Date of the Fire Diamond

by TheGreatEater

Chronology of Events and a Foreward.

This fic has been on hold for months, and I'm finally getting around to posting this. During production Blackbelt asked how this made sense and how Dinks, Ditzy, as well as Lyra and Bon-Bon would know about DT's feelings. Which resulted in me going through all of the stories pointing out things. So if anyone here wants to know the logic of the story, here's the events that lead up to this. Some of it people who've followed me on the Lunaverse forums already know, and a few things I found out since then.

This fic was mostly made as Canonbait [hooves crossed], as well as giving closure to the over arching sub-ship that's been going on since forever in the series. As a person who loves a good ship, it annoys me that something gets so much build up but never gets any follow through. So if this does end up canon, that sub-arc may end here, or might hopefully get some passing mentions from time to time. Since Scoots is a good influence on Deets and could end up like Lyra and Bon-Bon's. If it doesn't then hopefully it'll inspire someone to give this ship the much needed resolution that it does someday.

Now without further ado the answer I gave Blackbelt [paraphrased]. This uses events from: Family Matters [Dinky and Diamond Tiara]; Scootalong to the Cheer [Scoots, DT, as well as Lyra and Bon-Bon]; and
Foalish Misadventures [Dinks, Scoots, and DT]. Now for those who haven't read those stories the pertanent points will be in spoilers.

In In Chapter 3 of Family Matters we see that DT likes Scoots in a Tundre type manner, as well as Dinky saying that DT has moments where she's a good filly in the Lunaverse [compared to the Hate Sink she is in the FIMVerse].

In this endearing chapter of Scootalong to the Cheer we see that Lyra and Bon-Bon know how DT is feeling as well as had a similar relationship starting off. I hope that I did that justice in the chapter of my own fic where Lyra and Bon Bon come into play. As well as seeing a bit of a filly whose used to ponies only liking her if she has bits to spend on them to the point where she thinks that Scoots would abandon her when she had no money to help Scootaloo out with material gifts. This fic is where the shipping sub-arc really comes into play.

While there are a few memorable parts. The real nail in the shipping coffin came in this chapter. Not only did Scootaloo tell Dinky Doo between stories that she enjoys Scooting with Diamond Tiara. But we see them "get close" on Scootaloo's scooter. As you knowwhen Scootaloo has her wagon hitched nopony but her rides on the Scooter itself, and not only does she allow Deets that honor, but doesn't complain.

Now we know that Scootaloo has talked to Dinky about DT from time to time, and we know that Dinky throughout season one has seen the signs between DT and Scoots. So it's no far stretch that she'd tell her mother , something that comes up in this fic, nor is it a far stretch that Diamond Tiara from the events of The School Talent Show where Scootaloo invites DT to hang out with her that Lyra and Bon Bon as well as other adults would see them together. More than likely with such not-quite-frenemies / tolerable to DT ponies such as Sweetie Belle and Dinky Doo [InVerse].

That's all that I got. And we talked about [although it was in a more detailed way, pointing out paragraph but to avoid serious spoilers and ruining the story for others. I'll let you all follow the links, and hopefully enjoy reading the ship that is DT and Scootaloo. The cutest Lunaverse couple. And this is saying something since I highly dislike FIMVerse's DT and SS.


Major Revisions:

The biggest series of changes in this fic would have to be Silver Spoon, and I probably drove RDD crazy with my thoughts and endless revisions, and it was the group as a whole that changed my thinking of SS as a mini Prusiance / wannabe Night Court member, to the filly she is in the fic itself. I originally planned having her being malicious and plotting mostly since it's SS that initiates stuff and causes altercations. But it's the more extroverted personality of DT that steals the show from everypony that gets near her gigantic prescence.

This changed into what I think of as a more healthy, if not slightly childish friendship and her motives are less vindictive and controlling. As much as it is a cry for attention mixed with her doing things for the lulz. All in all it was a cute fic.

The next big change was DT's inner dialog in the beggining as well as a bit of her misadventures throughout the start of the fic. While comedy was a big part of it, I ran into a repetition problem that stole from the comedic effect. After several fixes that was changed for the better.

Lastly was the change with several character's acting OOC. They've been hopefully fixed to be in LunaVerse Character when they pop up.

That's all of the niceties down pat. I hope y'all enjoy this fic and that my first attempt at a Lunaverse fic gets some lovin'. Thanks for reading it, and any comments y'all have will be appreciated.