Manehatten MediTech

by MetalBrony20

Day 54 - Attempted exercises

It had been a whole month and a half since she had entered the rubbery embrace of the suit. True to Sept's words, she had just about become used to wearing the now rather comfy body glove. Additionally, she was accustomed to being packed full of calorie dense food every waking moment. And it had shown. Her belly had blow up considerably in this time, no longer just a pot belly with a little chub. It had grown massively already, over a foots worth of fat sticking to her middle. It had gotten so large that it was beginning to fold into two large rolls of blubber, each almost constantly in motion as the adipose wobbled with the slightest movement. Behind her, Lake's butt had ballooned outwards, each cheek being filled with a sphere of lard as large as a ponies head as they took a large amount of her gains. With every pound, they became more and more effective as a pair of impromptu cushions, making her seats ever more comfortable, as she busily stuffed a chocolate cake into her muzzle. Large globs of icing clung to her face, staining her tennis ball sized cheeks and chin, which had gained a follower below, as the loose flesh lay against her bloated neck, swaying and slapping against it with every chew, swallow or burp. Grasping a huge hunk of the fattening cake in her chocolate covered hooves, she stuffed the big calorie bomb into her audibly groaning belly, letting out loud gloooorps and grooooans as it broke down the sugar and butter into fat, adding it to her already blimping frame.

"BUUUUUUURRRPPPP!!!!! Oof, that hit the spot..." She mumbled in her food addled daze, her hoof rubbing at her belly to calm the squishy mass, leaving more hoof shaped stains on the suit fabric. The suit had been less of hinderance the she had though, proving itself to be a piece of exceptionally useful technology as it regulated body temperature, kept itself fresh and enabled for washes to be quick and easy, water able to enter and exit it in accordance to commands given by Lake. Even issues with personal hygiene of a more sensitive area were minimal. "Suit, self clean." She commanded the device. Within a few moments, the gunky chocolate and crumbs plastered to the rubber seemed to evaporate into nothing, leaving behind new looking grey material.

Laying down on the sofa, she had little thoughts of moving, her own mass providing a good incentive to not move out of the sheer energy required to do so, as her two butt cheeks squashed out beneith her. She had never been the strongest mare to begin with, being agile and quick, relying on her lower than average mass to do so. Now with almost 3 times her weight in fat packed onto her frame, her own body acted as an anchor to any sort of strenuous activity. Besides, the company wouldn't want it anyway, any extra energy used unnecessarily was less to be stored as new adipose tissue. Licking her hooves clean of the remaining cake, she looked at the last recorded weight on her newest addition to her room. Ever since she had become more sluggish and lazy, walking to the examination room had become too much of a chore, so measurement equipment had been installed into her room instead, the most interesting being the set of scales, which had been placed under the bed. A digital display showed her progress, the last recording taken proudly displaying '386 lbs' in bright blue characters.

There was a knock at the door, followed by Lab Set entering the abode. In his magic he carried a clipboard and, more worryingly for Lake, a stop watch. "Now Lake, I'm afraid that I have some bad news. In accordance with company rules and regulations you have to take a mandatory fitness test, as all employees, regardless of being test subjects or not they have to do so." Placing the equipment down onto the coffee table, he offered her a sympathetic look. "Look, it's out of my hooves, I tried to say that it would delay any results for their projects, but we have to do it otherwise we have problems from the Idoneitatem Administratum over issues hiding 'important data on the health of the nation'." He smirked "Its funny, the things were are doing here with you will be encouraging obesity, not cutting it out. I can already see the rows and complaints and proposed bureaucratic drivel coming from a mile away. It's about as obvious as the fact your swelling buttocks will soon be too large to squeeze through that door."

Lake considered his words for a moment. "Wait, how can I exercise anyway, I'm way too full to do so without being sick." A smile graced Labs lips. His horn lit up and a bottle of what looked like pills floated from his lab coat pocket. The label told her everything, in simple hoof writing their was two words 'Digestant Accelerator'. Unscrewing the cap, a dull white circular disc the size of a hoof tack was removed, the proffered drug floating towards Lakes open mouth, accepting it as she swallowed it in one gulp. "Now, this was developed by the guys in R&D to keep you eating for longer each day. Normally, that pill in air and at room temperature will do nothing, but once it interacts with stomach acid then we see some interesting activities." Lake at first felt nothing, then slowly felt less and less pressure around her middle. Surprised, she looked down, watching as her gut deflated slightly, the food packed into her belly disappearing. "That pill you just took is chock full of synthetic enzymes, which work optimally at 37 degrees Centigrade, which rapidly hydrolyses and breaks down polysaccharides and triglycerides into monomers and other small digestible molecules in a fraction of a second."

"Another property of that drug is that it makes your body absorb digested products much faster too. So now your body now is rapidly absorbing all that digested matter, which should mean that you should be gaining some new mass." Sure enough, her already large body began to swell outwards, not by much, but enough to make her belly fall a few milimeters lower than before, squishing further into her legs. "Right, you should be empty enough to allow for a 'proper' fitness test." Flicking his eyes over to the clip board, Lab skimmed over the activities listed. "First off, star jumps for a minute, I have to record the total number you manage in that time OK?" Gulping, Lake nodded as she prepared herself for the struggle. She began to ease herself of the plush material of the sofa, utilising her weight as a pivot so that her belly would drag her to her hooves. With some effort, she managed to get to her hooves, with the traitorous force of gravity trying to force her to sit back on her blubbery bottom. Groaning, she coiled up slightly in preparation to jump, before giving Lab a slight nod.

"Alright, Go!" To Lakes credit, she did try to jump, and only managed to lift herself from terra firma for a couple of moments, just about managing to raise her fore and rear hooves. However, the sudden movement caused her fat to redistribute, being shoved mostly forward as her rolls slapped together. This resulted in her centre of mass being thrown off and when she came down, Lake flopped onto her side. The rapid motion set off a plethora of wobbling and jiggling around her body. Her body for a couple of moments became a stormy grey ocean as waves of blubber coursed over her form, slapping and squishing together. She lay there, feeling a sense of pleasure as her nerves were stimulated by the constant motion, but some underlying disappointment as even the smallest of activities had left her winded.

"Okay, that was one and, oh, that's time." Scribbling down a single line in the box, Lab looked down at the panting mare, belly now growling from a lack of food as she struggled to even move, her exhaustion pinning her down. "I knew this was a waste of time." Lab muttered. He glanced at the mirror and mouthed a couple of words at it, before filling in the rest of the scores for the tests as being completely abysmal. After all, who would cheat to get purposefully low scores? "Oh would you look at that Lake, it appears that you finished the rest of tests." She glanced up rather incredulously, but decided to play along. "Oh yes Doctor, that was a rather strenuous work out session, I'm completely famished from that hard work, If only I had something to calm my empty stomach?" A small grin alighting his muzzle, he hooked his forehooves around hers, and pulled back with all his weight, barely managing to lift the butterball of an Earth Pony to her hooves. Helping to guide her back to the sofa, she planted her gelatinous ass down into the growing imprint she was forming on the sofa cushions, before letting out a sight of relief.

Using his magic to open the door, he tossed the clipboard out and dragged in a chocolate cake almost twice the size of the one she had before. "Well, hopefully this will sate your hunger, the enzymes should still be in your stomach, so that should mean that most of this will be added straight to that belly of yours. Have a good night, you will need it after that 'strenuous' work out session." Closing the door behind himself, Lake and the cake were the only two occupants left, and as her belly growled, it was clear only one would remain as her hoof dug into the thick frosting, dragging a thick chunk out, stuffing it into her gob, only for the same emptiness to be present, prompting her to speed up her stuffing. After all, she needed to replace the energy lost from her hard work, as a chunk of fattening soft sponge descended down her throat, quickly turning into more layers of pudge upon her body. "UUURRPP!!! I really need to get into shape, this mares turning into a whale". She paused in her musings a large grin appearing."Then again, who needs excercise, after all round is most certainly a shape..." And with that, another chunk of delicious goodness descended into that cavernous belly, swelling her further and further outwards.