When The Night Crawls

by Hoppa_21

Chapter 15: Yellow Pony, Yellow Omelett, Yellow Robot, Oh My!

POV: Narrator

Location: Somewhere in the Bridge Harbor District, on a random roof
Time: 09:17

He yawned and stretched on the rooftop. The sun was already up, so Kurt slept longer than he normally would. He was one early riser normally, but all the events certainly took their toll on him. Not that oversleeping was a bad thing for now, as he had a fluffy pony in his...arms?

Well, except him noticing that she was gone.

He looked around, not finding hide nor hair of her. It made Kurt a bit sad, but he probably shouldn’t whine about it. Certainly wouldn’t help him, but still…he missed the chance for ‘Good Morning Cuddles’, which almost seemed like a crime considering the fluffiness of the equine alien citizens he now lived with.

Not that it mattered now. He would track her down again. Just like his fluffy pet. He wasn’t sure what to do now, but then again a bit of walking might just jog his memory.

So with that in mind he teleported down to the street, walking in some direction. It was after all not only the only thing he could do now, but also exciting to actually explore a new town in a new world.

POV: Narrator

Location: Central District - Market Place
Time: 09:48

‘So this is the market, I guess?’ thought Kurt as he strolled through the city. He had no idea where he was, or where he should go. This was an unfamiliar city and he was broke after all, at least the book called the currency of Equestria bits and not dollars or euros.

So yeah, definitely broke.

Also too bad that his gadgets didn’t have any solution for his food shortage, as well as the lack of a roof over his head. Sleeping ON roofs wasn’t really a permanent solution. He was lucky that little filly helped him out last night. If winter came, and he had no indication that it wouldn’t, then he would probably suffer under hypothermia and meet his untimely end…or he could abort his pride and ask Scootaloo for help since she would probably know what to do seeing as she was living like that for years.

Yeah, this definitely wasn’t an option.

So what to do?

First order would probably be breakfast. He couldn’t think probably with an empty stomach. It probably would be good to find a place where he could work and sleep, maybe even eat. Maybe an inn? Or something with food perhaps? The thought made his mouth water slightly.

This wouldn’t be bad. He could even use this as a base after some trust building and befriending the landlord. His own bat cave, so to speak, or maybe more like a school for gifted, if he wanted to stay true to the X-Men?

‘Now that we talk about X-Men,’ thought Kurt, ‘It seems like Mutants exist if this pony with a gone-wrong hair product is any indication.’

He then looked around, noticing the rather hostile and disgusted looks he got from a lot of ponies, and a few other races. Mostly ponies though.

‘Possible mutant problem perhaps?’ he asked more to himself than anyone, what was rather understandable since you couldn’t ask another one in your thoughts, only if you were crazy enough that your dark side showed in other things than dreams, but Kurt wasn’t so far gone…

…not yet.

The oppressive atmosphere was enough to set off all alarm bells. His muscles were tensed, ready at a moment’s notice to do what he had to do. He was ready to defend, ready to counter, ready to attack, ready to kick some flank, rea-

“Hi there!”

Kurt jumped out of surprise and turned around. He heaved both his hands and one of his foot up in a threatening karate stance (or what he thought was a threatening karate stance), which was probably not really threatening at all since he had no knowledge of karate. He eyed the new face skeptically. It was a Unicorn mare. She was beaming up at him with a friendly smile, which turned slightly confused as she slowly lifted an eyebrow at the silly sight directly in front of her. She tried to ignore her own confusion though and tried to settle with a friendly smile again. A smile that turned out more nervous than she would have liked. Probably because she was frightened and awed by his furious fighting stance, and not because she was thinking she was interacting with a gone loose mental patient from an asylum.

Yep, fearful awe definitely.

The mare had a nice yellow coat, his favorite color no less! Reason enough that he liked her from the very start, as it set his alerted mind at ease, especially with all the unfriendly stares he still received from the townsfolk. Her mane and tail were a mishmash of red and yellow.

“Hi!” he answered with a friendly wave back, as he set his foot back on the ground and lowered his other hand while the other waved.

“You are not from around here, are you?” she smiled, now slightly amused, as he turned his ‘threatening’ stance down.

He shook his head. “Can’t say I am.”

“So, would you like me to, um, show you around?” asked the mare in a slightly eager manner and completely out of the blue.

That sounded rather nice of her. Kind of suspiciously nice in fact. Kurt however didn’t question her, since she was yellow, and yellow was the color of kindness. He was kind of oblivious like that sometimes. Oblivious enough to abandon the ‘Don’t go with strangers’ rule his parents pounded into his thick skull all those years ago, so people could only hope that she wasn’t some alien out to abduct him in her space ship to strap him down on a table and to probe him afterwards. He would only sense it, when it was already too late.

“Sure,” was his short answer and with that he followed the new and completely unsuspicious mare around. In his mind he thought that it couldn’t harm him, especially since he was utterly lost in this big town.

“Say, I haven’t seen anything like you before. I hope you don’t mind me asking but what are you?”

“A deformed Minotaur,” was Kurt’s quick response. His book luckily told him about them, so it was a rather neat excuse.

She got a pensive look at that as she stopped to scrutinize his every feature.

“A deformed Minotaur? That’s rather interesting. What caused this deformation?”

“It was something genetic. Some kind of defect. I’m not so good in that science stuff.”

“I see… Would you mind following me to my lab to get strapped down on a cot to run a few tests? Nothing too out of the ordinary of course. Just taking some samples and some completely harmless tests.”

Better than to be strapped down on a metal table if you ask me. A cot at least sounded cozy, since it had a padding. Just as a side note.

“Oh! So you are a man of science then!”

She raised an eyebrow. “Man?”

“Uh…mare! Sorry, using this language is still new to me.”

This seemed to peek her interest. “What language do you speak normally?”

“Rate. (Guess.)”

Kurt wouldn’t have thought that pupils could dilate to such an extent. It almost took up her entire eyes, making them look like huge black dots. Dots that seemed to shine and twinkle with a strange glint?

“Du kommst aus Germaneia? (You are from Germaneia?)“

Kurt’s eyes seemed to have a spark in them now as well. He couldn’t believe that this place had an actual country which seemed to be an equivalent of his home. A revelation which spiked his curiosity too and he swore himself at this exact moment to visit it someday. He also wondered which creatures inhabit it. He could plainly see that there were all kinds of mythological creatures here. This gave also way to worry. He doesn’t know when a pony like her came from it, if the country is inhabited only by ponies, which might crush his hopes for a good piece of German sausage…

“Um…you alright?”

He focused back on the Unicorn, feeling slightly sheepish for getting lost in thought like that.

“Yeah, sorry. Didn’t expect to see a follow landsman, or mare? Took me for a loop.”

She then rubbed the back of her head sheepishly. “I’m not really from Germaneia. I only studied there. I must say that I really am fascinated how you are moving your technology forward in the section of renewable energies. Not to mention that you know how to brew good beer! Oh, and the Oktoberfest was a sight to behold! Even though the clothes were a little weird. No offense.”

“None taken. Not everyone can like Lederhosen and Dirndl, and I won’t judge you for your taste in clothes.”

“Now that you mention clothes. Are you wea-“


“Huh, guess that means I’m hungry. Haven’t eate-“ He suddenly frowned. “Dieser Bretzeldieb. (That pretzel thief.)” I growled.

“You were robbed?”

“Yes, and know I have to fear starvation!” Kurt exclaimed with an overdramatic flourish of his arm.

The mare rolled her eyes playfully at his antics but kept her smile. “Well, that won’t do. How about I buy you breakfast?”

“That would be most appreciated! Albeit I would prefer the name of the lovely mare who is inviting me.”

“Sorry, I completely forgot. Name’s Sunset Shimmer, but you can call me Sunset. What’s yours?”

He smiled. “You can call me Nightcrawler.”

“Einen guten! [Said before eating; Short form; Long form: Einen guten Appetit!]” said Kurt as he took a fork in his hand and tore mercilessly into his omelet.

Sunset lead him to a small restaurant with a nice outdoor area. Though the use of the outdoor area needed some convincing. He was rather insistent on being inside to protect himself from ‘icky insects’. But since she was the one paying the meal it was clear that she held all the cards in her ha-, uh, hoofs. So with her overwhelming bargaining power she forced him outside to face his ‘nemesis’ which drew some amusement out of her.

Unnecessary to say that the heavenly taste, as well as the lack of insects let him stray from his silly thoughts rather quickly. He practically tore through his omelet like a savage. Loud clangs of his cutlery accompanying his chomping sounds.

In a rare moment of restraint he moaned out loudly in satisfaction. Already eyes from different tables were drawn to them, but Sunset didn’t pay them any heed and instead simply eyed the spectacle before her with amusement.

“You really weren’t kidding when you said you were starving.”

Kurt looked up from his meal. “Yeawwhww,” he said with his mouth full, making Sunset smirk, before he swallowed and continued, “I mean food is life. I always savor it.”

She raised an eyebrow in amusement. “Savor? Looks more like gobbling to me.”

He groaned. “You sound just like my mother. She didn’t understand that you can savor food no matter how fast you eat!”

“I’m just kidding. And besides, I know more messy eaters than you.”

“Me too,” he smirked as he reminisced about his family. The Wagner family. Most of them weren’t necessarily known for their table manners. It was more like a pack of wolves: first come, first served. He learned over time to be fast as soon as someone shouted that the food was ready. Really, he couldn’t count the many occasions in which he actually run down the stairs to be the first on the pot. He didn’t want to starve after all.

Kurt released another moan with another bite of his deliciously made omelet. The aggregation of vegetables really gave it an incredibly tasty flavor. Variety really was a boon in the cuisine. You could create amazing things, if you just tried.

“You Americans call this like sex in the mouth, right?” asked Kurt with a satisfied smile, still with food stuffed in his mouth. However since he was such an incredibly experienced eater he managed to store the food in his cheeks long enough to get this coherent sentence out.

Sunset slightly blushed at that. “I…uh…sorry, can’t say I heard that one before.”

It was interesting to see that she could hold her composure like that. A normal nerdish scientist probably would have stuttered more or more like at all in this case. Kurt himself however didn’t really care or notice her slight embarrassment.

He was just about to tell her the German equivalent of it, when Sunset perked up as she noticed something.

“Wait, what do you mean with Americ-?”


But she didn’t make it any further as a loud explosion was heard from one of the buildings in their close proximity.


This was followed by the sound of metallic feet stomping on stone. Both Kurt and Sunset looked curiously in the direction of the steps, just in time to see a metallic construct walk around the corner in haste.

It was a yellow robot, approximately four times the size of Kurt. It stood on two sturdy legs and had two arms with three digits. The main body was an oval shape which was encased mostly in glass. In the window they could see two occupied seats of two pale yellow stallions with striped shirts and two hats on their heads.

The machinery immediately run towards their table. Kurt didn’t have much time to react and stared only wide eyed at it. Just before the foot crashed in the table Sunset shoved him to the side.



The wooden table didn’t even stand a chance as it crashed down in a heap of splinters and obliterated everything that was on it. The robot didn’t even turn around as it run down along the lively street of the town of the market.

“Are you okay?” asked a concerned looking Sunset Shimmer, but Kurt didn’t hear her.

He stood up from the ground and walked slowly over to the completely destroyed table, with a just as well obliterated omelet. He fell to his knees in desperation. You could say that the Warsaw Genuflection had nothing on Kurt. The regret and guilt over his failure to stop this crime weighed heavily on him.

“Es war doch noch so jung… (It was so young…)” He muttered.

Sunset nervously looked around before laying a comforting hoof on his shoulder, trying to fake a cheery tone.

Emphasis on trying.

“Come on, it’s not that bad! How about I treat you to another snack?” she said before looking around nervously again. “But first, I have a thing or two to do. Just, uh, wait right here!” she yelled as she started running off in a random direction, leaving him to wallow in self-pity.

Kurt didn’t seem to mind the loss of company. He had other worries. Worries which might best be described as vengeance for the most atrocious crime ever committed on this side of Equus. Regret won’t bring him far after all. He could have saved it, but he wasn’t at fault for its destruction.

He stood up with clenching fists and a determined look in his eyes, as he started to teleport in the direction the robot left.

“Brother of mine, it seems like the Super Stealy Bit Squeezy 2000 was a success!” said the non-mustached one of the two stallions that were at the moment seated in this tall metal contraption.

“Indeed, my brother! Seems like we really outdid ourselves this time! Surely not even the Power Ponies can stop us like they did with the Super Stealy Bit Squeezy 1000!”

His brother hummed in agreement. They had covered quiet a lot of ground and there were still no Power Ponies in sight. They seemed to be save.

Well, at least they thought that until a wade of black smoke suddenly appeared in front of them.

Out of caution they powered their steps down to look what just happened.

The smoke instantly seemed to disappear as in its place stood a blue bipedal figure. An expression of rage plastered all over his face.


“Brother, do you understand this strange looking creature?” asked the non-mustached one curiously.

“I’m afraid not, my brother. We better ignore him and get on our merry way.”

His brother nodded in agreement and they were about to start moving again.


This brought the brothers to tilt their heads in unison, as they stopped themselves from continuing on their merry way.

“Whatever do you mean?” asked the older mustached brother.


“Whatever do you mean? My brother seems to be fine, and so am I.” asked the mustache wearer.


As his rant went on, confusing the two business ponies, another new pony ran straight towards the scene. She wore a red costume and also had a mask on her face.

This pony was no other than Solaria by the way. Newest member of the Power Ponies.

Well, as new as you can call her, since she joined them about a year ago.

She still isn’t that well accepted by the townsfolk because of her past misdeeds, but that sure doesn’t damper her confidence. She was accepted by her fellow comrades and that was enough for her.

“Stop right there! Flim Flam Bro-!” she started to say but stopped right there as she saw the figure that glared up at the robot. Her face seemed to blanch to a pale yellow color at the sight of the civilian standing right in front of the destructive and rather dangerous robot, completely unprotected endangering himself.

“GET OUT OF THERE!” she screamed as she run straight to him in an attempt to save this poor sap.

He didn’t seem to pay her any mind though, and continued the glaring contest. A contest which he undoubtedly won since the others didn’t even bother to reciprocate. They were more occupied with the rush of nervousness at the new arrival. It meant that they wouldn’t have much time until the rest of the crew was there, and they didn’t feel like taking the risk of competing with them yet, especially after the first robot didn’t seem to stand a chance against them. Sure they bragged minutes before about how they could easily beat them, but bragging is often exaggerated and they didn’t want to take any chances with this. So they did the only logical thing they could think of at the moment.

“I’M GOING TO TEA-!” Kurt was abruptly cut off as he was swiped away.

Yeah, the only logical thing indeed. They took rid of the obstacle in their way with a swipe of one of their strong large robotic arms, so that they could continue on their merry way.

“NIGHTCRAWLER!” screamed Solaria in anguish of the civilian that was just beaten out of the way.

Anguish which was of course not necessary in the slightest, which was proven in the very surprising next ten seconds of the event, since the following happened:

Black smoke could be seen shortly in short succession, it seemingly moving towards the robot as if it had a will of its own. A shrill shriek then followed from the oval dome after black smoke formed inside their couple.

Nightcrawler used his teleportation to teleport inside their control room in a squatted down fashion on the control panels while waving and greeting, “Grüß Gott! [German greeting, especially used in Bavaria.]” He then with a predatory grin grabbed both stallions, who were completely stunned, by their hooves and teleported yet again, just outside their glass window. He then let go of them with a mischievous glint in his eyes, his predatory grin was still on his face.

“Es geht abwärts! (It’s going down!)” he said in a much too cheerful tone of voice. Cheerful enough that it scared the two grown stallions immensely. And with that he teleported to the ground alone, waiting for the other two heretics to painfully plummet down.

He didn’t have to wait long.

A sickening crack could be heard as they met the cold, unforgiving ground. The two stallions groaned in pain and whimpered like a pack of kicked little puppies after their landing. They tried to move their hooves first but couldn’t do it that well as they had broken a few of them. And so they only winced at the pain that shot through their appendages. They then laid eyes upon their torturer who had still its predatory grin in place, showing off his canines.

They slowly and nervously tried to back away, but due to their legs they couldn’t do it very efficiently, so they opted to do the next best thing that was rolling themselves together in foetus position while praying to whatever deity that would hear them to spare their life’s.

In the meantime Solaris reached the trio. Nightcrawler, now completely satisfied, or as satisfied as you can be after revenge that didn’t replace your tasty egg goodness lunch, turned around and took a look at the mare. She seemed somehow familiar to him. It didn’t take long for him to connect the dots to the obvious conclusion. The fur and mane color were a dead giveaway after all. He shortly wondered why Sunset was wearing those red spandex things though, or more like a full-body red spandex suit, or was it tights? He personally couldn’t grasp why she would hide her beautiful yellow fur like that. It was almost a crime! A blasphemy to all things yellow!

But he had other concerns now.

He heard the clip clopping sound of hooves on the pavement and found that police ponies started to surround him. It was probably best for him to take his leave now. He doesn’t know how the law enforcement might treat his breaking of the legs of two of its citizens, no matter how justified it was.

Without saying goodbye he turned to smoke yet again, teleporting in quick succession to get as far away from the scene as possible.