by cornholio4

Chapter 1

The world of Foenum and deep within the Woodlands in her home was the unicorn Oleander studying her book of Dark Magic known as the Unicornomicon, her desk table was filled with the congratulation cards and the medal she had received from the other unicorns of the Order of the Horn.

It had been a month since she had defeated all the other Key Seekers to become the Key Keeper, she had managed to use the Dark Magic powers to fight back and seal the Devourer and the other Predators.

It was hard fought and at times it seemed like the influence of the Dark Magic would be too much and could overcome her; but in the end she had won and saved all of Foenum. She was ecstatic especially since after all this time she had proved that Dark Magic could be safely used to protect the world.

She was congratulated by the other Key Seekers the denizens of Foenum; even the other unicorns at the Woodlands begrudgingly congratulated her. They still held most of their believe in Light Magic and didn’t want to select a Key Seeker in the first place but gave her credit for managing to save their world.

The Priestess of the Order in a ceremony had gave her a medal and would allow her to explore the magic in her book, allow her to continue to be in the Order as well as cutting down her punishment for dabbling in Dark Magic to just a week’s grounding.

How nice of her....

Still it was nice to be vindicated and now be accepted and not just tolerated only because of who her great grandmother was.

The other Key Seekers had congratulated her and offered to meet up again later. She appreciated the offer but wasn’t really looking to meet most of them again; she would hardly call any of them friends. Except for maybe Pom as she was alright; and she had those cute puppies!!!!

Anyway after a month or so she decided that she wanted to do some exploring, she had found an incantation that could take her to another world, a world filled with life just like Foenum but with different species and different magic.

That got her excited as she could study some more magic and share what she knew; she had spent some time getting everything ready to create a portal right through the mirror in her home.

“You sure you want to go through with it Olly? You might not be ready for what you see at the other side of this looking glass; it might be a world where the air is toxic for you unicorns, might be an entire world of Predators or it might be a world where everyone has a horrendous fashion. I care little what happens to you but I thought I would be a fair spot and give you a warning.” FHTNG (Fred as she prefers to call him) the entity that resides in the Unicornomicon stated and Oleander just glared at him.

She never truly did fully trust the entity especially as she was not entirely clear what his motivations for helping her was but she tolerated him thanks to the powers of the book and the helped that he gave. They were quite uneasy allies at best.

“Well it was more of a warning than the one you gave about the Book turning my coat black but thanks anyway.” Oleander replied with a hint of sarcasm, “As to your ‘concern’ over my saftey and where I end up, I will be fine. I have the book and the powers it gave and remember I beat the other Key Seekers, the Predators and of course the Devourer. I can handle whatever this portal takes me.” Oleander stated confidently as FHTNG gave a shrug.

After some time she managed to complete the spell and the mirror began glowing making her excited; holding her glee in check she levitated the Unicornomicon and stepped right through the portal.

She ended up in what she presumed to be some sort of castle and looked around, she looked behind her and saw the mirror that she just walked through was hooked to a machine of some sort. Okay weird........

“King Sombra....... Wait, you’re not King Sombra.....” shouted a voice and Oleander turned around and saw a purple furred pony with a crown, wings and a unicorn’s horn. Was she some sort of unicorn and Pegasus hybrid? “Did you come through the mirror?” the pony asked and Oleander gave a nod.

She then got too close for comfort as if to try and reassure her and told her “now please don’t freak out as I realise you must be confused that you are now a unicorn while you were a human before but can I ask if you know Sunset Shimmer.....”

“No I never heard of this Sunset Shimmer, I have no clue what a ‘human’ is and I am not confused as to why I am a unicorn as I have been one my entire life!!!!! I found a spell in my book that turned my mirror into a portal to another world!!!!” Oleander snapped using her magic to push the pony back.

The pony blinked and then gasped excitedly saying “you come from another new world? How exciting and you have your own book of magic? You must let me see it.....” The pony then went for the Unicornomicon but Oleander getting more annoyed by the second kept it out of her reach.

“I don’t let just anyone look at the Unicornomicon, the magic inside needs to be carefully studied before using!” Oleander snapped and the pony blinked before looking disappointed. “Well I guess we can start with introductions; I am Oleander the Key keeper and I come from the Order of the Horn of the Woodlands of Foenum.” Oleander introduced herself.

“Well nice to meet you Oleander; I am Princess Twilight Sparkle and I am Equestria’s Princess of Friendship.” The pony introduced herself and Oleander was not too surprised to see that she was a princess due to her crown. Wait, did she really just say that she was the Princess of Friendship?

Oleander held back a laugh and Twilight glared asking if she thought it was funny, “No offence Twilight but I don’t see much point in friendships as I like to focus on knowledge and magic....” Oleander explained and stopped when she saw Twilight froze and her eye was twitching.

Just now Oleander wondered if she had just made a very critical mistake that she would instantly end up regretting....