by cornholio4

Chapter 3

Applejack was alright company Oleander supposed; she could definitely tolerate her presence far longer than she would be willing to tolerate Pinkie Pie that was for sure. Still Twilight said it was time for the next stop in her forced tour of Ponyville; it was a shame because Oleander would definitely have wanted more time to play with Winona.

“Don’t worry Oleander; next destination is Fluttershy’s house. She looks after a lot of animals so I am sure that you would be able to play with the cute animals there.” Twilight told her and Oleander gave a big smile in return. They came across Fluttershy’s cottage where she was outside tending to a wolf with a broken paw.

Oleander jumped in fright and got into a battle stance startling them; “Something the matter Oleander?” Twilight asked concerned trying to get Oleander to calm down.

“That is a wolf! A Predator! Why are you not concerned about them? Back in Foenum we had all the Predators banished so they don’t eat us all!” Oleander shouted with Twilight sighing and managing to calm Oleander down assuring her that things were different here in this world. Oleander coughed and went to the terrified startled and nervous Fluttershy.

“Sorry for giving a bad first impression; I’m Oleander and I come from a world through a magic portal and where I come from; we don’t deal with the Predators there so sorry about how I reacted.” Oleander greeted Fluttershy trying to be as polite as she could; she jumped the gun and felt that she could at least do this.

Fluttershy nervously whispered her name before repeating it a second time; Oleander raised an eyebrow realising that Fluttershy quickly reminded her of Pom. “This is so weird; this is the 3rd time a Pony here has reminded me a Key Seeker back home......” Oleander said out loud looking like she was pondering things.

“Key Seekers?” Twilight questioned and Oleander decided that she could have this explained to her.

“The Predators were banished to another dimension but the time came from where they would be set free; Foenum needed someone to go forth and find the key the lock them away again. Each place in Foenum set forth a Champion representative to be a Key Seeker. All of your friends so far have reminded me of a fellow Key Seeker.” Oleander explained and Twilight gave a smile.

“So you all teamed up and found the Key; locking the Predators away with the power of friendship.” Twilight asked with a beaming smile with Oleander raising an eyebrow again questioning on how friendship could be a power like that. Oleander shook her head making Twilight looked confused and asked “well then; what did you Key Seekers do when you were all gathered together?”

“We beat eachother up.” Oleander replied simply and took a big laugh out of the faces that Twilight, Fluttershy and all the animals at her cottage made at once. “Only one Key Seeker would be able to become the Key Keeper and be the one to defeat the Predators and lock them away; we all fought in a tournament competition to decide who would be the Key Keeper. I won and locked the Predators away myself.” Oleander stated looking quite smug as Twilight and Fluttershy looked baffled.

“But why compete with eachother? Why not work together as you would have had an easier time against the Predators if you all worked together!” Twilight exclaimed looking like she was about to magically rip out her mane. Oleander said goodbye to Fluttershy as Twilight said that they were going to visit her friend Rarity’s next.