Friendship is Magic: The Gathering

by TyHunter

Sub-Chapter -*Chandra*- Assistance

"Ahhhhhhh!" Chandra yelled as Jace fell down the gorge.

She had stopped short of the edge, she wasn't dumb enough to jump off!

Why was this man so stupid! So impudent! Does he not realize the power he held in his hand?!

The red planeswalker turned back, And as she did, she felt a surge come from the bottom of the gorge. She turned back around to look over the edge.

She didn't see the flattened remains of the bastard who stole her crystal,

No blood.


Had he actually figured out what it was?! Did he really figure out how to use it?!

Again she screamed.

Chandra planeswalked to the hiding place of the other half of the crystal.

She knew what she had to do.

Then, after gathering her other crystal, she planeswalked to a realm full of nothing.

A realm made by a planeswalker purely for meditation.

In search of him. The one who could help her get her crystal back.

As she walked, she came to a gate guarded by a fierce looking man with a large silver arm that glew neon purple underneath. It must have been magically held together pieces of metal, for the pieces seemed to float by themselves, all held together by one aura.

He stopped her short.

"Yessss...?" He asked her.

"I require a presence with Nicol Bolas."

"Who doesn't?" The man said, with a wicked grin, " Come. I will escort you..."

The man walked through the gate, and Chandra trailed behind.

Behind them, the gate's doors shut.

Chandra held the crystal tight in her right hand.

She looked at it, and it surged.

Suddenly, a pick band formed around it,

She needed to speak to Bolas...

And she needed to do it fast.