The Hidden Library

by Deathstrike666

The Crystal Labyrinth - Part 1: Living Crystals

The Hidden Library
By Deathstrike666
Chapter 3 – The Crystal Labyrinth - Part 1: Living Crystals

”Tzeentch is the undisputed master of magic. Sorcery is one of the most potent of all agents of change, and those who use it are amongst the most ambitious and hungry for power. The use of magic is held as the ultimate expression of faith amongst Tzeentch’s followers, who have much to gain from his patronage. Thought it will like as not cost them their immortal souls for it, they will at least have boundless power to show for it”
- Codex: Chaos Daemons, 6th Edition

Where am I?
Why can't I see anything?
Why can’t I move?
I can’t feel anything restraining me.
My Head!
Why does it hurt so much?
The pain of emotions?
Love and Hate, Happiness and Sadness, Fear and Hope, Ambition and Despair.
Why can I feel them all?
I can’t think any more, my mind is burning up.
The pain...the pain of emotions!

+~Unknown Psychic Transmission Intercepted 784M40, Transmission Origins: Unknown~+

Twilight didn’t know where she had ended up after the overloaded teleportation spell. She couldn’t see, hear or smell anything. The only thing that she could feel was every emotion rushing through her head and it was starting to burn out her mind.

Twilight felt what seemed to be a large clawed hand grip around her body. The sudden feeling of something grabbing her seamed to block out all the the emotion rushing through her head. Twilight tried to resist her captor but found that she couldn’t move a muscle, even the limbs that were dangling freely refused to move. So she just let this creature take her to the unknown.

After what Twilight could guess to be five minutes, the creature layed her body on a cold hard surface. Finally regaining the ability to move, Twilight slowly and painfully opened her eyes. A large figure was looming over the purple alicorn but her vision was too blurry to fully make the creature out. Blinking her eyes a couple of times to remove the blurriness, Twilight finally had a clear look at the creature that was looming over and presumably saved her from where ever she was.

The creature was huge, at least three times the size of Celestia and look like some sought of hybrid between a bird and a human. Its dark blue skin and feathers were covered in a large white and light blue robe with golden edges.

Gripped in the claws of the creature’s right arm was a staff made of multi colored fire that extended to about the same height as the creature itself. At the top of the staff was a large opened book that constantly flipped back and forth through the pages.

The most striking feature, that Twilight couldn’t stop staring at, was its bird like head at the end of its long slender neck. Its beck was filled with razor sharp teeth that easily looked like they could rip through Twilight. Highly decorated gold plates covered the top and sides of its head and had a hole on each side for the eyes. Eyes that burned with red fury and that could burn into anyponies soul.

“Ummm... H-Hello” Twilight nervously said to this creature.

The creature didn’t respond, instead it turned its burning gaze away from Twilight and took a few steps back from her. The creature positioned itself into a take off stance before spreading two enormous wings made of Red, Blue and Purple feathers. Seconds later it took off, leaving the alicorn behind.

Twilight got back onto her hooves and looked around at where this creature had left her. She was in some sort of room without any roof, the walls and floor were both made of crystal. And there was no way out.

“What is this place?” Twilight asked out loud “I have never seen anything like it”

On the wall directly in front of Twilight writing began to appear as if someone invisible was chiseling it out.

Welcome, Twilight Sparkle, to The Crystal Labyrinth. Your task is to find you way to the labyrinth’s core but it will be harder than it seems, for the labyrinth is alive and will constantly try to stop you. Many have tried to find their way out of here only to be trapped for an eternity.

You must reach the centre if you wish to live and the use of magic is forbidden, you don’t want to repeat what happened with your teleportation spell do you? And next time I won't save you.

Just as Twilight finished reading, the writing reverted back into the smooth surface of the crystal wall. A piece of the wall to Twilight’s left slid down revealing a corridor.

“Well I better get going then” said Twilight to herself and she began to walk to the newly revealed path. “Wait... Couldn’t I just fly over the walls? The writing didn’t tell me that I couldn’t”

Stopping just in front of the exit, Twilight stretched both wings to remove some of the stiffness that had built up from not using them. Getting into a take off position, Twilight looked up at the half burning half multi coloured sky. With a powerful thrust of her wings she took off above the labyrinth.

Twilight halted at an altitude about one hundred meters above the Labyrinth. Twilight couldn’t believe to scale of the maze, it stretched further than the eye could see. On the horizon she could spot a large spire protruding out of the labyrinth.

“Well that must be the center” said Twilight but before she could set off, four crystal arms rocketed out from the Labyrinth below. Each arm grabbed a separate hoof and began to drag her back down. Twilight struggled against the four crystal arms but they had her too well.

Twilight’s struggling caused to the crystal arms to get angry. Instead to quickly bringing Twilight quickly they instead stopped and started to toss her around like a rag doll. Before the purple alicorn could throw up from being violently tossed around, the crystal arms pelted her straight back down towards the labyrinth.

Twilight tried to regain some control of her rapid spiraling descent but she was moving too fast. On the way down her wing collided with the top of a wall resulting in a loud snapping noise before she crashed into the hard crystal floor and becoming unconscious.