Dragon Ball Pony Z - A Costly Ramification

by JaydexTheShadowKnight

Episode 6 - "Peculiar Tactics"

Author's Note: Starting with this episode, I will be including links to the popular BGMs from the Dragon Ball Z English series, the songs amazingly done by the talented Bruce Faulconer! They are completely "optional", but I think they'll help add to the story. To listen while you read - middle click or right click and open them in a new tab. One last thing, I will be giving them names that fit the scene they are being used in (some will keep their original name, ie: Vegeta's Theme will be listed as "Vegeta's Theme"). The actual YouTube link will of course have the track's original name. Enjoy and please accept my sincerest apologies for not updating this in so long. - Jaydex

Dragon Ball Pony Z

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Last time on "Dragon Ball Pony Z"...

The ponies and their friends from Earth enjoyed feasting and partying at Sugar Cube Corner. Pinkie Pie and Goku helped themselves to quite a pile of sweets. Meanwhile, Jayden was outside contemplating the coming battle and was paid a visit from Princess Celestia. The two had a lengthy conversation and the princess broke down, revealing just how heavy the burden of leadership had been weighing on her elegant back. Jayden comforted the princess, telling her not to be so hard on herself. Then, Princess Luna arrived on the scene. She was curious about the explosions that had been witnessed by the ponies in Canterlot. The younger princess also wanted to know why Jayden was there and why her sister was in tears. Following a satisfaction explanation, she joined Celestia heading back to the party. On the way the two princesses encountered a troubled Twilight Sparkle. She too had begun questioning her abilities. Following some words of encouragement, Twilight joined the two alicorns at the party. And, as Jayden continued to study the sky, Fluttershy arrived hoping to spend some time with him. The two sat under a nearby tree, and the human learned why the cute pegasus had kissed him. It turns out, she had developed powerful feelings for him. To Fluttershy’s delight, she found that he had strong feelings for her as well. The next morning Goku and his friends were ripped form their sleep by an urgent call from King Kai. The martial arts master wanted to know why the saiyan was in Equestria. When he learned it was to face the warlock Sarabrek – King Kai filled with dread. But why is he so afraid of this villain? Find out as the story continues!

Episode 6:
“Peculiar Tactics”

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Goku continued to scratch his head in disbelief. He could hardly believe that his old teacher found the warlock to be so terrifying. “Come on King Kai. What’s so bad about Sarabrek? His henchmen are nothing but rookies. I sensed that he has a lot of power, but I doubt he’s stronger than me,” he remarked with confidence.

“I’m not so sure Goku. He is unlike any opponent you have ever fought. Sarabrek is a powerful spellbinder, who relies on his magic. While his body is physically weaker than yours is my friend, that isn’t the part that worries me…it’s his mind. He’s even more devious than Frieza,” explained King Kai, a distinct dread clinging to his every word.

“Come on, you worry too much,” groaned Goku.

Piccolo gave King Kai’s words some thought and he seemed to lean toward Goku on this matter. “I have to agree with Goku on this one King Kai. I’ve seen what Sarabrek can do, and I’m not impressed,” remarked Piccolo.

“Maybe you aren’t impressed right now, but just wait till he gets serious. Or didn’t you ever wonder why he was imprisoned before?” asked King Kai.

The saiyan placed a hand on his chin. “Hmm now that you mention it, I am somewhat curious. But is he really as bad as you say?” Goku asked dubiously.

King Kai cleared his throat, and explained in a worried voice, “He was originally known as a conqueror of galaxies. He’s a sinister being who quests for greater power. While I know that’s nothing new to you, given your track record with villains, but this one is a real lunatic. I’m not sure why he’s on Equestria, but he must have some good reason.”

It was then that the two princesses entered the room. Princess Celestia recognized the galaxy overseer’s voice. “Is that you King Kai?” she asked.

“Huh?” gasped King Kai. “Princess Celestia, is that you?”

“It is and it’s been a while,” she replied.

King Kai chuckled, “You’re right it has been a while. But I’m sorry to say things look particularly grim for you.”

The white alicorn closed her eyes and sighed. “Then you know about Sarabrek,” she remarked.

“Yes, I’m sorry to say that I do. And Goku doesn’t seem to see the danger he represents. You and Luna would know better than anyone else about Sarabrek,” King Kai noted with assurance.

The princess nodded. “Yes, it was Luna and I who defeated him over 1,900 years ago,” answered Celestia.

Goku’s eyes widened as he heard her talk to his old teacher. “Wait a minute, King Kai, you and the princess know each other?” He asked in awe.

Celestia giggled softly. “Why yes, we go way back, don’t we King Kai,” she replied.

The instructor snickered for a moment, “That’s right. In fact the princess used to really like my jokes.”

“What?!” gasped Piccolo finding it hard to believe that anyone would like the old man’s jokes.

“Don’t look so shocked Piccolo. Some of his jokes were really funny…though that was a few centuries ago,” she admitted. Clearing her throat, Celestia continued, “But it might help you understand what you’re up against, Goku, if I were to tell you what happened when Luna and I fought Sarabrek.”

The saiyan moved closer to the princess and nodded. “Yes, that would be useful. Maybe I am taking Sarabrek too lightly,” Goku admitted.

Luna stood beside her sister. A cold and serious expression now clung to her once kind and welcoming façade. “It was a very dark time for Equestria,” Luna remarked solemnly.

Play BGM - "Long Flash Back"

“Luna is quite right. I’ll never forget the day he arrived. His appearance was similar to that of the humans who once called our world home. Only he was pure evil. He and his henchmen tore through the streets of Canterlot, viciously attacking everypony they came in contact with,” Celestia’s words fell off as she paused to collect her thoughts.

Her sister could glimpse the dreadful expression on her face as she began recalling that harrowing event. Twilight and her friends joined the conversation, also eager to learn more about this sinister foe.

Twilight looked over at Luna. “Is Princess Celestia going to be okay?”

Luna smiled back at Twilight, and replied, “She’ll be fine. This is just a memory we’d both rather forget, but alas…we cannot.”

“My apologies,” uttered Celestia, “I needed to focus on the details. It was just terrible. After the day of his arrival, Sarabrek made his intentions clear. He wanted us to either submit to his will or perish. There was no way we could give in to his demands, so we resisted. As we mounted a counter-offensive, he seemed to take a strong interest in the area that has now become Ponyville. Back then it was a mostly barren field surrounded on three sides by the outskirts of the neighboring forests. I still don’t know why he seemed so fascinated with that area. But I digress.” She paused to clear her throat, “The battle lasted for months. Dozens of ponies had died, and he and his henchmen remained ever unscathed, that was, until the heroic descendant of Apollo Might – Apollo Wing took to the battle. Armed with a mystical blade, he used his pegasus might to buy us some needed time. You see, Luna and I faced him several times, but sadly we could never to seem to overcome his magic. That’s when we decided to fight fire with fire. Our powers weren't enough, but Canterlot possessed a legacy that just might help us. We scoured the books of Starswirl the Bearded, until we finally found a spell that just might work.”

While Celestia paused to catch her breath, Goku continued giving her words serious thought. Placing his hand upon his chin, he nodded, “So the spell you found was the one that sealed him away, then.”

Celestia looked over at him. “Yes. After learning how to use the spell, Luna and I returned to the battle. Apollo Wing had managed to neutralize Sarabrek’s henchmen, but he didn’t fair so well against the warlock, one on one. By the time we arrived, Apollo had been knocked unconscious. Regardless…Luna and I were not about to give up…”


Fires burned across the once peaceful land of Equestria. Canterlot had suffered greatly at the hand of Sarabrek. Much of the town had been leveled. Fires burned furiously, matching the feeling of dread that seemed to cling in the very air. Flames also decorated the lower levels and several of the towering spires of the castle.

The warlock hovered in the air, high above the palace, grinning gleefully, as the two princesses arrived, determined to end this.

Play BGM - "Luna and Celestia Fight Sarabrek"

“So, you two have come for another round of pain, eh?” snickered Sarabrek.

“Still thy tongue naïve!” bellowed a vexed Princess Luna. “We shall not allow thee to have thy way any longer!”

“You are correct dear sister. The pain you have caused our people…we shall make you greatly regret!”

Sarabrek broke out into hysterical laughter at their bravado. Grasping his staff, he leered his soulless hate-filled eyes at them. “You talk big, but you two have yet to put me in my place. I’ve won all three of our battles so far. I doubt the fourth will avail you,” he grinned.

“Silence!” shouted Luna, unleashing a powerful bolt of lightning from her horn. It took the warlock by surprised, and jolted his lean body violently.

“Argh!” he grunted in pain. His staff slipped out of his hands, and spun to rest, clanging as it landed on a nearby balcony.

“Ha-ha! Thou hath been unarmed! Now we shall make thee pay!” snarled Luna, glowering at her foe.

A smirk formed on Celestia’s lips as she joined Luna in showing disdain for their enemy. “You are right dear sister. Hath thou any last words, before we vanquish thee?”

“Oh please, do you two think I’m powerless, just because you temporarily deprived me of my staff? Here, let me show you how much you’ve hampered my magic!” he asserted fearlessly.

Placing his hands together, he focused his sinister power into them. A sphere of dark purple energy began to form, growing to roughly three times the size of his hands. It crackled with magical bolts as he aimed it at Princess Luna. “How’s this for powerless!” he taunted, hurling the sphere at her.

Luna prepared to dodge, but the speed of the attack was too great, and it quickly collided with her. The force behind it sent her flying into the side of one of the castle towers. It exploded with a violent flash. Luna rolled out from under the blast, falling with a thud, along the nearby balcony, the same one where Sarabrek’s staff had landed. The attack had lightly singed her, leaving a fading series of smoke trails billowing up from her body.

“Luna!” cried Celestia. “Thou will seriously regret that!” she growled bitterly. The princess’s eyes lit up with a brilliant white glow, while she quickly began channeling power to her horn. Beating her wings against the air, she dashed at the warlock. Her speed was incredible and before Sarabrek could react, Celestia drove her right hoof into his face.

The force of her attack struck with such ferocity, that a combination of blood and spit flew from her opponent’s mouth. Sarabrek quickly used his short-range teleport spell to slip behind her. He placed his hand on his left cheek, groaning in pain. “Not bad Celestia…not bad at all. But I am hardly beaten by…Wha!?”

Before Sarabrek could react, Celestia unleashed a powerful burst of sun energy at him. The blast struck him and sent him sailing toward the same tower he had thrust Luna against. He smashed into the floor of the balcony, nearly collapsing it. Thankfully, Luna was far enough back from the edge that she was safe.

Celestia flew in close to see if she had succeeded in stopping Sarabrek. A cloud of smoke and debris clung to the edge of the balcony, obstructing her vision. As it cleared, she could make out his fallen body, but was he dead?

The warlock twitched and grunted softly, clenching his right fist tightly. He rose back onto his feet and stared up at the sun princess, bearing her a look of bitter disgust. “You…” he fumed, “You won’t get away with this! I’ll…I’ll kill you for that!!” Sarabrek began seething with anger as he eyed his fallen staff. Reaching out his right hand, he used his magic to draw it back into his grasp. Gripping it forcefully, he look at Celestia and then over to the fallen Luna. A devious grin enveloped his face as he looked back to the eldest pony. His staff crackled with a deep red energy as he trained it on Celestia. A sphere of matching energy began surrounding her body.

“What art thou…?” she gasped, beginning to panic.

“For all the pain you have caused me…I shall respond…in kind!” he snarled bitterly. Then he violently cast his staff toward the wall of the tower, beside its door. The power grasping Celestia threw her toward the wall, rapidly gaining speed, until finally she collided, smashing through the side of the structure. She rolled to rest onto the elegant marble floor within.

“Mwa, ha, ha, ha, ha!” laughed Sarabrek as he floated into the room through the hole made by Celestia. He cast his eyes down upon her. The princess tried to return to her feet, but was unable to. “Well now, how the mighty have fallen. I thought you were stronger than this, Celestia. Oh well, since this is now my world…none shall mourn your passing…lest I send them to join you!”

Celestia looked up at him, sweat dripping from her crown. She panted heavily for air, trying her best to return to her hooves, but she had taken a hefty blow, and needed time to properly perform her healing magic – time she knew Sarabrek would not afford her. “It can’t end like this,” she whimpered in frustration.

“Ah but as they say, “All good things, must come to an end!” And your time…is now!” declared Sarabrek, aiming his staff at her.

“NEVER!” cried Luna! She came galloping into the room and slid to a halt in front of her fallen sister. The pale purple alicorn stood her ground, charging magic into her horn, while a single tear ran from her left eye.

Her weary state left the warlock in stitches. “You think in your damaged condition that you can stop me?” he asked.

“We doth not care what thou doith to us! But we shall not allow thee to harm our dear sister!” Luna shouted dauntlessly. Her horn hit its apex of power, and her eyes illuminated with white light as she cast off a powerful energy blast at the warlock.

“What?! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!” Roared Sarabrek as the powerful attack slammed into him sending him flying out of the room, skidding to rest on the crumbling balcony.

Luna quickly turned to Celestia. Additional tears began welling up in her worried teal eyes. “Sister, art thou okay? Please…say something to us,” the younger sister pleaded.

Celestia groaned softly as she opened her magenta eyes. Looking up, she caught the sight of Luna. “Sister…why art thou crying?”

Luna wiped her eyes and said, “They are but tears of joy, dear sister. Can thou heal us with thy magic?”

The elder sister carefully rose to her hooves, standing rather shakily. “We shall try,” she remarked. Celestia channeled power into her horn. A golden light shown is beauty as it sparkled from her forehead and showered along her and Luna, gracing them with Celestia’s recovery magic.

Their wounds began to heal, allowing them to stand more firmly. The bruises and cuts faded from their bodies, and the two were now able to fight again.

Celestia looked out to the balcony, then back to her sister. “Did thou stop him?”

Luna shook her head, “No, we only managed to momentarily stay him. He will most likely be back on his feet, very soon. We must be ready. If we art to use that spell, we best use it now…or never.”

“We agree dear sister. Come let us put an end to this!” remarked a determined Celestia.

Luna followed her back outside to the balcony. There was no sign of Sarabrek…was he gone? No, a sinister cackle drew their focus upward. There, hovering in the air once more, was the warlock.

“Well now, I see you two are fighting fit again. But I grow weary of this battle. I say it’s time I put an end to you two,” he snarled with disdain.

Play BGM - "Casting Starswirl's Spell"

“No, it is you who shall be slain!” growled Celestia. “Sister…now!”

The two princesses took to the sky, flapping their majestic wings, quickly gaining altitude. Sarabrek continue to laugh mockingly, while he began charging more dark energy into his staff. “It matters not what you try…my power is beyond yours! And now…this farce comes to an end!” he grinned.

The horns of the two princesses began beaming brightly with magical power. They took up positions hovering several yards from their opponent. The warlock gripped his staff, leering at them. Suddenly, their bodies began glowing in sync with their horns. The two seemed to have slipped into an almost trance-like state. Their eyes opened, filled with a resonating light. Focusing their horns at him, they unleashed powerful magic beams, which sailed majestically to their target, striking Sarabrek in his abdomen.

Their attack took him by surprise, and try as he might, the evildoer could not conjure a counter-spell. “Argh! What…are you doing…to me?!” he gasped in fear. His body began to quake as bolts of crimson energy started crackled across him. They seemed to be emanating from his center. A few seconds passed, and four prominent bolts began streaking from his belly, wrapping around behind him. “Rarrrrghh! Ahhhhhhhhhh! What…strange magic is this?!” wailed Sarabrek as he continued trying to use his power to defend himself, but to no avail.

“Okay Luna, that’s should do it,” remarked Celestia. The two alicorns ceased their beams, and remained aloft, while the spell they cast did its work.

“Sister, hath we done it?” Luna wondered.

“We are not sure,” Celestia replied, watching on in awe.

The four bolts of energy converged on a single point behind Sarabrek, and began tearing a rift in the dimensional fabric. A portal quickly formed, and began exerting a powerful suction upon its target. “What?!”

From the ground below, Sarabrek’s henchmen arrived on the scene, having come to. “Master! What is happening to you?” called Beelzon.

“I don’t know, but it seems as though I’m being drawn into some sort of dimensional vortex…and I’m powerless to stop it! Arggggghh!” he groaned, unable to resist the pull of the portal.

“Hang on master! We’re coming!” yelled his loyal second in command. The three took to the air, bound for their leader.

“No, you fools! You’ll be drawn in, too! Stay back!” he warned adamantly. It was too late. Bolts of matching crimson energy reached out and surrounded his loyal minions, sucking them into the rift, moments before it finally overpowered the warlock. Nearly three-quarters of his body had been pulled into the rift as he leered bitterly at the two princesses. While clutching his staff in his left hand, he cast his right hand forward and declared, “I won’t forget this! You haven’t seen…the last…of… Meeeeeeeeeee!!” His voice slipped away, as he finally succumbed to the pull of the portal, being drawn completely inside. Then, in mere moments, it sealed itself and vanished…as though it had never been there at all.

“It is done!” declared Celestia. “Luna, we hath finally done it!”

“We have, dear sister. The nightmare is finally over,” Luna remarked, wiping a hoof across her sweating forehead.


Play BGM - "King Kai"

“And that’s how we narrowly managed to defeat Sarabrek,” Celestia remarked, concluding her amazing tale.

Goku stood there for several seconds, blinking in astonishment. He placed a hand on his chin, and looked over at Celestia. “Wow, that was quite a story,” he nodded.

“Yes,” began Celestia, “Had it not been for that spell of Starswirl’s, it’s most likely that Luna and I would have lost…and Sarabrek would have fulfilled his plans, from so long ago.”

“Fascinating,” uttered Piccolo. He snickered softly, “It’s kind of ironic. That portal that swallowed Sarabrek…it reminds me of the one to the Dead Zone that Garlic Jr. was sucked into. You think villains would learn that power alone doesn’t guarantee victory.”

Luna glanced over at the Namekian. “That is very true. I’m just glad the spell we used, was successful. His power was so incredible…even back then.”

Vegeta stood, leaning against a nearby wall, with his arms crossed. He kicked his right foot against the floor and scoffed. “I still don’t think he’s anything to be overly worried about. But…I am curious. How did that spell work on him? You said he was unable to use his own magic to counter it…why?” asked the saiyan prince.

Celestia smiled over at him and chuckled faintly. “It was the nature of Starswirl’s spell. You see...the spell was designed to draw energy out of its target and use that power to open a portal to a dimensional prison. So as most of Sarabrek’s power bled out, it opened the gateway that sealed his own fate,” she explained.

Vegeta laughed at the irony. “So, you used his own power against him. While I don’t put much stock in wizards or magic…I have to admire this Starswirl. He must have had the mind of a true tactician…something I can certainly respect.”

“Vegeta,” muttered Twilight. Again he seemed to fail to live up to Goku’s stories about the arrogant prince of their nearly extinct race.

“Whoa!” gasped Goku. “That’s some spell, but doesn’t it seem a little dark and overpowered for your ponies.”

Luna walked closer to Goku and nodded, “Yes, it does seem that way. But you must understand. Long ago, Equestria wasn’t always as peaceful as it is today. During the frontier times, it was plagued by evil. Back when that spell was created…Equestria was facing the tyranny of villains such as Ghastaloom, Discord, Pralithia and Dargoss. That’s why such powerful spells were necessary.”

Crossing his arms, Goku nodded as it all started making sense. Before he could respond, the voice of King Kai filled the air, “A valid point, but we are starting to digress a bit. Anyway, now that you’ve heard more about Sarabrek, I hope you understand why his presence has me so concerned.”

“I do King Kai,” replied Goku, in a somber tone.

“Then, does that mean you’re going to leave him alone and respect my wishes?” asked his old teacher.

“Here it comes,” uttered Vegeta.

Goku simply shook his head, “Sorry King Kai, but I’m already here…and so is Sarabrek. Our paths have already crossed. Besides, if I leave Equestria now, I’ll be abandoning the ponies to his mercy, which he is without. No, I won’t leave my friends!”

“Spoken like a true saiyan!” Vegeta added, with a satisfied grin.

King Kai let out a forlorn sigh. “I had a feeling you were going to say that. But then again, that’s what I’ve always liked about you, Goku. No matter the challenge life places before you…you always seem ready to face it head on, even if your chances for victory are slim.”

Krillin snickered. “That sure sounds like Goku. Whether its aliens, monsters, demons or even androids, he’ll face them all head on.”

Goku chuckled over at his friend. “You’re right Krillin, but I almost always have help. Even now…I know I wouldn’t feel as confident, without having all of you here…and that goes for you ponies as well. I know from our battle against Traxnor that you know how to handle yourselves in a fight,” he noted with confidence.

“Goku,” uttered Twilight giving him a joyful smile.

The others remained quiet, leaving an eerie silence hang in the air.

“Well, it sounds like your mind is made up,” said King Kai, “I’ll keep an eye on you, and if I should think of anything, I’ll be sure to contact you. I know I don’t have to tell you to be careful, Goku. But I do hope you and your friends will take care.”

“Don’t worry King Kai, we will,” avowed Goku.

“Then, till later,” he uttered, as his voice faded into silence.

“So then, Kakarot…care to practice a little? We have several hours till Sarabrek will be returning,” remarked Vegeta.

Goku nodded, and replied, “Sure, I could use a good workout…” His words trailed off as the sound of his stomach growling filled the room. “Uh, do you mind if we eat first? I don’t like to train on an empty stomach.”

Vegeta facepalmed, “Oh come on Kakarot. Just when you have me convinced you really are a true saiyan, then you go and pull stunts like this.”

“I can’t help it. When I’m hungry, I need to eat,” he grinned.

* * * *

As the morning passed slowly, the Cakes were kind enough to prepare a large and filling brunch for their guests.

Then the hour began quickly approaching noon. The others had done their best to prepare for the return of their foe. The residents of Ponyville had returned to the shelters set up in Sweet Apple Acres, hoping they could survive whatever storm was about to be unleashed upon their once peaceful town. Princess Luna said her farewells to Princess Celestia, as the younger sister returned to watch over Canterlot and the sacred Elements of Harmony, which still may be needed in the coming battle.

There was nearly fifteen minutes till the warlock would arrive. The ponies chatted with their friends from Earth as the seconds began ticking away.

Goku stood, facing the last direction they had seen Sarabrek, not even twenty-four hours ago. It was then that the sound of hooves patting along the grass met the saiyan’s ears. Turning his head, he saw Derpy walk up beside him.

She smiled at the lofty warrior and said, “Hi Goku!”

He grinned, being all too familiar with her. “Hey Derpy! How’s it going?” he asked.

“All right, I guess. Given what’s happening,” she replied happily.

“Yeah, I know what you mean.” Goku patter her head, smiling again. Then he grinned, “Say, you don’t’ happen to have any muffins on you, do you?”

“As a matter of fact…I do,” giggled Derpy, reaching into her saddlebag. She fished out a chocolate chip muffin. “Here you go.”

Goku reached down and grasped the muffin, eyeing it up hungrily. “Gee, thanks a bunch, Derpy! This looks so yummy!”

“You’re welcome!” she smiled.

The saiyan prince watched as Goku devoured the pastry. “Honestly Kakarot, you can think of muffins at a time like this?! The fate of Equestria is about to be decided and all you can worry about is your stomach! Argh, I sometimes forget that you’re a saiyan warrior. All I know, is once this warlock is dealt with…you’re next!” Vegeta bellowed angrily.

“Come on Vegeta. I don’t always think of food. But Derpy makes great muffins, and I want to be ready. But don’t worry, once this is over, I promise we’ll have our rematch,” Goku assured his rival.

“Good. I’m tired of feeling like I’m the laughing stock of our race,” Vegeta groused, stomping off toward a small group of trees.

Twilight looked over at Goku, “What is his problem, anyway? Just when I think you’re wrong a bout him, he does stuff like this.”

“Believe me Twilight, I wish he were different, too. I think he’s afraid of ruining his image as a proud saiyan. That and I think the thought of being one of the “good guys” scares him,” Goku replied with a chuckle.

“A pity,” Twilight sighed.

“Tell me about it,” added Goku.

“There you are Twilight,” called a familiar voice.

The unicorn turned around, and discovered Trixie standing behind her. She smiled gleefully at the blue unicorn and her good friend, while she walked over to her and shared a friendly hug. “How are you, Trixie? I kept losing you in the crowd last night, at the party,” Twilight replied.

“That’s okay. I had a lot on my mind anyway,” Trixie remarked.


“Yeah, I still can’t believe that warlock’s lackeys got the best of us,” she sighed, sagging her head.

Twilight joined Trixie in drooping her head and her ears. “I know what you mean. It was quite humbling. I guess we’re not as strong as we thought,” admitted Twilight, shaking her head. “Huh?” startled Twilight, as she felt a caring hand rest along her back. Turning her head, she was greeted by the kind face of Goku.

The saiyan softly stroked the velvety fur on her back, “Don’t doubt yourselves. Twilight, you and Trixie are very strong! Sarabrek just took all of you by surprise. But that’s how he works, he thrives on the unexpected. That’s what makes him dangerous. Regardless, I’m sure you’ll do better this time. Even a villain like Sarabrek has his limits. And together, I know we’ll stop him!”

Twilight smiled, “Thank you Goku. So Trixie, you ready to help show this villain a thing or two?”

Trixie blinked at Goku and then gazed over at Twilight. She nodded. “Yes, we’ll show him who’s the boss. And then he’ll know what it means to face the Great and Powerful Trixie!” she grinned confidently.

“That’s the sprit!” shouted Goku, swinging his arm enthusiastically.

Meanwhile, as the others chatted, Jayden stood beside Fluttershy. He could tell that from the way she was shaking, and the forlorn look in her cyan eyes, something was clearly troubling her. The concerned human softly placed his hand on her shoulder.

She jumped slightly, “Huh?!” Turning her head, she saw it was him. Fluttershy smiled at Jayden, but the look of worry remained on her face.

“Fluttershy…are you okay?” he asked, with a strong note of sympathy in his voice.

“I’m fine…I guess,” she uttered back to him.

“Are you sure? You know you can talk to me about anything, right?” Jayden asked, leaning closer to her.

The pegasus bit her lower lip, then she leaned forcefully against him. “Oh Jayden, even though you, Goku and all the others are here, and even while we have the Elements of Harmony…I just wish we didn’t have to fight, and that Sarabrek would just go away,” she answered, a notable quiver in her words.

Jayden placed his hand along her silky pink mane and began softly stroking it. He sighed quietly, and said, “I’d like that too, Fluttershy. But I’m afraid our only choice is to fight. And judging from the look in Goku’s eyes, I know he still longs for a peaceful way out of this, but he knows there won’t be one. That’s why he offered Sarabrek a chance to surrender and leave, yesterday.”

“Yeah, I know, Jayden…but I don’t like to fight. I don’t want to hurt anyone, or see any of my friends hurt,” she whimpered.

He continued gingerly caressing her hair. “I feel the same way, Fluttershy. But, have faith, everything will work out…somehow…even if it might seem hopeless,” Jayden mused.

Fluttershy nuzzled gently against him. “Thank you, Jayden. You’re right, I know we’ll all get through this,” she replied, sounding less troubled.

The last few minutes seemed to drag on, causing Rainbow Dash to become exceedingly impatient. “This bites! I’m so bored! When is he going to get here?” she asked.

“I agree, this is stupid!” bellowed Vegeta. “The coward probably isn’t going to show!” The saiyan prince snickered, “He probably lost his never, now that he knows he’s going up against two full-blooded saiyans!”

Goku glanced over at Vegeta and shook his head. “I’m sorry Vegeta, but you’re wrong. He’ll be back. Or didn’t you see the look in his eyes. He’s full of bitter hatred and seems to think he has something to prove. We have to stop his plan, before he can carry out his original agenda,” stressed Goku.

“Perhaps your right, Kakarot,” admitted Vegeta.

The final minutes went by at long last. Then following an eerie silence, a swift breeze kicked up, emanating from the far reaches of the Everfree Forest. Moments later, a shimmering spark of purple light flew through the air, hovering just above the group. It zapped and crackled as it took the shape of their foe, Sarabrek.

Play BGM - "Sarabrek Arrives"

The warlock floated in the air above his nemeses, sporting his black and dark maroon gothic magician’s attire. His long raven hair fluttered in the breeze as he glared down at them. “The time has come…and I see you are all here,” he announced, grinning menacingly, firming his grip on his magic staff.

Goku stood fast, remaining at the ready, giving Sarabrek a look of complete disgust.

The warlock found his anger amusing. “Ha, ha, ha. Why Goku, if looks could kill, my friend. I see you’re no longer going to try talking me out of carrying out my plans,” Sarabrek remarked boldly.

“Yes, there is no point in trying to reason with you. I still would rather not resort to violence…but,” Goku said, shaking his head, “I know now…what must be done.”

“Well said. Well said, indeed,” he nodded, showing a faint glimmer of respect for his opponent. Sarabrek placed his hand on his chin as he continued gazing down at them all.

Vegeta was beginning to lose his patience. He clenched his fists and growled, “Stop stalling! Tell us what your blasted plan is, NOW!!”

“My, my, temper, temper Vegeta! But why tell you about my plan…when I can show you, instead!” Sarabrek remarked, holding his staff at his side.

“What are you?” Goku questioned.

“Just getting things started…with you!” he shouted. Sarabrek’s eyes began illuminating with an intense yellow glow. Goku stood frozen in place as the warlock fired a pair of matching yellow beams at the saiyan. They struck Goku’s eyes, forming a sort of link between them. The attack began pulsating as Sarabrek continued carrying out his spell. “Hmmm, interesting,” he muttered. A few seconds passed, and the connection was broken.

The saiyan blinked his eyes several times, wondering curiously as to what just happened.

“Goku, are you okay?” asked Krillin.

The saiyan scratched his head, feeling somewhat confused. “I feel fine. If that was an attack, I think it was a dud,” Goku replied uneasily. Casting his gaze back skyward, he declared, “What is your game Sarabrek? That was no attack!”

The warlock snickered profusely, “Oh course it wasn’t. It was a mind-scanning spell. And I must say…you have a lot of cobwebs up there. But I was more than able to find what I was looking for.”

“And just what was that?” asked Goku, demanding to know. “Did you scan my mind to learn my fighting style and techniques?”

“Don’t flatter yourself. Besides, once my plans come to fruition, it won’t matter what your skills are. I’ll easily bat you away, like a pesky insect! Mwa, ha, ha!” cackled Sarabrek.

“Then what did you take from my mind?” roared Goku, rapidly losing patience with his enemy.

“Again, why tell you…when I can show you!” replied Sarabrek! He raised his staff up high.

“Wait!” shouted Piccolo, “Where are your henchmen?”

Sarabrek snickered, “They’ll be along…eventually. Right now, you all need some new playmates.” The teardrop-shaped head of his staff pulsed and beamed with power. He took aim and fired several blasts form it. They landed along the ground, forming five pillars of golden light. Turning his head to the sky, he uttered, “Now to open a small gateway to Hell…so I can gather some needed souls.” Squinting his eyes, they blinked an eerie dark red, causing a small rift to the underworld to form.

Play BGM - "Resurrection"

A few moments passed, and five small blue sparkling wisps emerged from the tear, just before it closed. “Ah, there they are,” Sarabrek declared contently. He whisked his staff, sending the wisps to the five pillars. Each soul merged with one of the glowing masses. “And now, to empower and reanimate them!” Sarabrek unleashed another spell form his staff. Five purple blasts of energy sailed toward the glowing pillars, being quickly swallowed up. A blinding light flashed across the area as the five lights began taking on five different humanoid shapes. Each one growling menacingly as they started coming to life.

“What…is he doing?” gasped Twilight.

“It can’t be anything good!” asserted Piccolo.

“Ha, ha! You shall see…in moments my spell shall be complete!” Sarabrek remarked gleefully.

Ripples of raw energy continued pulsing from the five figures as their transformation to life neared fruition. A few more moments passed and the blinding light began to fade. The bodies of the five revived individuals were still hidden behind a bright glow, which began to rapidly fade. The warlock grinned as he saw the light disappear.

Goku gazed upon the five new arrivals, his mouth gaping open as he gasped in dread. “What?! No way!”

Twilight Sparkle and her friends looked on at the five strange individuals, each being overcome by a feeling of dread. Princess Celestia walked over to Goku, and glancing at the saiyan, she asked, “Goku, do you know them?”

Play BGM - "Face-Off"

He nodded solemnly. “I’m afraid that I do,” he said gritting his teeth together. “The short one with the pointy black horns…is Frieza. He used to be a powerful tyrant, until I vanquished him in battle. The other four are elite members of his private army, known as the Ginyu Force!”

Vegeta crossed his arms and began to laugh. “Yes, the good old Ginyu Force. If memory serves me correctly…I killed all of them, myself. Bwah, ha, ha, ha, ha!”

“You did Vegeta…in a senseless display of violence,” Goku remarked in a disapproving tone.

“Oh come on Kakarot, who are you to judge me. I told you those fools did unspeakable things. They got what they deserved. But seriously…” he uttered. Looking up to the hovering warlock, Vegeta called, “What point is there in bringing back these lunatics? We beat them before, what possible purpose could you have at bringing them back to life?”

Sarabrek chuckled at Vegeta. “I don’t have to explain myself or my methods to you.”

A sinister snicker fell across the grassy fields, outside Ponyville. Frieza took a few steps forward. “My, my as angry as ever…aren’t you, Vegeta,” grinned the former tyrant. He was wearing his purple saiyan style armor, and crossed his slender and somewhat bulgy arms over his chest. A superior smirk appeared on the face of his bulbous horned head. “I can see you haven’t changed at all…huh!” Frieza gasped as he laid eyes on Goku. “So…the monkey is here as well…”

Captain Ginyu moved to join his leader. The tall muscular purple-skinned warrior joined Frieza in crossing his arms, leering at his enemies. “Hmmm…it would seem all the fighters we faced on Namek are here, Lord Frieza.”

“Yes, Ginyu…I can see that. My, this must be the promise land. All of my worst foes…in one place, offering me a sweet chance at revenge!” he laughed. Frieza quickly turned his head upward, and saw Sarabrek hovering over him and his minions. “And who are you?”

“Ah, introductions…yes. Well, I take it you are Frieza, and the others are you loyal henchmen, known as the Ginyu Force,” the warlock remarked, while Goku and the ponies remained silent with confusion.

Frieza chuckled softly. “Well, you seem to have me at a slight disadvantage. You know me, and my men…but I have no idea who you are.”

“Oh, I’ve been rude haven’t I. My name is Sarabrek, and I am a warlock. Thanks to my magic, you have been brought back to life. And as an added bonus, I gave you all a significant power boost,” he explained to the new arrivals. “Oh yes, and those weird gizmos you wear over your left eyes. If I remember Goku’s memory, they are called…scouters?”

“They are,” muttered Frieza, placing a hand on his chin. “So, you brought us back to life…hmmm and gave us a power boost, but…why? What’s in it for you, and what will this gift you graciously gave us…cost?”

Sarabrek laughed softly under his breath. “Why that’s the part you’ll like. In exchange for your new lives and the power I generously granted you…I simply ask that you eliminate all of these troublemakers, for me,” he explained, waving his hand across the way, identifying the ponies and their friends from Earth.

Captain Ginyu laughed boldly, “Why we’d happily do that anyway, right men?”

Jiece fluffed his long white hair, and placed a hand on the red-orange skin of his chin. “I can dig it mate,” he uttered with a grin. “What do ya think Burter?”

“Hmm,” muttered the tall dark-violet hulking warrior. “The addition of the others, should make this…fun!”

The towering Recoome grinned playfully as he placed one of his large white glove-covered hands on top of his red carrot-topped head. “Hey guys, look…pretty ponies! Aren’t they cute!” he mused pointed at them with his other hand.

“Cute isn’t the word that comes to mind, when I look at them,” snarled Frieza. “But a job is a job.”

“Hey,” began Recoome, “Has anyone seen Guildo?”

The other members of the Ginyu forced looked around for their fifth member, but there was no trace of the short four-eyed pudgy green fighter.

“What’s the deal?!” barked Captain Ginyu, leering at Sarabrek. “Where is our cohort?!”

“My apologies, but of the group, he was the weakest of you, and even with a power boost, I doubt he would survive against half of these opponents. The two children from Earth would probably overpower him. Even if he used his limited time freeze ability. Besides, with your powers, the five of you can easily get the job done,” Sarabrek noted, offering them his confidence.

“Well, I suppose we can do the job at that,” Ginyu grinned, rubbing his hand over his chin. “But men, let us offer a moment of silence for our parted comrade. Staring…now.”

Roughly ten seconds went by before Recoome said, “How long has it been?”

“About ten seconds,” answered Ginyu.

“Do we have to start over?” groaned Jiece.

“No, that was long enough,” replied Ginyu. “Now gentlemen…” he announced, clapping his hands together, “It’s time to…introduce yourselves! For we are the one…the only! THE GINYU FORCE!”

“Right!” shouted Recoome, striking a graceful pose. “I am Recoome!”

“Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” roared Jiece, flipping his long hair back over his shoulders. “I’m Jiece!”

“Bwaaaaa ha, ha, ha!” cackled Burter flexing his muscles and joining his fellow teammates in striking a fancy pose. “Ha! I’m Burter!”

“And don’t forget me! Your fearless leader!” Called Captain Ginyu, pirouetting over to join his men, finishing on his tiptoes. And finally, he joined his men in striking a three-point stance, resting his clenched right fist on the ground – completing his own pose. “And I am, Captain Ginyu!”

Then in unison they all shouted, “Together we are…the one and only…THE GINYU FORCE!”

Frieza chuckled to himself as he stood beside his posing lackeys. “And I am their ruler…the great and powerful…FRIEZA!” he cackled.

“Aww yeah, how was that captain?” asked Jiece.

The four Ginyu Force members stood at ease, leaving their elegant poses. “Nicely done Jiece. You and the others own style. If I had some candies, I’d happily give one to each of you,” grinned Ginyu.

Pinkie Pie’s eyes lit up. “You want some candy?! Here!” she called throwing each of them a random piece of hard candy.

They each caught the treats she threw to them. Recoome looked at his and drooled, “This looks yummy.”

“I don’t know mate. Captain, should we trust taking candy from a stranger? Let alone the enemy?” asked Jiece.

Ginyu rubbed his chin again. “Hmmm, well friend or foe, candy is candy. But if it’s her idea of a peace offering…she’ll have to come up with a bit more candy then that.”

“I follow ya,” nodded Jiece.

Before they even finished their litter exchange, Recoome had already munched down his piece of candy. “Mmm,” he mumbled enjoying the sweetness of the tiny bonbon. “Thank You!” he called over to Pinkie Pie in a singsong voice.

“Your Welcome,” she sang back to him.

“I don’t know Captain, these ponies don’t seem all bad,” noted Recoome, licking his chops.

Ginyu placed his candy in his pocket, with the intent of saving it for later. “I don’t know, they are the enemy,” he muttered.

“That’s right!” called Sarabrek. “They are ruining my plans and are in league with the ones who were responsible for your deaths. Needless to say they are your enemies.”

Frieza snickered, “I can’t argue with that logic. But,” he said, turning to the wily warlock, “what’s to keep me form using this gift of life and power to do what I want with it? Hmmm?”

“It’s simple, what I gave you, I can take away. Besides, do you really want to pass up a shot a revenge, when it’s right here, in front of you?” Sarabrek inquired, appealing to Frieza’s appetite for vengeance.

The former tyrant nodded. “Good point.” Frieza turned to face Goku and the others. “You don’t know how long I’ve longed at getting another chance at fighting you, you miserable low-life monkey! Now I have that chance…and I mean to take it! Mwa ha, ha, ha, ha!”

Play BGM - "Intro To Finale And Closing Music"

Goku turned to the ponies, “Twilight, Celestia. You and the other ponies better stand ready. Things are about to get messy. I don’t know how powerful they are, now that Sarabrek gave them an energy boost. But I’m sensing far more fighting power from them, than I did last time we fought.”

“Don’t worry Goku, we’ll do our part!” declared Celestia, planting her hooves firmly on the ground.

Twilight stood her ground beside her mentor. “I’m ready!” she declared.

Trixie tapped her on the shoulder, and smiled at her. “And you’re not alone either!”

“That’s right,” said Piccolo, chiming in. “We’re all in this…together!”

Fluttershy pulled back, closer to Jayden. The frightened pegasus looked at him with wide eyes. “Oh, Jayden…I’m scared.”

He placed his hand softly on her back. “It’ll be okay Fluttershy,” the human replied. Casting his eyes toward the imminent battlefield, he said, “I’ll protect you!”

Frieza and Ginyu Force stood poised to attack, while all five of them grinned menacingly as the hostilities were about to be renewed. But who will be the victor of this coming battle? Stay turned, for scenes form the next episode of “Dragon Ball Pony Z”…

Next Episode Preview:

Next time on "Dragon Ball Pony Z". The Great and Powerful Trixie takes it on her own to get the battle rolling as she charges Frieza head on! But when it looks as though her might isn’t enough, even with the aid of her good friend Twilight, Goku happily steps in to battle his old foe once more. And the other fighters from Earth team up with the ponies as each member of the Ginyu Force gleefully starts a whole new fight! You won’t want to miss a second of this awesome battle, next time on “Dragon Ball Pony Z”!

Episode 7 – “Face-off with Frieza and the Ginyu Force!!”