Dragon Ball Pony Z - A Costly Ramification

by JaydexTheShadowKnight

Episode 3 - "The Battle for Ponyville!"

Dragon Ball Pony Z

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Twilight Sparkle and Trixie formed a plan to snap Princess Celestia out of her stupor. Following a cold bath the princess came to. The lavender unicorn explained the situation to her beloved mentor. Meanwhile Goku and Jayden’s training was interrupted when they sensed the arrival of the ponies. Flying to meet them the group shared a brief reunion. After being joined by Gohan, Krillin and Piccolo, the gang all agreed to aid the ponies in their battle. However things came to a sudden halt when the vile Vegeta appeared! He challenged Goku to a grudge match. To which Goku said he’d have to fight later, right now he had to help the ponies! He offered Vegeta to join them, but the saiyan prince promptly refused. The group took off for Equestria led by Rainbow Dash. As the gang was nearly out of site Vegeta took off after them. But will he really help? And will the needed aid of Goku and his friends arrive before Sarabrek and his henchman destroy Ponyville and seriously harm any ponies? Find out now!

Episode 3:
“The Battle for Ponyville!”

Beelzon continued soaring through the air above Ponyville blasting everything in site. The paladin Galyor quickly joined him hovering aloft. He smiled at his armored cohort and said, “I’m glad this town is so massive. It still has so many lovely targets to destroy!”

Galyor chuckled, a metallic echo in his voice caused from his full helmet. “Yes. And while we cause this carnage…master Sarabrek can gather precious energy to begin the next phase of his plan!”

“Indeed! But I wish he’d let us do more than simply harm the ponies. I’d certainly love to silence their sickeningly sweet and happy faces,” groused the demonic warrior shuttering at their cuteness.

Elsewhere across the war zone Ponyville had become, Twilight Sparkle, Trixie and Princess Celestia continued evacuating ponies from the crumbling buildings. They also kept a vigilant eye out for the attackers, ready to fight if need be. Trixie came running out with another group of ten ponies. Twilight smiled with delight. None of them had been hurt. She let out a much-needed sigh. “That’s another group!” Declared Twilight with glee.

Trixie huffed for breath. “Yes. I think we’ve almost gotten everypony out!”

“Where should we go now?” Asked one of the refugees.

“Follow Big Macintosh to Sweet Apple Acres!” Directed Princess Celestia pointing a hoof toward the massive orchard. “You will all be safe there.” The group trotted off following the big red stallion. “For now anyway,” she muttered to herself.

“This is almost unbelievable. Oh I hope Rainbow Dash gets back soon!” Asserted Twilight filling with dread as the horrifying explosions continued to rock the once peaceful town.

“We must have faith Twilight. Good will always prevail against evil!” Though Princess Celestia was having a little trouble believing her own words. Nevertheless she was not about to give up. Her beloved subjects were in dire jeopardy. She had to act.

“HELLLLLLLLP!” Cried Spike as the baby dragon bolted from out of a nearby street. He was quickly accompanied by Applejack who was actually struggling to keep up with the little dragon.

“Spike, Applejack! What’s going on?!” Asked a fearful Twilight.

“Oh my gosh! Fire! Building! Collapse Rarity! Save her!” The dragon blurted out barely forming complete sentences or thoughts for that matter. He huffed and puffed more from anxiety than exhaustion.

“Say what?” Uttered a confused Trixie.

Applejack fought to regain her breath. It’d been a while since she ran that fast or so hard in such a short duration. “He…means…Rarity…is…in trouble!”

“I sort of gather that from his vague description,” noted Twilight still eager to get the whole story.

The baby dragon calmed down. Then Spike said more coherently, “Rarity was helping rescue Berry Punch from her house. As she went to leave the door collapsed and a wood beam fell on her! You’ve gotta save her! Please!” Pleaded the dragon hanging on Twilight’s front hooves.

“Calm down Spike! Of course we’ll help! Princess, you and Trixie should stay here to help intercept more evacuating ponies. I’ll follow Spike and Applejack back to Rarity,” said Twilight forming a game plan.

“Sorry Twilight, but I’m coming with you. The princess will have to help any other ponies!” Declared Trixie boldly.

“Fine,” replied Twilight realizing there was no changing her mind.

Princess Celestia giggled at them both. “Go on now Twilight. I can handle things here.”

Giving a quick nod Twilight and her friends tore off to save Rarity. They arrived at Berry Punch’s burning home. There was hardly anything left of the crumbling fire ravaged building. Berry Punch was standing at a safe distance watching on in horror, wishing there were something she could do. “Rarity we’re coming!” Yelled Twilight as she and her friends arrived.

“Oh thank Celestia you all are here!” Remarked Berry Punch.

“Don’t worry you guys I got this!” Announced Twilight boldly.

“Oh no you don’t!” Interrupted Trixie. “I’m not letting my friend face this fire alone!”

“But you could get hurt Trixie. It doesn’t make sense to risk both our lives. You’ll be needed to help continue the evacuation,” remarked Twilight endeavoring to be practical.

Trixie let out a long sigh. “I guess you still have some lessons to learn Twilight Sparkle.” Twilight just gave the blue unicorn a miffed expression. “If we combine our efforts it will be less likely that either of us gets harmed. Now come on Rarity doesn’t have all day!”

Twilight’s eyes widened with joy. She was touched by Trixie’s thoughtfulness. Her expression quickly changed to a serious one as she and her fellow unicorn neared the blazing edifice. “We’ve gotta deal with those flames!” Shouted Twilight.

“Oh I’ve got just he spell Twilight!” Squealed Trixie with delight. Her horn lit up. Aiming it at the house she unleashed powerful blast of icy cold magic. The extremely cold temperature of her spell killed the heat source extinguishing the fire around most of the building. “There now we can enter!”

“Nice spell Trixie! I didn’t know you could use number 45,” Declared Twilight rattling off another of her numbered magic skills.

Trixie just looked at her funny as the two went inside. Once inside they could hear the cries and whimpers of a distressed Rarity. The beautiful white unicorn was pinned down in the living room by a ceiling beam. “Somepony please…unnngh, help…me!” She cried in a very woeful tone.

“Hang on Rarity! We’re coming!” Called out Twilight. She and Trixie arrived. Together they used their unicorn magic to move the wooden beam off the trapped unicorn. “Rarity can you crawl out?”

“I’ll try,” she muttered weakly. Thankfully her front legs were uninjured. She was able to use them to pull herself out. Once she was clear the two unicorns gently set the beam down. “Ouch my back left leg!” Cried Rarity in pain. “I think it’s broken!”

“Trixie, please help her up onto my back,” said Twilight.

“Okay,” replied Trixie. She used her magic to lift Rarity up on Twilight’s back. The lavender unicorn grunted as she felt the weight of her friend press down on her back. Her friend wasn’t heavy, it’s just Twilight wasn’t used to carrying anyone bigger than Spike. Still she wasn’t going to leave her friend to fend for herself.

“There they are!” Called out Applejack excitedly. The three had made it safely out of the building. The orange pony gently took Rarity from Twilight and carried her on her back. “There Twilight. I’ll take care of Rarity. My back was made for this here sorta thing,” she remarked.

“Thank you Applejack,” replied Twilight graciously.

Spike ran over to Rarity and took hold of her right front hoof. “Rarity! Are you okay?” He asked solicitously about her safety.

She whimpered from the pain in her back leg. “Oh I’ve been better Spike. Though I fear I’ve broken my leg,” she spoke cringing from the pain.

“I’m here for you Rarity, just never forget that,” reminded the baby dragon. Rarity managed a smile for his kind words.

A bright purple energy blast sailed into the remains of Berry Punch’s house. It generated an explosion that leveled the rest of the building. “My house!” Cried a frightful Berry Punch.

The sound of devious laughter filled the air. Beelzon and his two fellow henchmen arrived before the weary group of ponies. He grinned with superior glee as he snickered at them. “Well what do we have here! I see. A unicorn that is clearly meddling in our destruction over this town and its inhabitants.”

Applejack glared angrily at them. If she hadn’t been seeing to Rarity’s well fare, she would have run up and bucked him a good one. Though the earth pony wasn’t alone in her loathing of this trio of evildoers. Twilight was not the least bit happy to see this creep again. “Haven’t you caused enough destruction?” Twilight asked rhetorically.

“Caused enough destruction? Surly you jest. Ah yes I remember you and…oh I see the blue unicorn too. So are you gonna blast me and run again like you did last time?” Beelzon asked showing off that he wasn’t even faced form her previous attack. He looked to Galyor and Omnus who quickly cut off their retreat. “Well now I don’t think running is going to be an option for you this time! Heh, heh.” He snickered at their predicament. Beelzon placed his hands together and cracked his knuckles. “My master may have ordered that you not be killed, but that doesn’t mean I can’t beat you senseless in the meantime!”

Twilight gulped feeling a nervous sweat form on her head. She knew her power wasn’t strong enough to take him on. Still she couldn’t stand there and do nothing, besides she had nowhere to run. Bucking up her courage, she stood her ground. Concentrating, Twilight formed a decent sized ball of magical purple energy above her horn. It pulsed and shined as she completed it. Squinting her eyes, she shouted, “Take this you bully!” The unicorn unleashed the attack. If flew toward Beelzon. He grinned as the attack smashed into him and exploded engulfing him in a cloud of dark smoke. Twilight’s eyes twinged in fear as the smoke cleared. He stood there, unharmed still smirking at her. The vile warrior began walking toward her.

“Oh no you don’t!” Shouted Trixie! “Try this on for size!” The blue unicorn unleashed a serious of magic zaps form her horn. They struck in succession slowly encompassing Beelzon in a cloud of dust and bright blasts of blue light. Trixie halted her attack hoping that it had done the job.

“Is that all you two have got?” They heard a sinister voice taunt from within the dust cloud. As it cleared the two gazed on in horror. Beelzon was still standing and he didn’t have a single scratch on him. “I’ve got to say if that’s your best! Well you’re doomed!” He snickered. The evil warrior reached out his right arm and powered an energy blast in it. “You know I doubt Sarabrek will mind if I kill just two little ponies. What’s the harm! There are dozens more across the land! Now give my regards to the afterlife!”

Tears began to form in Twilight’s eyes. She thought it was really the end this time. There was no where to run or hide. “I’m so sorry Trixie!” Whimpered Twilight wishing she were stronger.

“At least you shared your friendship with me. Thank you Twilight!” Said Trixie as she began to see her life flash before her eyes.

“Die!” Called out the demon firing the bright pink energy blast.

The attack rolled along the ground gaining speed. It looked like curtains for the two ponies. Then suddenly a bright burst of sunlight appeared on the scene. Princess Celestia had emerged. With a quick swipe of her left front hoof she knocked the attack back into Beelzon. It exploded knocking the villain off his feet. Twilight let out a sigh of relief. “Thank you Princess!” Celestia didn’t say a word. That was when her student saw the princess’s facial expression. Her jaw dropped from the shear look of anger possessing her mentor’s face. Celestia jerked her head to the left and fired off a blast of energy from her horn. It sent Omnus sailing into a nearby crumbled building. She dashed over and positioned herself in front of Galyor. Bucking with her back legs, she sent the paladin flying across the street slamming into the pavement creating a large hole.

Beelzon rose to his feet and saw the other two had been given a quick thrashing. “Not bad for a princess,” Remarked the demon warrior. “But I’m not down yet!”

“Then I’ll just have to try harder!” Celestia shouted bitterly annoyed. Steam flowed from her flared nostrils as she stomped her right front hoof on the ground. “Ahhhh!” She roared beating her majestic white wings lifting her into the air. The princess sailed toward her opponent. The two clashed and began exchanging blows. To Beelzon’s surprise he was unable to land a single punch, while Celestia had been slowly pummeling him with her front hooves. She nailed him in the gut, the face, and shoulder. The princess placed her hooves together and plunged them against him sending him forcibly to the ground. Her horn lit up with power as she zapped him with a series of lightning bolts. His body jumped and twinged from the energy now crackling through him.

“Argh!” He roared in pain. The attack had ended. Steam rose up from Beelzon’s body. The fiend still returned to his feet, but he had been injured. He shook his head. “Not bad your highness.”

“Whoa! I’ve never seen the princess fight before!” Declared Twilight in awe.

“She certainly is the princess for a reason,” remarked Spike.

“Well now. I think it’s time you tasted my true power!” Roared Beelzon.

“Not interested!” Shouted Celestia quickly flying toward him and plowing her right front hoof into his gut. The fiend went sailing into a nearby wall. He collided breaking through and stirring up a big cloud of dust and debris. “Threaten my subjects and try to destroy their home! Humph! Not while I’m princess!” Asserted Celestia dauntlessly.

The sound of sarcastic applause filled the air. “Well done my dear Celestia. Well done indeed.” Announced Sarabrek. “You’ve done quite well for yourself.” The warlock’s expression changed to a bitterly annoyed one. “Now your little fun comes to an end. You didn’t think I was going to let you pick apart my henchmen and do nothing…did you?”

Celestia grunted in frustration. She knew he must have been monitoring the situation. In the past it took both her and Luna to subdue him. This time she was alone. Still she wasn’t about to back down from this creep. “Bring it on! Sarabrek! I’m not afraid of you!” She bellowed her voice almost echoing in the air.

“Very well then! Let’s get started!” He remarked charging with energy. Sarabrek’s black hair floated around him as his power increased. A golden light surrounded Celestia while her power rose. The two met in the air over Ponyville. They lunged at each other and began exchanging blows. At first the battle seemed a stalemate. That was until Celestia began landing some serious punches and kicks with her hooves. Sarabrek quickly lost his taste for fair-play hand-to-hand combat. He pulled away from his opponent. “You know this kind of primitive combat is really beneath me…when I have all this magic at my disposal!” The warlock held up his mighty staff. Energy crackled across its surface.

“So then you want a magic contest? Do your worst! I’m still not afraid of you!” She asserted feeling more and more annoyed from him.

The warlock chuckled heartily at her bravado. “Nice Celestia, nice! But I think a little demonstration is in order,” he suggested.

“Fine then dodge this!” She yelled unleashing a horn energy blast at him. Sarabrek raised an energy barrier. The shield consumed the attack leaving the warlock unharmed. “Okay! Rargggghh!” Roared the princess shocking everypony below. She flew to where he was hovering and began swinging her hooves at him and then alternating with blasts of magic and lightning.

The evil villain dodged and shrugged off all of her attacks like they were mere parlor tricks. “You have gotten weak over the centuries my dear Celestia! Ha-ha-ha-ha! And I on the other hand have gotten much stronger!” He chortled. “Now there’s something I’ve been wanting to do to you for centuries! Now you will know the humiliation I felt when you and Luna defeated me!” Sarabrek raised his staff high. Maroon bolts of energy crackled across it as he prepared to attack.

Celestia watched on desperately trying to think of a way to break his defense. Suddenly she looked around and noticed a dark red light encompass her body. “What?” She gasped.

“That’s right! Feel pain and agony!” He yelled at her. Thrusting his staff down, its magic slammed Celestia into the crumbled ruins of a nearby pony’s home. Sarabrek let out an obnoxious cackle of delight. He trained his staff on her lifting her from the debris and back up into the air before him. “How was that? Did you like it?” He asked morbidly.

She raised her now aching head and leered at him. Her pure white body had been scratched up and was beginning to bruise. In one attack he managed to do a good deal of damage to her. ‘How in Equestria did he get so strong?” she wondered to herself.

“Not talking? That’s fine,” he stated floating over to her. The warlock clenched his right fist and punched her in the face. His knuckle rolled off her left cheek. A combination of spit and blood flew from her mouth. Celestia’s head dropped back down. Her breathing had become shallower reacting to the additional damage. “Still nothing to say?”

She panted trying to take in more air. “You can do…whatever you…w-want to me, just please…spare my subjects. This shouldn’t be…their cross to bear,” she spoke breathing a little less shallowly.

“Sorry my dear, but they are guilty by association. Once I finish with you and complete my plan…they will be next!” He snickered.

“As long as breath is in me…I will resist you…Sarabrek!” She shouted defiantly.

An annoyed look formed on Sarabrek’s blue skinned face. “I don’t think you’ve had enough my dear!” He declared frowning at her. Raising his staff he thrust it downward. Celestia careened toward the ground plowing into a large grassy patch near Twilight and her friends. Her impact disturbed the dirt and grass creating a huge cloud of dust and debris. “That should have done it!” Shouted the warlock.

Celestia lie in the center of a small crater. It was a struggle for her to breath let alone move. She felt as though every bone in her body had been broken. The pain could only be described as getting a mountain dropped on her. Still she harnessed her magic and used a healing spell to try stabilizing her body. Returning to her hooves, the other ponies could see the bad shape she was in. Blood now flowed from numerous cuts on all four of her limbs and torso. Her right cheek was cut. Blood dripped from it spotting the ground beside her hoof. She breathed heavily from the pain quaking in her body. The princess went to step forward but the pain overtook her and she collapsed.

“Princess!” Cried Twilight Sparkle placing both front hooves over her mouth.

“Why that no good Lilly-livered!” Growled Applejack fighting the urge to charge in. But sadly she knew she lacked the power to face such an opponent, plus she was still looking after Rarity.

The warlock was very amused. “Good she’s down! Now to finish her off!” Snickered Sarabrek. He charged magic into his staff and fired a large blast of energy at her. Celestia looked up and saw it speeding toward her. Her eyes widened in terror. There was nothing she could do. She was too weak from her injuries to mount any defense. Her subjects were powerless as well. Fear had gripped them all rendering them paralyzed for the time being.

Just as the attack neared her a bright red streak appeared. It took the form of Goku. He quickly deflected the attack sending it harmlessly into the air where it exploded violently. Had the blast occurred at ground level, it could have leveled half of Ponyville. The kind saiyan turned to see the ailing alicorn. “Princess Celestia!” He called out fearfully. Goku saw the horrible condition she was in and the blood trailing down her wounds. Tears formed in his mighty eyes. Normally he would never cry so easily, but this was it. The sight before him was nearly more than he could bear. Just then his eyes dried as a powerful rage began to burn within him. He gazed up at the warlock filling with aggression. “Hrrrghh! I…won’t…let...you…Noooooooooo!” Roared Goku as he exploded from the ground rapidly speeding up toward Sarabrek. The warlock was completely shocked at the in bound saiyan missile. Goku focused power in his right fist and slammed it into Sarabrek. He cried out as he finished delivering the punch. The sound of the saiyan’s voice echoed across Ponyville. The attack sent his enemy plummeting into a nearby hill. The force of the impact shattered the hill rocks and all stirring up a tremendous debris cloud. Goku hung there hovering. His chest heaved and sweat rolled down his face as he gasped for air. He barely used any of his power, yet his body shook from the anger burning in his heart.

Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and their friends from Earth had arrived right as Goku attacked Sarabrek. Piccolo looked on in awe. This was quite a feat for his saiyan friend. “Unbelievable! Is it me of did Goku really get the better of that creep?” The Namek wondered.

Krillin blinked profusely. “Wow! I can’t remember the last time I saw Goku hit someone that hard! He didn’t even power up!” Remarked the saiyan’s best friend filled with disbelief.

Gohan chuckled and said, “That’s my dad!”

Jayden looked to the center of the crater. There his eyes met the injured Princess Celestia. “Oh no! The Princess!! She’s hurt bad!” He exclaimed solicitously.

Twilight Sparkle was still in shock at what just happened. “Wow…Goku must really be strong. Sarabrek beat the princess like she was a rookie. And Goku just flew up and clocked him,” said the lavender unicorn full of puzzlement.

“I got in a lucky shot!” Announced Goku descending to the ground. His dark blue single orange-stripped boots made a distinct thud while he landed. “My arrival threw him off causing him to drop his guard. That’s how I was able to attack him successfully. I doubt I’ll have the chance to do that again. His power is amazing.” He turned his eyes to his friends and continued, “Physically his strength is low, but his magic more than makes up for it, giving him and awesome overall power.” Turning from his friends, Goku knelt down beside the ailing princess.

Celestia was still having some difficulty breathing. She looked up and saw her savior. “Go…ku,” she muttered trying to speak. “Is…t…that, you?”

He lightly took hold of her right front hoof and said, “Yes, it’s me your majesty.” He turned his head and clenched his eyes shut. “I’m so sorry I didn’t arrive in time to save you from his attacks.”

The princess forced a smile, though it hurt even to do this simple gesture. “It’s all…all…right Goku. You saved…my life…and…the…the town…from that…attack.”

Opening his eyes Goku looked back at her. “Don’t speak! Please! Save your energy!” He pleaded tightening his grip on her hoof. Then his face lit up. “Wait a second your highness! I’ve got an idea!” Goku turned and reached for the pouch tied to his belt. The saiyan opened it and retrieved a single brown bean from inside. “Here princess! Eat this Senzu bean and you should be fine!” He declared smiling at her.

Celestia looked at him curiously. Her eyes almost seemed to say, “This tiny bean will help me how?” She wondered if this was one of his jokes or if perhaps maybe he’d been hanging around Pinkie Pie too long. Still she figured she had nothing to lose. Opening her mouth she felt the saiyan lightly place the bean on her tongue. Carefully she began munching on the crunchy bean. It wasn’t much for taste, but she hoped he was right. Then came the tricky part. Swallowing the bean might be difficult due to her injuries. As she started swallowing the bean she felt Goku’s gentle hand caress her throat aiding her. The bean went down successfully. At first it seemed, as she feared…nothing happened. Then all at once she felt a vibrant energy pour through her body. The princess’s muscles all contracted for a moment. In an instant her pain was gone. The bleeding of her wounds had stopped and her strength had returned. Goku stood back giving Celestia some space. Carefully she pulled herself back up on her hooves. She took a deep breath and sighed. “Thank you Goku! That Senzu bean did the trick!” She asserted stretching her long feathery wings.

Goku stepped back and stumbled on something. It was Celestia’s tiara. I had fallen off after she hit the ground. He picked it up and walked it over to her. “Here you highness. You must have dropped this after you hit the ground,” the noble warrior spoke placing the tiara back on her forehead.

She smiled at him. “Thank you Goku! You are indeed kind,” the princess spoke regally.

Tears of joy formed in Twilight Sparkles face. Her mentor was going to be all right. She galloped over and threw her hooves around Celestia’s tapered neck. “Princess you’re all right!” She declared overjoyed.

The princess nuzzled her and said, “Yes my faithful student. It was thanks to your plan to ask Goku and his friends for help.”

Twilight turned to look at Rainbow Dash. “Good work Rainbow Dash! You, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie did a great job!”

“Just doing my part to help out!” Remarked Rainbow Dash being uncharacteristically modest.

Celestia walked up to Goku. She hung her head feeling ashamed. “I can’t believe how weak I’ve become,” she spoke dejectedly.

The kind warrior placed a hand on her chin coaxing her head up to look at him. “You aren’t weak princess. I know. When we first arrived I sensed your amazing power. You just didn’t fully harness it. There wasn’t time. But never think you are weak! Strength and power alone will never win a battle. It takes heart and courage! The kind all of you ponies have demonstrated since this battle began. I know I only just got here, but I’ve seen you ponies in action before! Tell me I’m wrong,” he conveyed knowing he was right.

The princess smiled at him. “Thank you Goku!”

“Hey Goku!” Called out Piccolo. “That warlock isn’t going to stay down much longer!”

A momentary sense of panic gripped Goku. He checked on the crumbled hill Sarabrek crashed in to. A bright pink light began towering up from the rubble. “You’re right! He’s breaking out of the debris. Princess, you and the ponies better get to safety. We’ll try to draw them out of town to keep Ponyville out of the crossfire. You’ve done a great job getting things started. Now if you don’t mind, we’ll take it from here! I don’t want any of you getting…” The saiyan was cut off in mid speech. Energy crackled from the hill followed by a small explosion. Sarabrek soared out returning to the sky. He cackled viciously as he glared down at his enemies. “I wondered what was keeping you!” Shouted Goku half taunting his newest opponent.

“And who are you?” Inquired the warlock.

“I’m Goku and I’m from Earth!” He answered a bold smile adorning his face.

“From Earth! How did you get here? Equestria and Earth aren’t exactly neighboring worlds!” He stated rubbing his chin.

“Come on you know a good magician never reveals his tricks!” Replied Goku in a mocking voice.

“Make light of me if you wish. But don’t expect to get in any more attacks like that one. I must admit your arrival took me quite by surprise. Way to exploit my dropped guard. Oh but wait!” He expressed noticing his disheveled appearance. “I don’t look myself. I’ll fix that!” He whisked his staff. A bright purple light sparkled across him covering him in a star pattern. Once it faded all the battle damage he sustained had been recovered. “There good as new! It pays to have powerful magic!”

“I hope you remember that punch! Because it’s my only warning! Leave this place now! And apologize for what you did to the ponies!” Demanded Goku.

Sarabrek looked at him incredulously. “You can’t be serious. Apologize and leave? When I’ve done nothing wrong whatsoever? Don’t make me laugh…Goku!” He said mocking his newest foe. “There is no way I’m backing down. After all those centuries of imprisonment…I’m taking my revenge! If you stand with the ponies…then you can die beside them as well!” The warlock’s three henchmen rose and rejoined their master. Whisking his staff again healed their injuries leaving them free to fight. “Well now I think we all know what happens next!”

“If violence is all you understand Sarabrek…then so be it!” Bellowed Goku shouting with rage. A bright red flaring aura encompassed his body. Piccolo, Jayden, Gohan and Krillin joined him.

“I see the game is set. For now I will simply observe. But my minions can handle you fools and foals!” Declared Sarabrek moving to a safe distance.

Beelzon stood before Goku a sinister smirk on his face. “I’ll keep the introductions brief. My name is Beelzon, this is Galyor to my right, and Omnus to my left! There may be five of you and eight ponies, but don’t think you’ll find any safety in numbers!” Snickered the demonic warrior.

“Gohan, Krillin stay with the ponies. We’ll handle these three!” Declared Goku standing firm.

“No problem Goku,” replied Krillin quickly taking Gohan’s hand. The two joined the ponies away from the inevitable battle zone.

“I’ll take Beelzon!” Announced Goku.

“Good, I’ll take the armored freak!” Remarked Piccolo.

“And since I have a sword, I’ll take Omnus! I wonder how his swordsman skills are?” Commented Jayden unsheathing his blade.

“Find out!” Hissed Omnus holding up his sword-arm. He and Jayden tore off striking their blades together. Each was amazed at the other’s skill. The swords held and neither wielder seemed to hold the advantage. Their blades separated and the two fighters jumped back.

Piccolo lifted off and darted along the ground egging on Galyor to follow. The paladin dashed after him keeping pace. The two arrived in a large area clear of buildings. The Namek powered up. His body was surrounded by an aura of white energy. Galyor held up his large rounded shield right as Piccolo launched a powerful punch. The warrior’s fist struck the paladin’s shield making a loud metal clang. Waves of energy rippled out from the site of impact. The shield held but Piccolo didn’t cease his attack either. The two leaped back staring intently at one another. The two combatants sized each other up trying to determine what move to make next.

Goku took to the air followed immediately by Beelzon. The two stopped hovering just outside of town. “So I see you’re a fan of aerial combat as well,” noted Beelzon cracking his clawed knuckles.

“I might be, so what’s it to you?” Retorted the mighty saiyan.

“Just this!” Shouted the demon throwing the battle’s first punch. Goku intercepted his first and squeezed it. “Ouch! Let go of me!” He freed Beelzon’s hand. The vile henchman held his hand flexing his fingers. “Not bad Goku was it?” The saiyan nodded. “But now let’s up the stakes a little!” Beelzon roared. A bright purple aura surrounded him. His muscles began to bulk up.

Goku’s eyes widened as he sensed the foe increase his power. “Not bad. Let’s see how I can do!” Remarked Goku. He too powered up. A bright red aura surrounded his body aiding his bulking muscles. The two charged one another and began exchanging punches and kicks. They sailed across the sky. The two periodically blocked the other’s attack.

The ponies had followed them keeping to a safe distance. They had almost forgotten what it was like to see Goku fight an opponent. “Man would you look at him go!” Remarked Rainbow Dash.

“Yeah they’re something all right!” Twilight Remarked. Looking around she noticed that somepony was missing. “Say has anyone seen Fluttershy?”

Checking the group Pinkie Pie replied, “Nope I haven’t.”

“There’s no time to worry. Boy howdy! Check that out!” Remarked Applejack her eyes glued to the fight.

Goku delivered a punch that sent Beelzon crashing into the ground. The saiyan landed joining his foe. The demon warrior rose to his feet. “Not bad! Now try this!” The fiend jumped up and kicked Goku in the gut sending him sailing into a nearby tree. The tree broke in half from the force of the impact.

“Whoa, that hurt!” Grunted Goku rising to his feet. He cracked his neck and stretched out his arms. “I can see you’re tougher than I thought.”

“As are you! This should be a most stimulating battle!” Declared Beelzon preparing for another attack.

The battle for Ponyville is well underway! Now that Goku and his friends are here will they tip the tide in the ponies’ favor? Stay tuned for scenes from the next episode of Dragon Ball Pony Z!

Next episode preview:

Next Time on Dragon Ball Pony Z…The battle for Ponyville continues! Goku, Piccolo and Jayden battle valiantly against Sarabrek’s Henchmen. But when things appear to take a turn for the worse, Sarabrek declares that the first round of the battle goes to the Ponies and their friends from Earth. Can the battle really end so easily or does the warlock have something else up his sleeves? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Pony Z!

Episode 4 – “The Battle Rages On”