Equestria Online

by FaultyScrewdriver


“I, Princess Celestia, hereby decree that the unicorn, Twilight Sparkle, shall take on a new mission for Equestria. She must continue to study the Magic of Friendship. She must report her findings to me from her new home in Ponyville, with the help of her new friends, and the Elements of Harmony.”

All it took was one letter. One, simple letter, only four lines of fancy cursive writing to bring about a new era of peace. Between myself and my friends, anything was possible. Anything…

But darkness came for our lands, time and time again. Corruption spread, as did darkness. But each and every time, my friends and myself, with the help of our virtues and the Elements of Harmony, were able to beat back the darkness, every time it appeared. Even when the crystals went dormant, my friends and I were still able to protect the lands, with the assistance of our newfound friends we had all over Equestria.

Equestria experienced a long era of peace. After the events of the Storm King, a tranquility settled throughout the land. Seasons and years had come and gone, and before I realized it, my friends and I were in our mid fifties.

That era of peace had left us now. Thirty years could change a lot. And that would be the tension rising between the nations of the world. Before long, the era of peace was replaced with one of tension. And then, everyone was at everyone else’s throats. It was just a ticking time bomb, and all that needed was a single spark to light the fuse.

That spark took the form of a gryphon immigrant, trying to move across Equestrian borders. She was mistaken for a smuggler, and a dangerous situation ensued. She managed to flee from the borders, and our guards foolishly, needlessly tracked her down.

The village she had fled to was razed by the guard. There was only one survivor, and that was enough for all of the gryphon kingdom to know exactly what had happened to that village, and who exactly did it.

It only took a week for war to be declared on Equestria. After that, alliances formed, trusts were betrayed, and everyone was taking sides. A long, and bloody war consumed all of Equestria, and the lands around it.

And my friends and I could do little to help.

Three months into the war, Celestia had called me into Canterlot, for a very important meeting. I wasn’t aware it would be a one on one, but when the princess led me into the throne room for a private conversation, it was pleasantly surprising.

Celestia’s horn glowed softly, her soft gold magic enveloping the throne she usually sat upon. “It has been too long since we’ve talked, Princess Twilight Sparkle.”

“That it has princess,” I reply rather quietly. Celestia and Luna had been busy with the war efforts. It only made sense that they weren’t able to speak with someone who was as insignificant in this time like myself.

“We’re losing the war, Twilight.” Princess Celestia says suddenly, after a long moment of silence.

I stare up at the princess in shock, stunned by her words. “What? We can’t be! Equestria can’t lose, we’ve prospered and survived for so long!”

Celestia give a long and heavy sigh, then a sad smile. “But that doesn’t mean we can’t give ourselves a fighting chance.” She say, before her magic suddenly pulls the throne back, revealing a hidden stairway, tight and cramped. With a bit of squeezing, I’m sure the princess and I could fit down it though.

“Luna and I have been working in secret, on our own project.” Celestia replies, before walking to the small her, and then popping out of sight with a flash of her horn. “Come Twilight! Join me!” Her voice echoes from the hole.

Im cautious at first, but trot over to the hole, and slowly squeeze my way inside, only getting momentarily caught by my hips before squeezing my way inside.

Slowly I made my way down the stairs, before a familiar sight comes into view. The portal to the human world stood before me. Though it was different. Machinery was around it, circulating steam and electricity to keep it constantly running. The face of the mirror was no longer blue. Instead, it was dark red in color, and circulating with small white wisps of magic.

“Say hello to the Nexus, Twilight.” Celestia say with a smile. “Say hello to our hope.”

I stare at it for a moment, shock and worry passing over me, before I took a glance around the small room that had been built under the throne. Simple candlelight decorated the room, as well as machinery, and then a pony mannequin, which seemed out of place to me.

I glance back to Celestia. “Princess… what exactly is all of this?” I ask her, a twinge of worry in my voice.

“It’s a connection to the human world. Not the alternate reality of our own, no, but a planet from an entirely different plane of existence.” She smiles at me, looking much more confident in herself, and the hope of Equestria. “The people beyond this portal are going to be the one’s helping us.” She says.
“I’ve made connections in this world, trustworthy people that are willing to help us, but not fight for us.” Celestia says proudly.

I’m cautious at first, but seeing how excited, and proud Celestia is of this strange achievement, I can’t help but find myself feeling confident in this plan as well. “Okay… so why show this to me?”

“Well, I’m going to need your help.” Celestia says with a smile. “You and your friends. Luna and I will be too busy with war efforts. That’s where you come in. We need your help with recruiting. We’ve supplied you and your friends with proper bodies that I think you’ll find fitting, we just need you to scout out the human world, and find people that seem trustworthy.” She say with a smile.

I smile a bit, glancing up at the Princess. I bow a bit, lowering my head. “I’d be honored to assist you, Celestia.”

I feel her pat my head, and then look up. “I'm sure Rainbow Dash and Pinkie would love to be seeing some action after all of these years.”

“Yes, I'm sure they would.” Celestia says with a nod. “Now, let me more properly go over a plan with you.” She say, motioning for me to sit down. I immediately do so and port a quill and parchment to myself, ready and eager to take notes and make a plan for my very important upcoming mission. I was excited.