My Little Hunters: Friendship is Achieving

by PoH

Chapter 5: Newest Residents of Ponyville

Canterlot Castle

Guard Training Yard

The sounds of weapons clanged and echoed across the large open yard towards the rear of the castle out of earshot from the rest of Canterlot. The high walls also kept all within out of sight. A magical dome kept the view from the inside transparent, but the outside had an opaque, impassable barrier to keep any unwanted pegasi from getting a view of the yard. Within, training equipment and obstacle courses dotted the massive yard. The courses and equipment were optimized for ponies fighting other ponies. Although, the Achievement Hunters would be able to utilize the dummies and some equipment for themselves. The clanging sounds’ source came from Ray and Michael’s sparring with each other in the center of the yard.

“You knicked me last time,” Michael said to Ray as they both returned to their fighting stances, “but I’m getting a grip on your little moves here and there.” Michael was moderately armored, slightly more than Geoff was. The armor was blackened with a dark raiment underneath. He donned a small cape bearing the AH logo that was connected to his left pauldron. In each hand, he wielded a sword with intricate designs near the guard of each sword. The sheathes were on the left and right sides of his waist.

“So you’re telling me,” Ray responded, twirling his estoc, “I should move more like a man and less like a little bitch?” Ray was lightly armored with blackened leather armor and gauntlets more sturdy than some of the strongest metals from Earth. The fingerless gloves he had made his shining and shortened estoc’s thrusting much more effective. Wrapped around his neck was a flowing, green and black scarf with the AH logo at the end.

As they continued their sparring in the center, Gavin had been over in the corner section on a range. He was also lightly armored similar to Ray’s armor look but with a single bracer instead of gauntlets. At his waist, he had a small banner dangling with the AH logo on it. Alongside the banner, a gnarly dagger hung on a ring within a sheath. He was getting himself acquainted with his bow and arrows. He was joined on the range by several other guard trainees and instructors who were all looking at his arrows flying down range and nailing the center of the target every time. Each time an arrow landed, it would disintegrate and reset itself inside of Gavin’s quiver. The arrows were somewhat transparent due to their solely magical nature.

“Hey, Micool!” Gavin yelled across the yard. Michael stopped his sparring with Ray so that both could look in Gavin’s direction. “Who am I?!” Gavin had three arrows nocked and drawn as he held the bow on it’s side. Michael and Ray reeled back and yelled.

“MAAAAAARK NUUUUUUUTT!!” Gavin let the arrows fly right after the yelling ended. All three arrows hit dead center on three different targets along the range.

“Holy shit, Gavin!” Ray said, baffled at the near impossible feat.

“Nice shooting, boy!” Michael said to Gavin, before turning back to Ray to continue their sparring. The scroll had given Gavin the necessary sight to almost always hit his mark. (no pun intended) As long as his focus was stable, he could nearly hit a butterfly floating around at about twenty meters.

On another end of the yard, Jack was facing many manual turrets aiming at him. Jack was the most armored of the six. From head to toe, he wore heavy armor with the same shine as Geoff’s armor. His helm was open-faced, and the whole helm could retract on command. He wielded a shield in one hand and a jagged mace in the other. The AH logo was imprinted on his shield, which gave the Crew the idea to put the symbol on their person to unify them. Jack had the capability to block hundreds on thousands of incoming physical and magical projectiles with his shield by activating the magical potential within it to create a near transparent and blue ward that extended in a quarter sphere around him, with the magic extending from the edges of his shield. (Much like Overwatch's Reinhardt but with a roof)

Finally, Ryan stood at another end of the yard, fighting multiple magical specters brought forth by runes on the floor. Ryan was armored between Geoff and Jack. Of course, his armor matched Geoff and Jack, ironically splitting the armor aesthetics between Lads and Gents. The AH logo was present on both gloves that he wore. In each hand, he wielded an intricately designed and sharp on all edges battle axe. The scroll gave him sight much like Gavin’s, except Ryan’s was extended to a 240 degree bubble instead of the contrasting laser focus that Gavin's eyes held. This allowed him to detect multiple targets approaching him and enhanced his speed and strength to deal with most threats that would seem overwhelming to any of the other Hunters.

As they trained, three sets of eyes overlooked the training yard from an observation deck. Celestia, Luna, and Geoff watched the Hunters train and get used to their new abilities. All of the Crew had a few shared abilities such as heightened senses, increased speed, stamina, strength, perception, and endurance in combat. Geoff had trained in the yard on his own while the rest of the Crew slept the morning after they received their power. Geoff had already found his strength: going toe to toe with opponents larger than himself. This was exhibited when fighting a dragon familiar. Soon, each of his friends would find their strengths when the princesses and Geoff would go to ground level to evaluate them. But for now, Geoff conversed with the princesses on their living arrangements.

“So why don’t we stay here in the castle until we have to fight whatever this big bad guy is?” Geoff asked the two princesses.

“You see, Geoff,” Celestia began answering, “if we leave you with Twilight and her friends, it’s more likely that we can introduce you to an understanding and friendly community than the one here at Canterlot.” Geoff still wasn’t convinced as he thought that they should stay at the castle until they were ready to be introduced to the same community they were being pushed to live in. And then Luna spoke up to further try to convince the skeptical Geoff.

“We and our sister also believe that you and your counterparts would be required to bond and interact with your new allies who will aid you in your journey to retrieve the required materials for you to return to your realm. Not only that, but they hold a high word in Ponyville as the Elements of Harmony. The town will, for the most part, trust their judgement.” Geoff had forgotten that Twilight mentioned something about retrieving ingredients for a spell or whatever.

“So why don’t you two just tell us what to look for and we’ll be on our way?” Geoff asked, shifting his eyes between the two of them. Celestia shook her head and responded.

“We cannot tell you because we have yet to find the spell’s ingredients. The book with the spell’s instructions are within the castle’s grand library, which is equivalent to a labyrinth. It may take days to months to find it, depending on the luck of the many soldiers we have already assigned to search it day and night.” Geoff felt a bit more convinced, but he dismissed his argument as unnecessary due to the fact that they now have a place to stay.

“Well, I guess you two know what's best.” Geoff said with a shrug. Geoff switched his head from the princesses to his closest friends in the yard. He hoped that they'd all make it out in one piece, even if it costed himself. He felt responsible for everything that happens to them because they all look up to him for his lead. He made an unsaid promise to himself he wouldn't let anything happen to them. Despite their newfound abilities, Geoff worried. His worry was enough to show the princesses his concern. They looked to each other and seemed to have had the same idea. Luna stepped forward to Geoff's side. Her voice grabbed his attention.

“Excuse me, Geoff. We would like to escort you to your colleagues so that we may evaluate assets within your group force. Our sister has left the combative observation in our charge as we have hoof-picked our most prestigious soldiers.” Luna said with pride and a hoof to her chest.

“And with that, I have duties I must attend to.” Celestia said as she bowed her head towards Geoff, “Please excuse my absence.”

“It's alright.” Geoff said as he began walking alongside the lunar princess, “lead the way, princess.” Geoff tried to get himself to feel better. He didn't want to be the glass half empty guy around those who looked to him for guidance. He pulled himself together to meet with his friends in the yard. Once they had walked down a flight of stairs to the open yard, Luna gathered the other five men, who now have a grasp on their abilities. She stood at the center of the six of them and spoke.

“Whom of you brave humans will step forward first to begin evaluation?” Luna said, with a trace of her old, royal Canterlot voice.

“I will,” Geoff said as he stepped forward, but then had a hand on his shoulder from behind him. The hand pulled him back behind the hand's owner.

“You've been going first for everything.” the voice and hand's owner being Jack. “Let us do something first, yeah?” Jack looked over his shoulder at Geoff with a smirk as he said this.

“Yeah, then I'm next!” Gavin chimed in.

“I guess I'll go after Gavin then.” Michael said casually.

One by one, the Achievement Hunters volunteered, and one by one they were evaluated in different simulations magically conjured by Luna and a handful of court wizard unicorns. The last thing they exhibited was their teamwork in pairs, in threes, and all together. They learned how to combine their efforts to take down the biggest constructs that Luna and the wizards could conjure. The time spent in the yard passed the hour of the sun’s descent below the horizon, which Celestia handled the moonrise as to not interrupt the evaluation process. When the moon was getting close to it's zenith, the evaluations finally concluded.

“Are we done... or wot?” A winded Gavin said bent over his knees.

Luna was breathing heavily, but nearly invisible as compared to the six huffing and puffing men before her.

“Yes,” Luna said after composing herself, “the evaluation has concluded. You six may return to the ambassador's chamber. You all have earned a well deserved rest. Tomorrow at dusk, we will see to your departure with Twilight Sparkle to your new home while you stay in our universe.” She turned and began walking towards the exit. She ordered a guard to show the men the way to the ambassador's chamber so that they do not become lost. Luna bid them goodnight as she left the yard to attend to her nightly duties of watching over the moon.

Once they had recovered, the Crew were lead back to the dining hall for a meal. Although not as grand as the one eaten the day before, it was just as filling and less hunger induced. Once done there, they were guided back to their room and slept soundly only in their raiments.

Castle Balcony

The next day; sunset

Once the day came to a close, the six men sat on a balcony. The balcony had no railing as to make the landing of chariots easier. They chatted about their strengths: Geoff's ability against larger foes. Jack's ability to defend an area. Ryan's ability to handle overwhelming forces. Michael's ability against defenses. Ray's ability at parrying an advance. Finally, Gavin's ability to be well hidden and make ranged kills. From this, they reminisced about home. Their cramped office, their friends, their past Let's Plays, and many more happy thoughts. They shared a few laughs as well. But soon, the talk became grim again about many possible negatives to the plan. There was an awkward and painful silence.

Michael broke the silence by starting a new subject: the ponies they will meet. Michael went one by one, explaining who they should be, at least as far as the TV show let on.  The other five asked a few detailed questions about each one. But then the chariot arrived. They agreed to get confirmation about Michael's information when they actually meet the ponies in question.

Twilight stood alone on the golden vehicle with three armored pegasi hooked up to it. The chariot was slightly larger than a normal one to fit all six men and Twilight.

“Well,” Twilight said after a few seconds of silence from the Hunters, “get on so we can go. We're on a bit of a schedule. I still have to give you a quick tour of the castle to prepare you all for your stay.” Geoff eyed the chariot closely as if looking for danger and expecting to find it. Twilight noticed this and rolled her eyes with a smile. “Yes, Geoff. It's completely safe. Just get on and let these escorts do their work.”

Ray shrugged. He began to mount the chariot saying, “Ah, fuck it. The worst that can happen is we fall off. Even then, you got us. Right, Twilight?” He gave her a playful punch on her shoulder, which she rubbed with a grin and a chuckle through her teeth. One at a time, each man stepped carefully into the chariot. With everyone aboard, Twilight gave the order to the pegasi to begin their departure. The pegasi began to gallop while flapping their wings, pulling the chariot towards it's destination.


The sun fell under the horizon as they flew over a layer of clouds with some random breaks in the layer. The chariot ride was filled with bits of informational chatter about Equestria. Whatever Michael couldn't answer or he answered inaccurately for his friends, Twilight would give the answer to their questions. Gavin nudged Jack with his elbow, a grin strewn on Gavin's face.

“Oi, Jack” Jack turned to face Gavin, “how much would the exchange rate of these bits be back home?” Jack looked at the currency in Gavin's hand and thought for a minute. He shrugged, unsure of the answer. “Maybe just a lit’le bit less than your dollar or quid.”

Geoff put his hand over his eyes and said disapprovingly “Fucking kill yourself, dude.” Michael, Gavin, and Jack started laughing. Ray and Ryan were too busy looking over the edge of the chariot at the plains and wilderness of Equestria through the cloud breaks to notice the laughter. After their laugh, Twilight got all of their attention to look forward in her direction.

“Well then, welcome,” she said, “to Ponyville.” The clouds cleared and the small town came into view. Maybe a few hundred or so ponies lived in the small abodes. To the men, it all looked straight out of a Skyrim game but with the color scheme of a typical little girl's TV show.

“Thank Christ we don't live somewhere called Humanville or some bullshit like that.” Ryan said with a chuckle. Twilight was a little annoyed at that comment, but she immediately got over it since all of these humans seem to be some real jokers. She thought about how well Rainbow will get along with them.

The chariot landed with a light thump at the entrance of Twilight’s castle. Twilight was the first to exit the chariot and waited for the six men to dismount as well. After the chariot emptied, Twilight thanked the pegasi. The pegasi bowed and departed at a quicker pace since there was no load to bear. Twilight turned and gestured for the men to follow. They obeyed and allowed Twilight to open the large doors to her shining castle.

“You’re the princess of wot, again?” Gavin asked, gazing at the interior of her castle.

“Friendship.” She responded.

“Remind me,” Ryan said to Gavin, “when we get home to become Friendship King Ryan. Princess of the Sun and Moon ain’t got shit on Friendship.”

Castle of Friendship


Twilight had hardly taken a breath in her “quick” tour of the castle and the Hunters had hardly heard a word she said. In a half exhaustion, half interested daze, the Lads and Gents anxiously waited for her to finish her rambling. And then suddenly, their only way out of this unending tour was when they walked up to and almost passed a large door.

“And these will be your quarters while you stay in the castle.” Twilight said, gesturing quickly to the door to her right. “Each of you will have a bed and room of your own while you stay here. Now if we go down this hallwa-”

“No! No, no.” Geoff said loudly at first and then calmed his desperation for sleep with a nervous smile, “maybe we can continue the tour on another day?” Twilight raised an eyebrow and shrugged.

“Okay then, but I was getting to the fun part.” Twilight said with the expectation for an enthusiastic “let’s continue” from the Hunters. Of course, no such enthusiasm was present.

“Ten bits says the 'exciting part' was the library,” Ray whispered to Ryan.

“Twenty bits says there’s nothing fiction in the library.” Ryan whispered back. Both of them snickered at each other’s bets.

“We’re pretty beat, Twilight,” Geoff said, “and we want to get some sleep before tomorrow. This way we’re not dead when we meet your friends.” Twilight smiled with embarrassment for keeping them up passed their desired sleeping hour.

“I’m sorry,” Twilight said backing up, “I didn’t mean to keep you all. Please, help yourselves to your rooms through that door. I will make sure that my friends know that it is of utmost urgency that they be here tomorrow, despite the short notice. Goodnight, everypony.” She ended with a slight bow of her head. She turned and began to walk down the hall, leaving the Hunters to their rooms.

“Well,” Jack said, “I don’t know about you guys… *yawn* but I’m going to bed. See you guys in the morning.” He opened the door to a hallway with many rooms on each side. The other five yawned in agreement and began to walk through the door. Each chose their rooms on either ends of the hallway. The first room Geoff opened happened to be common room, which he quickly ignored and moved to the next one. Once in their rooms, their respective amount of armor and raiments fizzled away into magical dust. They each mounted their beds and immediately were overcome by the sandman's dust.

Sweet Apple Acres

Early Morning

Twilight knocked on the farmhouse door belonging to Applejack and her family. After a few seconds, the door opened up to a little filly, Applebloom.

“Hey there, Applebloom,” Twilight said, “do you know if Applejack’s around?”

“Good mornin’ Twilight. She’s in the barn right now.” Applebloom responded with a smile, “But ah think she’s busy.”

“Oh it’s okay,” Twilight said already turning towards the steps behind her, “I won’t bother her for long. Thank you, Applebloom.” Applebloom gave a quick nod before shutting the door. Twilight trotted over to the large barn doors and entered. Applejack seemed to be bucking hay bales upwards to Big Mac to get them to the rafters. Around the side of the barn were several piles of hay that seemed to be needed to be put into bales as well. Twilight felt like she was intruding on her work and began to walk back out as not to disturb her at this moment, but Applejack saw her walking out.

“Hey Twilight.” Applejack quipped and turned to Big Mac. “Think ya can move those into place before ah send more to ya?”

“Eeyup.” Big Mac said with a little salute to his sister. Applejack turned her attention back to Twilight.

“What can ah do ya for, Twilight?”

“Sorry to interrupt, but would you be free later on at about noon?” Twilight asked. Applejack thought for a minute and quickly responded.

“Ah am indeedy. After this, ah’ll be done by noon and then ah just have to wash dishes after dinner and a few other chores. So noon’ll be perfect.”

“Great.” Twilight responded. “Come to the castle when you’re able. And make sure to knock before coming in.” Applejack raised an eyebrow quizzically.

“Twilight, you never ask me or our friends to knock unless something really bad or really good’s happenin’. Really hope it’s the latter, and not the former.” Twilight kicked the dirt with her hoof thinking of what to say without just throwing it in Applejack’s face.

“Well,” Twilight decided on what to say, “let’s just say it’s something your everyday pony wouldn't be accustomed to seeing.” Applejack studied Twilight's reluctant expression but decided not to pry.

“Alrighty then. You know what’s best. Ah’ll be there by noon. Now if you'll excuse me, ah got hay bales to buck.” She returned to her original position. “Alright Big Mac, you ready for more?” She hollered to her brother as Twilight walked out. After she left the farm, she decided she’d go tell Fluttershy next. She was still worried about the reception of these humans to her friends, but she thinks they’ve seen worse so they’ll be more than ready for this kind of news.

Castle of Friendship

11 am

Ray was the first to wake up. Sleeping on furniture and not the floor let him feel much more invigorated than the past few days, but he still felt a bit drowsy for waking up so late in the morning. He looked around the room and didn’t find what he was looking for. He stood with a groan and stretch.

“Why are there no clocks in this room?” He said to himself as he finished his stretch. “Once these ponies don’t scream at me or whatever when they see me, first thing I’m gonna do is get a clock.” He reached for the door’s handle and opened the door. He shuffled slowly down the hallway until he opened the door that Geoff opened the other night that lead to the common room. He walked in and left the door open. He sat down on a rather comfy chair. He noticed a grandfather clock against the wall across from him. It read eleven. He threw his arms up.

“Well, shit. If I wanna tell the time I gotta go to a different room?” Michael walked into the room rubbing his eyes and yawning.

“Why the fuck are you talking to yourself this early in the morning?” Michael said as he plopped down on the couch next to Ray.

“‘Cause it’s early in the morning,” Ray began, “and I’m not used to having slumber parties with co-workers so I narrate my life as to fill the empty void that is my mornings.” Michael was looking at Ray tiredly as he talked. Michael yawned again.

“You said a lot of shit that sounded like you getting real with me so I’ll say this:” Michael reached over and put his hand on Ray’s shoulder and looked him in the eye, “shut up, and just sleep some more.” Michael returned his hand to his side and slouched into the couch as to massage his neck with the backboard. Ray took Michael’s advice and closed his eyes in hopes to fall asleep again. Within the span of about twenty mintues, each Hunter walked in. Throughout this time they talked about the castle and other random topics that came to their tired heads. Ryan entered next, then Jack, Gavin, and finally Geoff. Geoff stumbled in and lay strewn on the couch over Michael, Gavin, and Ryan’s legs.

Michael was snickering to himself at the expression on Geoff’s face as he began to fall asleep on their laps.

“So uh, what are you doing there Geoff?” Michael said.

“I’m dead and you guys are loud and obnoxious.” Geoff said lazily.

“So you come to the source?” Ryan said with a confused look on his face. “Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.”

“I’m here to get in the way of you guys and your talking.” Geoff responded. Michael was still giggling to himself as Gavin spoke.

“Yeah Geoff, you think that you comin’ in ‘ere and laying on our laps will stop us from talking?” Geoff picked his head up.

“Maybe. Let’s see how you well you talk after I castrate you by hand.” Geoff scrambled to start wrestling with Gavin as Gavin began squawking. Everyone else was just laughing as Geoff wrestled him off the couch and to the floor. They rolled around for a few minutes until Ray looked past Ryan and saw a figure standing at the door.

“Wow,” the figure said, “Twilight wasn’t kidding!” All of the Hunters except Gavin and Geoff looked towards where the voice came from. It took a few moments for Gavin and Geoff to look as well. In the doorway, Spike stood with a large tray over his head that held what seemed to be lunch. Spike was in awe as he examined each of the humans before him. Ryan was the first to speak.

“Uhh, is that a lizard or something?” Michael started laughing at Ryan’s assumption.

“Yeah,” Gavin said, still on the ground but then got up with Geoff, “is he like an iguana or somethin’?” The rest of them began conversing as to what Spike may be, Michael continuing to laugh as they spitballed relatively insulting reptiles trying to figure out what Spike actually was. Spike was now annoyed at the new guests as he mumbled to himself.

“Geez, these guys seem like jerks.” He walked in and set the tray on the coffee table next to where Geoff and Gavin had their wrestle match.

“No, you idiots.” Michael slowed his laugh to a stop. “He’s a baby dragon.”

“He’s a dragon?” Ryan asked. He raised an eyebrow and looked behind Spike, examining his back. “Cause all I see is a huge lack of wings.” Spike already didn’t like Ryan and he’s only been in the room for no more than two minutes. He glared at Ryan which Ryan seemed to ignore.

“Didn’t you hear me, Ryan?” Michael said.

“Yeah, didn’t you hear him, Ryan?” Geoff said with a small crack in his voice when he said “Ryan.”

“I said he’s a BABY dragon.” Michael continued.

“He said he's a BABY dragon.” Geoff echoed obnoxiously. Spike lit up a small bit as Michael defended him. He also stifled a chuckle at Geoff's attempts at being annoying.

“Fucking rude, man.” Michael said, directing to Ryan.

“Yeah, you moron. The little dragon has no wings and you don’t have a desk in the Achievement Hunter office.” Geoff said loudly, playfully pointing at Ryan. Ryan put his hands up in surrender and apology as the remainder of the Hunters drew out an "oooooooooooohhh" in unison.

“Thanks for unnecessarily backing me up, Geoff.” Michael said, chuckling.

“Wow," Gavin joined, "Geoff got in a really good mood all of a sudden.”

“Nah, it’s still Tired Geoff talking.” Geoff said sitting on the couch then slouching. Michael noticed that the food had been sitting there for a minute or so now and decided to grab a sandwich.

“Well, I don’t know about you guys,” Michael said, taking a bite out of the ham sandwich, “but I’m starving.” All of the Hunters took a sandwich and conversed as Spike stood next to the end of the couch with Ryan sitting next to him. Ryan patted Spikes head.

“Hey, you know we’re just joshin’, right?” Spike got annoyed again but then defused himself to a chuckle.

“Yeah, sorry.” Spike said to Ryan, “It’s just I’ve never had anyone start cracking jokes before I even knew their names.”

“Ahhh, don’t worry about what we say.” Ryan continued, “90% of the time we’re just talking shit.” Spike felt out of his element as he hadn’t heard so much cursing in his whole life.

“Well,” Spike said, “what about the other ten percent?”

“The other ten percent is when Geoff means what he says.” Ryan said as the room erupted in laughter. Spike started chuckling into a laugh. He began to feel more comfortable until the grandfather clock began to chime loudly. Everyone stopped their laughing and looked at the time. Noon. Spike’s eyes widened when he saw the time.

“Hey guys, it’s twelve o'clock,” Geoff said, “does that mean I can drink now and you guys won’t judge me?”

“Come on, Geoff,” Michael said, “we never judge you. Mainly ‘cause you might fire me.”

“I’ll judge you,” Ray said, monotonous, “I do it to all of you all day.”

"Aww, Ray." Gavin said.

“Oh no!” Spike said with his claws to the sides of his head, “we’re supposed to be in the Cutie Map room right now! Twilight’s gonna be so peeved if we’re late!”

“The Cutie what-now?” Ryan asked. Spike grabbed Ryan’s arm and started tugging.

“Come on, you all have to come with me before Twilight gets here.” Spike said as Ryan looked at his co-workers. One by one, they got up and began to depart the room with Spike leading the way.

Castle of Friendship


Several hooves clopped slowly through the halls of the castle with one set in particular bouncing rather than walking. Twilight lead her group of best friends through the halls to the Cutie Map room. They were all conversing amongst each other as to what Twilight needed to show them.

“This won’t take long,” Applejack asked, “right, Twilight? Ah still need to get back to the farm and do my chores like ah said.” Rarity joined in.

“Yes, I'm with Applejack. This won’t keep us too long I hope? I need to be getting some pre-orders done before tomorrow.”

“Don’t worry girls,” Twilight responded, “this shouldn’t take long. In fact, it’ll only take as long as each of you want it to.”

“I wonder what it is?” Pinkie began saying rapidly, “What if it’s a surprise? *gasp* Don’t tell me, don’t tell me, don’t tell me. I love surprises! Don’t you all love surprises? I think everypony loves surprises!”

“I’m not a fan of surprises..” Fluttershy said, completely inaudible to Pinkie’s loud theorizing.

“You’re not a fan of many things, Fluttershy.” Rainbow said with a grin, nudging Fluttershy. “Pretty much just animals.” They began closing in to the Cutie Map room door. As soon as they got to the door, Twilight stopped and turned to her five best friends.

“Okay, girls.” Twilight said with a big sigh. “What’s behind this door may shock you and may scare you. But I can assure you that this is all completely safe. Just hear them out, okay?” Fluttershy already began to creep away from the group but was stopped by Rainbow Dash and was basically dragged back to the group. What Twilight said earned another gasp from Pinkie.

“Ohmygosh, ohmygosh! You said ‘them?!’ Are they new friends?”

“You could see it like that.” Twilight said nodding. “Now, are you girls ready?” Twilight’s horn began to glow. The door glowed the same color as Twilight took control of the door.

“Ready!” All of the Mane 6 said in unison, excluding Fluttershy who stood behind Rainbow with her eyes closed. As the doors slowly opened, Twilight’s friends stood with their mouths agape, even Fluttershy mustered the bravery to have a peek at what was before them.

“Wow,” Rainbow said, rubbing her hoof behind her head, “I thought me saying ‘you have fake friends outside of us’ was just a joke.”