The Young Filly and the Sea

by Georg

2 - Work

The Young Filly and the Sea

Princess Twilight Sparkle was bored.

Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, BORED!

Bucking bored, and because she was a princess now, she could think that word without feeling guilty. She still could not say it out loud, though. Particularly here, in the Royal Throne Room, with both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna so near. She still cast a careful glance at Princess Celestia, sitting a few paces to her side, just on the odd chance that she was able to tell her former student had been slipping.

It had started out as a perfectly wonderful morning, with introductions to various royalty from across Equestria who were making an official visit to Canterlot that just happened to include meeting the newest alicorn princess, but the feeling had begun to fade after about the tenth royal had also introduced their young colt ‘who is just about your age, princess.’

The reception this evening was going to be a huge affair, beginning three days and nights of meetings and Equestrian politics. Treaties would be signed, trade agreements finalized, and enough smiling and waving was scheduled that her cheeks were going to freeze in that position and her foreleg fall off. She could even feel a phantom ache, right at the joint, where the expected separation was doomed to occur.

There were a thousand places she would rather be, most of which involved libraries of one sort or another, but Princess Celestia had actually cancelled her library privileges for the next three days, and Cadence, the sneak, had gone around the castle and picked up all of Twilight’s favorite book caches, including the one behind Celestia’s throne that she was positive nopony knew about.


She could not even go anywhere in public to enjoy any alone time, due to the hovering presence of Royals with prospective husbands for her that kept just out of eyeshot, circling like a school of sharks around a wounded pony. Even the clouds over Canterlot were off-limits to a privacy seeking princess, from the number of winged Royal Guards who were determined to follow her almost anywhere except the bathroom, and even there was questionable. She could only spend so long powdering her nose before they would send a mareservant or twelve in to look for her, or worse, prospective mother-in-laws.

Smile. Wave. Buck.

The current Royal guests, the Grand Duke and Duchess of Jellymore — if she remembered the introduction right and was not just guessing based on the way they wobbled while walking — finished their brief speech and proceeded grandly to the exit, where in all probability they would immediately run to their rooms, kick off their pinching shoes, and read a book until time for the reception tonight.


The next group of Royals proceeded slowly into the reception area of the throne room, the herald announcing their kingdom and titles in a long cadence of words that was coordinated to finish right as they reached the end of the red carpet and began their address to Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. They seemed to be moving a little slower than the others, two older ponies and a young colt ‘about her age’ that all had the same oversized hooves of the seaponies of Oceania, a magical aftereffect of their transformation from flippers to hooves when they ventured out onto the land. Researching the details of that transformation would be at least interesting, and she wished she could just duck out for a few minutes and grab the Reference to Equestrian Species that was in the nearby fourth floor sitting room library, if it had not been chained shut. She was still grousing internally about the injustice of it all when a few words penetrated her awareness and brought her boredom to an abrupt halt.

“...and Prince Corneighlius Rex, of Oceania.”

She was unaware of standing up as she caught sight of the young colt with the seafoam green curls, so carefully primped and trimmed that she had not recognized him from the shaggy, sand-encrusted young pony that he had once been. He looked back, his deep blue eyes wide and shocked, but his mouth turning up in the warm smile that had not changed one small bit since that day on the beach. She almost was unaware of walking out on the carpet, the mutter and whisper of onlookers rising as she drew near until she stopped a few paces away and continued to stare in shock.


“Sandy? Oh, by the waves and currents. You’re Twilight Sparkle?”

He looked so cute just standing there with his jaw hanging open that she had to take a step forward and put a hoof under his chin, leaning forward with a smile to ask a question that had been bothering her for many years.

“Did you ever find a Sea Sapphire?”

That carefree grin that she remembered so well reappeared, and he floated a brilliant blue gem almost the size of her hoof out of a pocket on his dress jacket, placing it on her outstretched hoof with a flourish. It was more beautiful that she had imagined, the iridescence of the giant sapphirina copepod shell frozen like blue fire in the sunlight that shone down through the throne room windows. She looked up at his blue eyes, sparkling even brighter than the huge crustacea in her hoof.

“Did you find your heart’s desire too?” she asked, feeling her heart flutter in her chest as his smile grew.

“Just now, yes.”