Adventures of Mane 7

by Pony Uppercut

Get to Work!

The Adventures of Mane 7 mlp:fim
Season 1

Episode 6
Get to Work!

Nemesis was now walking through Sugarcube Corner lost in thought. He walked with his hands in his pockets and had his usual emotionless face on since he wasn't trying to impress anyone at the moment. Even though he doesn't notice, his “normal” face looks completely dead and lifeless as if he were sleep walking. But the dark alicorn was far from sleeping. Nemesis was starting to look for a job.
Yesterday, after he told that over-the-top sad story to get their sympathy, Fluttershy made an offer.
“Y-you could stay here if you would like,” She offered “Y-you could stay here until you get enough money for your sick brother.”
Nemesis gave a concerned look. “Are you sure? I don't want to be a burden to you.” He told her.
“Oh not at all, besides, your still recovering” She said softly and smiling.
Suddenly his face lit up as he came up with a plan. “Alright then, im going get a job tomorrow then while I stay here. Some of the money will go to you for rent” The dark alicorn told her with confidence.
“Oh, no no no, you don't have to pay me, and you can't get a job tomorrow, your still to weak.” The shy pegasus told him as she was concerned with his health.
“Well, ok.” He said looking defeated but on the inside he was going anyway.
Now, he was wondering what he was thinking back there. He could of just did what she told him to do and just let him mooch off of her. Was it guilt? Nah, it couldn't be. Kindness? Kindness, Nemesis stopped walking as he pondered about that word. Kindness, he could never show kindness. He was planning to betray everyone here, why would he ever show kindness? And yet he wanted to help Fluttershy, just as she helped him. No! Im just doing this to make my sob story believable! That way, no one will suspect me to betray them, yea, thats it! He smiled to himself as he was comfortable with that excuse. But his smile was short lived as he realized he was still walking and bumped into something.
He fell onto his behind startled at what he bumped into. He then noticed apples scattered across the floor which meant he bumped into someone. On instinct, He began to pick up the apples and apologize.
“I am so sorry about this.” Nemesis apologized to the pony he bumped into continuing to pick up all the apples. After he finished putting them back into their bag, he then looked up to see who he bumped into.
“Oh that's quite all right!” Apple Jack said with her country accent. “Ah wasn't lookin were I was goin.” She explained. Just then, she noticed who the stallion was. “Oh, well howdy there Nemesis!” She greeted with a big smile. He then returned the paper bag full of apples to her.
“Hey Apple Jack.” He greeted back with a fake smile. The country mare gave a puzzled expression.
“What brings ya out here so early?” She asks. “More importantly, wha are ya out an about? Ah thought you were recovering from somethin.”
Well, she was right, he still is recovering, but in order to avoid suspicion he removed all of his bandages. “I guess alicorns heal faster, so Fluttershy let me go out.” Nemesis told her rubbing the back of his neck. Basically, he was lying through his teeth, but in order to help Fluttershy, he had to. “Anyway, im out here looking for a job.” The dark alicorn explained.
“Oh yea, that's right! You need a job fer your little brother!” Apple Jack remembered almost shouting what she said. She could almost kick herself for not remembering something so crucial.
“Yep, so do you know any place I could work?” He asks.
“hmm...” She thought in a thinking pose while still carrying her bag full of apples. They stood there in the middle of the road for a moment while everyone was simply walking by, minding there own business.
“Aww the heck with it! Im sure Big Mac wouldn't mind.” Apple Jack reassured herself. She then put her hand on his shoulder. “Nemesis, welcome to the farm business!”
“Farm business?...” Nemesis asks as he raises an eye brow.

The day seemed to slowly continue as Nemesis was pushed through a few twists and turns.
“Please big brother!” Apple Jack pleaded “He needs work!” She gave the best puppy dog eyes she could manage as she griped both of her hands together. The red stallion she was begging to was her big bro, Big Macintosh. He had blondish-brownish hair and wore jean shorts, and thats about it. Oh, he also chews on a straw. But what mostly stood out was how big and muscular he was. He was huge! And and he had muscles that put Nemesis's whopping six-pack to shame.
Big Mac then put his hands on his lips trying to think. He then took another glance at Nemesis and Apple Jack as he then sighed.
“Well, i've never been one to reject a hard worker.” He said beginning to smile as he looked toward Apple Jack. “Plus, if it will make y’all happy, then thats fine.”
The country mare's face lit up as she was overjoyed at his confirmation. “Yeehaw! Thanks Big Mac! You won't regret it!” She shouted as she hugged him. As soon as she let go, she than ran up to Nemesis as he was idly standing there. Apple Jack grabbed his wrist and dashed toward the farm.
“Come on! Times a wasten! We got work to do!” She shouted happily. All Nemesis could do was try to keep up with her pace to avoid having his face make a high-five with the ground. Big Mac stood there smiling as he shook his head at the sight. After what seemed for minutes, she finally stopped and let go of his wrist. Nemesis then bent over, trying his best to catch his breath. Any other day this sprint would be nothing to him, but thanks to his wounds, his strength can only take him so far.
“Okay, first,” Apple Jack began completely oblivious on how tired he already was. “I need you to grab that there pitch fork and pick up all of the dirty hay around the cows,” She explained as she pointed at the messy hay. “And bring them to that there field.” she then pointed to a field that was full of dirty hay. It was probably used for manure. “After y'all finish, you have ta bring the new hay to all the cows, from here” She now pointed at the inside the open barn as there was piles of clean hay there. “Finally, after y'all are done, come to me and let me know. You got all that?” Apple Jack asked.
Nemesis was still bent over with his hands on his knees, continuing to try to catch his breath. He then looked up at her gave a confident look. “Piece of cake” he managed to get out while still breathing hard.
Hours went by as he continued to work himself to the bone as he did constant farm work. As he reached one the final job of the day he began grow weak. He was plowing the field, and by plowing the field, I mean he had to push the huge plow through the entire field. Nemesis eyes began to squint as he began to feel dizzy. He was covered with sweat, and his muscles continued to torture him with pain. Speaking of pain, that didn't feel nearly as bad as his broken bones and bruises did. He began to shake as he put all of his effort into pushing that plow.
Big Mac came to check on the new guy and has been watching him for a few minutes. He began to worry about him. It turned out his worrying was not in vain in fact as he stumble to the ground, landing on his stomach. The red stallion instantly dashed in his direction to check if he was still alive. As he got a closer look at the alicorn on the ground he knew that he had enough.
“Hey, Nemesis,” Big Mac began “I think thats enoug-”
“No!” He shouted as he pushed himself up. He was now on his knees leaning on his hands. Sweat roll down his muzzle and off his nose as he grit his teeth. “I can still work!!” He then forced himself up and grabbed the handle bar as he used it to support himself. He began to try to push the plow again. Big Mac just stared speechless at his will power to work. He didn't know what to say to stop him. Until, Nemesis began to stumble again. This time, the red stallion was ready for him. Right before he fell, He caught him with only his right arm.
“Whoa there cowboy!” He said smiling “Your here ta work, not ta dig your own grave.” Nemesis remained silent as he stood there trying to catch his breath leaning against Big Mac's arm. “Lets call it day,” He told him trying to persuade him. “You can even spend the night here, okay?” The only response Nemesis gave was the sound of his breathing. “Look boy, I know you have a big burden on your shoulders, but ya can't fix anythin if your dead!” He flat out told him. Just then, Nemesis started to slip out of the hand that was holding him up. Big Mac then grabbed him with his the other hand preventing him from falling. He was out cold. “I'll take that as a eeyup!”

After Bic Mac brought him to a guest bed to sleep on, he decided to look for Apple Jack. As he got back outside, he started to remember how persistent he was on working. Its been awhile to see someone with guts like that. He finally got to the apple tree field where Apple Jack was picking apples. She decides to pick her apples in a “unique” fashion. She basically kicks the apple tree so hard that the apples start dropping like rain. Big Mac even wondered if she was stronger than him sometimes.
“Hey Apple Jack!” He called out to her with a wave. She than looked around to see it was her big brother calling her. She then smiled at him and walked over to him.
“Whats up Big Mac?” She asked
“I know hes workin for his family, but does he have any place to stay?” He asked back
“Yea he does,” She told him “Hes livin with Fluttershy for now.”
“I see.” Big Mac understood
“You should give her a holler to let her know that hes bunking with us tonight.” Apple Jack suggested.
“I reckon your right!” he agreed.
Unfortunately, Nemesis never told them that he snuck out of Fluttershy's house.

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