The Hidden Library

by Deathstrike666

Infinite Knowledge

The Hidden Library
By Deathstrike666
Chapter 1 – Infinite Knowledge

A ray of light beamed into a large room through a stained glass window with the pictures of six ponies, one yellow, one pink, one white, one blue, one orange, and one purple. The beams landed on a purple alicorn causing her to slowly open her eyes from her deep sleep.

It had been a peaceful night for the mare, finally getting some sleep after her long hours of royal duties last night. She pulled herself out from under her lavish purple silk sheets and unsteadily stood on the marble floors below. She gave a quick yawn and a stretch of her wings before continuing towards the massive doors of her bedroom.

The first week had been quite an experience for the new princess. Her lot of royal duties were quite different from anything else that she had done before but she figured that she would get use to it, eventually. But now she had focus on what duties she had for today.

Reaching the massive double doors of her bedroom, the alicorn took a few deep breaths. You can do this, Twilight. You have been doing it for a week now. It will get easier as time goes on. Upon opening the doors with her magic, Twilight noticed a small wrapped gift lying just in front of her.

“I wonder what this is?” she asked herself. Picking up the small gift in her lavender aurora and bringing it to her face, she began to carefully studied it. The gift didn't seem like anything out of the ordinary, it was small, rectangular and wrapped in a dark blue wrapping paper. The only thing that confused Twilight was that there was no note saying who it was from or who it was for, but it being left in front of her sleeping quarters led her to believe that it was for her.

Turning around, Twilight quickly went back into her room and shut the massive double doors. Sitting down at her personal desk, she pushed aside a small mountain of books and scrolls just to make some room for the gift. Carefully unwrapping the small gift revealed a black book.

“Why doesn't this book have a name?” pondered Twilight as she began to study the outer cover. The cover felt old but also new at the same time, it also felt like no material that Twilight at felt before.

Twilight slowly opened up the book to its first page then quickly flicked back and forth through all the pages in the book.

“Why isn’t there any writing?” Twilight said in frustration while picking up the book in a forehoof and throwing it across her bedroom, “What sort of a gift is a book without writing?”

the book landed on the far bedroom floor a strange multi colored glow surrounded it and began turning through the pages. Stopping at a page near the middle the multi coloured glow vanished. “Ok? That was strange.” questioned Twilight as she began to nervously walk towards the book. Slowly Twilight placed a hoof onto the open pages.

“OW!” cried Twilight in pain and quickly removed her hoof from the page. What was left on the page was a red outline of her hoof which began to move and rearrange itself into one word.


The writing then continued to break apart and rearrange itself while a stunned Twilight watched with a wide open mouth.

Infinite Knowledge
Infinite Power

With the final words the witting slowly vanished without a trace.

“Wait! Come back!” shouted Twilight as she desperately tried to get the writing to return “What is ‘Hidden Library’?” Twilight was now obsessed with this ‘Hidden Library’ and the book knew it. Slowly the writing began to return.

Do you want to know about the Hidden Library?

“Yes” answered Twilight enthusiastically and clapping for forehooves.

The Hidden Library contains the knowledge of all reality, all of time; past, present and future.
Twilight was shocked, a library that contained the knowledge of everything and she wanted to find it. “How can I get to this library?”

I can show you but the road will be extremely dangerous

“I don’t care about the dangers!” snapped Twilight “I just want to know how to get to this library”

The book remained quiet for a few seconds before replying.

Very well.
Follow me

With that the book became silent once more. Its last line confused Twilight the most. How on Equestria do I follow a book? I mean a book can’t walk but maybe this book can. I mean it is able to understand what I am saying and even respond. Wait... am I going crazy? I have just had an entire conversation with a book! Is that even possible?

The book distracted Twilight before her thoughts could get out of control. All the writing began to pile together in the centre of the pages to form a red circle. Once the circle was fully formed, little droplets of red began rise up out of the page. These droplets sat still in front of Twilight’s face before they started to spin around in a large clockwise circle.

As the droplets got faster and faster, small thunderbolts began to arc of the spinning circle, hitting randomly around Twilights bedroom. Soon a small vortex was being formed in the middle, slowly expanding to the same size as the outer spinning droplets. There was a flash a blinding blue light when the circumference of the vortex met the droplets.

When Twilight finally opened her eyes she was speechless. Directly in front of her was a shimmering portal of blues, reds and purples all swirling around in a transfixing spiral. Twilight gulped, she had never seen such magic before.

“Well here goes nothing” said Twilight before nervously stepping into the swirling colours. As soon as she was completely immersed the portal closed behind her with a loud crack and a few strips of lightning across the floor.