my little pony: tails of the devil fruit

by negativezero


It was a pleasant day for Sweet apple acres; the sun was bright but not overwhelming and the sound of the birds flapping their wings and singing would have made almost anybody in a bad mood cheer up. Applejack was as busy as always, bucking apple trees with her powerful back legs and watching as the buckets below slowly filled with brightly coloured apples ready to pursuit in whatever their profession would be.

Applejack was a rather pleasant pony, if you knew her personally you would know why, she was generous and was always there to help anybody in need she also had a real no nonsense attitude and didn’t stand for any rudeness towards her, her family and especially not her friends.

After an entire morning of seemingly endless apple bucking in the field of infinite apple trees, all standing tall and proud across the land, Applejack came across something bizarre, a tree, not that a tree amongst many other trees would be a bizarre thing to see, in fact it’s quite a common thing to see, but this particular tree was different then all the others, it certainly wasn’t an apple tree.

It was a different kind of tree, a tree Applejack had never seen before, it was covered in patterns of blue and grey and was misshaped in a rather unsettling swirly kind of way, but the strangest thing about the tree was what was growing off of its branches, dangling from each of its branches was a strange looking fruit, none the same shape or size as each other, but all different, they all resembled different kinds of normal fruit like strawberries or bananas, but were made odd by their patterns and miscoloured skin.

Applejack, curious, walked towards the tree and stared at it for a few seconds trying to figure out what it was doing there, and then went to buck the tree lightly with one of her back legs causing one of the fruits stem to snap and the fruit to fall onto the ground. Applejack picked the strange looking fruit up and examined it with her big eyes
“It certainly ain't no apple!” she thought to herself pulling a confused face.