Fallen Eagles

by B0bthebum


Location – Lakeshore in the Everfree Forest

Trudging up the embankment, Major Williams unfastened the case of supplies and placed it on top of a flattish rock, and proceeded to remove his Zero-Atmosphere Suit. Standing in the sun for a moment in his flight suit, he stretched his muscles and reveled in his freedom of movement. Closing his eyes momentarily as he stretched his back, he lost his footing on the uneven rocks and fell. He extended his left arm to break his fall and stopped short, his arm caught fast between two large rocks. A sickening crack reached his ears an instant before his mind was filled with screaming pain.

Fluttershy never saw the Major remove his suit or fall, because as soon as she saw him emerge from the lake she promptly cowered down into the underbrush and covered her eyes with her hooves. She remained that way, trembling and doing her best to stay silent, until a sharp crack followed by an unbridled and decidedly masculine bellow of pain caused her to jump and sit up. The sight that greeted her was a creature trapped and in pain, and without thinking she moved to assist it. Quickly assessing the situation, she grasped the creature’s trapped appendage and twisted it free of the rock, and was promptly answered with a quick series of short, hard exclamations that stopped short as the creature’s head turned and brought her into its field of view. Now it was just staring at her with its mouth hanging open and a blank look on its features, which were rapidly draining of color. She wasn’t sure what this meant, but at least it didn’t seem angry. The way it held its foreleg and the sharp crack she had heard probably meant that it was broken, but she had never seen one of these before, and wasn’t sure how to treat it. Deciding that the best course of action was to set up a splint and ask Twilight if she could identify it, she took the creature by its uninjured foreleg, helped it up, and began guiding the strange creature back towards town, gently reassuring while they went.

As he walked, Major Williams tried repeatedly to make sense of what was going on, and each time he came up with nothing. When this small horse had freed his arm, he ceased to be the independent and proud survivor, and began to question his own sanity. It had crossed his mind that the crack he had heard was in fact his skull, that might explain some of this, but his arm hurt too much for it to be a hallucination. Attempting to forget the absurdity of it all, he decided to take stock of the situation from an objective viewpoint. Number one; this flying pony could talk. Nothing he could understand, but her voice was soothing and definitely feminine. Number two; she was taking him somewhere. Just where the hell that was, he had no idea. With a sinking feeling he realized he was definitely not in the Everglades, or the Amazon. In fact, he would be pretty damn surprised if this even turned out to be Earth.

As Fluttershy made her way towards home she looked over the strange being that seemed to have fallen out of the sky into her day. It seemed to be wearing some strange glossy clothing, and had a patch of brown hair on its head. The rest of him that was visible seemed to be hairless and smooth. Overall he had many characteristics of monkeys that she had seen but with several marked differences, namely he had no tail, walked upright on his hind legs, and smelled better. Apart from his initial scream and subsequent outburst, he hadn’t made a sound, but then again he was probably suffering from shock due to his injury. Exiting the confines of the Everfree, she led him up to her cottage and sat him down outside.
“Now, you wait right here and I’ll be right back, okay?” The only response she got was another blank stare before he began gazing at his surroundings with the same expression. However, he didn’t seem inclined to go anywhere and that was good enough for her.
Sitting outside what appeared to be a house inside a tree, Major Williams wondered just how to classify the creature that had just gone inside. It was small, equine, presumably female, yellow, with a pale pink mane, and was flying. He found it difficult to come up with a single word for it, and decided to settle on pegasus. It was a winged horse and that was a fair enough description. He was interrupted from further musings by her return, and he noticed that she now carried a length of cloth and several short sticks in her teeth. She placed them on the stump next to him and reached for his injured arm with her hooves. He reluctantly and gingerly allowed her to arrange his arm on the stump, where she promptly and neatly arranged a makeshift splint, holding down the fabric with her hooves and tying the knot with her teeth, which the Major found interesting, albeit strange.
Having put the creature’s broken limb in a splint to prevent further damage and to reduce swelling, Fluttershy offered him a bowl of water, which he gratefully drank. Having given him a chance to rest, she decided it was time to move again. Once again taking him by the foreleg she flew alongside him, guiding him across her stream towards Ponyville and her friends.