Fall Down

by PresentPerfect


Fall Down
by Present Perfect


Is something there?

yeah im here

Who are you?

i dunno who are you

I don't know either. How did you get here?

i dunno

I'm afraid.

dont be im here

That's what I'm afraid of. There wasn't anything here before but me.

well i dont know about that but i know im here for you

I don't understand.

just relax and enjoy having someone to talk to

Okay? I guess it's nice, not being alone.

yeah see thats what i mean

I've been afraid of other things, too.

like what

I don't know. Everything has been moving. It feels like something is going to change.

well im here isnt that a change

It is, but I mean... a really big change. Something that will change everything.

wow that sounds kinda neat

What do you mean?

well just staying in one place isnt very exciting is it i mean i found you now i wanna see what else there is

I don't know. I like it in here. It's warm and comforting.

well maybe if you found something else you could come back later

That sounds scary.

its okay ill be there with you so you dont have to be scared

You know what? That's just what I needed to hear, when I needed to hear it.

what do you mean

I think the big change is coming, right now! I'm sorry, but I have to go!

it was nice talking to you just remember what i said and dont be scared okay

I will, but... Won't you be lonely here by yourself?

nah theres a few others here i can talk to

Oh. I'm sorry I didn't get to meet them...

dont worry you will