The Unchosen One

by MagnetBolt

Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me

The Unchosen One
Chapter 6: Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
By MagnetBolt

Trixie walked down the street in her shining new guard armor, adorned in copper and violet to distinguish her from the other Princesses' Royal Guards. This suit had been made just for her, not just taken out of storage and dropped on her, and it fit perfectly. Stallions saluted as she trotted past them, her head held high.

She pushed open the door to the waiting room where her marefriend was waiting for her. Twilight was sitting and reading some ancient tome, probably dug up out of an archive. Maybe literally. Twilight seemed to like older books the best. Trixie walked up to her and coughed to try and get her attention. Twilight raised a hoof for her to wait and kept the other on the page so she wouldn't lose her place. Trixie sat down quietly to allow her to finish.

“What is it?” Twilight asked, after a few moments. She didn't look up from the book. “I'm in the middle of important research.”

“Did you forget? We have a date tonight.” Trixie frowned. Twilight looked up with an eyebrow raised, giving her the same stern, unamused look that Trixie used to see from people right before they told her to leave town.

“A date? Why would I go out on a date with you?” Twilight glared. “I don't even know why you think you're allowed to talk to me. I'm a Princess. You're just a clown.”

“A clown?” Trixie looked down at herself. She wasn't wearing armor. She was in ribbons and loose clothing covered in spots. The ridiculous outfit of a court jester. Bells jangled when she shook her head in shock and growing horror. Trixie heard laughing and turned to see the other guards – the real guards – laughing at her confusion.

“It's more than an idiot like you deserves.” Twilight said, throwing the book at her. “Maybe I should banish you to the moon instead!”

“No!” Trixie screamed.

Twilight laughed at her, the alicorn's expression twisted into a sneer. “You'd probably just get it dirty. Guards, arrest this fool. We don't need her kind in the castle.” Trixie froze as armed unicorns surrounded her. She tried to use her magic to get away, but it just fizzled and made a bleating noise like a sick goat. “Look at how pathetic she is! She can't even use magic!”

“Stop it!” Trixie shivered. “What's wrong with you?”

“What's wrong with me?!” Twilight laughed again. “That's a good joke.”


Twilight groaned and shook her head, looking around. Everything was dark. Then a bright light erupted, shining down on her like a spotlight. Twilight shielded her eyes from the sudden dazzling glare, completely blinded for a long moment.

“Twilight Sparkle,” said a familiar voice. Twilight tried to look through the blazing radiance, blinking rapidly. She could see a figure there, projecting the light from her body, the distinctive figure of Princess Celestia. “Why did you do it?”

“Do what?” Twilight asked, feeling shivers of fear rise up along her spine as she heard the tone of her teacher's voice, dripping with barely restrained anger. Worse, she didn't even know why Princess Celestia was so angry at her.

You destroyed Equestria!” Celestia shouted. The darkness suddenly parted, and Twilight could see the land burning around them. The sun and the moon hung in the sky together, broken like shattered plates. Twilight felt her blood run cold at the sight of cracks in the solar disk itself. Celestia's light dimmed and she saw something even worse, black lines running across the Princess' body, mirroring the damage to the sun.

“But- I didn't do anything!” Twilight protested. She looked around, trying to piece together what had happened. Almost all of the stars were missing from the sky, and as Twilight watched one of the few remaining streaked down, a distant roaring filling the air as it passed behind a mountain. There was a rumble below her and a burst of light from beyond the mountain range as it impacted the earth.

“You failed in your duties as Princess. You failed me and you failed Equestria. Because you were careless and selfish, you let your little crush distract you from doing what really mattered. I hope this was worth it to you, because there's nothing left.”

“N-nothing left?” Twilight asked, shaking. They vanished in a flash, and reappeared in Ponyville. Everything was gray and covered in ash. Twilight looked around slowly, frozen in place by fear. In a flash of light from another falling star, she saw a pony standing across the street with a distinctive hat on her head.

Twilight ran over. “Applejack! What happened?!” Her friend didn't answer. Twilight's eyes went wide when she realized why. Applejack had been turned into crumbling stone. Celestia stepped past Twilight and pushed Applejack with a hoof, the statue falling over and shattering into fragments. Twilight looked down at the eye staring at her from the ground and screamed as it blinked once.


Trixie flinched as another tomato splattered across her face. She was knee-deep in rotten produce, locked in a steel cage and being paraded around town. Tears streamed down her face as the crowd jeered at her, hurling obscenities along with the vegetables. She wanted to just curl up and die, but the shackles around her hooves prevented her from even doing that.

“Behold, the GREAT and POWERFUL Trixie!” Twilight yelled from a stage. Trixie's cage was wheeled up before her, stopping right under the dais from where the Princess was looking down at the crowd. “This idiot has committed the crime of thinking herself as being equal to my glory!”

“Please, I just wanted-”

“It doesn't matter what you wanted!” Twilight roared. “You're nothing compared to me! You're living under the sad delusion that fate cares about you! From the moment of your birth you've been nothing but a burden on others!”

“A burden?” Trixie asked, voice breaking.

“You ruined my life,” Somepony said, stepping out of the crowd. Trixie felt her heart clench as she saw her mother for the first time since she was a foal. “Do you know how hard it was trying to take care of you and live a life on the road? I had to give them everything I owned to get you into that school just to get you off my back!”

“I got a scholarship!” Trixie protested. The crowd laughed. Even her mother laughed right in her face.

“You? A scholarship? You couldn't even do the simplest spell! I had to bribe them to let you in! Then when they took you I made sure you'd never be able to find me again. I've been so much happier since I got you out of my life.”

“That can't be true...” Trixie whispered. She collapsed in the cage.

“Isn't it?” Twilight asked. “Why else wouldn't you have ever found her? She didn't want you to see her again! You're such a failure that even a traveling showpony couldn't love you.”

“Tell me about it,” said another voice from the crowd. Angelsong, Trixie's first love, stepped out to stand next to Trixie's mother. “I gave up the life entirely after I saw how pathetic Trixie was. She'd been doing it for years and she was just a lonely wreck who could barely put together a stage show.”

“Oh don't feel so bad,” Trixie's mother said. “My daughter is just awful at it. I'm sure you would have done better on your own. Anypony could.”

“It's not true!” Trixie yelled. “I was the best!”

“The best?!” Twilight laughed as the crowd went silent. “Is that why you were able to beat the Ursa Major? Sorry, the Ursa Minor. No, wait, I did that. Maybe you're the best because you beat me in a magic duel? Except you CHEATED!” Twilight yelled. “And then I still beat you because I'm smarter than you'll ever be!”

“I'm sorry,” Trixie whispered.

“Sorry isn't good enough,” Twilight said, darkly. She gestured, and a guillotine appeared in the spotlight on stage.


“You're a failure as a student, as a Princess, and as a pony,” Celestia said. The cracks had gotten worse. One of her eyes was just a black pit now. “Every time you do something on your own, you ruin it. This time you didn't have your friends to bail you out of trouble and we have all paid the price. I was a fool for ever thinking you would be prepared for this kind of responsibility.”

“But I didn't do anything!” Twilight wailed.

“Nothing?!” Celestia dragged her through the streets, past the crumbling remains of what had been her friends. Twilight couldn't stop coughing, the dust covering her, getting into her mouth and nostrils. Celestia pulled her up by her wings and forced Twilight to look. There, looming over town, was a huge statue. It looked like a twisted version of Twilight.

“I don't understand...” Twilight whispered.

“Your greed for power and prestige took you down the same path as Nightmare Moon, and without the Elements of Harmony to stop you, everything was destroyed.”

“That can't be possible!” Twilight gasped, looking up into her own face, the stone locked in a triumphant smile. “I would never do something like this...”

“No? How many times have your spells gone wrong? How many ponies got hurt because of you? Even when you were trying to do the right thing, you just kept failing. You got the town eaten by parasprites. You twisted your friends minds with a want-it-need-it spell. You turned your friend into a vampire! The more power you have the worse things have gotten.”

“That's not true! I saved Equestira over and over again! I'd never... I'd never destroy it!” Twilight sobbed.

“It's too late to cry now. Because you couldn't be a responsible pony, it's all over. Do you even remember how long this took? Three days, Twilight. You begged me to let you learn how to raise the sun and the moon, and that was the beginning of the end. You decided to experiment, and then you got it through your deluded little head that we weren't needed. You made the same mistake you always have, thinking that you were more important than you really are.”

“That can't be true!”

“And it all started when you abandoned your friends because you wanted to spend more time with somepony you barely knew. She was a terrible influence on you, and your ambition became more and more twisted until you were just a monster on the inside.”


“Shut up, Twilight.” Celestia snarled. “It's too late for apologies. Saying sorry isn't going to bring back your friends, or my sister, or even that useless showpony you cared about. There's only one thing that you can do now.”

Twilight cowered as Celestia's remaining eye blazed with light and her horn was enveloped in a corona of solar energy.

“You can at least die along with the world you destroyed.”


Trixie screamed as her head was locked in place, the guillotine's blade hanging over her neck and gleaming in the light. The crowd cheered as they watched her futile struggle.


“Do you have any last words?” Twilight asked. Trixie opened her mouth. Twilight jammed an apple into it, making her choke and sputter. “I didn't think so.” Trixie couldn't spit the apple out, and screamed around the gag as Twilight grabbed the lever and the blade screeched, plunging towards her neck.


Twilight tried to run as the beam of bright light struck the ground behind her, sweeping towards her, just on her heels. The heat was like a furnace, and she could feel the street shattering under her as she tried to get away from Celestia. She didn't have time to do anything except scream as she was caught, her mane and tail instantly bursting into flame a moment before the rest of her.


Twilight and Trixie both gasped as they woke up at almost the same time. As Trixie felt for her neck and Twilight tried to check her mane, they found themselves unable to move. They were held in a web of thick, mucous-like mud that firmly adhered them to a stone wall. And they weren't alone.

“I hope you had pleasant nightmares. The Smooze consumes the joy and magic from your dreams, so I know you weren't having a very good time.” The voice was full of dark confidence and restrained hatred. A burst of red flame erupted as the speaker became visible, a mare with a pure white coat and grey mane, glaring at them with red eyes. Her flank was marked with a red star with five points, the shape slightly distorted and irregular. Around her neck hung a strange gem set into a necklace, a jagged-edged star sapphire so dark it looked almost black.

“Bibbidy Boo?” Twilight gasped. “It can't be! But she looks just like how the Princesses described her!”

“Close, but no cigar,” the mare said. “Bibbidy Boo was one of my ancestors. I shouldn't be surprised the Princesses would send their minions to try and stop me.” She started pacing, watching them. “But they're not the only ones with servants.” She gestured grandly with a hoof and the dead-eyed, mud-covered ponies that Trixie and Twilight had briefly seen before walked slowly into the room, forming a circle around her.

“We're not going to let you destroy Equestria,” Twilight said.

“You're not in any position to stop me!” The mare shouted. “After what they did to my family I deserve this revenge!”

“Ugh! You're doing this all wrong!” Trixie yelled. “You're awful about this evil denouncement speech! You haven't even told us your name! How are we supposed to fear your wrath if we don't even know who you are? Trixie would be doing a much better job as an archenemy. No one can forget the name of the Great and Powerful Trixie!”

“Well I-” The evil mare was thrown off her game by the heckling.

“At least get this started correctly. Tell us your name and why we're afraid of you. Don't be afraid to sell yourself up a little bit. It's better to start off strong.”

“Oh... I've never...” the albino mare considered, then coughed. “Wait, what am I doing? Silence, fool! I am the Great and Powerful-”

“No, I'm the Great and Powerful! You have to pick something else!”

“SILENCE! I am the descendant of the most powerful unicorn to ever live, Bibbidi Boo! I will not be critiqued like some mere street performer!” The gem around her neck started to glow with a terrible red light. Twilight's eyes went wide.

“Trixie maybe we shouldn't make her even more mad?” Twilight whispered. "That amulet she has - I don't know what it is, but it looks powerful. The shape is almost like one of the Elements of Harmony."

“Don't be silly,” Trixie said, coyly. “She'll get cross and make a mistake.” She cleared her throat. “I still didn't catch your name.”

“Babbidi! Babbidi Boo!” The unicorn said, fuming with anger.

“Trixie commends you on the accomplishment of having a name. But it still lacks a reason to fear you.” Trixie squirmed a little. “Trixie means this is uncomfortable but there are mares who would pay somepony to tie them up half so well. You have to explain how dangerous you are or else Trixie will assume you're simply a spa owner too involved with mud baths and her own kinks.”

“WHAT?!” Babbidi screamed. “I'm the most powerful living unicorn in Equestria! I wield a force that nearly toppled the corrupt royalty of this land!”

“Second most powerful,” Trixie corrected. “Trixie doesn't like to brag... Actually, Trixie loves to brag. Perhaps Trixie should tell you about how she single-hoovedly defeated an Ursa Major?”

“But-” Twilight started. Trixie shushed her.

“An Ursa Major?! You have no idea what kind of forces I have at my command!” Babbidi started pacing, the gem she wore pulsing like a heartbeat. “Once my plans are complete, Equestria and all of its magic will be at my hooves! Everypony will be reduced to my mindless servants!”

“Trixie finds this hard to believe. It's just mud.”

“You just- the Princesses have sent idiots to do their work! Have they forgotten how powerful I am?! Clearly they didn't even tell you what the Smooze can do!”

“So far Trixie has found that it absolutely ruins her coat and requires scrubbing to remove.”

“It absorbs magic and love, you idiot!” Babbidi screamed. “It channels all of it to me and turns its victims into puppets under my control!” She walked over to one of the mud-covered ponies. “Look at them. Totally drained of all desire, dead inside except for the nightmares the Smooze brings them. I wonder if they even know what's going on?”

“You're sick,” Twilight said, shivering.

“See?” Trixie said. “Now you're starting to get a reaction from your audience. It's still not very impressive though. We don't even know what your plan is. For all we know we just stumbled into your lair and you're feeling grumpy. Trixie doesn't feel very threatened by somepony who's just grumpy.”

I'M NOT GRUMPY!” Babbidi screamed. “I'm a dangerous and powerful sorceress who has had enough of some noisy little strumpet trying to tell her what to do!” The ooze around Twilight and Triie shifted as Babbidi's horn blared with bright red magic, sparks and an aura of unnatural light erupting from it. “I'm going to cover Equestria in my Smooze and channel all of its magic into me, making me a god that even Celestia and Luna can't stand up against!”

“There we go!" Trixie gasped, fighting to keep her mouth clear. “You just have to really own it and yell about your brilliant and evil plan! Trixie gives your performance a solid seven out of ten. It would be eight if you had a more intimidating outfit.”

“I've had enough of your babbling. The Smooze will turn you into my slaves!” A ripple of red magic erupted from Babbidi Boo's horn and gem, surging over the ooze and spreading across the floor from the witch as the slime completely closed over Twilight and Trixie.


“What a fitting end,” Babbidi Boo said, smirking as she turned away from the no-doubt already enslaved ponies. “Perhaps when the Princesses come to kill me like they killed my ancestor I'll send those two out first to greet them!” She laughed to herself and patted one of her minions on the shoulder. The dirt-covered earth pony didn't say anything coherent, just mumbling something, lost in his nightmares.

“Hmph. My ancestor did mention that the most annoying thing was that you idiots wouldn't be any good for conversation.” Babbidi strode back to her throne. Once it had been Bibbidi's, but the Princesses had smashed it after they'd murdered her. It had taken Babbidi years to put the geomantic magic back together enough to allow her to absorb the power the Smooze was stealing. When she sat down she could feel it flow into her and through her, sinking into her bones. She felt like she could do anything.

“I suppose I'll have to speed up my plans,” Babbidi said, casually, to no on in particular. Once the ponies she had enslaved had been colleagues, friends, people she met in her journey to seek out her birthright. But they'd all tried to abandon her, called her mad or even evil.

Of course she was evil. She wasn't under any illusions about that. But it was still very rude for anypony to just say that to her face. They deserved to be turned into mindless minions. She smiled to herself and relaxed on her throne, playing with her amulet. She felt like she could break out into song. Clearing her throat, Babbidi prepared herself for a glorious chorus of villainy, with her minions providing backup vocals and music punctuated by the gurgles and bubbling sounds of the Smooze.

Instead, there was a blast of blue magic and one of her two enemies tore herself free – impossibly – from the mud cocoon she'd been encased in. The armored unicorn landed heavily on her hooves as she shook the last few splatters of mud from her coat.

“Well, that was unpleasant,” she said. Babbidi's jaw dropped as she watched.

“But... how did you... that's impossible!

“Nothing is impossible for the Great and Powerful Trixie!” The unicorn exclaimed. Her horn lit up and with a burst of magical energy the mud around her was thrown aside, leaving her standing on dull gray stone.

“The Smooze is supposed to absorb your magic! Even Celestia couldn't cast a cantrip!” Babbidi jumped to her hooves and glared down at Trixie. “Minions, subdue her!” Babbidi waved a hoof, and the dead-eyed stallions and mares closed on Trixie. The unicorn took a deep breath, then cast a spell, a wave of blinding explosions and bursts radiating out of her. Babbidi's minions stumbled back blindly, only to be flung away one at a time, each one carefully being thrown into sticky, entangling mud.

“Useless minions... No matter! With all of this power I've absorbed it will only take seconds to defeat you with my own magic.” Babbidi reared up, her horn gathering power. She could feel it coursing through her, more power than she'd ever had before, enough that she could feel it almost erupting from her body.

A bolt of crackling red fire smashed into the blue mare, more than enough to reduce her to blackened bones. Babbidi laughed to herself and turned away.

“That was all too easy. I have no idea why Bibbidi failed. With this much power I can probably just turn Canterlot into dust, Princesses and all!” She laughed again at the thought of the ponies there being wiped out by a wave of unstoppable fire as if from the depths of Tartarus itself.

“What was too easy?” Trixie asked. Babbidi's eye twitched and she turned to look. The blue mare smirked up at her, the ground around her scorched and smoking but totally untouched herself. It was almost as impossible as her breaking free of the Smooze.

“I see I was wrong to take you so lightly,” Babbidi said, regaining her composure as if it was nothing. “You're clearly a master of the defensive arts. I might even have to expend some tiny amount of effort to destroy you. Feel proud of this accomplishment.”

“Trixie welcomes your pathetic attempts to try, but she warns you that Trixie is the Greatest and Most Powerful unicorn in all of Equestria! Your magic cannot even touch her.” Trixie smirked. Babbidi's eye twitched again.

“You merely have the magic of one pony!” Babbidi screamed. “It doesn't matter how powerful you are because I have the magic of all those the Smooze touches! Even now it's seeping through the ground, getting ready to erupt and cover everything!”

“Trixie would be impressed if that actually mattered. All that power and you can't even harm one hair in my mane.”

I'LL SHOW YOU HARM!” Babbidi yelled, her eyes and amulet glowing. She fired a bolt of red energy at the mare, this time enough to atomize her entirely. She watched in amazement as the bolt hit her and simply rebounded, careening off into a wall and blasting a hole deep into the rock, distant sunlight trickling down through it, casting a spotlight onto the blue mare.

“Hm? Trixie wasn't paying attention.” Trixie struck a pose in the impromptu light. “Perhaps you want to keep trying? I'm sure if you put enough effort into it you might manage to bring this whole mountain down. It would save Trixie the trouble of bringing you back to face a trial.”

“That's just how it is with you fools! Princess Luna killed my ancestor because she thought it was the easy way. You won't be saying that once you see the power the Smooze has when it's given all of the power of an alicorn!" Babbidi clutched the amulet around her neck and fired a shimmering beam at the captive Twilight, the princess glowing brightly enough for a moment to be seen even through the layers of mud.

The ground rumbled, stalactites dropping to splash in the mud, as a shape rose from the ground. A huge hoof, dragging itself free. Twilight's cocoon floated free, and another hoof rose out of the ground. A body rose up to meet the captive princess in midair, absorbing her and dragging her into the forming creature's heart. Babbidi laughed madly as the creature took shape, a massive construct of mud with eyes of glowing red fire. A horn of rock sprouted from its head, and wings slowly took shape, rising from its sides.

"Why is it always mud?" Trixie whispered to herself in fear as the creature turned to glare down at her.