The New Girls

by geibenchan

chapter 1

The New Girls
by Gaiven Stalter

life isn't easy for a comic artist in Seattle. I’m actually still trying to get published so I’m not even a comic artist. My name is Gaiven Gonzales and I live in the apartment above the Asian market run by Mrs. Yamashita, where I work instead of paying rent. My official job is working as an on call interpreter, and I make enough to live fairly comfortably for just speaking Japanese.

Today started off pretty crappy when I slept through my alarm and woke up to Mrs. Yamashita standing over me. For a second I’d thought the old Japanese woman was death himself and accidentally punched her in the face. She reeled back and landed flat on her ass, her face a mask of shock. Needless to say I got to work immediately. Lucky me I still had a job because Mrs. Yamashita can laugh at herself. After that I had the pleasure of running the whole store myself and dealing with several unpleasant customers who won't accept the fact that we don't carry marusan brand ramen, followed by my lunch exploding all over the inside of the microwave.

So now it's nine o'clock at night, I’m exhausted from a stressful day that started an hour late, and I just want to go to bed. I get up from my spot in the middle of the room Mrs. Yamashita remodeled with tatami mats, and a large closet to store a futon bed in, and put the coffee table up against the wall to set out my futon bed. The mattress and comforter beckon to me when I finish, silently whispering of comfort and warmth to combat the cold November night. Within minutes I’m asleep beneath the covers and fail to notice the sound of objects slipping between dimensions and into my small three room, one bath apartment.

The next morning I awake to find a girl about my age, with fair skin and hair like cotton candy cuddled up to me. I look to the clock on my bookshelf and see it's still a little less than an hour before my alarm goes off at seven. “Who the fuck are you?” I wonder aloud. Apparently the girl is a light sleeper because she stirs and her eyes flutter open when she hears me. “Mm... pinkie pie.” she says.

“Excuse me?” “My name is pinkie pie. What's yours?” She replies, propping herself up on her elbows. I blink a few times before I think I understand. “Oh! Uh, I’m Gaiven and... I guess I should ask how much I owe you...” she seems confused by this and I realize my mistake. “OH MY GOD! I am so sorry!” another voice rings out in the darkened room that I don't recognize in response to my outburst. “Pinkie shut up! I'm trying to sleep! Wait! How did you get in here?!! where is here?!! Twilight?!!” “I'm right here spike. Where are we?”

I was still foggy from sleep at this point, but I realized that not only were there now three other people in my home I didn't recall bringing home, ONE OF THEM WAS A TEENAGE BOY!!! I scrambled over to the light switch and flicked on the single overhead bulb. When I looked back to the bed I saw six girls scattered around the room, all in about their early twenties, with a veritable rainbow of hair colors, (one of them actually had her hair dyed in the colors of the rainbow!!!) and one boy who looked about sixteen, maybe seventeen, with a green Mohawk, and all of them were stark naked!!! as soon as the three who are awake get a look at themselves they start freaking out which wakes up the other four who also start screaming. “Shut up!!!” I scream to drown the girls and boy out.

A fair skinned girl with pastel pink hair flowing down her back like a waterfall of strawberry milk turns to a dark skinned girl with navy blue hair with a pink and purple stripe in her flat cut bangs. Her wispy voice is filled with panic. “Twilight what's going on?!! what are we?!! where are we?!!” before Twilight can reply another girl with pale, freckled skin and long blonde hair bound near the end by a red elastic tie pipes up with a thick southern accent. “And where in Equestria is mah hat?!!” she starts looking about the room as if nothing else matters. Obviously the purple haired beauty with pearly skin thought this was as ridiculous as I did and sharply reprimanded the cowgirl with her new England accent in full swing. “Applejack darling! I love accessories as much as the next pony but now is not the time to worry about that!”

“Wait wait wait hold the fuck up!” I exclaim, breaking up the clamor despite never being much of a take charge kind of guy. “did you just say, 'as much as the next pony? Is that some kind of code? And where the hell is Equestria?!!” the six girls and one boy stare at me in silence like I just claimed to be from mars until twilight finally spoke up. “You mean you're not from Equestria? Then, is this your world?” I couldn't believe it. Was I seriously hosting seven beings from another world that conveniently spoke English and happened to end up in my bedroom by some freak accident? Despite my uncertainty I shook myself and decided to make sure we were all on the same page. “ my name is Gaiven and I was born in Washington state, one of the fifty united states of America. Does this mean anything to you guys?” Apparently it doesn't because they're all shaking their heads. “Okay so let me get this straight. You seven are ponies from Equestria who just happened to end up in my house as humans by some unknown means and you all speak English?” “Actually I'm a dragon.” the boy pipes up. I’m silent for a short while as I process what the kid just said. “A... dragon? As in a, fire breathing, maiden snatching, jewel hoarding dragon?” the boy nods and introduces himself as spike. “At your service.”

at this point I'm as ready to believe them as call a mental hospital. Honestly I think I’ve been more than fair for putting up with seven crazy people breaking into my apartment and claiming to be ponies and a dragon from a country I've never heard of. So I decide that either they're actually crazy or telling the truth. So I call them on it. “prove it!”
twilight and the purple haired knock out are the first to step forward with proof. “Rarity and I were unicorns back in Equestria so I think the best way to prove what we're saying is true is to use magic.” Twilight explains. First dragons and ponies, and now unicorns... I’m actually not too surprised at this point.

“stand still darling.” Rarity advises me. The two former unicorns raise their hands and nothing happens at first. Then their hands are shrouded in violet and sapphire blue auras respectively and I start floating until I’m two full feet off the ground.

“Okay okay I believe you now! Just don't drop me!!!”

Once we learn each others names we decide to try and figure out where Equus (their home planet apparently) is in relation to earth and we at least figure out that the two planets are in the same galaxy based on the fact that we both have a horse head nebula. After that though my alarm reminds me I have to get ready for work. “Gah!!! Ive gotta take a shower!!!” I exclaim. “Uuuuuhhhhh... you guys go raid my closet, I’ll be back in like... twenty minutes!!!”

“raid your closet? As in put on clothes? Why?” Pinkie pie asks. “Are we going somewhere special?” The question threw me off so bad I physically stopped to turn around.
“... Right! Ponies don't wear clothes!!! How silly of me! Well, humans wear clothes because going around naked is considered indecent.” I explain sarcastically slamming the bathroom door. Turning on the hot water and fan I start to think about what I’m going to do with seven people who officially don't exist to the U.S. government. I decided I’d have to make a few calls as I step into the shower and let the hot water wash away my stress.

After my shower I was able to fully appreciate how different we all were in size. Rainbow dash is the smallest of the group at 4'6” with a slim wiry build that tells me she'd be a great runner and a loli to boot, and applejack is a veritable giantess at 6'4” with muscles like a construction worker. The other girls are average heights but their bodies still couldn't be more different. Fluttershy is willowy but her boobs must be D cups at least, while rarity has curves like a racetrack. Twilight has an average build while pinkie has slight pudges in all the right places, likely from too many sweets and lots of dancing. Spike is built like my younger brother. Average height, not skinny but not especially muscular either. The product of a fast metabolism, plenty of protein, and a semi-lazy lifestyle. Needless to say my jeans wouldn't fit half of them so I had to lend spike, applejack, rarity, and pinkie pajama pants instead.

After we're all dressed I show them how to work the television and head down to open the shop before Mrs. Yamashita shows up to work the register. “Ohayou gozaimasu Yamashita san!” I chirp as I let my landlady into the store. “I have some friends from out of town in my room right now and I just thought I should let you know.” Mrs. Yamashita thanked me for informing her and wished me luck with my guests. Luckily we had early customers who kept her from asking questions. The customers were our usual college students looking for soy sauce and instant ramen that didn't taste like ass. One was a tall Irish looking fella with curly orange hair, and his girlfriend also looked Irish, but her hair was straight. Looking outside I saw they had brought their Irish wolfhound and tied him up out front. I can't really blame them for looking into cheap foods like ramen.. Keeping yourself well fed in college is a challenge in and of itself. I myself would've been reduced to having to eat that slop if Mrs. Yamashita hadn't basically taken me in and brought me food in exchange for working at her store. I had tried to express my thanks for a full year before giving up because each time she wouldn't have it, saying having me to take care of was like having another grandson around, except I was even better than her lazy, good-for-nothing grandsons because I earn my keep.
When I got back to my apartment around five thirty I found Rarity, Fluttershy, Twilight, and Applejack watching the discovery channel while Pinkie, Spike and Rainbow Dash had gotten into my board games. “Hey guys. What'cha watching?” I don't know why but the extra people in my apartment felt oddly right. Like they belonged here.

“A documentary on the life cycles of horses.” twilight replied. My eyes must've been bigger than dinner plates as I dove for the remote and quickly changed the channel before the horses on the screen got into it.

“NO HORSE PORN IN MY HOUSE!!!” the girls and spike just stared at me, sprawled across the coffee table, still tense from my sudden adrenaline rush.
“Um... what's this game?” Rainbow dash asked, trying to change the subject. I readily looked to the box in her hands to answer her question, and felt my stomach drop through the floor when I recognized the black and white box.

“Not for ponies or dragons. That's what it is!” I snap, grabbing the box from Rainbow dash. “Now if you'll excuse me, I’m going to make dinner.”
Dinner consisted of stir fried veggies over rice with spring rolls on the side, and it went over quite well. Even spiked liked the spring rolls. I suppose I should just keep the fact that I got the food from the expired bin in the back of the store to myself... a couple hours later I set up my futon and the spare I kept for guests for the girls to sleep on while spike and I slept on the other side of the room. “Good night everybody.”

“Everypony.” Spike corrected me.

“Oh. Well then. Goodnight everypony.” I amended.

“Good night.” they all replied as I clicked off the lights. As I pulled a spare blanket around my shoulders and settled down in a corner of the room, I promised myself the next day I would buy another bed as I fell asleep, hoping Saturday would be less crazy.