Curse Of The Darksign

by PonySlayer

The Escape Pt.1

Ever since I became undead I was taken to a faraway prison called the Undead Asylum. Everypony believed that once undead; you’ll be filled with hate, become hallow and turn on your fellow ponies. I can’t remember how long I’ve been sitting in the same cell. The days fuse with night and it feels that time itself has stopped. For amusement I wait for a lone rat to crawl in my cell. Sitting oh so quietly, I’ll throw a rock at the rat just to see how many pellets I can scare out if as it runs away… my record is three.
It seemed to be mid-day as I can tell from the light shining from the hole in the roof of my cell. Don’t get me wrong I did try to climb out of it several times. I was staring into the light when I saw a glimpse of a figure moving around the hole, when a corpse came hurtling into my cell with a thud as it hit the ground. I didn’t flinch nor say anything. This kind of behavior was common here, I actually found it amusing. With boredom I walked towards the corpse with caution. I didn’t know if it is completely dead, or if it has some sort of plague emitting from it. After the corpse was presumed dead I checked its pockets for anything to keep me sane while I’m here. I found a small object wrapped in a cloth. It was a piece of honey comb! Oh, how rare it was to have any sweets here… or food in general. I gently place it in the pocket of my torn tunic when I noticed a key clenched in the hands of the corpse. I quickly swiped the key and crammed it in the lock of my cell door. It worked! I’m free!
I swung the door open quickly not thinking of the other undead loose in this wing of the asylum.
“I’ll be fine “I said to myself.

They’re so lost in the head the can barely stand, let alone attack me. I walked down the corridor with I small smile mixed with caution on my face. At the end of the corridor there was a corpse lying face down in a room filled with water. It was only hooves deep and I hate getting wet. The smell of wet undead was horrid and can make anypony gag. I sighed softly and started to tread through the flooded room when I spotted an old ladder. The ladder was about fifteen feet tall and rusted beyond use. I sighed softly once again and started to make my way up the ladder.
At the top of the ladder there was a small courtyard with an object that I have never seen before. I walked toward it until I stopped to look at a glowing symbol on the ground.

“Light the Bonfire”. I read out loud to myself.
“Bonfire? Is that what this is?” I said looking down at the rustic looking object.

The strange land mark was nothing but a rusty iron rod sticking up from a pile of ash and bone.

“How do I light it?” I said looking up as if the sky would answer me.

Some time went by as I was staring at the bonfire before I came up with the idea to touch it. As I started to move my right hoof towards the tip of the top of the object I started to feel warmth coming from the bonfire. It felt sincere, and peaceful I have never felt like this before. As soon as I touched it the whole rod burst into a single flame and an amber aura burst from the base of the fire. I have never felt so alive! My cautious face turned into a heartfelt smile and it seems as if all my troubles where gone… I felt at piece with this world. Gazing deep into the bonfires flame, I slightly looked up towards the wall on the other side of the court yard.

“How could I have missed this?” saying to myself as I was looking at a giant iron gate.

I left the warmth of the bonfire to go and examine the gate.

“It must take at least four ponies to open this thing.” I thought to myself as I pushed on the gate slightly.

The door budged as I pushed on it.

”What? It’s not heavy at all!” I shouted while pushing the gate wide open.

The room on the other side of the gate was massive, Filled with empty jars and stone pillars. I started to walk into the room listening to the clop of my hooves as they hit the stone floor. Clip clop clip clop clip clop I stared to hum out of boredom as I walked deeper into the room. My ears started to twitch from a faint sound coming from the room.

“H-hello?” I said nervously looking around my surroundings.

Out of the corner of my eye came a giant hammer hurling itself towards me. My whole body froze, when suddenly I heard a mysterious voice being shouted towards me


I ducked down avoiding the hammer. I gazed up at the wielder of the hammer. It was a demon, but not any demon. It was the gate keeper of this asylum.
The gate keeper was at least thirty feet tall. There where jagged spines sticking out of its elbows and shoulders. Its stench was horrible and the sight of its body, full of wrinkled skin and rolls of girth. It had wings but they were far too small and weak looking to hold him up in the air.

“Run!” shouted the voice with a blood curdling scream.

I quickly moved my hooves running away from the beast.

“There is a gate to your left… use it!” the mysterious voice said with haste.

I caught the gate with my eye and started to head towards it. The monster swung his hammer one more time just as I leaped for the gate. Smash! I lied on the ground staring at the hammer as the bars of the gate start to fall giving me a barrier to protect me from the demon.
I stayed in that room for several minutes before even thinking about leaving its safety. I looked down another corridor just to see more water logged rooms. I thought in my head while sloshing through the water

“rather wet than dead.”

At the end of the corridor there was a dry hallway with prison cells. I looked down the hallway to look at a figure standing on the other side.

“Are you the one who helped me?” I shouted.

There was no response only a quick flicker of light and the sight of an arrow being released. The arrow had strike me in the shoulder making me release a yell


I dove into the room next to me to avoid getting hit again. I clenched the arrow with my mouth and started to slowly pull it out as I let of a slight whimper of pain. Once the arrow was out I spat it on the floor next to a corpse holding an old wooden shield.

“Oh thank Celestia!” I said equipping the shield to my front left leg.
“I’m ready for you now!” I yelled towards the figure as I dashed quickly to his presents.

I was able to make out the figure, it was a hallow that had found a bow and had decided to cause havoc with the other undead. It ran off dropping a small rusty sword as I got close enough to kick it in the chest.

“Big mistake” I said smirking at the cowardly hallow running away.

I picked up the sword with my mouth and stared to chase the hallow down with anger inspiring the movement of my hooves. It stopped at the end of the hallway drawing his bow getting ready to release yet another arrow, but before it drew its string back, I stuck it with my sword piercing through its chest. My eye winced as curdled blood came squirting from the opening in its chest hitting my face as I pulled my sword from its lifeless body. I rummaged through the corpse to see if there was anything useful. Knowing I had no way to carry the bow I left it with the body. I continued down the hallway to finding a glowing white portal blocking the door. I heard of these before, the ancient ponies call them fog gates. They appear only to strike fear into a pony’s heart not knowing what’s on the other side. I looked deep onto the gate getting ready to walk through. My ears folded downwards as I pushed my head through the gate. First my sword, then my snout and then I entered.