Friendship is Magic: The Gathering

by TyHunter


Jace eyed Garruk.

Why? Why had Garruk kept his physical form, yet Jace had been transmutated on the way to this plane?!

"Garruk?!" Jace said, "How did you-. I mean, why...-?"

Jace was at a complete loss of words.

"Fluttershy here, pretty much saved my backside. She asked me to come back, said that you were here and needed help... but it looks to me as if you're getting along right fine fittin' in!" Bellowed Garruk, amusingly in regards to Jace's stature.

"Fluttershy?! Saved you? What... how did you guys get back?"

"She's a planeswalker Jace, don't you know?"

Jace thought about this. He had made her planeswalk. But, he never thought of her being an actual planeswalker.

Fluttershy spoke up, "Well... The first time, I mean, it was just an accident... the 'planeswalking'..."

"How did it happen Fluttershy? What went on?" Jace asked.

"Well, I was just on my way home from delivering Twilight's message... and then I was walking... I started to float and it hurt really bad... and then... then, I was somewhere different."

"What about the second time?"

Garruk answered for her, "I helped her a bit."

Jace thought about it once again...

Then, he heard a voice shouting in his head, Jace, get to the library as soon as you can! I just got word from the princess, and she's on her way here now to speak with me about something. She said something about "a new pony", so I can only guess that it's something about you! Have you found Fluttershy? I can only imagine how cross the princess will be if she finds out Fluttershy is missing!". The voice spoke with an urgent, yet calm, tone that Jace quickly recognized.

He looked to Fluttershy and Garruk.

"Alright, you two, we need to get to Twilight's library, and we need to get there quick."

"Oh, I know how to get there." Fluttershy said with a smile.

Then, she began to gallop out of the tree-house. Jace followed behind, with Garruk running, keeping up with his tail.

It didn't take long for them to get to the library.

Jace burst through the door, just as Pinkie Pie had the day before.

Inside was Twilight, Pinkie Pie, and three more ponies he'd never met before, one of each type.

An orange Earth Pony with a hat on.

A white Unicorn with a dubious lavender mane.

And finally, another Pegasus. It was light blue, and it's mane and tail were rainbows. Not a rainbow of colors, no, a legitimate rainbow.

After the new ponies had interrupted his thoughts, he quickly collected them and spoke to Twilight.

"Twilight, a promise is a promise. I've found Fluttershy. But there's a bit of a catch..."

Twilight eyed Jace suspiciously.

"What's the catch?" She asked.

"Fluttershy come in. You to Garruk...."

"Garruk? Whose Ga-" Twilight began to say, but was rendered silent by the appearance of a mysterious creature entering her library.

" What's this?" She asked.

Fluttershy spoke up on Garruk's behalf, "Garruk is a human, and he is my friend. He helped me get home, so please be nice to him. He's just as smart as us and we all speak the same language. So, don't be a bully."

The rainbow pony spoke next, "A human, eh? Pretty cool. Where's he from?"

"He's not from here...from Equestria I mean. He's from a different...what is it? Oh, yeah, right, a plane. He's from a different plane."

The rainbow pony got quiet, not understanding what a plane was, or it's significance to the matter.

Little did she know, it would be revealed to her soon.

The orange Earth Pony was the next to speak, "Now, Twilight, min' tellin' us who yer friend is?" She asked.

"Oh, right. Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, this is Jace. Jace, these are my friends. The other three elements."

It seemed they didn't know one bit about Fluttershy's disappearance... which seemed to be good at the moment.

"Why are we here anyways?" Rarity said.

"Princess Celestia will be here soon. Something serious is happening apparently, and she wants us all to be present when she comes to tell us what." Twilight answered.

"Oh the princess!" Shouted Pinkie Pie, "I can't wait to see her again!"

Then, as if answering Pinkie's dreams, there were a few short raps on the library door.

Twilight took a deep breath, and then slowly opened it.

Two more ponies he had never met before stepped inside, and all the ponies bowed. One was all white, with a beautiful pink, green and blue mane, all infused with light hues so none of her body was at all dark. She wore a crown, on her horn, but she also had wings. She was fit to be loyalty. The other pony, also had a horn and wings. But, this one seemed to deeply and completely oppositely contrast the first princess. She was all black, with a blue, starry mane. She seemed familiar, but Jace gave up on thinking about it.

He felt awkward being the only pony that didn't bow, but then he saw Garruk and realized how much better he fit in the the large, grisly, human planeswalker.

And the princesses seemed to notice too.

They both gasped in shock.

"So it is true! It...we..." The dark princess seemed to be at a loss of words.

"Princess, I can explain, you see-" Twilight hastily began to explain.

But she was cut off by the lighter princess.

"No...Twilight. You don't understand..."

"But...Princess. What do you mean?"

The lighter princess looked down quietly, then back up to Twilight with moist eyes.

"Twilight... I haven't been honest with you all this time. I haven't been honest with anypony... and I think it's time everypony knows..."

Twilight stayed quiet. She knew something of great importance was about to be revealed to her. Something she shouldn't know... something the princess had even LIED about to her.

Twilight couldn't help but feel the least bit betrayed deep down.

"Twilight, do you know why these ponies are here? Not only ponies, but this human also?"

Twilight shook her head quietly. She was suprised... she hadn't even known what the creature was, when it first came here, yet the princess had no problem identifying it in no time at all.

The other ponies stared and listened in amazement as Princess Celestia began to unravel the mystery of these strange creatures and random ponies showing up here.

"You see... a long time ago, this use to be a land for everyone. Other races... Ponies being the dominant race, but other creatures also existed as well. Humans, elves... it was so peaceful."

Then the princess' expression turned grim.

"Two dragons came here... planeswalked, as most of you know the term now. The second they entered Equestria, I sensed danger resonating from them. I knew nothing about them, except that they were dimensional beings from another plane. They were fiercely intimidating. One dragon was a lot larger than the other and they stuck together. But, as much as it went against my better judgement, I decided to trust them as they entered. They did nothing to harm us, yet. I gave them a chance. One too many..."

"Wait..." Rainbow Dash spoke up, "We know an evil dragon! Oh, what was his name again? Yeah, that's right, Discord!"

The other ponies gasped.

"Rainbow Dash!" Twilight exclaimed, "Discord isn't a dragon!"

Just as the powder blue pony was readying to defend her statement, the lighter princess spoke up again, "Twilight. He may not be a dragon everypony is used to.. but he comes from a land full of them. He is a dragon. He was just so different from the others... we didn't know what to call his species. That's why it's ok to classify him as a dragon."

Twilight stood shocked, unable to speak.

"Well, if Discord was one of the dragons, who was the other?" Rarity asked the crowd.

"To this day, not even I know." The princess answered, "He vanished. See, he and Discord were traveling all of Equestria together, looking for something. Heaven knows what... But, that whole time, they brought no harm to anypony. They just walked, scaling the whole map as we know it."

"Until one day, they must have come across what they were looking for. I suddenly felt another surge of dread and chaos. Then, I heard Discord's scream all the way from my castle in Canterlot. Mind you, they were in the San Palomino Desert, near the Macintosh Hills. All the way from there, I heard Discord's shriek, and I immediately flew towards the sound."

"As I came closer to the Hills, I caught sight of Discord, near a small mountain. In the side of the mountain was a cave. He was screaming frantically to himself, 'Where is it?! Where did it go?!' as he dug around in holes and scoured the ground. But, whatever he was looking for, wasn't there. I descended towards him, and he yelled at me to go away, how it was his,and he wouldn't share it with anyone. Then, I realized his lifelong companion wasn't there. I asked him what he was looking for, maybe I could help him find it. He looked up at me with wide eyes, and, though he spoke no words, I read the words, 'I. Don't. Know.' escape his lips as he answered my question. Then I asked him where his friend was, and once again he stared at me in shock. Except, this time, he answered, 'Who?'."

"'You're companion? Associate? Where is he? The other dragon?' I asked him. He said he had no idea what I was talking about."

"Then, I felt something seep from within the cave. An evil, hating, entity poured from it, and it seemed Discord could feel it too. He looked toward the cave, then toward me one last time, and then ran into the cave. I yelled at him to stop, but he didn't listen..."

"And as he ran in, a powerful burst came from within the cave again, except this time, stronger."

"And with it came a vision."

"I saw the story unfold, of my sister Luna, princess of the night, being transformed into Night Mare Moon and trying to engulf the whole of Equestria in infinite darkness. Nothing else was revealed to me, and I flew back to Canterlot at once, scared of what I had just seen in my own head. I had to tell Luna, and we had to make some quick decisions, to try and ensure that what I saw wouldn't happen. Though, as much as I tried to believe it not to be true, I knew that what I saw would happen,no matter what we did to prevent it. So instead, I decided on another plan."

"Luna and I first began exiling every non-pony creature from Equestria. Nothing else could stay, other than the original inhabitants of the plane. It took a few decades, but after a lot of work, it was done, and Luna had shown no signs of turning yet."

"The ponies were the only creatures that could keep harmony with each other. 6 Planeswalkers were banished from our plane this way, and each of them took their spark with them."

"Then, Luna and I got the help of Starswirl the Bearded himself and a few other Unicorns. Together, we traveled across Equestria, syphoning all the magical energy that was left. We wanted nothing to be able to be as powerful as we used to be."

"Starswirl and the Unicorn though, got a bit greedy, and left small reserves of mana in the land, making it only accessible by Unicorns."

"After a few long years, we had done our second task."

"Now, this was the part Luna and I knew we needed to do alone, and needed the most concentration. Together, we used the syphoned mana and the magic we held within ourselves to cast a protection spell over our whole plane. This shield blocked anyone who was trying to come here. We made it so they couldn't. The only way you could get to Equestria, was if you randomly teleported for no given reason. Even then, we had a plan. The barrier was made to transform any walker into an Equestrian, and then wipe that beings memory..."

"But, as you ponies know, my sister here still was transformed. But easily defeated, since she couldn't be as strong as initially though. We had gotten rid of most of the magic in Equestria."

"But... I foresaw this... this phenomenon..."

"Planeswalkers coming back to Equestria... returning the spark. Reactivating the mana pools."

"You see, you six ponies contain the entity of the 6 planeswalkers originally exiled from this plane... and this is where it becomes a bit hard to comprehend."

"Every Equestrian planeswalker has a Soul Mate. A being, not necessarily another Equestrian, it could be any race, any species, from any plane. The Soul Mate is also always another planeswalker, and no matter what, it was destiny that the Soul Mates would meet. There was no way they could not. Once they met, they would then 'Harmonize'. This means they would learn everything about each other. They would know each other's pasts, secrets, everything. They could also feel each other's emotions, and communicate through their minds."

Garruk spoke, " Fluttershy and I hadn't been Soul Bonded. We had... Harmonized?"

"It seems so. Meaning each of you other 5 ponies will also meet your Soul Mates soon."

Jace and Twilight looked at each other. They knew they must be Soul Mates... they could read each other's minds... and talk through their heads... but they didn't know everything about each other?

"Also, the planeswalker will not Harmonize with their Soul Mate until proving themselves worthy of the piece of Harmony that they represent."

The princess had pretty much answered Jace's and Twilight's confusion.

"So, hold awn minute. We are all goin' tah be teleported to some place we ain't never been before, tah hope we fin' someone we ain't never met before, and Harmonize with 'em?" Said the orange Earth Pony.

"Yes." Answered the light princess, "But, there is no way to tell who will be next..."

"Put these on." Said the princess as she unhinged the glass case against the wall containing the Elements of Harmony. She used her magic to place each necklace on their respected pony's necks.

"Keep them with you... that way we'll know if anything happens."

Jace then thought about his crystal. It had gained a pink streak in it after it's contact with Fluttershy's Harmony Stone, Perhaps the princess would know why?

He used his magic to take the crystal out of a sack slung over his side. Then, his horn cramped, and he dropped the crystal to the ground with a wince.

The blue pegasus flew down quickly to retrieve the crystal for Jace.

"DASH, NO!" Cried Twilight and Jace at the same time.

But it was too late.

Dash grabbed the crystal.

"What? I was j-" She was cut off as the crystal started to surge and shock her.

She dropped it the the floor again.

Slowly, the pegasus ascended into the air.

"Hnnnng! HnnGAAHH!" Cried the pegasus.

And, after a split-second scream, she was gone.

All the ponies in the room gasped in horror.

Jace looked to the crystal on the ground.

It now had a red stripe, parallel to the pink one.