Drabble Kaboom!

by Alex Warlorn

So long, and thanks for all the love

"Wow! We finally got the castle of the two sisters restored!" Princess Twilight said proudly. The girls sat in the main room of the castle, fully restored to its prime.

"Ya know," Applejack said, "Ah gotta admit, it's like we forgot we were even doing anything with this place after we opened the harmony box."

"Well, we did have to fight Tirek, then we had to be sent on our first mission by the cutie mark map..." Twilight explained.

"Yeah, Ah get that, but seriously, after all the hard work we put into place... it was like YOU had your own castle right close to Ponyville, with the library that was yer beloved home conveniently destroyed, there was no need for us to bother to fix up this place... when that wasn't even the point of why we were doing to begin with."

"Applejack you're just being strange, did you have some bad cider?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Speaking of the Harmony Box darling," Rarity said. "What happened to our Rainbow Power? We used it once, and then Luna says we used it in her dream to save her from being Nightmare Moon again, and that was it. After all the lead up, build up, and being proven worthy of it, it does seem like a cheat."

"Perhaps it just served its purpose?" Twilight said.

"What about Storm King?!" Rainbow said.

"Well, if we had just 'kicked flank' then and there, Tempest Shadow would have never reformed, so it was for the greater good."

"That makes sense," Fluttershy admitted.

Rarity said, "If we're bringing up, 'served it purpose' then why do we leave the Element of Harmony with the Tree of Harmony? The Plunder Vines are no longer around, which was the entire reason we gave them back to it to begin with. And we saw we could remove them without trouble defeating the Pony of Shadows..."

"I gotta admit, that does kinda make us seem like idiots," Pinkie Pie said.

"Now girls! I know this all seems strange! But there's a reasonable and logical explanation for all it I'm sure! Just like how we learned the Tree of Harmony was created by the Pillars!"

"I gotta admit," Rainbow Dash snorted. "Having read a lot of Daring Do's adventures? I think the Tree of Harmony was cooler when it WAS a mystery! It loses it's mystical mysteriousness! Sure it make sense... kinda... where the heck did they get the 'seed' anyway? How did Discord know about it? How did Luna and Celestia know using the Elements would weaken it? What did Equestria do BEFORE the tree was around? AGH!" Rainbow Dash suddenly looked like she had a horrible headache. "If Celestia didn't always exist, and ponies always had to move the sun, then how the hell did ponies evolve at all!? AAHHHHHHHH!!!!"

Princess Twilight Sparkle broke into a cold sweat.

The girls all fanned Rainbow Dash, keeping her from hitting the floor, and waiting for her to calm down.

"Twilight," Fluttershy said meekly. "Not to add more troubles, but now that -I- think about it... what about Mage Meadowbrooks' artifacts? Shouldn't we have recovered them for her? And with how they were magical artifact all created by her... isn't that UNICORN magic? Not EARTH PONY magic? Starlight isn't stupid... she wouldn't make up a lie about a stick that could remove cutie marks unless it stuck, and that really seems more like unicorn magic than Earth pony magic..."

"Girls! Girls!" Twilight said, finding herself for once in her life trying NOT to think about something, like something terrible would happen if she did! "I know that sounds strange when you say it like that, but I... don't THINK I ever said she actually made them... "

"That seems rather convoluted..." Rarity said.

Applejack said, "Speaking of Starlight Glimmer, and other ponies we've known who've turned over a new leaf... anypony notice how Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon just vanished into thin air after Apple Bloom and her friends earned their cutie marks? Haven't seen her around town except for the one time eating pie. What has she and Silver Spoon been up to? You think she'd be hangin' around Apple Bloom more!"

Then Twilight against her will, realized something.

"And! Speaking of Apple Bloom!" Twilight was shaking. "We all saw the talents Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle were all obviously going to have: design, dancing, and singing!"

"Yeah," Pinkie Pie admitted. "We were all having this BIIIIG betting pool on how they were going to finally realize those were their talents."

"Then Apple Bloom's talent for alchemy showed up, then Scootaloo's for stunt riding and mechanics... And then suddenly, their talent is being Cutie Mark Crusaders? It's like destiny itself was rewritten when we weren't looking!"

Twilight felt terrified, like a veil had been lifted from her mind.

Rainbow Dash got her hooves still dizzy. "And... then... speaking of Scoots... The Washouts... they seemed to go poof after their show in Ponyville. I know how popularity works, and even if they were a fad, having massive amounts of popularity like that that wouldn't just vanish after a single incident where nopony seemed to get hurt. It's not like they'd all go to doing weather work, or they'd dump Lightning Dust... But they were rivaling the Wonderbolts... and they had that 'underdog' and 'nothing to lose' appeal going the audience love...."

"THE PONY TONES!" Rarity gasped like struck by lightning. "What happened to Toe-Tapper, and Torch Song?! I! I can't remember WHEN I formed the group! I can't remember when I met them! It's like they appeared and disappeared!"

"Well... my fangs disappeared too... I mean, the ones I had after I became a vampire bat for a while... OOPS! I kinda meant to be keep that a secret in case Twilight wanted to 'study' me or something!"

"Fluttershy! I'd never experiment on a friend like that! And not without permission!" Twilight said.

"I know, sorry, I'm kind of known for silly fears."

"I wonder if you can turn into a Thestral now," Twilight wondered.


"Sorry sorry!"

"So Twilight, where's Tempest Shadow?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"OH! That one's easy! She got shipped up north to work in the Crystal Empire with a foalhood friends of hers, she really likes working there from what she's said. Oh and she's joined a 'secret' strike group of former villains of Princess Luna's. Celestia and Luna aren't the only ones with spies, heh. See? Nothing to worry about at all, nothing wrong is happening with the consistency of the world."

Fluttershy said, "But uh, what about all the other things we-"

"NOTHING AT ALL!" Twilight snapped. "It's not like our universe is filling up with forgotten factors that should still be in play but aren't, and other factors that have appeared out of nowhere only to vanish again! Like our world is filling up with contradictions and will soon be reset to avoid calamity... but that's just silly, right? Right!"

Pinkie Pie sighed, and she look at he friends, "Well, no reason in pretending anymore. Not much time left until the next reboot. I hope whoever we are in the next world, that we're still friends... Me remembering the old world was a glitch before. So I doubt it'll happen twice. Which means... They'll be truly forgotten... Wysteria, Kimono... Minty! I was really hoping to find her again before this world ended too... I guess our hopes and dreams don't always come true... But I want you girls to know, I'll always love you too friends."

The End?