by ALoneWolf

The arrival edited by :The Blue EM2

The next morning Twilight collected her belongings ad got ready to leave. After saying goodbye to Spike she trotted to the room in her castle which housed the mirror and began feeding magic into it until it completely activated.

With nothing else to say, Twilight trotted straight to the mirror and was instantly sucked into the human world. A few minutes later Twilight flew out of the other end, and found herself collapsed on the ground right in front of Canterlot High "I'll never get used to this," Twilight sighed. As soon as she dusted herself off she made her way from the school to where Sunset's friends might be.

"Where might they be today?" Twilight questioned herself, consulting her admittedly limited knowledge of the school's layout. "The only place I know is Sunset's but then again usually they only hang at each others places for a study session or if there's a slumber party going on." Twilight then thought of the one place they might be. A place that technically wasn't on campus.

"Sugarcube Corner" She said. "They must be there, after all it is their usual spot"

After a few minutes walk she reached her destination. Twilight walked straight to the store front with a determined expression. She opened the door and, to her lack of surprise, found the five members of the Rainbooms sitting at their usual booth chatting about something while eating a small variety of freshly baked savoury goods, as well as freshly brewed coffee (a vital item for any student). As the entrance bell rang the five girls took a second to see who entered and quickly recognized who stepped in.

"HIYA TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!" Pinkie excitedly greated. The others followed suit.

"Hi Twilight" Fluttershy quietly greeted.

"Sup Sparkle" Dash said.

"Howdy there partner" Applejack replied.

"Nice to see you again darling" Rarity greeted and soon ushered her to join. "Care to join us?"

"Thanks," Twilight replied and then walked over to their booth and sat down.

" Care for a donut darling? We have a few extra." Rarity offered.

"No thanks, I just ate," she politely declined. Twilight looked around before speaking. "Hey where's Sunset?"

"She's hanging out with Flash today," Fluttershy said

"Boy I tell ya" Rainbow Dash replied "Ever since they got back together those two lovebirds haven't kept their hands off each other. BLEH I tell ya you'll never see me acting all lovey dovy like that, not in a million years!"

"Then how come you always blush like crazy every time Soarin greats you during practice?" Rarity replied, with a smirk.

"Shut up Rarity" She replied, slightly annoyed.

Rarity giggled a little at Dash's annoyed expression and then said. "So what brings you here darling? We figured after the whole Anon a Miss fiasco you wouldn't wanna visit for a while especially after what we did"

"No, it's fine really" Twilight replied. " It's been four months and I've forgiven you, as friends should. Speaking of which, there's a reason I dropped by this early; I need to discuss something with you girls."

"Sure sugarcube, what is it ya want to discuss?" Applejack questioned, her face suddenly falling.

"Four months ago, Sunset wrote to me that she ended her friendship with you all, and after that I haven't got a single message from her ever since. But then last night I finally received a reply from her and to my surprise she seemed to be in a good mood. Not only that, she said she was was having a fun time with you all. Plus she hasn't once mentioned Anon-a-Miss. However what really caught my eye in that message is that Sunset stated the reason she hadn't written was because she accidentally left the journal at camp everfree and took a few weeks for her to realize where it is. What's really suspicious is that she said it's been a few weeks when in reality it's been exactly four whole months. And I want to know why."

As soon as she finished, the five girls looked at her with a mix of nervous expressions. Twilight noticed this, but said nothing. "Girls, you know something about this, dont you?"

"Weeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllll," Pinkie nervously answered, "Kinda?"

Twilight raised an eyebrow then continued. "Pinkie what do you mean kinda?"

Applejack then sighed and spoke next. "Ah knew this was gonna happen sooner or later."

"Your right Applejack," Pinkie said.

"Quite right," Rarity replied

"Amen to that!" Dash said and then looked over to Fluttershy. "Tell her, if you wouldn't mind."

Fluttershy nodded back then spoke to Twilight. "Twilight there's something we have to tell you."

"I'm listening" Twilight replied, and sat back.

Fluttershy then continued. "Well, you see, after she renounced her friendship with us Sunset was rarely seen around school."

"She's been skipping school?"Twilight questioned

"Not really" Fluttershy said. "When Sunset comes to school she didn't come inside. She just sat right by the statue and waited for the bell to ring. We figured she didn't want to risk bumping into anyone down the hall trying to apologize to her and we didn't really blame her she has been through a lot. Plus during classes she always sat at the far end of the classroom to avoid everyone. And once class ended she request to leave first so she could get to her next class as fast as she can. This repeated for days on end."

"We tried approaching her dozens of times, but each time she would run or just ignore us," Rarity said

"I see, I see," Twilight replied."How are your sisters getting on? Last I heard they were expelled and sent to different schools."

"Turns out that was the worst thing we coulda done," Applejack answered "Bein' separated from one another and so far from home took a serious toll on their mental health."

"After we heard what happened last month to each of 'em, our families decided to bring them back home" Rainbow Dash replied.

"After what happened?" Twilight questioned.

"You see, darling" Rarity began. "Sweetie Belle was moved to a boarding school on the outskirts of New York. Outwardly it looked to be a nice, posh place, but when I visited one time the phrase 'prison' came to mind. The poor darling didn't really fit in there, as the place was full of heartless snobs. Rich kids, the sons and daughters of Senators and leading businessmen, that sort of thing. Every single day she phoned home crying her eyes out; apparently the girls there kept making snarky comments on her dress appeal, calling her ugly, and that no one would ever love her and should just drop dead. She hated her aunt and uncle for turning a blind eye to what was going on, and begged mother and father to let her come back home to Canterlot, but each time they said no and told her to not let them get to her. After all, she had behaved in a similar manner to them. I didn't approve of the attitude, as two wrongs do not make a right, but there was little I could do. But one day the school called in the middle of the night. The school authorities stated they found Sweetie Belle in the nurse's office with her arm covered in cuts, and there was some dried blood. When they asked what happened, the nurse explained that a teacher caught Sweetie Belle crying in the locker room while slitting her wrist multiple times with a scalpel she took from the science lab. It was nowhere near sharp enough to cause permanent damage, but it was a distressing sight. When they questioned her why she did that she told us that the girls who've been bullying and mocking her did something that pushed her over the edge."

"What did they do?" Twilight asked.

Rarity teared up a little as she finally answered. "They paid two older boys to go down the hall and pull up her shirt in front of everyone while they just stood there and took pictures."

"That"s awful," Twilight replied, disgusted.

"Indeed," Rarity said. "After we learned what had happened, the students were suspended, and I went over to look the place over. It was horrific, and I could fully understand why the poor dear hated the place. Mother and father cancelled the rest of the fees and moved her back to Canterlot as fast as possible."

"I see," Twilight said. "So what about Scootaloo?"

Dash gave a sad expression before taking her turn to speak. "You think the school Rarity described was bad? Scoots was effectively dumped in a Gulag! Last I heard, the kids at the school jumped her repeatedly and beat her up. She always came home with bruises all over her body and refused to let the nurse treat her, as Scoots felt that she deserved it after what she did to us." Dash sighed. "Don't get me wrong, I'm disappointed with what she did, but there's no way I'd ever tolerate that. She even went as far as skipping school and hiding out in the junkyard until school ended, which immediately raised concerns."

"She just let them beat her?" Twilight asked. "Regardless of what you did no one deserves that."

"I know," Rainbow Dash said. "The second I heard that had happened, I went straight to mom and demanded that they bring her home, or else I'd quit my sports teams. It was about time I started showing some loyalty to family."

"You risked your future for her?" Twilight said. "That's very noble of you."

"Indeed," Applejack replied "But it's nothing compared ta what happened to Apple Bloom."

"What happened, Applejack?" Twilight asked. She was apprehensive about what she was about to hear.

"Well, ya see sugarcube, she's been staying with ma cousin Braeburn and his folks out in Texas. They've been havin her do work around the farm after school (and Ah mean WORK) and forbiddin' her from using electronics without their permission. You know how strict my family can be sometimes. especially if they cross each other. But what Ah heard went beyond that. It was pure evil. Last we heard Bloom had attempted to runaway multiple times, and each time mah uncle and Braeburn managed to track her down and drag her home, beatin' her senseless after each attempt. After the fifth attempt they kept a watchful eye on her to ensure she doesn't try that again, turnin' the place into a prison. After that she made no other attempt to run and just fell into a deep depression. She refused to eat anything at home or at school; Braeburn and my uncle even went as far as to try to force feed her which backfired horribly as she'd simly make herself throw up. But when Granny Smith received a call last month, my heart shattered into a million pieces after what we were told."

"What did she say Applejack?" Twilight asked.

Applejack remained silent for a few seconds as tears started to form, after a while she finally spoke. "She tried to kill herself."

"No," Twilight asked, shocked. She hadn't expected this.

"Yes it's true" Applejack tearfully answered. "Eventually, she snapped completely, and one day when Braeburn came to wake her up fer school she wasn't in her room. He figured she might have pulled another escape attempt, after searching the house he and my uncle heard a noise on the roof. When they went to investigate they found her over the edge, and she'd taken a pistol from the armoury. They yelled at her to get down, but Bloom just gave them a sad smile and said tearfully "Ah'm Sorry" before pullin' the trigger. It weren't loaded, thankfully, but instead she just jumped."

"Oh my god!" Twilight replied shocked.

"Ah know" Applejack said. "A few minutes later some paramedics came and took her ta hospital. After we heard what happened, me, Big Mac, and Granny Smith drove straight to Texas. When we arrived we went straight to the hospital and when we saw our little apple all bandaged up brought all of us in tears. It's a miracle she survived the fall but she wouldn't be able to move for a while. She needed several operations before she could even move. We decided to stay there for a few weeks until she recovered. When Apple Bloom finally came to she looked at me and said "Ah', sorry big sis" over and over again, and the pain in her eyes broke my heart. Three months of anger melted away, and Ah forgave her and said that Ah would never hate her no matter what she does. Ah... Ah just wish Ah could have the chance to say that to Sunset!"

As she finished her story Applejack broke down in tears. Twilight went over and pulled her friend into a hug which she quickly returned and continued to cry on her shoulder.

"So what happened after all of that?" Twilight asked.

"After everything that happened our families got together and decided to bring them back home" Rainbow Dash said. "Sweetie Belle and Scoots were soon reunited but Bloom had to stay an extra few days until she was able to walk slightly. Not surprisingly, once Granny Smith heard how her granddaughter had been treated, she called the police on Braeburn and his father for child abuse. They'll be behind bars for a while. Once all of them were reunited once more we discussed how they should be educated as homeschooling would be a hassle and it would cost too much for them to take an online course. So, we chose to persuade Celestia and Luna to bring them back to school and revoke the expulsion. When they heard what had happened to them, they agreed. They were formally re-admitted to the CHS family later that week, but they are not permitted to use electronics on site, and computer use must be carefully supervised. Given what they'd been through, it was a small price to pay. They also received a security escort for the first few days, but this was withdrawn when the students showed not anger, but pity for those three, clearing the way for them and helping them out. This was of particular help to Bloom, who still has limited mobility, but last I heard she's recovering well."

"I'm glad everything worked out for the three of them despite what they did. But what about Sunset? What happened there?"

Applejack sighed. "Alright sugarcube, we won't lie to ya," she said. "It started on the last day of camp..."