The rainbow in Tartarus

by Void Streak


So I need to eat this cupcake to escape how does that work Rainbow Dash thought to herself I guess I have to just wing it then with that she took a bite which caused her to nearly choke on something couphing and spluttering she spat out a hairpin

"How is that supposed to help me" Rainbow burst out loud then she remembered that she once read in a Daring Do book that Daring used a hairpin as a pick lock

"but how did she do it" Dash wispered to herself

"Oh yeah now I remember she straightened it out like this" she explained quietly as she started to straight it out then she walked over to the cage door

., putting her hooves through the bars she thrust the makeshift pick lock into the keyhole after a bit of jiggling it around she heard the lock click then she watched in amazement as the door swung open squeaking on its hinges but then all of a sudden she heard an almighty roar thats when she saw it, a massive creature with hooves on its hing legs and claws on its fore legs with both a muzzle and wings that belong to a dragon and two gigantic horns the size of an alicorn and it was heading straight for her she gulped she had completely forgot about the demons in fact now she thought about it she had never seen a demon before they never go near the cells but that was not important right now just as the demon started to breath fire she quickly started to fly but instead of even floating she fell to the floor thats another thing she forgot about the chains around her wings she had to run she weaved in and out of the fire and other demons but then one caught up with her and grabbed her hoof in quick succession the monster bent it into an unnatural position following that was a sickening crunch

"AAAAAAH!" Dash screamed in pain as the demon pryed the chains of this however gave her a chance to buck him square in the nose

then she got up and ran away but then she felt something coming loose from her body she then realised that her wings had came had been freed from their bindings but she felt that as if one of her wings had disapeard looking behind her she saw something that made her sick her left wing was gone "not my wing" she whimpered but then she seen the demons catching up she ran roar her life not looking where she was going she ran head first into a wall but upon further inspection she realised that it was some sort of giant door she started pounding on it praying to celestia that it would open her prayers must have been answered as the door started opening making a loud rumble revealing a bright light which she ran straight into but because she hadn't seen light in a long time she had to cover her eyes to protect them from going blind.

Turning around she noticed that Demons stopped short of the light as if it would kill them with normally she would have shot them funny faces and egging them on to come and chase but she was in too much pain for that right now

Instead the lead demon boomed in a loud and frightening voice that even shook Rainbow to the core "congratulations on your escape, Rainbow Dash you don't need to worry about us anymore you just need to worry about the royal guards who heading towards here and the wonderbolts who are watching us at this very minute oh and the fact that the most powerful pony in all of Equestria but fear not I reckon we will be seeing each other very soon my little pony" with that he walked backwards in the the darkness of Tartarus

Once the demon finished speaking she quickly looked around more specifically the sky but not seeing anything she figured she then seen the map that Luna had mentioned it lead to the castle of the two sister which was smacked ban in the middle of the everfree forest then out of the corner of her eye she seen it, movement on top of of the small cave that held the gates to every living creatures worst fear when she looked closely she seen a wift of a blazing, orange mane creep behind the edge Rainbow gulped knowing which of the bolts had that specific styled and coloured mane, Spitfire.

Rainbow Dash being Rainbow Dash decided to confront Spitfire she sighed"I know your up there Spitfire i'm not an idiot"

Spitfire glared annoyingly knowing that those stupid demons revealed her position away as she and her squad showed themselves in the squad was Spitfire, Fleetfoot, Thunderlane and Soarin Spitfire then announced in her most authoritarian voice "Rainbow Dash as captain of the Wonderbolts I hereby place you under arrest for unlawful escape from prison, you have the right to remain silent!"

"I'm not coming with you for these simple reasons one its not a prison its a living hell that no pony should stay in and secondly i'm innocent you've got to believe me" Rainbow responded with a pleading tone

"Rainbow please just make it easier for both of us and accompany us" Spitfire pleaded who didn't want to arrest the ex wonderbolt she then added "look Dash we all believe that you are innocent thats why we're going to take you to the princess to try and get you out of this mess just come with us please."

"Fine but you have to do something first" Dash said who didn't believe a word they said no matter how convincing it sounds.

"And what would that be?" she asked clearly irritated something that Dash liked to see.

"Catch me" she replied with a cocky grin with that she tried to fly only to fall over completly forgetting that she had lost one of her wings during the scuffle with the Demon

She tried to get up only to get pinned down by Spitfire Soarin then placed Rainbow's front hooves in shackles then he put a metal coller around her neck that had a chain leash attached to it clearly not taking any chances.

"I I I thought that you said that you believed me" Rainbow asked.

Spitfire sighed before replying "we do its just that if we take you to Celestia free of chains then ponies are going to start asking questions which we might feel uncomfatable asking" she then grabbed hoof of the metal leash and started walking which caused Dash to follow into the direction of the capital city of Equestria, Canterlot.