Adventures of Mane 7

by Pony Uppercut

A Dark New Road (Remake)

The Adventures of Mane 7 mlp:fim
Season 1

Episode 1
A Dark New Road (Remake)

The ground crushed under their hoofs as they ran through the Everfree Forest. You could hear the crackle of the sticks and dirt as the group of ponies dashed. It was dark, real dark. Even though the stars were shining, their was no moon tonight. A fitting setting for a fitting problem. The seven ponies rushed through the darkness with urgency as they had no sign of stopping. Finally, as they reached the edge of the forest the horror they were afraid of became reality. Smoke rose into the air as a harsh light reflected against their fur. The city of Ponyville was in flames. The seven ponies stood on top of the hill, watching in awe as their beloved town was littered with fire. The six mares simultaneously turned and looked at the black stallion with sorrow and hatred in their eyes. The black stallion just looked at the ground trying to cover his own pain and guilt.
Just then, the black stallion received a right fist the the side of the face. The light blue pegasus grit her teeth with anger as her punch didn't even knock him down. She wasn't finished with him yet anyway. She wanted to make him pay with all her might.
“WHY!?” The light blue mare screamed as she through a left hook directly into his face. “WHY WOULD YOU DO IT!!? WHY!?”
The stallion just took a continuous amount of left and right hooks, as if he wanted to suffer for his crimes. He continued to have blank expression on his face as he got pummeled by the pegasus. Streams of tears began to run down the light blue mare's face. She didn't understand how or why this had to happen, but she was suffering as much as the other ponies watching the beat down.
“WE GAVE YOU EVERYTHING!!!!” another punch “WE DID EVERYTHING FOR YOU!!!” another punch “WE TRUSTED YOU!!!!” and another “SO WHY!!???” another “HOW COULD YOU DO THIS!!???” another “TELL ME!!! WHY!!!???” She reeled back another fist ready to strike but something in her struggled to hold back every punch. Now she was reaching her limit, she just wanted to sit there and cry so badly. Why did this have to happen?
She finally dashed toward him with one last punch screaming her bane.

The day was busy as usual for a day in Manehattan. The streets were littered with ponies of all kinds. Crowds of ponies buying, selling, and chatting with street vendors. And just like any other day, there were also thieves. It was the early afternoon and the sky was clear of clouds, a perfect day to sell goods. Two stallions in an alley stood against the wall waiting for opportunity to strike. They watched the vendor carefully to try to discover any habits or patterns the vendor might have for keeping an eye on his fruits.
“You ready Nemesis?” the other one asked with a grin.
“Just stay out of my way.” Nemesis responded coldly. Nemesis was a black furred stallion with red eyes and orange spikey mane. He was pretty muscular which was easy to see since he was shirtless. He also wore bandages around his knuckles up to his forearm and wears jean shorts. And lastly he always gave off a serious look on his face. it was rare to see him smile, unless of course he was trying to trick someone.
“Hmph, is that anyway to talk to your mentor?” The other stallion teased still with an evil grin.
“Your not my mentor Revulsion, you just taught me how to survive, thats all.” Nemesis responded coldly once again as if he was robot.
“Ha, same difference.” Revulsion chuckled.
They both waited a few more minutes to double check the vendor. Now it was time to strike.
“Im going.” Nemesis said walking toward the vendor. He slid through the crowd and made himself camouflage into an average citizen. Once he finally got to the stand selling fruits, it was time to act. He continued to walk as if he was minding his own business and pretended to pay no attention the vendor. Without making eye contact, he swiftly grabbed an apple off a basket on the vendor's shelves. As he did, he continued to walk as if nothing happened.
Nemesis froze.
After a second of silence, he sprinted through the crowd.
“OH NO YOU DON'T!!” The vendor signaled people inside his tent by waving his hand. “CATCH THAT THEIF!!”
Nemesis dashed through the crowd trying to lose them the best he could. He shoved people out of his way and jumped over a few fences. Nemesis was pretty quick on his feet, and he knew he had the upper hand. After passing by a few streets, he slowed down to take a look at his surroundings. He saw no one following him so it looked like his escape was successful. He slowed down to a walking pace and took a bite of his juicy reward. He was satisfied with his own abilities.
“Enjoying the apple?”
Suddenly two muscular stallion landed in front of him. Nemesis's eyes widened in shock and turned around ready to make break for it. But as he did two more strong looking stallions stood in his way. Nemesis started to curse at himself for walking into such a small, dark alley.
“You better enjoy that apple filly, because it will be the last pleasure you ever get.” The vendor said threatening as he appeared from behind one of his henchman. “I was ready for you fools this time! Now you must face the consequences of you actions.”
Nemesis was unfazed at his petty threats. “Move or die.”
The vendor began to burst out laughing holding on to his big stomach. After a small moment of ear piercing chuckles he wiped a tear from his eye.
“Ahh my dear, dear, friend, look around you! Your surrounded by my mercenaries! You're not in any position to make threats!” He laughed. “Now,” The vendor gave a menacing face “Kill him.”
Nemesis was a little ticked off at this point. Not only did he get himself in this bad position but he also was tired of fighting the old fashion way. If he knew how to fly, he could get out of here. If he knew magic, he could obliterate these guys. The only thing Nemesis could rely on is his fists.
Three out of four of the henchman dashed toward Nemesis ready for action. Nemesis took the apple in his hand and threw it in the air above him. He then took a deep breath, clearing his mind for battle. Nemesis will have to be quick if he wants to make sure he gets out alive. So lets begin. The pony that was running toward him the fastest reeled back his arm, ready to throw his fist with all of his might. This pony henchman is going to reach him first so Nemesis decided take care him first. As Nemesis suspected, The muscular henchman swung a powerful right hook. Maybe too powerful, as he hit nothing but air and lost his balance. Nemesis only back stepped a little to avoid that punch, and now he had him exactly where he wanted him. Nemesis raised his right leg and threw two swift side kicks. The first one crushed his ribs while the second one smashed him in the muzzle. The henchman's face was blown back and was down for the count.
The next closest henchman had a similar idea of running of punching, although he was behind Nemesis. Unfortunately for him, Nemesis easily ducked under his left hook. He quickly turned around and slammed him with an uppercut following it up with a right hook. Nemesis then finished him by clenching both of his hands together and bashed his chest with a spinning elbow. Henchman number 2 took a dirt nap as he landed on his back.
The last henchman dashing at him was just as dumb as the other two. As he threw a right straight punch, Nemesis deflected it by grabbing his wrist and pushing it away. Still holding on to his wrist, he swung around and crashed his elbow into his stomach. Nemesis then grabbed his wrist with both hands threw him over his shoulder and onto the pavement. Everything was going as planned. Nemesis started to snap back to reality as the apple fell from the sky and landed into the palm of his hand. It only took him 8 seconds to take down three henchman. He didn't even need to take out last one. He could just run from here.
Nemesis now confirmed that he was having a bad day today. The last henchman wasn't an earth pony, he was a unicorn. The option of running away disappeared as he saw the unicorn gathering electric energy into the palms of his hands. Electricity started to travel like waves of water around him. The unicorn was finally ready to fire and so he threw his arms out “Kamehameha” style and shot a beam made of electricity. Nemesis jumped up as high as he could to avoid getting cooked. The wave of electricity sounded like cannon blast as it chipped and cracked the surrounding brick walls. Wasting little time Nemesis took the apple in his hand and threw it once again, but this time he threw it straight at the unicorn. The apple had no problem speeding through the air as it rammed into the face of the unicorn. The impact was so powerful that the apple blew apart and pieces fell toward the ground. The enemy unicorn's head was blown back a bit which dazed him for a few seconds. That was all the time Nemesis needed to land from his jump, and dash toward him. With his momentum, he jumped and bent both knees then suddenly releasing both of them. Nemesis's hooves smashed into the unicorn's chest as he pulled off a bone shattering drop kick.
The Unicorn flew and crashed into the wall behind him leaving cracks on the bricks. He then slid down the wall and onto the floor. He was out like a light. Nemesis got up from landing from his drop kick. He simply dusted himself off as if nothing happened. All of the henchmen on the ground around him were either snoozing or in too much pain to move.
“Its a shame I have to waste food.” Nemesis commented as he continued to dust himself off.
The street vendor sweated buckets as the scene unraveled in front of him. His eyes were wide open along with his mouth.
“WA-WHAT HELL ARE YOU!??” he cowered away. “STAY AWAY FROM ME YOU ALICORN FREAK!!!!” The street vendor screamed and ran for his life with his arms in air. Nemesis just watched as the fat vendor away almost comically. Just as he got out of sight, his criminal partner showed up as he came down from the rooftops.
“Well, looks like you had some party.” Revulsion joked as he looked around. He was now holding on to a large bag over his back. It look extremely full, almost about to burst. “Everything went according to planned,” Revulsion then paused for second and looked at the bodies again. “Except for the body guard thing, thats new.”
Its true, Nemesis's job was to just simply cause a distraction while Revulsion stole the fruits. A simple, but efficient tactic. Plus they had a lot experience on stealing from ponies.
“Lets go, we’re done here.” Nemesis coldly said as he started to walk out of the alley.

“Listen you insects! We're leaving” A loud and deep voice ordered.
“But Ordeal, sir, we have no we're else to go!” one of the five ponies responded.
“And why is that?”
“Because we're on the most wanted list in every town.” another pony answered.
“Hmm...” the ogre like creature with a pig like face put his hand up to his chin in thought. This creature sat in a gold like chair as if he were a king. Ordeal seemed to live in this dark and small cave along with his five subordinates. The cave had piles of gold, jewelry, and other treasures.
Ordeal smirked a bit giving an evil smile. “Every town, except for Ponyville.”
The five ponies paused for second in a bit of shock. “Sir? Are you serious?” one of them questioned to make sure he was hearing right.
“Of course im serious!” He shouted angrily.
“But sir! They have the Elements of Harmony there! Not to mention Princess Celestia herself visits often!”
“Yea, and the fact that if we get the most wanted in Ponyville, we'll literally have no place to go.” another pony protested.
“True, but instead of just stealing from the towns people, lets make the town ours!” Ordeal proclaimed.
The ponies just stood there silently for a few seconds and looked at each other. “Yea! I like the sound of that!” one of the ponies said greedily.
“But we still have a problem, we can't face the Elements of Harmony or Celstia.” another one commented.
“Then we plan.” Ordeal said confidently. “Which will be quite simple!”
“The citizens of Ponyville are weak, naïve, and far to trusting.” He continued smiling evil “If we can gain their trust we might be able to steal the Elements of Harmony and use it against them. And once Celestia and her subjects are defeated, Ponyville will belong to us, The Thieves of Despair”
The five ponies praised him and cheered. The plan sounded perfect, but one of them still had doubts. “Umm sir, how do we gain their trust?”
“That is also simple, we send a pony into Ponyville to live with the residents. Once they trust him, he'll steal their secret weapon, and signal us to attack.”
“Who will go?” one them asked
Not a second later, they heard hoof steps from the cave opening. All five ponies and Ordeal looked toward the entrance. Two stallions' silhouettes were standing in the only light source in the cave.
“Ahh Nemesis, just the stallion I wanted to see.” Ordeal said gratefully “We have a mission for you.”