Saiyan of All

by GMD

Meeting the Saiyan

Saiyan of All
Written by: GMD

Goku looked at everything around him, everything was purple, and sparkley. 'Yaaaay sparkles!' Goku thought with a smile.

"Now, i'm not letting you go until you tell me what the hay you are!" Twilight asked the saiyan. The saiyan giggled, and eventually he laughed a bit louder.

"U-Uhm, e-excuse me, b-but why are you l-laughing...?" Fluttershy asked him. He stopped laughing to answer her question.

"Well, it's just I can get out of this with ease! Here, watch!" As this was said, Goku stretched both his arms, and let out a small burst of energy, while trying not to destroy anything BUT the magic in the process.


Both ponies and dragon looked at Goku with awe and fear. Once the blast was done, the small amount of smoke faded, revealing Goku in the process. Goku stood up after the explosion. He looked around him to see if anything was damaged. He looked down and saw some ashes on the bottom. He scratched his head with a weak smile. "Heh heh, sorry, didn't mean to do that."

All 3 looked at him once more, they were all silent for about, i'd say 3 seconds until Twilight spoke. "H-How did you... it was just... and I... what!!!" Goku looked at her with a confused face, was there no such thing as KI Energy here?

"Well, sorry for that, but like I said, i'm off to go get some food!" Goku said. Twilight knew she couldn't stop him, so she asked him a question. "D-Do you eat, p-ponies...?" She asked with once again, fear. Goku looked at her like he was an idiot.

"Umm, can't say I have eaten a horse, so... no." Goku informed her.

"We are NOT horses, we're ponies!" The purple one said. Welp, that would explain the town's name is Ponyville.

"W-wait, d-do you mean a-any harm to u-us? If n-not, I c-could probably g-get you s-something t-to eat." Fluttershy managed to speak. This wasn't like Fluttershy, usually she would run away from things like this.

"Really? Sweet! I haven't eaten in... I'd say about a month. I'm not sure after the battle with Frieza..." Goku said. Both ponies gasped. Frieza? One of the most destructive beings ever!?!

"Wait, you battled Frieza, as in, THE Frieza!?!" Spike asked. Goku chuckled.

"I'll tell you about it, after I get something to eat, first!"

*About 10 minutes later...*

Everypony watched as the tall monkey-like figure ate almost everything in Fluttershy's home in under 5 minutes. "H-how can he eat so much with only a stomach! It's like he's a garbage dispenser!" Spike managed to shout out, with Goku to busy chowing down to hear what he said.

"Agghhhh, that hit the spot! Thanks!" Goku said with his regular smile. There were plates and dishes everywhere!

Just as Goku spoke, there was a knock on the door. Until the door opened, revealing 4 more ponies with a concerned look.

"Fluttershy!?! Where are you!!" The rainbow-haired one said. Uh-oh, why are they here now!?!

*Ahem, is this thing on? It is? Okay, you are now reading why the others came to Fluttershy's cottage. Have fun with that...*

-Nappa from DBZ Abridged

Rainbow Dash was snoozing away in her little cloud home, it was still morning and it was the weekend, so Rainbow got to do whatever she wanted. "Zzzzzzz..." Was all that was heard in the house above the skies. Well, atleast until a giant sound woke her up as she fell off her bed.

"Yeowch!! Hey, who did that!?!" She spoke, still half asleep. She looked outside, she didn't see anything. What could have caused that noise to wake her up?

"Whoever did that, it wasn't funny!" But what if nobody did that? She headed off to Applejack's to see if she heard it too.

*Some Apple Farm*

Applejack was doing her regular chores. you know, apple bucking, apple bucking, apple bucking, uhhh, apple bucking, and cleaning the windows. "Woooh, nelly, so fahr so good!" Applejack said, it was morning, but she gets up early to do her chores so she can hang out with her friends later.

As she was bucking another apple tree, she heard a strange noise coming from the sky. "What in tarnation wahs that!?!" She asked herself. She looked around to farm to make sure that noise didn't fall into any tree or anything. Until a she saw a Rainbow in the sky heading torwards her. Until it crashed into her.

And that's how Skittles are made!

"Rainbow! Waht the hay ahre you doin'?" Applejack said, pushing Rainbow Dash off her. Rainbow dash let out a weak smile.

"Sorry, I just came to ask you something. Earlier today I heard a weird noise, I thought somepony was pulling a prank on me, but I came to see if you heard it too." Rainbow said. Applejack put her hoof on her chin. Or.. bottom mussel?

"Ya know, ah heard a strahnge loud noise tooh. We gotta goh get erypony and figure owt waht that noise wahs!"

"You said it! Let's go get Twilight and the others."

*And that's how it allll happened. I guess.*

"Fluttershy!?! Where are you!!" Rainbow shouted out to her friend, as Applejack, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie followed behind her. Now why didn't they just knock and wait for her to answer? As the 4 Elements of Harmony keepers looked around for Fluttershy, they heard a familiar voice scream. It was Fluttershy. (Of course.)

"Fluttershah! We're comin'!" Applejack shouted out.

"What? It's just KI energy!" Goku told Fluttershy. She screamed t'ill she passed out. Seems Goku tried to show the others about energy. Twilight and Spike both heard hoovesteps. It was none other then the mane 4. (Since Twilight and Fluttershy wasn't with them.) They saw Fluttershy passed out, and looked at Goku.

"G-Girls, i-its now what it-" Twilight was interrupted by Rainbow Dash, who was in her offense mode. "HOW DARE YOU HURT OUT FRIEND!?!" Goku looked at her funny, until he knew why she was mad. Strange new lifeform, messed up kitchen cause he ate alot, yep, he's in trouble.

"Girls! It's not what it-" Twilight was once again interrupted, but this time by Applejack.

"Don't worry Twiliaght! We got thihs!" Twilight facehooved, same with Spike. Well, faceclawed? I dunno.

Anyways, back to the story...

Applejack locked onto Goku, and brought out her lasso which apparently she has with her. She then threw the lasso, capturing Goku. She tugged Goku forth, but to no avail. "How muhch... do.. ya... weigh!?!" Applejack said, pulling ever so hard on the rope, but Goku still stands in place.

"Uhhh, that's personal informa-" Hey look! Another interruption!

"That's it! You're goin' down, giant monkey!" Rainbow Dash yelled out. Goku giggle, and stood up.

"Fine, but can we at least do this outside? Don't wanna wreck the place." Goku said, making Rainbow smirk.

"Sure, have it you're way, cause outside is the last place you'll be!"

"Rainbow Dash! Stop! You don't know what you're doing!" Twilight yelled out. Rainbow ignored her as Pinkie, Applejack, and Rarity cheered her on as the Rainbow Dash flew out the cottage and Goku simply walked. Of course, Goku wasn't going to hurt her, just wait t'ill this blows by so he can move on with everything else.

*The fight outside.*

"Heh, this is gonna be fun. You're going down!" Rainbow Dash said, with a few taunts and her usual smirk. Goku laughed and just stood still.

"So, guess i'll make the first move! They don't call me Rainbow Dash for nothin'!" Rainbow Dash readied herself with a few stretches here and there, until she made her attack. She put out one hoof, and began to fly at a very fast speed. Goku watched as the rainbow maned Pegasus charged right at him. She smirked as she saw him stand still. 'This is gonna be easy!' She thought.

Finally, she reached Goku's stomach and she smiled. Soon, her smile faded as she saw Goku looking down at her, he gave her a disappointing look. "C'mon, is that all? I expected you to be faster and stronger!" Rainbows frown soon turned to anger.

"Wow! The big meany monkey didn't even fall or nothin'! It's like Dashie just punched a brick wall! Well maybe she can break brick walls because she's so fast speaking of fast theres a new ice cream show called Fast Joey's its so delicious it's-" Applejack put a hoof over Pinkie Pie's mouth.

"Thahts enough, Pinkie."

Rainbow Dash flew straight in the air, until she was high enough to do her fastest attack. "Alright! I don't know how you survived that, but now, you're gonna taste the rainbow!" Goku laughed, 'Hah, Skittles jokes...' he thought.

Rainbow Dash now flew straight down until there was a cone surrounding her at her maximum speed. The wind flew all around her as she began to make her finest attack. The cone began to get smaller each passing second, as the Cyan pegasus, ONCE AGAIN, smirked. Goku looked at it with awe and a little disappointment. 'Is this how fast she is? I could go faster then this at age 10!' Goku thought.

Now the cone got small enough for it to pierce threw pretty much any amount of steel, the rainbow trail behind her began to sparkle and wave, as her mouth began to flow threw the air. It was time.

For the Sonic Rainboom.