Drabble Kaboom!

by Alex Warlorn

Brave Fluttershy (Yangiscool request)

Exiting the rollercoaster, leading Fluttershy by the hoof, Rainbow Dah took them to a nearby bench.

Rainbow Dash smiled. "Okay Fluttershy, take it from the top."

Fluttershy stood proud. "Ahem, my shadow is not going to eat me. Everyone who lays eyes on me is not silently judging me. I am not at flight camp anymore. Nightmare Night is about experiencing the edge of pony existence, not about being in actual danger. And dragons... okay, I am completely justified in being wary of something that can eat me in one gulp or turn me to ashes by breathing on me. But I have accepted I should judge each dragon as I meet them, not seeing all adult dragons as fearsome. And the Wonderbolts Thunder Ride is awesome!"

Rainbow Dash then showed Fluttershy pictures of a crowd of ponies looking at the camera, an adult dragon roaring and breathing fire with claws bared, and a scary nightmare night haunted house, and Fluttershy's own shadow... and Fluttershy did NOT break out in a cold sweat.

"Congratulations Fluttershy! You're official as brave as me!"

"Thanks, those 'new and improved' Iron Will sessions really work."

Discord teleported in on the pair.

"Awww!" Discord waved a giant hypno-wheel on a stick. "And I had the hypnosis ready for a wacky adventure where Fluttershy became TOO brave, and you all raced to restore her to, blech, 'normal' , and Fluttershy would learn about doing things the boring, hard, un-fun way, and Twilight would lecture me and I'd say I was sorry and never do it again (as if the spirit of chaos would ever repeat himself!)... Wait, did I say that out loud?" The ponies gave him a death glare. "Oops."