A Mother's Love

by GunsNRoses365

Confrontations and Apologies

The day was coming to an end, and the light from the beautiful sunset shined through through the windows of Fluttershy's cottage. Lightning Twister had cried himself to sleep on Fluttershy's couch after he had explained to his mother what had happened earlier in the day. Fluttershy was busy making some soup for her and her son to eat for dinner. She would occasionally go to the living room and check on Lightning. She felt so horrible that her son had been bullied on his first day of school. When he had come home crying, it took Fluttershy about an hour to calm him down a little bit. She was glad that he was resting. She believed that was probably what he needed right now.

When Fluttershy finished the soup, she decided to check on Lightning once more while it cooled. She went into the living room and saw lightning sleeping peacefully, but he had a few tears falling from his eyes. Fluttershy very gently brushed the tears away with her hoof. Lightning began to stir a bit while making a low whining noise. Fluttershy gently stroked her son's mane to calm him. Lightning felt his mother's gentle touch and began to settle down. Fluttershy continued to stroke Lightning's mane until she heard a knock on her front door.

Opening the door, Fluttershy's face immediately turned into an angry glare. Standing at the door was Diamond Tiara and her father Filthy Rich. Filthy Rich stepped towards Fluttershy and introduced himself.

"Good evening Miss Fluttershy I am-" Filthy Rich was cut off by an irritated Fluttershy

"I know who you are." Fluttershy said harshly

Filthy stepped back a bit in surprise of Fluttershy's tone of voice. However he understood how upset she was, and he believed she had every right to be. He continued to speak to her in a very calm manner.

"Miss Fluttershy, Miss Cheerilee had informed me of my daughter teasing your son."

Fluttershy gasped as if Filthy had just insulted her.

"She teased him!? Mr. Rich, your daughter's horrible words caused my son to run away from school crying!" Fluttershy nearly shouted before pointing a hoof at Diamond Tiara "Because of her my son is scared to go back to school! He was bullied and teased at his old school because he could hardly fly, and your daughter was doing the same thing! And she was telling him cruel lies about his mother and I that broke his little heart!"

Filthy Rich stepped back even further as Fluttershy's eyes were narrowed into daggers of anger.

"Your daughter was not just teasing him Mr. Rich! She crossed the line with what she said!" Fluttershy said angrily while glaring coldly at the spoiled filly.

Diamond Tiara however was not even looking at her, she just stood there and looked at her hoof while not listening or caring about what Fluttershy was saying. Filthy Rich scowled at his disrespectful daughter before looking at Fluttershy once more.

"I can understand why you are upset Miss Fluttershy." he said gently. "I promise you I am not at all proud of my daughter or pleased with what she said to your son. I had raised her better than that and It shames me to hear that she would dare say such things. What my daughter did to your son Miss Fluttershy, Is the reason why we are here tonight."

Fluttershy's glare of anger left her face long enough to look at her sleeping son. Her glare returned when she once again looked at the two ponies at her door.

"Miss Fluttershy, we are here so my daughter can apologize for her horrible words." Filthy said to Fluttershy before glaring at his daughter. "And we are not leaving until she does."

Diamond looked at her father like he was crazy

"Are you kidding me Daddy!?" She snapped angrily "I am not apologizing to that crybaby!"

That one comment sparked in anger inside Fluttershy that she had never felt before.

"How dare you!" Fluttershy snapped angrily before shouting at Diamond Tiara "How dare you talk about my son that way you horrible little monster! Just who do you think you are!? Do you have any Idea what he's been through!? Do you know what his life was like you spoiled little brat!?"

"Miss Fluttershy! Please calm yourself." Filthy Rich said sternly yet calmly before looking at his daughter angrily. "Diamond Tiara you are going to apologize right now young lady."

Diamond however did not listen.

"No way! I'm not apologizing to that flightless loser or his lame mother!" Diamond yelled before storming away.

"Diamond Tiara you come back here this instant!" Filthy shouted angrily.

Diamond however did not listen and continued walk away. Filthy Rich was seething with anger. However he let out a shaky sigh as he rubbed his temples with his hooves. He then turned towards Fluttershy and smiled at her sadly.

"Miss Fluttershy, I am truly sorry about my daughter's comments towards your son. I promise you she will be punished for her actions." Filthy Rich said as calmly as possible.

Fluttershy however was not smiling. Her glare did not leave her face as she stepped closer to Filthy Rich and said to him in a very cold tone of voice that nopony has ever heard from her.

"Your daughter should be ashamed of herself for what she said to Lightning! She is a horrible little filly, and I don't want her going anywhere near my son again! Do you understand me!?"

Filthy Rich nodded his head before saying, "I understand Miss Fluttershy. I promise you she will not be anywhere near your son. Miss Cheerilee has also told me that my daughter has been bullying everyone else in her class as well for quite some time. My daughter is going to be home schooled from now on. You won't have to worry about your son being bullied by her anymore."

Fluttershy's glare softened a little bit as Filthy Continued to speak.

"I apologize again for my daughters actions. Please tell your son that I am truly sorry as well. Have a good night."

Filthy Rich shook Fluttershy's hoof before turning around and leaving her cottage. Fluttershy went back inside and closed the door. When the door was closed she could hear Filthy Rich yelling at his daughter. Fluttershy let out a sigh of relief. She was glad that they were gone. Fluttershy looked at the couch and saw that Lightning was still asleep. Thinking that soup had probably cooled down long enough, Fluttershy went over to the couch and sat down beside Lightning. She placed the sleeping colt on her lap and softly nuzzled his cheek to wake him up.

"Lightning sweetheart it's time to wake up my sweet little one." she said softly before continuing to nuzzle him.

Lightning's eyes opened and he saw his mother smiling at him sweetly.

Lightning smiled at her softly before saying, "Hi Momma!"

Lightning rested his head on Fluttershy's chest, and nuzzled the bottom of her cheek.

Fluttershy kissed Lightning's forhead before asking, "Are you hungry sweetie?"

Lightning nodded his head and Fluttershy took him off of her lap and placed him gently on the couch.

"Alright Lightning, you stay here and I'll bring you some dinner." Fluttershy said happily.

After a few minutes, Fluttershy returned to the living room with two bowls of soup. One for Lightning and one for her.

"Here you go sweetheart, I hope you like it." Fluttershy said to lightning as she set the bowls on the table in front of them. However before Fluttershy could do anything else, she felt Lightning wrap his little forelegs around her waist.

"I'm sorry I ran away from school today Momma. I was just so scared of that mean filly. Please don't be mad me." Lightning said sadly while trembling.

Fluttershy wrapped a foreleg around her son and gently rubbed his back to help calm his trembling.

"Shh...It's okay sweetheart, I'm not mad at you. I'm sorry that horrible little filly said all those mean things to you. But next time when somepony is being mean to you, just tell Miss Cheerilee and she'll help you okay?" Fluttershy said softly

"Okay Momma I will." Lightning responded before hugging his mother tightly.

"That's my boy, Now eat your soup before It gets cold." Fluttershy said gently

Lightning nodded his head and ate his soup.

When they finished, Fluttershy was about to get lightning ready for bed but until she heard another knock on the door. Fluttershy immediately scowled with anger. She couldn't help but think it was Diamond Tiara and Filthy Rich again. She went over to the door and opened it. However when she looked outside her face went from anger to shock. Standing outside the door was not Diamond Tiara or Filthy Rich, It was Silver Spoon.

"Hi Miss Fluttershy is Lightning Twister here?" Silver Spoon asked politely?

Hearing his name, Lightning went over to the door. But when he saw who was at the door, he ran behind Fluttershy and tried to hide himself using Fluttershy's tail.

Y-you were with that m-mean filly." Lightning said nervously

Silver Spoon looked at the ground sadly and nodded her head.

"I just wanted to say I'm sorry Lightning." Silver Spoon said before looking into Lightnings scared blue eyes. "I'm so sorry about what Diamond said to you. What she said to you was horrible and you didn't deserve anything she said. I tried to stop her but she wouldn't listen. I'm so very sorry Lightning."

Silver Spoon felt small tears form in her eyes from the guilt of not being able to defend Lightning, but those tears stopped when Lightning put his hoof on her shoulder.

"It's okay Silver Spoon It's not your fault. You were just trying to help me." Lightning said gently making Silver Spoon smile a little bit.

"Thank you Lightning." Silver Spoon said before continuing to speak. "I already talked to the Cutie Mark Crusaders and apologized for everything I did to them. They were a little bit hesitant but they forgave me. I also told Miss Cheerilee what happened and she told me where you lived. She was worried about you, so she asked me to come check on you."

Lightning smiled and nodded his head as Fluttershy wrapped a foreleg around him.

"Thank you for trying to help my little Lightning Silver Spoon. I know you and Diamond Tiara are friends and it takes a lot of courage to stand up to to a friend."

Silver Smiled and shook her head before saying, "Your welcome Miss Fluttershy, but Diamond and I aren't friends anymore after what she did to Lightning."

Silver Spoon saw a clock on Fluttershy's wall and saw what time it was. "I had better be getting home. I'll see you at school tomorrow Lightning, goodnight, and goodnight to you too Miss Fluttershy." Silver Spoon said as she Left Fluttershy's home.

"Bye Silver Spoon." Lightning said to the filly.

When Silver Spoon disappeared, Fluttershy closed the door and saw Lightning yawn.

Fluttershy giggled and said, "It looks like a certain little colt is tired."

Fluttershy picked Lightning up and Lightning held onto Fluttershy's neck.

"It's time for bed Sweetheart." Fluttershy said softly to Lightning

"But I'm *yawn* not tired." Lightning said sleepily.

"Oh yes you are mister. You've had a long day." Fluttershy said while giggling.

Fluttershy flew up to the bedroom and tucked Lightning in. She then sang him to sleep. When she finished, she stayed by Lightning's side for a moment as his little eyes finally closed.

"Goodnight sweetheart, I'll see you in the morning." Fluttershy said softly in Lightnings ear before giving him a gentle kiss on the forehead.

Fluttershy let out a quiet yawn and turned around to go downstairs. She turned her head to look at Lightning one more time. Fluttershy gave her son a gentle smile before flying downstairs.