Magic is a friend

by Blackdust

Specialty chapter, take two!

What to do...

The words 'What to do...' were floating in front of Flora and Jackson, who were staring at them in pure curiosity. They looked at each other and then back at the words, and then they looked around to try and see if Discord was around. When neither saw the reformed spirit of chaos, they went back to staring at the obviously magical words.
"I think we should try backing away again," Jackson said, despite the fact they had already backed up so far that they were in Ponyville when they started at the Pie rock farm.
"How much farther? We keep backing up and everypony around seems to ignore it, stare at us like we just sprouted chaos wings, or walk right through the words like they aren't even there," Flora said, shooting him an uneasy glance.
"Well... We could try walking forward..." Jackson said before reaching out to touch the words unconsciously.
"WHAT?!? ARE YOU CRAZY!? What do you think's going to-" Flora was cut off as Jackson touched the words and the flames raced up his arm and engulfed them both...

...Before dropping them off back in the warehouse. How ya doin' Jackey boy?
Jackson looked at the roof and then looked around and sighed. "Fuck you Author... What did you do to have another chain?" Long story kid. Long, long, story... "Whatever, let's just get this over with, shall we?" Fair enough, Rip?
Rip smiled and pointed at the next circle and smiled In the center of it was the word Alphanumeta. He then looked to the ceiling and said, "You're really gonna enjoy yourself this time around, aren't you?" You know it.

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