldn't see the pony's face, but he imagined the pony to be deep in thought, pondering what he had just said.

"That could be arranged. What is this filly's name?"

"Her name is Scootaloo."

"Alright, you have a deal."


After Vinyl and Octavia had escaped the gunfight, they ran into the nicer part of town and hailed a taxi cart. Once inside, the two of them said nothing. Vinyl just told the cab driver to drop them off at her crib. Once the cab had reached the brass gates of her mansion, the two of them exited. Octavia finally broke the silence.

"You live very lavishly, I see."

"Yeah, it's pretty fly, I guess."

A few seconds of silence passed. It was Vinyl's turn to break it.

"So, we ain't gunna even talk about what just happened or nothing?"

"What had happened?"

"It ain't obvious? Some lil' fucktard dressed in a little gay superhero costume just open fire at a gangster, then everyone just started shooting everyone." It wasn't until after the words had left her mouth that Vinyl saw the irony with her calling the costume 'gay'.

"Well.... yes."

There was nothing to talk about, really. It was an uncomfortable thing for both of them. They both saw ponies getting shot at, and at least one pony get killed! Vinyl's chest tightened every time she recalled the bullets flying past her. She also recalled how she had been so worried about Octavia's safety. The fear in Octavia's eyes as she turned to Vinyl for protection. Fuck it all! Go for it, she decided.



Vinyl looked deep into those piercing purple eyes. She found nothing but comfort in them.

"I love you."

"I guessed so."

As anti-climatic as the response was, they just stared at each other with soft gentle grins on their faces. All Vinyl wanted in the world at that point was to see Octavia smile. She approached her, and when she sensed no objection from the beautiful gray mare, she placed her right hoof around her neck, closed her eyes, and planted a soft kiss on Octavia's lips. A few seconds passed, with nothing else in the world but the two of them. No sounds but their gentle breaths. Vinyl pulled away slightly enough for their lips to be separated, yet close enough to still be in the blissful intimacy. She felt two hoofs wrapping around her, and Octavia planted her own gentle kiss on the lips of the dubstep artist.

Nothing in the world, but the two of them.

Together in pure bliss.

The two finally pulled away, only for Octavia to wrap her hooves around Vinyl in a tight embrace. It felt nice to be this close to a pony. To have someone that looked to you for comfort. It just felt natural. Vinyl inhaled Octavia's sweet scent. She just returned the embrace and looked at Octavia with adoring pink eyes.

They finally pulled away. Octavia's face was blushing red. Vinyl wondered if hers was too, but didn't care.

"Ya know, I have a concert tonight. I... I would love for you to be there."

The wide smiles and loving eyes they shared with each other. Vinyl's heart skipped a beat every time she looked deeply into those purple eyes.

"Yeah, that sounds pretty legit. I'd love to watch you perform."

"Great. I'd love for you to be there too."

"Consideren' that we just got shot at, I think a lil' classical music would be pretty soothen' right now." Octavia seemed to brighten as soon as the words were passed through Vinyl's lips. Her eyes brightened and she smiled largely.

"You familiar with classical music?"

"Yeah. Moz Art was one of my favs'. His thirteenth serenade has gotta be a freaking masterpiece. I ain't really big into classical music, really, but I like to listen to it when I'm stressed and need something relaxing to unwind."

"And here I was, thinking that all that rap and hip hop were the only things you listened to." She gave a wink at Vinyl.

"Well, I should get inside now and take a shower. Don't wanna have all them artsy folk complaining about my smell."

"Wait, what about me? I need to get home and prepare for it, too."

"Oh, yeah. Hold up, I got ya covered." Vinyl pressed a big red button on their side of the gate and held it down. "Yo, Chuck, get yer flank out here. I need ya to hop on that carriage and drive Octavia home."

Within seconds, Vinyl's assistant, came driving a stretch limo cart to drive Octavia home. After giving directions, she got into the back of the limo cart and stuck her head out and called out to Vinyl as she was about to trek the long walkway of cobblestone up to her mansion.

"Don't forget, Scratchy. It's at eight o'clock tonight."

"I won't."

They exchanged smiles before the cart rode off. Scratchy? Nopony had ever called her that. Normally she would find it condescending and disrespectful; but at the moment, she didn't mind at all.