Letting Loose

by Amanda Dianne

Letting Loose.

I hung from the cliff with only my wings to support me. I looked up at Diamond Tiara's cruel face, maybe she would help me. Our filly days were over; we were full grown mares now. No-pony could hold a grudge like that.

"Diamond! Pull me up!" I spat out, the pain of holding my body up was unbearable. Diamond smiled sickly as she trotted towards me. She pressed her face against mine;

"Why should I?"

Oh no.

The mare stood on my wing making me scream with pain. Her eyes squinted; "I'll never forgive you Scootaloo. Never."

She lifted he hoof up leaving me to fall but, the sudden loss of pressure un-steadied her. Diamond shrieked as she stumbles, in her haze she fell off the cliff too.

Leaving me and Diamond Tiara to fall to our death.


I tried to open my wings but Diamond Tiara's un-forgiving hoof had damaged it far too much.

After a matter of seconds we hit the ground. The piecing sound invaded the silent plains.


Diamond Tiara was dead. I knew that, her tiara had pierced her skull. And now her foolishness had become the end of her.

And now the end of me.

My blood circled me in a never-ending pattern. It's redness covered my orange coat like paint, the pain was excruciating. Unforgiving. Like no other pain I had ever experienced in my life, then the pain stopped.

My thoughts circled around my head, round and round. Over and over. Again and again. I felt dizzy and weak. I tried to stand up but my legs trembled far too much, I collasped in my blood.

I screamed in agony as I hit the ground again.

Why wasn't I dead yet? My life isn't worth living any longer, why?

My pain returned again, now taking stabs to my chest. It was like a scalpel was carefulling cutting my flesh. The pain was unbearable I let out another scream.

My life flashed before my eyes. Mistakes. Regrets. Hatred.

Was that all my life holds? A life in which good cards were never really played.

Rainbowdash had abandoned me when she joined the Wonderbolts, and our relationship grew further apart when she became the leader of the Wonderbolts. Her relationship with me was blank and dull. Was she really worth it?

I used to get bullied alot. Maybe if I stood up for myself my life wouldn't be as sad. Was going throungh the pain worth it?

I remembered my lost friendships. Was a battle really worth it if you are only going to lose?

My lost opportunities, were they worth it to?

My life seemed like a mistake. I had grown up with no parents, an orphan. It had tumbled my life into a cycle of lies, they said my parents were dead. It wasn't true. My parents had left me. They didn't want me. No-pony did. Not until I was sent to school anyway.

My Filly-hood had been scared by a fire that would never burn out. I tried to douse the fire with a sick illusion of a sister, but it just fuelled the fire further.

I tried to think of good times but my mind blotted them out with black ink that plagued my mind, I felt tears running down my face.

I remembered the last thing I said to Sweetiebelle, I told her to get out of my life. I told her she was useless. I started to bawl my eyes out. Sweetie will cry at my funeral. I didn't deserve her tears. I wish I could say sorry, just one last time.

My unfinished arguments swirled in my head. I regretted every one of them.


Was life really worth living?


Suddenly there was a flash of light.

It was more beautiful than Celestia's sunrise.

The colours filled my vision, then I was in the air. I felt the wind rush past my face, it's whistling soothed me. I realised I was drifting off to sleep.

I wondered if I was being taken up into the heavens. If I deserved heaven, which I doubted. My life was a cruel joke wrapped in lies, am I really worth it?


I tried to open my eyes but they were glued shut, I felt my drowsiness take over.

I refused to go to sleep! I opened my eyes, I was... On a pegasus. A pegasus was carrying me, how? Who? Why? None of my friends were pegasi, so who?

If I survived was everything I did worth it?

I realised who was carrying me, I mumbled her name. The pegasus turned to me;

"I told you I'd stick out for you kid." Rainbowdash said as she carried me.


The nurse bandaged my wing she looked quite shocked, she whispered something to Rainbowdash. The nurse then left, Rainbow then came over;

"She said your very lucky to have survived." I nodded; "Thankyou Rainbowdash, I... I... You, you saved me." The nurse poked her head out the doorway, "Scootaloo, some-ponies are here for you!"

Two ponies trotted in one an unicorn the other an earth pony;

"Scoot!" My heart rose it's spirit, "Applebloom! Sweetie!" The two mares ran to me then gave me the biggest squeeze of my life, "Guys I can't breathe!" I choked the two then backed off.


That night every-pony but Rainbowdash stayed by my side, like a real sister.

I glanced up at Rainbowdash;

"I killed her."
"Diamond Tiara."
Rainbow recoiled in shock, her eyes wide;
"I did-"
"Do you know what the last thing she did?"
"Yeah, she was the one who pushed me off the cliff."
Rainbowdash fell quiet, her face was solemn and understanding.
"I know the answer."
Rainbowdash looked at me confused, I continued;
"Life is worth it,"
Rainbowdash smiled as I finished,
"As long as I can have friends like these, and that is a very valuable lesson to learn."