A Student Once Lost

by Chiefs999

Chapter 4 - Bad Influence

With a few deep breaths, Twilight re-emerged from underneath the blankets and once again looked over Daybreaker’s sleeping form. She couldn’t help but smile at how peaceful the deity looked though that begged the question as to why they were sharing the same bed in the first place.

Resting her head back on the pillow, Twilight thought back to when they used to sleep together when she was just a filly. How she would be pressed up against Celestia’s side with one of her large white feathery wings wrapped around her as a makeshift blanket. She could still remember the lullaby that used to be sung to her until she fell asleep. It was one of the many things she loved and missed when growing up, that and bubble baths.

After gazing at Daybreaker for Celestia knows how long, Twilight narrowed her eyes realizing that something seemed different about her. Sitting back up it didn’t take her long to realize that Daybreaker’s mane was no longer on fire and her body wasn’t producing an excessive amount of heat. Instead her mane appeared to be normal with a bright red hue.

Overcome with Curiosity, Twilight leaned forward and ran her hoof slowly yet gently through Daybreaker’s vibrant red mane. She was used to seeing her with an ethereal rainbow-y coloured mane, it being on fire was definitely a surprise and was something she wanted to know more about in detail another time, however seeing her with such a normal mane style was something else entirely.

Running her hoof along Daybreaker’s lower mane a small smile crept onto the sleeping deity’s face “Mmm that feels good” Daybreaker purred causing Twilight to yelp and jump back to her side of the bed. Daybreaker sat up and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes with the back of her hoof “Why did you stop?” she asked groggily with a hint off disappointment.

Recovering from the initial shock, Twilight watched as Daybreaker stretched her hooves in the air, her wings suddenly flaring out until a loud and painful sounding click could be heard earning a sigh of content from the deity “Why did I stop? What are you doing in my bed?!” Twilight countered with her own question.

Daybreaker glanced at Twilight still in mid-stretch “Would you really throw me out after everything that happened last night?” she asked, her voice filled with hurt as her wings drooped down against the bed “I thought you meant everything you said last night.” She continued shutting her eyes as she pulled the bed sheets up to her chest dramatically.

Twilight’s eyes widened up as her mind raced over the events of last night ‘Last Night! Ok Twilight you two made up, talked a bit about my life, had dinner, drunk a bit of wine’ she thought as her mind started getting a little bit fuzzy ‘I think I remember Daybreaker carrying me to my room and…and…and’ Twilight thought unable to remember anything that happened afterwards other than the encounter with Nightmare Moon in the dream realm.

Twilight started to panic as she wondered what she could have possibly said or even done to Daybreaker, though her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the sound of laughter “I’m sorry…I-I just couldn’t” Daybreaker stuttered, unable to finish her sentence before laughing harder “Y-your face!”

Cocking her head to the side, Twilight stared at Daybreaker in confusion “Nothing happened between us” Daybreaker started getting rid of the last few chuckles that was still in her system “I was just messing with you” Daybreaker admitted as a pillow hit her in the snoot causing her head to ricochet backwards.

“Then I shall ask again” Twilight grumbled before sighing loudly “What are you doing in my room?”

Daybreaker removed the pillow from her face and rubbed her nose “Even though you were in the room just opposite of mine, I just felt like something bad would happen and I couldn’t sleep because of it. I felt that the moment I woke up and walked to your room I would see it empty and unslept in, that everything that transpired from the moment I tackled you at the cottage to the moment I carried your drunken flank to the bed would have all been just a dream” Daybreaker replied honestly with a weak chuckle as she put the pillow back where it should be and got up to get dressed “I know it sounds ridiculous…though this isn’t the first dream I had about you coming back somehow. Either way I wanted to savour every moment of it.”

Twilight’s expression softened as she watched Daybreaker levitate the chest piece that was scattered on the ground along with the other pieces of armor up to her chest “You…really did miss me didn’t you?” Twilight asked, now watching Daybreaker tighten the leather straps on her back until it fitted firmly against her body.

Daybreaker sat down on the bed and levitated the armored wing piece to her side “You’re a smart mare Twilight, I’m sure you would have no trouble figuring out the answer on your own” Daybreaker replied as she struggled to fit the bone structure of her wing into the slot.

Twilight giggled realizing how stupid her question must of sounded “Here let me help” Twilight offered as she crawled up behind Daybreaker and grabbed her wing with her hooves, steadying it as she took control of the armor with her own magic and slid it in effortlessly before doing the same with her other wing.

Giving her wings a few flaps to test if they were fitted correctly, Daybreaker moved on to equipping the next piece of armor “Your mane” Twilight said.

“What about my mane?” Daybreaker asked as her hoof slid perfectly into the leg piece.

“The reason I was playing with it earlier while you were sleeping” Twilight admitted sheepishly “I have never seen you with such a normal mane style before and I was very intrigued by it. If you could somehow get rid of either the horn or wings you would be able to pass off as a regular pony. Aside from the obvious cutie mark that is.”

“Well considering my mane is literally fire it would be difficult to sleep in anything that isn’t flameproof without risking the entire room or even the castle being burnt down to the ground” Daybreaker replied “As for blending in, I used to do that quite a lot when I was still known as Celestia whenever I wanted to go out, nothing a simple illusion spell can’t accomplish.”

Twilight’s eyes sparkled as she rushed off the bed and stood in front of Daybreaker expectantly “Teach me that spell” Twilight demanded.

Daybreaker smirked at her student’s enthusiasm “It isn’t a hard spell to cast though it does take up quite a bit of magic which is why it isn’t widely known. How about this, you do well in today’s lessons that I have planned for you and I will teach you that spell” Daybreaker proposed which earned a loud squee from Twilight.

Once the last leg piece was attached to her hoof, Daybreaker chuckled as she got back up on her hooves “I’ll take that as a yes” she assumed as she levitated her crown which also acted as a helmet on top of her head “Now then, let us grab something to eat before court starts.” She suggested as she set her red hued mane ablaze.

With a nod Twilight exited the room alongside Daybreaker while the same highly armored pegasi mares followed closely behind “I still don’t understand why you would ever want to have a fiery mane. If you can turn it on and off whenever you want then why don’t you just keep it off” Twilight asked as they walked down the hallway.

“It isn’t quite as simple as turning it on and off. My emotions play a big part in it as you probably could have guessed with our little scene in the dungeons” she explained noticing Twilight wince slightly “before your death I had always borrowed the suns power, using what I needed in small amounts whenever I needed it. Now I control it and it is a part of me, despite being the alicorn of the sun or whatever ponies call me now, I am still in fact a pony. There is a limit to how much power my body can handle, when I reach what I set as my limit I then channel all the excess magic I receive through my body which is why mane is always on fire and why my body is so warm. I use up a bit of magic before I sleep so I can turn it off…That and it is quite an effective intimidation tool.”

It didn’t take long for the pair of alicorns to reach the dining room. Sitting down at the table, the same servant that served them for dinner pushed a service trolley into the room. The servant placed a plate of stacked pancakes in front of them which were covered in maple syrup as well a small nearly melted stack of butter on the top. Seeing this Twilight couldn’t help but chuckle to herself as she thought about all the faces Celestia used to draw on them.

“Is something wrong with the meal my lady?” the servant asked bowing down to her.

Twilight immediately shook her head “I was merely reminiscing about the old days. I’m sure it will be delicious, thank you very much” Twilight responded as the servant got back up and walked away, leaving Twilight and Daybreaker alone while the armored mares remained stationed at the doorway outside hearing range.

Twilight levitated her cutlery and spread the butter over each pancake before cutting them into bite sized pieces. She looked over at Daybreaker, who instead lifted more than one pancake with her hooves and took a massive bite out of it, not caring that the maple syrup was dripping down her hooves or the fact she also ate the stack of butter.

Thinking back to Nightmare Moon’s response about why Daybreaker casted eternal night, Twilight stabbed one of the cut up pieces with her fork and shoved it into her mouth ‘Same reason as my sister, I wanted power’ the response replayed in her head. Taking another piece she waited until she finished chewing to speak up.

“Why did you create eternal day?” Twilight asked causing Daybreaker to lower the mutilated pancakes back onto her plate, her muzzle also covered in maple syrup.

“What sprung this question all of a sudden?” Daybreaker asked instead not caring about the mess that she had created.

Normally Twilight would laugh at her mentor’s messy appearance though she was too distracted at the moment to care “Two ponies had conflicting answers on the matter and I wanted to hear your side of the story before jumping to any conclusions” Twilight replied not wanting to bring Nightmare Moon into the discussion just yet.

“Upon my sisters return she began to amass an army of bat ponies, due to their nocturnal state and to slow the rate my sister can recharge her celestial powers, I created eternal day.” Daybreaker explained.

The magical aura around Twilight’s cutlery grew stronger at the thought of Daybreaker lying though she kept a neutral expression on her face “And that is the only reason?” Twilight asked as she played with the last few pieces of pancake with her fork.

Daybreaker’s finally levitated a napkin to clean the mess off her face “What have you heard that makes you doubt my answer?” Daybreaker asked with a raised eyebrow knowing there was more than what Twilight was leading on.

Twilight remained quiet for longer than Daybreaker had liked “As long as you are telling the truth then it doesn’t really matter” Twilight replied as she pushed the plate aside having lost her appetite “So when do we start training? I’m curious to know what kind of lessons you have planned.”

Daybreaker picked up on the quick change of conversation “I want to know what my subjects have been saying that warrants that question” Daybreaker countered in a serious tone.

Twilight’s ears perked backwards as she looked away “I heard that you only wanted power…that it was only natural for the bat ponies to flock to the princess of the night upon her return.”

Not hearing any response Twilight eventually looked back up at Daybreaker and immediately regretted it. Feeling her heart skip a beat she struggled to break away from Daybreaker’s piercing amber gaze “Tell me, who has been spreading such accusations” Daybreaker asked sternly.

Twilight shuffled uncomfortably in her seat, afraid of how Daybreaker would react upon hearing her sisters name “N-Mightshare Schloom” she mumbled out quietly.

“It usually helps when you open your mouth when you speak.”

Twilight sighed in defeat “Nightmare Moon” Twilight admitted finally able to break away from their little staring contest “She visited me in my dreams last night and we…talked for a while until things got a little out of hoof” she added lowering her head afraid of how Daybreaker would react.

“I had no control over what happened. I was dreaming about having lunch with my friends at Sugar Cube Corner when she suddenly pulled a chair up to the table. She sat down and she-“ Twilight was cut off when she felt something press underneath her chin forcing her head up.

Twilight saw that Daybreaker was now standing in front of her with a hoof under her chin. The expression in Daybreaker’s eyes were replaced with ones of concern “Did she do anything to you?” Daybreaker asked worriedly.

This was not the kind of question or response Twilight was expecting “N-No, despite trying, she was unable to interact with me physically in the dream” Twilight replied slightly off guard.

The doors to the dining room swung open causing Daybreaker to grumble in annoyance at the sudden and unwelcome intrusion. Raven hastily made her way towards them “My Queen, just a quick reminder that court begins in five minutes.”

Daybreaker continued to stare into Twilight’s eyes for a few moments before blinking and turning her gaze towards Raven “Then they will just have to wait, as of right now I have a more pressing matter to resolve, though we shall attend court after our discussion. Now leave us” Daybreaker ordered “You both leave as well” she yelled out to her personal detail at the door way.

Raven nodded before exiting the room to inform the petitioners of their majesty’s lateness. The armored mares followed Raven out of the door and headed to the barracks to get something to eat and rest up before their next shift.

Once the doors closed leaving the two alicorns alone in the room, Daybreaker looked back at Twilight and removed her hoof from her chin “I’m just relieved that you are alright, next time this happens you let me know straight away, even if it involves waking me up or barging into the war room” she instructed.

Twilight nodded in acknowledgement “Court is about to start, It is best that we don’t keep everypony waiting” Twilight stated as she went to stand up but was pushed back down with Daybreaker’s hoof on her chest.

Daybreaker shook her head as she kept her hoof pressed down against Twilight’s chest preventing her from getting up “I need to know everything that transpired between you and my sister. If she has indeed set you as her target then I need to know what it is that she wants so I can best protect you. The ponies and their petitions can wait, you’re more important.”

Twilight expected there was more than what Daybreaker was leading on, that this was an act to get information about her sister though the look of worry on her face didn’t betray her words. Feeling a bit of heat flood to her cheeks, Twilight smiled and spread a wing to gesture for Daybreaker to take a seat “Very well. It all started at Sugar Cube Corner where me and my friends…”

While Twilight explained everything that happened in her dream. Daybreaker was slouched in her seat with her hind hooves resting up on the table while deep in thought “Don’t tell me you actually plan on sending my sister the wedding invitation?” Daybreaker asked.

Twilight’s eyes widened “Out of everything I just said! THAT is your question!” Twilight exclaimed both flustered and frustrated at the same time. Taking a moment to calm down, Twilight took a deep breath “Though she does have a point and I did think of this while I was on the train earlier. She mentioned that the last time you cared about anything or anypony rather was the day she killed me, she mentioned this before she figured out who I really was” Twilight said with a sigh as she thought about how she was going to approach her question.

Daybreaker raised an eyebrow as she pulled her hooves off the table and leaned forward, interested in what Twilight was going to say next.

“I don’t know how to word this properly, everything is still confusing to me and I still have so many unanswered questions. Like what happened to Discord, Tirek, Sombra and Chrysalis? Why is the Crystal Empire independent from us? Where is my family and Spike? Why do you wear amour instead of your regalia?” Twilight started but shook her head “Sorry I’m rambling again” she apologized while she nervously scratched the back of her head “I guess what I’m trying to say…or ask in this case, is why my death caused you and everything else to change so much.”

Twilight watched as Daybreaker shuffled anxiously in her seat, her head drooping down as she bit her lower lip. Twilight couldn’t help but notice how vulnerable Daybreaker looked. Though that moment of weakness didn’t last long as Daybreaker gritted her teeth together and regained her composure “As I said yesterday at the cottage. You are the one thing I cared about most in over the 1000 years I have lived. I watched you die before my very eyes and I was too weak to do anything about it” Daybreaker growled mostly to herself as she slammed her hoof against the table, the flames in her mane flickering more aggressively “If only I listened to your warning, if only I was stronger, If only I taught you how to properly def-“

Daybreaker jumped slightly when she felt something warm and soft trail across her back. Looking back up she spotted Twilight who smiled reassuringly down at her with her lavender hued wing draped across most of her back, her own body too large for the wing too fully wrap around her “I don’t doubt you care for me. I can see that as clear as day from the time we have spent together” Twilight giggled at her own day pun.

Daybreaker let out a small chuckle as well, her mane dying down to its usual fiery sway as she found herself leaning against Twilight’s side, glad that Twilight was being the affectionate one for a change “Though surely you have suffered losses of those just as close to you before. I mean look at Luna, you two are sisters and have been in each other’s lives for generations and you didn’t transform when you banished her to the moon” Twilight continued.

Thinking Twilight’s words over, Daybreaker took a deep breath ‘Now’s your chance, just tell her how you feel, how you planned her ascension for an immortal life together and seal it with a kiss’ Daybreaker thought determinedly before exhaling “Tell me Twilight, how exactly did you become an alicorn?” Daybreaker asked nervously as she tapped her forehooves together underneath the table.

Twilight raised an eyebrow at the sudden, almost random question “What in Equestria does this have to do with what we are discussing right now?” Twilight countered.

“We’ll loop back to your question shortly Twilight, for now this will help me explain why your death affected me so much” Daybreaker explained unable to keep her wings still. The feathers occasionally brushing against Twilight’s side, tickling her.

Suppressing her giggles and squirms, Twilight didn’t argue with Daybreaker and went about answering her question “I completed the spell that even the great Starswirl the Bearded couldn’t complete, the same spell I believe that Nightmare Moon is trying to complete, though without all six of the elements she won’t be able to do so.”

Daybreaker was getting restless, despite enjoying being under her student’s wing she needed to get up on her hooves. Standing up her heart started to race as she wrapped Twilight underneath her own wing instead “Do you recall how you managed to come across this spell?”

Twilight noticed how strangely Daybreaker was acting though she decided not to question it “When I came home a package arrived for me that was…sent by…you” Twilight responded slowly, just now realizing roughly where this was heading “Wait a minute, did you send me that becau-“ she began but shook her head “Never mind. This was nearly a year after the Nightmare Moon incident, you wouldn’t know the answer.”

“I have been planning your ascension Twilight for a veeery long time” Daybreaker cooed, her warm heavy breath tickling the fur on the tip of Twilight’s ear causing it to flicker.

Twilight stared up into Daybreaker’s draconic amber eyes which had an alluring warmth to them for a change instead of the usual piercing, spine tingling glare “My Celestia never told me that she intentionally made me an alicorn, I just assumed she wanted to give me a challenge” Twilight replied, bewildered at the thought of why Celestia would keep that a secret from her “Why would you go such great lengths for me.”

Daybreaker’s gaze trailed from Twilight’s beautiful purple eyes down to her luscious lavender lips. She tightened her wing around Twilight, pulling her closer as she leaned forward “Because Twilight I” she started in a near whisper as she tilted her head to the side so their horns wouldn’t bump against each other’s “Because I” she repeated, her voice quivering as their faces were only inches apart “Because I…raised you into the strong independent mare you are today” She finally replied before resting her forehead against Twilight’s and closed her eyes.

Daybreaker inwardly cursed herself for allowing the fear of rejection to overcome her confession. The thought of Twilight walking out on her had slipped into her mind at the last second causing her to panic and say something different entirely. Though the pair of lavender hooves that wrapped around her neck did help relieve at least some of the frustration “This is why everypony thought I was your secret love child” Twilight said happily.

Daybreaker faked a laugh at that comment “I remember those rumours, even had a few ponies come into day court to ask if that was true” she replied with a frown ‘After everything that has happened I am still weak. I rule over Equestria, ponies are afraid to speak my name, I can do anything I like and get away with it. Why can’t I do this one simple thing?’ Daybreaker scolded herself.

“I think I like this realities Celestia better” Twilight stated with a playful nudge, breaking Daybreaker out of her thoughts “You’re a lot more upfront and open instead of your usual regal demeanour, you are direct in your answers and explain things in detail instead of guiding me towards them making me figure it out for myself. Not that it was a bad thing, I just feel like you are more approachable. Especially with your playful yet embarrassing remarks.” She added leaning forward to nuzzle the deity’s chest, mostly to hide her embarrassment “And I like how you wrap me up in your wings or when you hold me with your hooves, even waking up next to you was nice.” Twilight added her voice muffled from speaking into Daybreaker’s fur.

Daybreaker let out a bright genuine smile, not only because of what Twilight had said but because of how good of a mood she appeared to be in ‘Just enjoy what you have and you can try again another time, there has to be a reason why her version of me never confessed in the first place, besides she isn’t going anywhere’ she reassured herself “We should probably head to court before the ponies think court is adjourned” Twilight said.

And with that Daybreaker’s smile immediately vanished “Is there no way I can convince you to skip court with me?” Daybreaker groaned obviously not wanting to go.

Twilight giggled as she let go of her mentor and made her way towards the door with a slight skip in her step “Hurry up or Princess Sparkle will take over today’s court session.”

Daybreaker rolled her eyes at the comment as she followed Twilight to the throne room.

Having arrived at the throne room, Twilight marvelled at how different everything looked while Daybreaker watched her intently with an amused expression, only half-listening to Raven who gave a quick overview on what to expect from today’s session.

Walking up the steps to the throne itself, Daybreaker sat down on the large golden seat, the velvet cushion making it comfortable to sit on for long periods of time “Care to join me Twilight?” Daybreaker asked.

Twilight looked around noticing the lack of chairs present in the room “I would but there is nowhere to sit” Twilight pointed out.

With her iconic fanged grin, Daybreaker scooted across to create a gap on the throne and tapped the velvet cushion she was sitting on “Would be like old times don’t you agree?” Daybreaker asked slyly.

Twilight’s eyed the velvet embedded golden seat which became more and more inviting by the second “I may have said I liked your playful remarks but this is a little extreme, besides that was when I was a filly, before Cadence foalsat me” Twilight retorted blushing darkly as she hesitantly took a step forward, her words betraying her actions.

Grimacing slightly at the mention of her adopted niece’s name Daybreaker didn’t say anything and continued to tap the cushion, knowing Twilight would eventually give in.

Biting her lower lip, Twilight ascended the miniature staircase to the throne and sat in the gap Daybreaker had provided. Her face somehow turning redder as their sides pressed firmly against each other with the familiar and comforting warmth that came along with it. The throne obviously not designed to fit two ponies in it.

Pleased to have her student by her side, Daybreaker turned her attention towards Raven who stood quietly to the side and nodded.

As if on Cue Raven clear her throat and examined her clipboard “The first petitioner on the list is Teddie Safari, an explorer who has discovered some ancient pre-unification era markings on some slabs, with nopony able to understand this ancient language she comes here to ask if you can translat-“

“Pass” Daybreaker interrupted with a wave off her hoof.

Used to being interrupted like this, Raven crossed out the name and went on to the next petitioner on the list “Fiddly Twang, a musician who specializes with the fiddle who has recently became popular amongst the smaller villages. Due to discrimination from the city folk she has come to request an audience to-“

“Pass” Daybreaker repeated.

Raven once again crossed out the name before moving on to the next petitioner “Cheerilee, a teacher at the Ponyville Schoolhouse, specifically for young foals. Due to numerous decreases in the school budget and the increase of population over the years, the school is struggling to stay open. She states that most of the equipment is run down if not broken entirely and is asking for a larger budget to replace said items to help the stud-“

“Pass” Daybreaker said while yawning.

Raven raised her quill to cross the name off “Pass!?” Twilight exclaimed causing Raven to stop and look up at the cause of the sudden outburst “What do you mean pass? If the school closes what would happen to the foals?” Twilight asked with a frown, clearly not happy with this decision.

Daybreaker looked over at Twilight and shrugged “I’m not the one who determines the budget of the schools. If she wishes to appeal for a larger one then she should go to the town’s Mayor” Daybreaker retorted.

“She did. It says here that she has appealed to the town’s mayor though her request has been denied. The town is becoming overpopulated and it does not have enough bits to keep up with its continued expansion. As much as they would have liked to help they could only offer a small amount of bits which is enough to replace maybe two desks as well as a couple of books at most” Raven interjected earning a glare from the deity causing her to hide her face behind her clipboard “Sorry for speaking out of line my queen, it will not happen again.”

Daybreaker shook her head and looked back over towards the unhappy looking Twilight “I can’t go around giving bits to every business that needs it” Daybreaker defended.

Twilight nodded in agreement “Yes but these are foals we are talking about here, they are the future of Equestria. Besides, how would you feel if you had to watch your school for gifted unicorns get shut down?”

“Nothing considering I’m the one who shut it down years ago” Daybreaker replied unfazed.

This was not the kind of response Twilight was expecting “Why did you shut it down?” she asked in a curious yet disappointed tone.

Daybreaker really didn’t feel like having this discussion right now, however she remembered how much that school had meant to Twilight. Giving into the lavender mare’s curiosity, Daybreaker leaned against the arm rest and rested her head on her hoof “The day after I held your burial, when I announced your death to all of Equestria. Almost all of my students sent letters or even submitted petitions asking if I would be taking on another protégée. I said no but that didn’t stop them, this went on for weeks so to shut them up I took a random letter from the rubbish bin and wrote back to whoever sent it.” Daybreaker started with a frustrated sigh.

“Just because I took on another student Twilight doesn’t mean I replaced you, I was against it but they wouldn’t take no for an answer so I did this to shut them up. What we had was special and I would never ever do it again with any other pony” Daybreaker added leaning down to nuzzle Twilight which managed to bring a smile to both of their faces “You mean more to me than Canterlot itself.”

Twilight’s mouth was agape as she raised her hoof to her rapidly beating heart “do you re-“ Twilight started but was cut off as Daybreaker continued her story.

“When I took on this student a few days later I heard her talking to her friends about what it was like studying under me so naturally I listened in” Daybreaker continued, her voice shifting into a growl “She said that she was glad that you were stupid enough to fight my sister otherwise she wouldn’t have gotten the fame and recognition that she finally deserved, that she was effectively the new better and prettier Twilight sparkle. Hearing this pushed me over the edge, so what did I do?” Daybreaker asked rhetorically with a malevolent chuckle.

Twilight heard enough and put a hoof up to her mentor’s muzzle to silence her, not liking where this conversation was heading “I know you cared deeply for me though this isn’t what I would have wanted” Twilight said ‘You mean more to me than Canterlot itself’ the words replayed in her mind while she stared at Daybreaker’s muzzle that was currently covered by her own lavender hoof. Rapidly removing her hoof from Daybreaker’s lips Twilight’s wings suddenly flared out “Why don’t we skip ahead to why you closed the school.” Twilight replied far too quickly, wanting something to distract her from her thoughts while she brought the same hoof up to her own lips.

Daybreaker remained quiet for a few moments with a raised eyebrow wondering why Twilight was acting so strange “After ‘resolving’ the issue with my now ex-student I once again got flooded with letters and petitioners. At this point I had enough and told everypony during assembly that if they ever approached me about becoming my personal student again then they would be immediately expelled. This mostly did the trick though a few students thought I was testing their dedication to learning and submitted letters and petitions anyways, they quickly learned that I was in fact serious.”

“Due to the decrease in student count that day a lot of changes had to be made to the schedule. Classes had to be merged and a lot of the students had conflicting classes, it was just a mess and what used to be my favourite hobby suddenly turned into another daily chore. I was no longer interested in teaching and even put off grade marking in hopes that it would somehow grade itself. Alas that never happened and I closed down the school and refurbished it into an advanced training ground for my elite guard project.” Daybreaker finished with a sigh.

Twilight was obviously disappointed that the school she once attended was now turned into a training ground, however this was about the foals in Ponyville that would possibly grow up without a proper education “So why is it that you don’t want to help the school? Is it the loss of bits? The increase in potential petitioners? Bad memories of your school?” Twilight asked.

In the end Daybreaker didn’t really care, though she knew Twilight wouldn’t be happy with that answer “Petitioners and bits but mostly leaning towards the petitioner side of things. Demands would be made as to why that school gets special treatment and someone as feared as me would have trouble supressing this if there is enough of them” She replied as honestly as she could.

Leaning against her side of the armrest, Twilight rested her head on a hoof while staring at one of the many Daybreaker’s portraits hung up on the wall while deep in thought. In this one her body was reared up with her fore hooves resting on the cross guard of her sword which was planted firmly in the ground, flames running across the length of the blade with Canterlot Castle in the background.

Not hearing any objection Daybreaker turned her attention away from Twilight and back to Raven who was confused on what to do “Pas-“

“Wait!” Twilight once again interjected earning a groan of frustration from the monarch.

“What is it this time?” Daybreaker asked in a raised voice, getting tired of being interrupted.

Twilight’s ears drooped slightly at the aggression in Daybreaker’s voice “Why don’t you listen to her first, if I don’t come up with a solution before the discussion is finished then you can send her away without any further complaints from me.”

Daybreaker contemplated Twilight’s request. She had no obligation to accept it and could simply order Raven to send the teacher away however she was curious as to how well Twilight’s problem solving skills were “Very well you have until the end of our discussion” Daybreaker responded before turning back to Raven for what felt like the millionth time “Dismiss the previous petitioners and send the teacher in” Daybreaker ordered as Raven left the room to do just that.

“Thank you” Twilight said gratefully.

Daybreaker didn’t respond as the large double doors opened up. A nervous maroon-purple coated earth pony followed the engraved sunbeam from the entranceway to the circular light patch in front of the throne room before bowing “What would you do if your petition has been accepted?” Daybreaker asked bluntly.

Raising her head Cheerilee looked at Twilight then back at Daybreaker, she was obviously curious as to why there was another alicorn on the throne, however she didn’t question it and went about answering Daybreaker’s question.

“The bits will go towards fixing any of the hazards around the school that could hurt any of the foals my queen. Safety is my number one concern when it comes to the little ones and it is hard to keep an eye on them all at once, especially with Ponyville growing as big as it is” Cheerilee started.

Daybreaker was already bored listening to what the teacher was saying and would rather be anywhere else other than here. She glanced over at Twilight who was staring intently at her own hooves, her ears angled towards Cheerilee, listening to every word the teacher was saying while muttering incoherently to herself ‘Her multitasking has certainly improved.’ Daybreaker thought.

“Secondly it is a tough decision and would depend on the amount you are willing to offer the school” Cheerilee continued.

Daybreaker snapped her head towards Cheerilee with a confused look “Willing to offer? You haven’t submitted a set amount with your petition?” Daybreaker asked.

Cheerilee shook her head “I know this school is none of your concern and you probably have hundreds of other ponies wanting the same thing. I would be happy with anything you will be willing to offer.”

Daybreaker was surprised by the lack of greed this pony showed “Very well, if I were to give you…say ten thousand bits, what would you purchase.” Daybreaker asked beginning to take a slight interest.

Cheerilee’s eyes widened upon hearing the suggested bits, taking a deep breath she quickly reminded herself that Daybreaker was only speaking theoretically and that wouldn’t be the amount that she would actually receive “Well, with that kind of money I would be able to do a lot of things” Cheerilee stated as she shifted through her mental checklist and checking off the essentials as she said them.

“Firstly would be new equipment such as desks and chairs for students to use as well as a chalkboard for me to write on. Secondly would be their learning material, currently the students have to share the books we have which are all outdated using methodologies that are no longer used and irrelevant to today’s learning standard” Cheerilee paused making sure she didn’t miss anything “as well as being outdated the books are also run down and ripped with even a few pages missing from some of them, this would mean students won’t be fighting over who has the best conditioned book and the information included would be relevant to today’s standard.”

Having been a teacher herself Daybreaker cringed at the thought of using ripped and outdated books, even having the corner of a page folded set her off. She quickly glanced back over at Twilight to see her leaning back against the chair while staring up at the ceiling ‘She is really taking this seriously’ Daybreaker thought still unable to hear what she was mumbling.

“Lastly, depending on the cost of repairs and learning material, majority of what is left would be saved for a rainy day since the budget has only been getting smaller. Though if enough is left over I would like to touch up the playground a little bit. The foals deserve some time to play during their breaks and the sound of laughter is something I miss dearly” Cheerilee said happily as she thought back to when the students swung on the swing set and spun around on the merry-go-round “I touched up what I could with my own bits but I can only do so much. What use is a tetherball with no ball tethered to it” Cheerilee added with an exasperated laugh followed by a sigh.

“Ah Hah!” Twilight exclaimed causing Cheerilee to jump “Hehe sorry, please continue” Twilight apologized while tapping her forehooves together cutely.

Daybreaker shook her head at her student’s unexpected outburst “I understand your predicament but what makes your situation different and more important than the hundreds if not thousands of other businesses that desire the same thing?” Daybreaker asked wanting to wrap this up “If they hear that I gave your school bits then they would all flock to me asking what makes you so special.”

Cheerilee should have expected this question to pop up but it had entirely slipped her mind “W-well what makes this school so special…Without the proper equipment to…Foals are the future of Equestria?” Cheerilee responded with a wide forced smile.

Not satisfied with the answer Daybreaker turned towards Twilight “Judging from your previous yet sudden outburst I’m guessing you came up with something?” she asked.

Twilight nodded as she sat upright “indeed I have” Twilight exclaimed proudly while raising a hoof to her chest “Instead of giving the bits to Cheerilee directly why don’t you increase Ponyville’s budget in general. If you increase the budget with specific instructions to give X amount of bits to the school then you can turn around and say you were assisting with the growth of the town and not the business directly.”

Daybreaker had to admit the suggestion was a lot better than she had expected. Sure it would mean having to donate more bits than she would have liked, however it would also mean the business ponies wouldn’t have any ground to complain on. Though she wanted to press Twilight further to see if she could back up her claim “What about the other towns? What you are suggesting is a merely a change of target audience and nothing more” Daybreaker asked.

Twilight easily shrugged the question off “Well as I said Ponyville is getting bigger meaning it requires a bigger budget, otherwise it wouldn’t be able to function properly. What is the growth rate of the other towns like compared to Ponyville?” Twilight asked.

“With the way Ponyville is currently growing it will be considered a small city in a few years’ time” Daybreaker answered with a grin “Very well you made a valid point” Daybreaker praised petting the top of her students head which Twilight enjoyed thoroughly.

Turning back to face Cheerilee there was only one matter left to discuss “Tell me, how much do you think your school is worth?” Daybreaker asked.

Cheerilee had never expected to get an audience with the queen let alone get her petition nearly approved. The teacher lowered her head while she muttered incoherently to herself “I don’t have all day, how much do you value your student’s education?” Daybreaker repeated tapping the armrest impatiently.

Cheerilee snapped her head up in a panicked state “I would say roughly seven and a half thousand bits would keep the school open for another five years or so. However if you are going to do what…” Cheerilee stopped just now realizing she didn’t know the lavender alicorn’s name.

“Sparkle. Princess Sparkle” Twilight introduced.

With a bow Cheerilee continued where she left off “if you are going to do what Princess Sparkle has suggested and increase Ponyville’s budget then it would highly depend on how much you decide to increase it by.”

Silence overcame the throne room as both Twilight and Cheerilee awaited Daybreaker’s verdict on the matter. In the end Daybreaker didn’t really care however she knew she would have to address Ponyville’s budget at some point. Looking over at Twilight, Daybreaker let out a defeated sigh before turning back to Cheerilee “With minor alterations to the original proposal your petition is approved. The alterations are of what Miss Sparkle has mentioned. The overall budget of Ponyville will be increased with set instructions to send a set amount to your school to do with as you wish. Do you agree with these changes?” Daybreaker proposed.

Cheerilee nodded her head repeatedly “Of course your greatness! Thank you very much! You too Princess Sparkle!” the teacher replied ecstatically.

Daybreaker raised an eyebrow at how she was referred to ‘your greatness, now that is a title I haven’t heard in a while and with such enthusiasm at that’ Daybreaker thought which brought a smile to her face “With that out of the way it will take some time to determine how much we will be increasing the budget by and how much we will be willing to send you, expect a response in a week or whenever I get around to it, you are dismissed” Daybreaker said with a wave of her hoof.

With a final bow Cheerilee briskly exited the throne room, a small skip in her step.

“So how does it feel knowing that you improved the lives of every pony in Ponyville, especially the young foals and their families?” Twilight asked playfully.

“It feels like a massive waste of bits” Daybreaker responded dryly as she kept her gaze on the door, waiting for Raven to return to them so they could continue on with court “However” Daybreaker continued with a long pause “It made me feel…happy.”

Twilight held back her excitement as she saw how much Daybreaker hated admitting it. Instead she rubbed the deity’s back with her hoof for a few moments before staring at Raven when she re-entered from the waiting room.

“Next petitioner on the list is Lady Gaval, or Lady Justice as she likes to be called. She is having trouble with the verdict of the Accused and has conflicting evidence that both proves the stallion guilty and not guilty at the same time. She asks that you look over the eviden-“

“Pass” Daybreaker interrupted.

“The future of this stallion depends on this judgement, if he is falsely accused then he-“ Twilight Objected.

“Maybe court was a mistake after all” Daybreaker grumbled mid-way through Twilights rant.

Court had lasted significantly longer than it was supposed to due to Twilight’s constant objections. Daybreaker had been lenient at first by listening to Twilight’s opinion on the matter and allowing her inputs. However it got to a point where she had enough and had to put her hoof down much to Twilight’s annoyance.

“The last petition has been submitted by a pair of reporters who go by the name of Snappy Scoop and Press Release. They are here to validate the claims of the rumours that have been spreading around Canterlot, they wish to know if there is indeed another fourth alicorn, if so are the two of you courting and for what purpose” Raven read out adjusting her glasses before looking up at the deity, surprised that she wasn’t interrupted like she usually was.

Daybreaker glanced at Twilight from the corner of her eye as an idea popped into her head “Very well, bring them in” Daybreaker ordered with a smirk.

Raven hesitated at first, wondering if she had heard correctly “Y-Yes my queen” Raven stumbled as she left to inform the reporters that they have been accepted while dismissing the remaining ponies.

“Out of all the petitions that have been submitted you accept probably the least important one out of the lot” Twilight chided.

As the double doors opened, Daybreaker’s smirk only grew as she turned her attention towards the reporters who made their way to the light patch and bowed, being careful not to scratch the cameras they had around their neck on the ground “I have heard that rumours have been spreading about us but I have yet to hear exactly what they contain” Daybreaker stated as she leaned forward in her seat “Tell me, what have my beloved subjects been saying behind my back?” she asked sweetly.

Both reporters remained quiet as if daring the other to speak first. Press Release extended his wing and hit the flank of Snappy Scoop who jumped up at the sudden contact causing Daybreaker’s gaze to snap towards her “Well?” Daybreaker asked.

Snappy Scoop shot her co-worker a glare before looking back at Daybreaker “W-Well you see there are a few rumours going around, most of them being deviations of the original. One of the rumours being is there actually another fourth alicorn in Canterlot” she replied glancing over at Twilight and nervously raised her camera ever so slightly “May I?” she asked softly.

Twilight shifted in her seat and sat up straight, mimicking Celestia’s regal demeanour “Of course” she replied.


The shuttering sound of the camera as well as the bright white flash that accompanied it went off repeatedly as Snappy Scoop stepped from side to side trying to find the perfect angle to take her picture from. Getting too caught up in the moment she stepped out of the light patch making Daybreaker growl and send a blast of fire down at the reporter’s hooves causing the mare to yelp and jump back into the light patch “You will do well to remember your place, next time I won’t miss” Daybreaker threatened causing the mare to whimper and shrink back.

“Y-yes mistress, sorry mistress” the reporter squeaked out.

Daybreaker pretended not to notice the disapproving look Twilight was giving her “Now about the other rumours?” Daybreaker continued.

With Snappy Scoop too afraid to even speak up, Press Release decided to take over the conversation “The second rumour is the origins of this new alicorn. How did she come about and why have we never heard about her? Is she your daughter or little sister? A queen or princess of another kingdom?” the reporter answered with questions of his own.

“Until certain matters have been discussed in private we will not disclose the origins of Twilight” Daybreaker simply stated. Press Release wasn’t satisfied with the answer though he showed no signs of objecting and moved on to the next rumour.

“This rumour expands mostly on the rumour of Twilight being the ruler of another kingdom” Press Release stated as he took a deep breath “Ponies are wondering what kind of relationship the two of you have? Is this for a military alliance between your kingdoms? Are you two courting out of love? Another reason altogether?” Press Release asked awaiting eagerly for her response.

This was the question Daybreaker had been waiting for and she was glad that her patience had finally paid off. Wrapping a wing around Twilight, Daybreaker pulled the mare closer and nipped the fur on the side of her neck “And what is your opinion on these rumours?” Daybreaker asked in a playful tone.

Twilight’s body immediately tensed up, a small moan escaping her lips as she instinctively revealed more of her neck to the deity “W-well there is also the rumour of you taking Twilight as your concubine. H-however I personally think you two are courting for a military alliance between your kingdoms” Press Release stumbled as he shakily raised his camera, trying his best to refrain from taking any pictures of the displays of affection the two were showing.

Daybreaker noticed how hesitant the reporter was on taking the picture so she decided to give him an extra push “I-I’m am n-not her concubi-eep!” Twilight squealed, blushing profusely as Daybreaker nibbled the tip of Twilight’s ear while wrapping her other wing around her.

As soon as Twilight looked up and made eye contact with Daybreaker a loud snap followed by a bright white flash came from the reporter’s camera “Oh my!” Daybreaker gasped feigning her surprise as she looked away pretending to be embarrassed “How embarrassing, we would be the headline of every newspaper throughout Equestria.”

Twilight wrapped herself in her wings and hid behind them to protect herself from any more embarrassing pictures “Order him to destroy the camera” Twilight’s muffled voice echoed from behind her wing.

Daybreaker giggled glad that her little plan had worked “Such a violent mare, if you want them gone why don’t you do it yourself” Daybreaker whispered playfully.

Shifting her wings Twilight created a gap just large enough to peak out from. She stared at the reporter momentarily before glazing down at the camera suspended in front of him. A magenta aura suddenly surrounded the camera as it was suddenly ripped away from the reporter and flew towards Twilight.

Coming out from hiding Twilight grabbed the camera with her hooves and stared down at it. This was not what Daybreaker had expected to happen however she wasn’t disappointed one bit.

Daybreaker rubbed her wing up and down Twilight’s back, everything was going better than she had originally anticipated “What is it that bothered you the most? The fact that he caught us in such a vulnerable and intimate moment? Or is it the fact he didn’t ask for permission?” Daybreaker asked.

Twilight clenched her eyes shut as she lit her horn, her hooves unable to hold the camera steady “T-The latter” Twilight stuttered as a small ball of magenta light formed from the tip.

“Then destroy it” Daybreaker encouraged as she placed her hooves on top of Twilight’s to help prevent the shaking and hold the camera still “Are you going to let him do whatever he wants and allow him to get away with it?”

Gritting her teeth Twilight lowered her head and pointed her horn at the camera. With a loud frustrated yell Twilight threw the camera back towards the stallion, the camera bouncing along the tiles causing the lens to crack as shards of metal and glass lay scattered across the ground.

Daybreaker frowned upon seeing this as Twilight cancelled the spell she was channelling, her breathing heavy and ragged as she reopened her eyes “I-I can’t” Twilight said weakly as the stallion rushed to pick up the camera, relieved that it was still functional. Daybreaker being too distracted to notice that the stallion left the light patch to retrieve it “J-just make them leave…please” Twilight begged.

Daybreaker decided not to push Twilight any further than she already had “You have what you came for now leave” she ordered the pair of reporters.

Snappy Scoops who was still terrified about what happened earlier immediately bolted out of the Throne room “What should I do wit-“

“LEAVE NOW!” Daybreaker roared as she jumped out of her throne, the stallion immediately followed his co-worker out of the throne room with his damaged camera in tow.

Watching the reporters scamper out of the throne room Daybreaker sat back down next to Twilight. What she had originally planned would come to pass, the rumour of them courting with photographic evidence would soon be spread across every newspaper and magazine throughout Equestria. Though the thought of Twilight embracing a slightly darker path was more appealing to her, even if it was only a minor thing like destroying a camera, everypony had to start somewhere “What changed your mind?” Daybreaker asked curiously.

Regaining control of her breathing, Twilight stared down at the shards of metal and glass that laid scattered on the ground in front of them. The sudden question broke Twilight out of her thoughts “Oh umm” Twilight mumbled before looking up at Daybreaker “It just didn’t feel right, sure I was angry that they took such an embarrassing photo without my permission” Twilight responded in an agitated tone “Though I couldn’t bring myself to destroy it, it felt cruel and the consequences wouldn’t have been worth it, besides I don’t have the bits to pay for the damages or replace it altogether.”

Daybreaker raised her head “So if there were no consequences and you wouldn’t have to pay even a single bit for destroying the camera, would you have changed your mind?” Daybreaker asked again.

Twilight despised the fact that she actually had to think about her response “No” Twilight said though her confidence on her answer slowly slipped away causing her head to fall “But if I knew that in the heat of the moment...then I would have.”

Satisfied with the answer Daybreaker turned towards Raven who hastily made her way towards them “I thought we were done with petitions for the day” Daybreaker stated.

Raven nodded as she tried to catch her breath “Yes my queen…however your presence is required…in the war room…after months of inactivity your sister...has started making a move” Raven panted out.

Daybreaker immediately rose from her seat “I knew she would be making her move soon however I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly” Daybreaker said to mostly herself as she turned towards Twilight “This is an urgent matter I must attend to, your welcome to come with me since this is probably because of what happened between the two of you in the dream realm” Daybreaker offered.

Twilight shook her head as she also stood up, her hooves stiff from sitting so long “This sounds like an important matter and I will only get in the way. Is it alright if I take those banishment forms and give them to my friends?” Twilight asked.

Dissapointed that Twilight wouldn't be coming with her, Daybreaker shook her head “Until I know for a fact that you can properly defend yourself in a fight, you are forbidden to leave the castle grounds under any circumstance” Daybreaker instructed with a firm expression.

Twilight wasn’t surprised by this response “They have been banished for over 10 years, what is a day or two more. Can I at least go see my mum and dad? I know it probably isn’t a good idea however I have a few questions that they may be able to answer.”

Daybreaker immediately looked away unsure as to how to answer Twilight’s question “They…are still alive? Right?” Twilight asked fearfully.

Daybreaker immediately snapped back towards Twilight “Oh yes definitely, at least as far as I’m aware off” Daybreaker started.

“My queen it is best that we hurry” Raven interjected causing Daybreaker to growl.

“I know” Daybreaker barked “We will talk more about this later Twilight, let’s just say they don’t live in Canterlot anymore. I will assign my personal detail to you in the meantime, wait for them here and under no circumstances are you to leave the castle grounds” Daybreaker instructed as she left the room along with Raven.

What Daybreaker said about her family didn’t do anything to ease her worries ‘I guess this means I can finally get started on my research’ Twilight thought to herself as she left the throne room a few moments later not bothering to wait for Daybreaker’s guards.

‘If anypony knows how to travel between realities it will be Starswirl’ Twilight thought as she headed towards the Star Swirl the Bearded wing in the Castle’s library.