Fall Down

by PresentPerfect


Fall Down
by Present Perfect


With a scream, Twilight fell.

Despite having possessed wings for decades, she had never quite developed the pegasus instinct to deploy them when falling. Though, given the confines of the chute down which she hurtled, they would only have ended up battered. They might, however, have slowed her descent, which would have been helpful for avoiding the pressure plate in the hallway the chute spit her into.

Before she could orient herself, a section of wall twice as wide as she was tall sped toward her on a magically powered piston. Spikes extruded from the bee holes peppering its surface.

Twilight screamed again.

The scream was buffeted from her lungs as something rammed into her from behind. For a moment, she flew under something else's power. Then she hit the ground. At the same time, the whole room shook, wall meeting wall where she had been moments before.

She spun around, trying hard to catch her breath. Behind her, examining the end of a tail that looked flatter than usual, was Rainbow Dash.

"Rainbow, you saved me."

Rainbow glanced at her, face wrinkling as she grinned. "Yeah, I did. Can't say the same for my tail, though. Guess I needed a manecut anyway."

Twilight's knees shook and she sank to the ground as a voice behind them called out, "Mom! Mom, are you okay?" Hooves clattered up the hallway from the opposite direction.

"I'm fine," Twilight said, coughing. "We just almost died. No big deal."

A mare with red and white striped mane and a rolled map cutie mark collided with her, hugging her tightly. "Thank Celestia you're okay. I found the entrance to the burial chamber and hadn't even noticed you two disappear!"

"Don't blame yourself, kid," Rainbow said, now inspecting her own mane. It wasn't as vibrant as it once had been, of course, but the array of colors was striking nevertheless. "Yeah, definitely time for a manecut."

"Aunt Rainbow Dash, you almost died in that pressure trap!" Pepper shouted, throwing her pith helmet on the ground. "How can you be so blasé?"

Rainbow rolled her eyes. "What, like your mom hasn't told you about the hundreds of adventures we went on when we were your age? This is nothin'."

Twilight hoisted herself to her hooves, patting her daughter's withers. "Well, we were a bit more spry back then, Rainbow."

"Speak for yourself!" Rainbow puffed out her chest. "I'm still in my prime. I could fly rings around you any day!"

It was Twilight's turn to roll her eyes. "Name me a time when you couldn't." She moved over and gave Rainbow a hug. "I'm glad you're always there when I need you."

Rainbow chuckled. "Isn't that what I always told you?"

Pepper snorted. "If you two old ponies are done reminiscing, we still have an ancient scepter to find."

"It's waited for nine hundred years, Pepper. It can wait a little bit longer, I think." Twilight leaned forward and kissed Rainbow smoothly. She made a surprised noise and threw an arm around Twilight's neck.

"Nothin' like a little danger to get the ol' blood pumpin', huh?" Dash said with a chuckle.

Twilight growled softly and pushed Rainbow onto the stones. "You are so hot right now."

Peppermint's jaw dropped, her tan coat turning red. She scooped her hat up and placed it over her face. "Mother, that is gross! Now is not the time!"

"Oh, go find the scepter, for crying out loud," Twilight said over her shoulder. "You'll learn how to savor moments like this when you're older."

"Think this'll make it into the book?" Rainbow snickered, waggling her eyebrows.

Twilight considered for a moment. "Mmm, I think our fans have always been convinced Daring Do has a thing for her assistant..." With a giggle, she pounced on Dash anew and kissed her hard.

"Oh, Mother! Ew! For the love of Luna, please!"