The rainbow in Tartarus

by Void Streak

The visit

12 months later

Twilight was sitting down remembering all the good times she had with Rainbow Dash before she got locked up in Tartarus she was staring out of the window of the speeding train making its way towards Canterlot usually she didn't like going to the magnificent city because of all the snobby nobles who all live there but today was different she was going to ask her mentor a question on something that she wanted to do since Rainbows sentencing she wanted to attend the trial but Celestia didn't let her so she was forced to sneak inside using an invisibility spell the question that she wanted to ask her teacher was about finding answers why Rainbow Dash did what she did then the train jolted signalling the arrival of her destination she immiedetly galloped towards the towering Canterlot Castle where the Princess of Equestria lived.

" My most faithull student what brings you here?" Princess Celestia asked pleasently.

"Well I was wondering if I could er I don't know visit Rainbow Dash?" Twilight asked her teacher with a hopefull smile however the pleasentness soon vanished for the Princess's face as soon as she asked that question.

"well what ever for, do you not remember what she did too you?" Celestia replied with coldness in her voice that sent a shiver down her student's spine who had never heard her mentor speak like that.

"I want to ask her why she did it" Twilight explained nervously shuffling with her hooves.

"Is it just that?" she replied simply.

"I also miss her so can I" Twilight asked again using puppy eyes which made Celestia laugh.

"your not going to let this go aren't you" c
Celestia replied with a slight chuckle

"nope" Twilight simply stated.

"fine then i'll tell the Demons of Tartarus to expect your arrival" she replied with a slight irritation in her voice

"Thank you" Twilight shouted hugging her favourite princess with that she left in a hurry to get to Tartarus to see her long lost friend.

Rainbow Dash was sleeping inside the little cage that she now called home she was dreaming about all the good times she had with her friends before she was arrested she still couldn't believe that her friends would accuse of such nonsense but then again she couldn't remember anything that night and they did the find the most important element in her bed right next to her maybe she did do that no she couldn't have she is the element of loyalty for celestia's sake and she certainly wouldn't hurt Twilight she wouldn't hurt any of her friends for that matter one thing she couldn't believe that they would throw into this hell hole after, everything she did for Equestria they still treat her like a piece of muck on their hooves. She sighed dreaming about the time when they first met defeating nightmare moon and becoming the Elements of Harmony then she felt something hit her body then she realised that it was coming from real life not the dream she then groggily woke up and came face to face with somepony that she certainly didn't expect to see because stood right in front of her was Twilight Sparkle.

"Hi long time no see" Twilight greeted sheepily.

It took Rainbow two attempts to actually get words out of her mouth "Twilight is that really you" Rainbow asked in a sqeeky and raspy voice due to lack of speaking.

"yeah its me" Twilight responded nervously thinking about what she should say.

"What are you doing here" Rainbow asked that sounded almost like a snarl.

"Are you angry with me and if so why?" the lavender alicorn asked worriedly.

"I'll tell you why i'm angry, i'm angry because you accused me of something I didn't do and you didn't even try to defend and then you decide not to show up at my trial when I needed you most" the cyan pegasus responded angrily while glaring daggers at the pony she thought was supposed to be her friend.

"I didn't defend you because one you did steal the elements two you stabbed me and tried to kill me and three you hid the other elements and not telling us where they are, leaving Equestria defenceless and exposed to an attack and I did come to the trial the reason you didn't see is because I had an invisibility spell on me because I wasn't aloud to be there" Twilight shot back at Rainbow Dash.

"why wouldn't you be aloud to come to my trial" Rainbow asked with a snarl.

"Celestia forbidden me from attending" Twilight exclaimed with sadness in her voice.

"I'm sorry Twilight but I really don't believe you considering you are Celestia's student and a princess of Equestria" Dash said with a slight growl.

Twilight sighed "even though I am a princess and everything Celestia's still in charge because she's the ruler of Equestria which still makes her the ruler of every pony in the royal family.

Rainbow didn,t say anything straight away, she was trying to find the right sentence to respond with instead she got nothing she sighed "fine I believe you but it still doesn't make me forgive you for accusing me of something I didn't do" she responded with a stare that would give Fluttershy a run for her money.

"Rainbow I know for a fact that you did take them and I got this to prove it" Twilight explained showing the scar that Chrysalis did to her which ran over her cutie mark "I'm sure if you just tell us where the elements are then the princess will make your sentence more lenient" she added with a hopeful face.

"Only my friends call me Rainbow" Rainbow responded with a growl and a look of anger across her face.

"But I am your friend" Twilight said with a hint of sadness.

"Oh yeah well I recall that in the dictionary friends don't go and accuse their friends of stealing then go and leave them in a cage to rot, and your supposed to be the princess of friendship" Rainbow snorted with sarcasm in her voice.

"well fine then stay in here all alone oh yeah I forgot to give you this not that you deserve it" she said loudly clearly annoyed with a hint of anger and sadness knowing that she had lost a friend she then thrust a large cupcake through the bars getting squished then flattened on the floor with that she turned and left not even giving the chance for the cyan pegasus to thank her.

As soon as Twilight left Rainbow Dash the most strong hearted, bravest and well talented started to cry in fact crying was and understatement she bawled her eyes out. Crying herself to sleep Rainbow dreamed of all the adventures she had with her friends however the wonderful dream she was having soon changed to a horrible nightmare in which she was getting tortured by all her friends demanding where the elements were and when she couldn't tell them or said that she didn't have them they just cause her a great deal of pain Celestia's was worser she felt like she was being skinned alive but then there was another pony she realised it was her but then it changed to that of Queen Chrysalis if she had had the strengh to speak she would have said what are you doing here but then she realised that the queen of the changelings was holding a case after further inspection she realised that inside the chest was the five Elements of Harmony but then the pony changed to a pony she thought like Twilight she would never meet again...